Paul sat at the computer desk thinking over the past year. He was supposed to be finishing his accounting homework, but his mind kept wandering. He replayed the various scenes in his mind that had led to his complete and total abandonment to his deepest sexual fantasies. His complete submission to his father and stepbrother as their eager cocksucking fuck toy. Ryan's bullying and his father's sadistic abuse of his body were daily events in his life. Paul had never been happier or felt more loved. It seemed that both men worked hard to come up with new and exciting ways to humiliate and use Paul. Both men knew it was the only way Paul could be truly satisfied sexually. They did their best to accommodate his needs as he accommodated theirs.

He thought of the first night he had been kept under the poker table, beneath an extra long table cloth and been forced to suck the cocks of his father's construction worker poker buddies. With a wide mouthed plastic two gallon jug strapped around his waist with Paul's cock in it to keep him from playing with himself and to serve as a piss catcher for Paul, he was set for a night of servitude like none he had ever experienced. Whoever won a hand, won not only the pot, but Paul's talented mouth and throat on his tool for the duration of the next hand.

Paul was continually humiliated as he moved from cock to cock, doing his best to tease the heavy cream from each man's erect organ while they called him slut, whore, girl, and bitch. With four men at the table, Paul drank no less than a nine cum loads before the night ended several hours later.

After his father got his first nut, he also won the next hand and casually announced, "I hope you're still thirsty bitch." As Paul continued nursing his father's softening cock, a rich golden stream of piss poured from it directly into his mouth. Paul had become accustomed to this task with his father, but clearly the men at the table were surprised by the casual manner in which David just leaned back and relaxed as he let his urine flow.

"Holy shit, are you pissing her mouth." or "Fuck me! That bitch is drinking your piss!" they said expressing their surprise and shock. Not one man got up from the table that night. Instead, they just waited until they won a hand and used Paul as their own personal toilet. With the beer guzzling the men were doing, Paul found his own bladder working overtime to keep up with all the recycled beer he consumed.

He never saw their faces, and they never saw him. Paul's anonymity, as well as that of the men at the table, was all part of the deal. He repeatedly drank the piss and cum from each man's spurting cock as they commented on his talents. He could hear them as he sucked.

"Oh yeah, you got one hot bitch down there tonight Dave!" And "Oh Fuck, where'd you find a whore who could suck like this." Or "damn, she's a thirsty whore!"

One man even suggested that they drag the bitch out and fuck her cunt on the table.

Paul heard his father say, "any man who peaks at the lovely lady beneath the table not only gets his ass beat by me, but will be forced to take over her duties!" Paul's face burned in shame as he was referred to in the feminine. But still, he sucked and did his best to please them. Of course, no one peaked.

Several times during the night, Paul's own bladder had filled and he had been forced to relieve himself into the jug strapped to his body. Peels of laughter came from the men as they listened to Paul's piss stream pouring loudly into the jug.

Paul found their mocking laughter, just one more humiliation he was forced to endure. At the same time, he was extremely turned on by letting his piss flow so freely while he sucked cock. More than once his organ swelled so large that it was trapped painfully in the neck of the wide mouthed jug.

It was 3 a.m. before he crawled out from the table, his knees and throat sore. His belly full and somewhat distended from the piss and cum that collected there. He crawled into bed with David that night and his father had rewarded him by letting him ride his thick cock while Paul masturbated himself to a mind numbing orgasm. Several days later, Paul overheard Ryan and his Dad talking. It seems that the men knew all along that it was Paul under the table, and Paul felt even more humiliated. How could he ever face these men again? But still, they all came back for the monthly poker games, and nobody ever peaked. Nor did anyone mention anything to Paul when they saw him around his dad's office. Of course Paul couldn't be sure exactly which men he had sucked, having never seen their faces. But he was sure that he had on occasion encountered the recipients of his obvious oral talents while at his dad's company.

Paul thought back to how it had all really started the day after he had met his father. Paul's cock stiffened in his pants as he remembered the humiliating and difficult phone call he had made to his parents to tell them he would be attending school in Texas. A phone call made even more difficult because his father's big 9 inches, wrist thick cock was sliding in and out of his well-lubed asshole while he spoke.

Paul was on his back with his legs draped over David's shoulders so the man could watch his son's face as he fucked him. David fucked his son slowly and steadily, relishing his triumph. He had taken his son back from that bitch mother of his and that poor excuse for a man she called her husband. The cunt who had kept him out of Paul's life for 21 years and the wimp that Paul had called daddy until now would soon find out what it meant to lose their son and be kept out of his life.

Paul's ass ring was stretched tight around the pole of man flesh that steadily plowed in and out of his cum hungry body. Several times throughout the short conversation Paul had bit his lip to stifle a moan as the wide head of his father's dick caressed his prostate causing Paul's own steel hard erection to drip a steady flow of precum. Paul found the humiliation of talking to his parents while his biological father fucked him almost unbearably erotic.

