Paul's father leaned back on the bed with his muscular legs spread wide to allow Paul access to his thick cock and heavy balls. Paul lay prone with his tongue eagerly lapping his father's hairy nut sack. The taste of his father's thick cum lingered in his mouth.

"You are such a fucking whore" Paul's father said as he mocked his son with just a hint of contempt in his voice. Paul greedily sucked his father's balls into his mouth, becoming more excited by the verbal abuse.

Paul inhaled his father's musky scent deep into his nostrils as he licked and sucked the large furry sack.

"Fuck yeah you little faggot, suck my nuts. Show daddy what a bitch cunt mouth you really are"

Paul continued his oral assault on his father's nuts and moaned with pleasure as he watched his father's cock grow hard again. He began tounging and lightly chewing the base of his father's thick meat eliciting deep growling sounds of pleasure from his father's throat.

"OK bitch, get on my cock, Daddy's got a present for you and you better not spill one fucking drop or I'll beat your faggot ass till it bleeds"

Paul didn't hesitate and took the hard shaft of his father's cock into his waiting mouth. His father shifted slightly to a sitting position as he reclined against the heavy wooden headboard that adorned the king size bed.

"Just the head for now bitch, it's be easier for you to swallow"

Paul held the plumb sized knob of his father's cock on his tongue, eager to receive the new humiliation he knew must be coming.

"Just hold my cock there you bitch, I can't piss with you sucking on it.

Fuck you are such a little fag whore."

Paul immediately ceased his nursing on the hefty meat. A few moments passed until Paul's father was able to relax enough to release his bladder. Bitter piss began to flow from the wide slit of his cock and flood across Paul's slut tongue.

"That's it pig boy. Ahhhh yeah, be your daddy's toilet. Ahhhh fuck yeah, using you for a fucking urinal", his father moaned as the piss flowed freely from his cock into Paul's gulping throat.

Paul drank the acrid contents of his father's bladder and his own cock hardened to steel from this new humiliation. In the locker rooms he had often been drenched with the piss of the bully jocks who fucked his horny mouth, but had never drank their piss down his throat. Paul felt his belly fill with the hot golden stream his father fed him. It seemed as though he drank gallons from the unending stream. Finally the stream trailed off in a trickle of droplets that dribbled onto Paul's tongue. He eagerly swallowed these as well and continued nursing the cock as if hoping for more.

Paul's father grabbed him by him by his blonde hair and roughly yanked him from his cock knob. He lifted Paul's head slightly and spit on his face.

"You disgust me. How could I have produced such a worthless piece of shit?"

Paul hung his head in shame. He thought he had pleased the man, but realized his father was right. He was a disgusting subhuman thing.

"You gonna cry faggot? What's wrong, did daddy hurt your cocksucking feelings?" His father mocked him.

"Bend your ass over this bed. I'll give you something to cry about."

His father moved swiftly, grabbing Paul by his arm and jerking him to his feet before forcing him face down on the bed.

The first hard smack of his father's hand caught him by surprise as its sting spread across his ass. It was quickly followed by another.


Paul pleaded as the stinging blows rained down on his ass. Tears flowed from his eyes as his ass turned red under the assault.

Paul's father kicked Paul's legs wide apart exposing his virgin hole and balls. His hand slapped hard on the cherry entrance and stung against his balls causing Paul to cry out in real pain.

"Don' t you fucking move you whining little bitch. I'll be right back."

Paul sobbed into the covers of the bed wondering what new punishment his father had planned to further his humiliation and debasement.

Paul's father returned with a can of Crisco and said, "Time to fry that ass of yours bitch."

Paul couldn't help notice the glistening precum that dripped from his father's cock. The man was a sadist. Paul's pain and humiliation had caused him to reach a frenzy of sexual excitement and need. Paul knew that his father planned to use the Crisco to fuck him. Fear of being ripped apart by the monster cock filled him.

"Oh GOD!!! Please daddy, no, please, you'll tear me apart. I can't take such a huge cock!" Paul pleaded between sobs. Paul felt his father's forearm press down across his shoulder blades as his father leaned his weight down onto Paul, painfully pushing his elbow into the boy's back. With his free hand he scooped a large dollop of the cooking grease onto his fingers and spread it across Paul's tight hole. As he leaned into Paul, David's swollen cock bushed across Paul's ass leaving a clear trail of precum in its path. Paul winced in pain as the first finger penetrated his virgin hole, pushing the grease into his body.

"Fuck yeah, you little bitch. Nice tight hole for daddy."

A second finger joined the first as Paul's father brutally jabbed into him, packing his ass with the lubricating shortening. Paul screamed in real pain. David was neither gentle nor patient as he roughly opened Paul up.


Paul's father laughed cruelly. "Shut up cunt, I could have made you take it with out lube. You should be thanking me. Yeah, I'm gonna make you thank me before I fuck you boy!"

Paul's father's fingers twisted painfully in his virgin ass as he repeatedly pushed into the tight fuck chute. When all of the grease in his ass crack had been worked into his body, David stood up and yanked Paul back to his feet.

David sneered at his tear-streaked face.

"Ok boy, time to get busy. Open your mouth. You're gonna grease my pole."

Paul didn't understand, but when his father shoved a handful of Crisco into his mouth, he knew what his father wanted. He was going to have to apply the thick grease to his father's hard cock with his mouth. Paul's father grabbed him by his shoulders and squeezed painfully.

"Kneel boy" He commanded as he forced Paul to the floor. With his hard cock he smacked Paul across the lips and said, "Open up faggot."

Paul made the mistake of trying to pull back. It was more instinct than willful disobedience. His father slapped him hard across the face and Paul spit some of the Crisco from his mouth from the force of the blow.

His father looked furious. He grabbed Paul by the hair once more and cruelly warned in his deep commanding voice. "Don't make me tell you again! You'll do this or I promise you it will be my fist going up your ass instead. "

In defeat and humiliation, Paul opened his mouth and began coating his father's thick cock with the remaining grease that was melting inside his oral cavity. He spread the oily goo across his father's wide flared cock head and liberally coated the nine-inch shaft with the grease. When no more remained in his mouth, he hung his head and sobbed.

His father stepped back and looked down at the sobbing bitch in front of him before lying down on his back on the bed.

"OK bitch, get up here and pop your cherry on my cock. You are gonna fuck yourself with my cock. And when you feel my balls grinding against your ass, you will know that you took your own cherry because you are just a cock craving hole that needs his daddy's meat any way he can get it. Now, before you straddle me boy, thank me for greasing you up and letting you grease my pole with your mouth."

In complete defeat Paul sobbed and stuttered out his gratitude.

"Thhh thhhank yyyaa yyou daddy fff fff for greasing my ka ka cunt and letting me ggggrrease your ma manly cock with my fffa fffa faggot mmmm mouth."

David smiled at the boy's humiliating defeat.

You are lucky boy, you get to work my cock up your hole at your own pace, but if you take too long, I'll kick your legs out from under you and make you fall on it. So get busy."

Paul climbed on top of his father's hairy muscular body and grabbed the thick cock with his left hand behind him and aimed it at his grease-slicked hole. He briefly thought of twisting the cock sharply and breaking it to spare himself the pain of having his ass torn open by the huge shaft, but quickly dismissed the thought. He knew his father was right. He was a cock-craving hole, and finally he had met a man who could give him what he most needed. The humiliation and verbal abuse he deserved, and a huge cock to satisfy him.

Paul winced in pain as the large ass busting cherry picker found its mark and began to spread his hole wide across the flared head. Paul stared at David's body and took in the sight of his father's hot hairy masculinity. Paul watched his father's muscular chest rise and fall with each breath the man took. Paul was overcome with lust as he looked at the man's torso proudly displayed beneath him.

As Paul pushed backward he willed the pain to go away. He leaned forward and sucked the firm left nipple that pointed up at him beneath the heavy fur. His father moaned in pleasure as Paul worked to please him. The first few millimeters of his father's cock head were spreading him open and Paul groaned in pain.

"Oh God, its so thick." Paul said wincing. Slowly the hard meat penetrated into him. Paul looked his father in the eye. With newfound determination he prepared to take the invader into his body no matter how much it hurt.

"I am your whore daddy, I am yours, AHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGG OHHHHHHH GAWWWWWD! Paul screamed as the thick head pushed through the tight anal ring and popped into his body. He fought the pain and the darkness that washed over him as he almost passed out. With another yell, his face twisted in pain as he pushed further back to take more of the huge tool.


Paul's father laughed cruelly at him and simply said, "Good!"

New tears poured down Paul's face as he worked his ass down the pole impaling him. "Please daddy, no more, I can't take it," he pleaded. Paul began to lift off the ass stretching cock head that was lodged in his anus.

Sensing Paul's retreat, his father grabbed Paul by the shoulders, pushed up sharply and yelled, "Take it all you little bitch. I gave you the chance to take it at your own pace, but you will take it and take it now"

The last thing Paul heard was his father's brutal laughter as he fell forward and blacked out from the sudden pain of 9 inches of cock burying itself balls deep in his ass.