Paul's father leaned in close to Paul's free ear, bending Paul in half as Paul's feet were pinned behind his head. He whispered obscenities and verbally abused Paul as Paul tried to explain to his parents back home that he would be coming home briefly to get a few things before returning to Texas for college.

"Tell them the truth you fucking sissy," he whispered. "Tell them you need a real man for a daddy. Tell them what a cock craving boyslut you are and that you can't imagine life without my big dick now that you've had it. Tell them you are picking up where your mother left off and doing a better job." David taunted as he licked at Paul's ears with his warm tongue.

With Paul's legs pinned beneath his heaving musculature, David had access to the deepest recesses of the boy's body as he pressed his firm hairy pecs against Paul's smooth chest effectively pinning him to the mattress with his ass in perfect fuck position.

At one point during the conversation, the man who raised Paul was speaking to Paul and Paul said as calmly as he could through the fuck thrusts,

"I just feel like I need a chance to get to know him Dad."

Hearing Paul call that other man dad infuriated David.

He brutally stabbed his cock deep into Paul's ass and cruelly pushed the thick head of his cock meat into Paul's bowels as his pelvis ground against Paul's tender and swollen ass ring.

"You fucking waste of sperm, how dare you call him Dad in front of me."

David growled into Paul's ear as he reamed in as deep as he could. "You little bastard, you're gonna pay for that. I'm your daddy Paul! Me not him!" David said coldly. David placed his mouth to Paul's neck, just below his ear and bit against the tender flesh, sucking a deep purple bruise into the skin, marking Paul's neck with dark angry looking hickey.

Paul fought back the moan that rose in his throat from the painful pleasure as his father rough fucked him and sucked on his neck.

David enjoyed the game. He loved knowing that as he used his son sexually, driving the boy crazy with his brutal abuse, on the other end of the phone his mother's heart was breaking.

"You fucking homo, you're getting off on this." David whispered lustfully in Paul's free ear and nibbling at Paul's ear lobe as he pushed his thick cock deeper into the young man's spasming hole.

"Don't be such a wimp, stand up to them you pussy!" David punctuated the order with hard ass rocking fucks into Paul's body.

Paul choked back a sob of pain as David pumped harder and said to his parents,

"We can talk more when I come back Monday, but I've made up my mind."

Paul knew he needed to end the conversation soon before his father's fucking turned to real punishment and his parents figured out what was going on.

David relished the moment. He had won. He was getting his years of revenge for the isolation from Paul that he had been subject too. He was also getting a damn good fuck out of the deal.

David fucked harder and faster feeling his nut build in his bull balls as he pumped his own son. He almost laughed as Paul began to stutter...

"Buh buh but, but you can't mean that. I am not betraying you! YOU BETRAYED ME BY LYING TO ME FOR 21 YEARS!" Paul yelled into the phone.

With a short vicious thrust David punched into Paul's guts with his invading meat, as he came close to shooting his load. His harsh fuck was causing Paul to grunt from the assault as the monster tool bottomed out in his ass. David was sure that Paul's stupid parents thought Paul was choking back tears. Paul finally yelled, "FINE HAVE IT YOUR WAY!" and slammed down the phone.

Paul had no way of knowing, that back in Georgia, his mother, and the man who had raised him were clinging to each other as they cried over Paul's decision. But it was that very image that filled David's mind as he buried himself balls deep into Paul and released his thick cum load with a deep moan. Paul arched up and clamped his ass down on his father's cock and moaned as his own cock unleashed its own stored cum and spurted against his father's abdomen creating a gooey white mess in the man's thick belly fur. Paul's father buried his tongue in Paul's mouth as the two men emptied their nuts together with deep lustful groans of pleasure.

As David imagined the shattered faces of Paul's mother and her husband, he came harder than he had in a long, long time. He filled Paul's ass with his thick semen, leaving him satisfied not only physically, but also on a deeper more vengeful level.

"You're all mine now boy...all mine, to do with as I please. They'll never take you back boy. Not now. And I promise you boy, daddy will give you what you need most. In the way you most need it."

Paul wrapped his arms and legs around his father's body pulling the man down to him and kissing him deep and hard. He was too caught up in his love and lust for this brutal and handsome man, his father who had become his lover, to care about what was going on in Georgia. He remembered laying their connected to his father even after the man had finished cumming and suddenly feeling his bowels swelling even more as he was filled with his father's urine. Paul couldn't explain why he loved this particular act so much, but he found it both intimate and pleasurable as he was completely filled with father's body fluids. The warm fluid filled him and spread through him like a warm embrace from the inside. Paul latched on tightly to David, kissing him passionately for his loving dominance.

Paul was torn from his memories by the sound of Ryan coming into the study with a plate in his hand. A dark wet spot of precum had formed at the front of his pants from Paul's trip down memory lane.

"Hey cum breath, I see you were thinking about me." Ryan said as he stared at the wet spot. Paul's face flushed red, but he made no reply.

"I made your lunch, homo."