Paul came to after only a few moments, seconds really, of unconsciousness brought on by the sudden thrusting of 9 long, wrist thick inches of his father's cock meat going balls deep into his virgin ass in one sudden and painful move. He had collapsed across his father's chest, as the man continued his cherry busting attack. Despite Paul's unconsciousness, his father had continued to thrust into the young man's tight grease lubed hole. Paul moaned painfully as he came to. Deep in the dark recesses of Paul's mind a previously forbidden thought entered his foggy brain.

"Ohhh daddy, fuck me, no matter what I say fuck me, use me anyway you please." He thought as he was brutally ass raped.

"Welcome back sunshine. There was no way I was letting your tight ass of my's your own fault for even trying to get up."

Paul moaned painfully against his father's chest as the thick invader plundered his ass. After several more thrusts, Paul's father wrapped his strong arms around Paul and held him close against his chest as he rolled left and pinned Paul under him. He raised Paul's slender legs to his shoulders and began long dicking him with harsh thrusts.

"Beat your faggot meat while daddy fucks you boy. I'm not stopping till you cum."

Paul couldn't imagine being able to cum through the pain of in his ass, but dutifully grabbed his cock and began stroking in time to the brutal pistoning of David's cock.

"Silently his mind replied, "anything for you daddy, anything. I am yours to use. Make me your bitch."

Several minutes passed with Paul stroking his cock, trying to get hard as his father continued his verbal abuse and anal assault. Paul surrendered completely to his father's will, wanting to please him and be degraded by him.

"That's right faggot, beat you pathetic dick while you let your own father fuck you. Fucking whore bitch. If this ass wasn't so tight you would be completely worthless to this world."

Paul found his ass stretching to accommodate the fucking he was receiving and the pain began to fade as he stroked his cock and found himself getting hard. He gave into the deep thrusting and moaned.

"Yeah you little faggot, you're starting to enjoy it now, aren't you?"

"Ohhhhh daddy, fuck me daddy, fuck my faggot ass." Paul managed to moan out between strokes.

Paul's father continued fucking him as he beat his meat.

Suddenly a new voice joined the two men in the room.

"Well I see the little cock sucker has arrived. I can't believe that faggot has taken your huge cock in his ass and seems to be loving it. My god what a slut." The new voice said.

Paul turned his attention to the muscular jock stud standing in the doorway of his father's bedroom. The young stud rippled with muscles and as he stripped off his t-shirt Paul gasped at the powerful pecs and ripped abs the man showed off. Paul guessed them to be the same age and wondered who this young god was.

"This is Ryan, your half brother and he knows what a cock sucking faggot whore you have been. I showed him the pictures I took of you sucking cock in the toilets."

Paul's mind filled with questions, humiliation and shame to know his secret activities had been digitally captured.

"We may share dad's blood, but I will never consider a little whore like you my brother. You sick perv." Ryan said with disgust in his voice.

Ryan stripped off his jeans and Paul saw his thick cock jutting out 8 hard inches from between his legs. His father spun Paul sideways across the bed so he could stand on the floor on one side of the bed with Paul's legs on his shoulders while Paul's head hung off the other side, face up and ready to service Ryan's thick jock meat.

Ryan stepped over to Paul and slapped the hard slab of meat across his cheek.

"Open up cunt mouth, I've had a long drive and I'm horny. At least you're good for something." Paul tilted his head back and took Ryan's cock into his mouth. Unlike Paul, Ryan was uncut and Paul found the foreskin sliding across the wide cock head added an extra element of subservient eroticism to the oral rape of his mouth. Paul's tongue found it's way under the fleshy covering as he cleaned his half brother's dick.

While his ass was continually and brutally fucked by his father.

He found, much to his dismay, that Ryan kept his cock fastidiously clean, and was disappointed that he would not be forced to eat the thick collection of cheese some men can accumulate beneath their foreskins. The realization of just how much of a submissive cock pig he was hit Paul and he blushed deep red. Still, he found himself thinking this was the hottest sex he had ever had.

Ryan mistook the blushing for shame at being forced to suck his own brother's cock while his father pounded his ass.

"Don't be such a fucking baby. We both know you want it. Now suck me off.

I'm not gonna last much longer and I want to watch you choke on my load."

Ryan practically spit at Paul as he ordered him to suck his cock.

Paul sucked his brother's cock with all the skill he could muster while continuing to beat his own hard cock. The young stud's meat was thick and heavily veined. Paul's throat opened to accommodate the girth of Ryan's cock. Ryan pushed past his tonsils and deep into Paul's throat.

"Ohhh fuck yeah bitch, daddy's gonna cum up your ass boy..." his father announced as he quickened his deep thrusting. Paul grunted at the increased pace each time his father bottomed out in his ass. He felt like he was being gut punched from the inside out and he squeezed his ass tight onto his father's cock. David was fucking Paul hard and fast. The repeated slapping sound of his pelvis against Paul's ass filled the room each time the man's heavy nut sack made contact with Paul's body.

Ryan grabbed Paul by the ears and began face fucking him. Paul nearly gagged each time the hard pole pushed deep into his throat. Somehow he managed to take it. Paul moaned as he stroked his own cock and serviced the two superior men. The feeling of Ryan's foreskin sliding across his tongue with each stroke was an erotic thrill he had never known and Paul found himself close to cumming from the excitement.

Shoot your load boy...daddy told you he wouldn't cum till you do, and if this tight ass makes me shoot first, I'm gonna have to take a leather strap to you boy...Now cum you little whore, show your faggot appreciation to your daddy and brother."

The thick cock deep dicking his ass, and the invasion of his own brother's cock into his throat combined with his father's continued verbal abuse pushed Paul to the edge.

"Shoot it YOU LITTLE WHORE!" His brother screamed at him as he face fucked him roughly, pushing himself toward his own orgasm in Paul's cum hungry throat.

On command Paul's body tensed and he fired his first volley of cum from his own ample cock meat. He tried to moan, but his throat was filled repeatedly with his brother's veiny foreskin covered cock. White ropes of cum spewed out of his cock and arced high in the air. The first shot landed on Ryan's ripped abs, leaving a white cum trail as it ran down his body. Several more shot's erupted from his spewing cock before splattering down on his own neck and chest.

"AHHHHHHHH FUCK....UNNNNNNGGGGG, FUCK YEAH BOY...FILLING YOUR PUSSY...UNGGGGG...his father yelled out as the huge man tool pulsed in Paul's ass.

Ryan threw his head back and added his own moans of pleasure and release to the chorus.

"FUCK YEAH FAGGOT, EAT IT...AHHHH...YEAH FUUUUUUUKING CUMMINGGGG IN YOUR WHORE MOUTH YOU LITTLE BITCH..." Ryan yelled down at him as he stabbed his cock brutally into Paul's eager swallowing throat. The three horny men were cumming in one massive simultaneous orgasm. Paul savored the salty taste of spunk that coated his tongue and blasted his tonsils as Ryan face fucked him through his orgasm. The thick cum poured into his mouth faster than he could swallow. Ryan's massive cock prevented its escape from his mouth. Paul found stinging pain as the cum flooded into his nasal cavity and poured out of his nose, running down his face. Ryan looked at him with disgust as his cum bubbled from his stepbrother's nose.

With a final brutal thrust into his ass, his father pushed balls deep into Paul's body and he held his cock at maximum depth while he fired the last of his nut sauce into Paul with a final shout of pleasure.

Paul's cock had shot out several streams of cum that ran obscenely across his body in slimy rivulets.

Ryan pulled his cum dripping cock from Paul's gaping mouth as Paul drew sharp ragged breaths.

"God you're sick." Ryan said as he stared down at Paul's cum smeared face. Ryan made a hoarking sound and spit a wad of phlegm onto Paul's face. Paul twisted sharply to the side trying to escape the assault that splattered on his cheek.

Paul lay on the bed in shame, humiliation and pleasure. He felt more sexually satisfied than he had ever felt in his life. These men had given him sex in the way he most craved. Rough, nasty and full of humiliation.

With little ceremony Paul's father withdrew his now semi soft cock from Paul's battered ass. With a wet popping sound, the large head came free from Paul's stretched hole.

Paul watched silently, still breathing hard, as his naked half brother walked over to his father and greeted the man with a hug.

"Welcome home son. How was you drive?"

"Good dad, real good, but I'm kind of hungry."

"Well we've got plenty of food, let's go see what's in the kitchen. I have missed you Ryan, I'm glad you could make it."

Both men walked out of the room without so much as a word to Paul.

Clearly their need of him was abated for the moment, and being the worthless piece of shit cock whore he was, Paul required no more of the men's time or attention until they were ready to use him again.

Paul curled up on his side on the bed lost in his own thoughts... His finger's found his ass and he gently probed the tender hole. He checked his fingers expecting to find blood, but pulled back only a trickling mess of grease and cum on his fingers. Unable to resist, Paul plunged the sticky mess into his mouth, savoring the mixture of his father and brother's cum together. Despite his recent orgasm, an erotic thrill shot through him as he licked his father's cum from his fingers.

He lay quietly on the bed wondering what other sexual thrills these two powerful men held in store for him. This was not how he had imagined his meeting with his father would be. He felt foolish for thinking he would have been the only child the man had created. Paul was certain a stud like his father probably had bastard children scattered across the countryside. Paul's cock throbbed as he wondered if he would be required to satisfy even more horny brothers.

Paul was drawn sharply from his own thoughts by a yell from the other room.

"Boy, get in here!"

Paul walked into the living room with his head hanging in shame. His father and half brother stood naked looking at him.

Ryan threw Paul a wet washcloth and told him to clean himself up.

When the last traces of cum and spit had vanished from Paul's face, Ryan walked over to him and gently lifted his head.

"Dad told me you like your sex rough and nasty, but when you aren't feasting on cock, you are a pretty decent guy with a sensitive side...let me show you my sensitive side Paul...."

Ryan grabbed Paul in his strong arms and kissed him hard on the lips. He kissed Paul deeply and passionately. Paul's knees felt weak from the intensity of the kiss. Paul felt his father come up behind him and felt the thick fleshy meat of his now soft cock press into his cum seeping ass crack. Paul's father wrapped his arms around both of his boys, sandwiching Paul in the middle.

As Ryan continued kissing Paul, and the brothers' tongues waged a passionate war inside each other's mouths, their father spoke.

"Both of my beautiful boys, so handsome, so different...I want you to know, I have always loved you both. It's why I watched you both growing up from the sidelines. I was always there, whether you knew it or not...I was there."

Now it was Ryan's turn to speak...

"Yeah little brother, I'm just a year older than you. I met daddy last year, and he already knew I was gay too. But He knew I was more of a bully than the hot little sub you he arranged a special time with one of his sub buddies for my homecoming. When he told me about you and how you seem to need the abuse and rough humiliation we arranged this special little homecoming for you Pauly. Hell, he even took me on one of his Georgia trips so I could see you in action myself. You sucked me off through a glory hole 2 months ago, and I have been hankering to get back in that hot mouth of yours ever since. We wanted to give you what we knew you most needed. We wanted to give you what nobody else ever had and push you to your limits. But we want you to know something else little brother. What happens during sex will only happen during sex. You are a member of this family, and daddy here is richer than you can imagine. So you will be treated great. You will have everything you want and need.

But if you notice one of us starting to push you around and talk nasty to you, well then little brother, you can bet it means we are horny and just trying to get you in the mood. We want you to move in and let us be the one's who fulfill all of your most secret fantasies...things you have never told anyone, you can tell us, and we will do our best to make your sexual dreams a reality. Think you can live with that?"

Paul stood stunned, firmly nestled between the two men. In a rare moment Paul exhibited just a small sign that he may not be completely submissive after all. He reached up and grabbed Ryan's face and kissed him pushing himself forward against his brother with so much force that all three men fell to the carpeted floor in a tangle of naked flesh.

With a burst of laughter, Paul's father said, "I'll take that as a yes!"

Suddenly, Paul had never felt so loved in his life. Their abuse and humiliation of him was just their way of showing him that they accepted him and his need to be dominated, controlled and abused during sex. They merely gave him what he most craved. And gave it to him better than he ever had imagined it could be.

Paul felt Ryan's hard cock press into his belly..."Fuck me big brother...fuck me hard and nasty...give me your best shot stud." Paul eagerly demanded. Paul climbed on top of Ryan and impaled himself fully on his big brother's cock. His ass was raw and sore from the abuse his father had heaped on him. Still he took it all and clamped his ass down tight on Ryan's thick meat.

Without missing a beat Ryan began his tirade.

"That's right you fucking whore, unnnng yeah, take my jock cock and ride it bitch...use your faggot ass to milk me dry....unnnnng yeah. Can't wait to start making you work out so you get all buff like me little bro.

AAAHHHH fuck yeah, gonna fuck you on the gym equipment and make you suck me off in the showers." Ryan continued his litany of how he planned to use and abuse his younger brother, as he fucked deep into Paul's still tight ass.

David pulled free to allow the two brothers their moment and lay propped on his side watching his two sons have sex the way they both needed. One bully, one sub, all one family.

"Welcome home boys...welcome home"


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