Paul looked at the freshly made toast and saw creamy white globs of semen glistening atop the buttered golden brown slice. Paul knew this was one of Ryan's favorite ways to humiliate him. To force him to eat his cum as topping on whatever food Paul had in front of him. More often than not he was forced to suck Ryan's thick 8 inch cock to the point of orgasm and then milk the cum load onto the food himself. Occasionally Ryan would fuck Paul's hot round ass and pull out to spew his cum on Paul's breakfast, lunch or dinner, whichever the case might be. He would then laugh and verbally abuse Paul as he forced his brother to eat the meal topped with his thick sauce. Once, in a fancy restaurant, Ryan slyly and secretively pulled a tied off condom from his pocket where it had stayed warm against his body. He sliced the tip of the rubber and emptied the warm cum onto Paul's grilled salmon. Paul was grateful no one had seen what Ryan was doing. No one except his father, who just shook his head and laughed.

"Uh, I'm not really hungry Ry", he said, knowing as he said it that Ryan would probably make him eat it anyway. There had been the odd time when Ryan would simply leave the cum covered meal on the table and say, suit yourself and walk away. It was this kind of inconsistency that kept Paul constantly guessing, never knowing what to expect. Ryan was a master at mind games, and he could push Paul's buttons like no other man ever had.

Where as David relied on brute force and physical strength, Ryan enjoyed the manipulation and ever changing rules that kept Paul constantly on edge and never knowing what his next move would be.

As Ryan set the plate down, Paul thought he was just going to leave. He was therefore quite surprised when Ryan sucker punched him in the gut and grabbed Paul by the hair forcing his face to the plate.

"You ungrateful homo bitch! I make you a lunch with my manly cum and you have the nerve to refuse it. You should be on your knees thanking me for taking the time to make your lunch. I go to all this trouble for you, and this is how you show your gratitude?" He said as he rolled Paul's face back in forth in the goo topped toast.

Ryan roughly yanked Paul's head from the plate and as Paul gasped trying to recover his breath Ryan picked up the toast and began cramming it into Paul's gaping mouth. Small bits of toast crumbs and cum stuck to Paul's face.

Ryan roughly pushed the entire slice of cum soaked bread into Paul, pushing it to the back of Paul's mouth with thick probing fingers. Paul struggled, but even as he protested his dick grew harder in his pants as his older brother bullied him into eating the cum soaked morsel.

Something about Ryan's thick fingers in his mouth as he abused Paul always seemed to push Paul closer to the point of cumming.

Paul almost gagged as Ryan crammed the entire slice in his mouth, but he managed to choke the first bits down his throat. Ryan held Paul's jaws shut, preventing Paul from spitting any of it out. Tears streamed down Paul's face as he chewed toast and cum and swallowed it bit by bit down his throat. The mixture of butter and bitter salty funk was not completely horrible as Paul ate his brother's special lunch.

Ryan moved behind him and held Paul in a headlock and yanked Paul to his feet. He ground his own boner into Paul's ass. Now you are gonna get it faggot. Drop your drawers before I beat the shit out of you. Paul was completely turned on by his bullying brother overpowering him and humiliating him. But he knew if he gave in too soon, neither he nor Ryan would get what they both truly craved from these brotherly moments. He knew Ryan got off to the forced sexual submission and Paul loved being forced to submit to his older stud brother's thick cock. His ass was still slick from the regular morning fuck his father had thrown into him before he headed off to work. Paul knew Ryan would sink into his ass with no problem. Not that an unlubed ass would have stopped him anyway.

Paul struggled in his brother's grip, begging him. Please Ryan, don't man, I can't, I'm too sore, please dude just let it go. I ate the toast don't make me do this too. Ryan brought his knee up sharply from behind, connecting firmly with Paul's heavy nuts. Paul almost shot his load as his knees buckled and the air was once again knocked out of him by the painful force of the nut racking.

"You little pussy!" Ryan spat at him. Don't make me fuck you up. Now drop em- DO IT NOW BITCH!"

Paul knew he was beaten and slowly opened his jeans and let them fall to the floor, revealing his smooth bare ass. Paul rarely wore underwear anymore and his 8-inch cock sprang free and slapped against his thin belly. Ryan ground his denim-clad meat into the smooth ass before pulling back slightly.

"Now reach back and unzip me faggot. Get my cock lined up with your hole."

Paul reached back and fumbled with the metal zipper that held back his brother's big dick. He felt the turgid meat bulging out against the denim as he lowered Ryan's zipper. Fuck that monster's thick Paul thought as his hand groped over the heavy meat. He hauled the uncut meat free from Ryan's still buttoned jeans and Ryan winced slightly as the foreskin scraped across the metal teeth of his zipper. He head butted Ryan in the back of his head, cussing at him. Paul briefly saw stars as pain shot through his head.

"Careful with my dick bitch. That's a real man's cock and you need to show it some respect."

Ryan held Paul firmly in the headlock as the captive fuck toy lined the thick heavily veined meat up against his hole.

"Now fuck yourself with it fagboy. Slide that cunt of yours onto my rod."

Paul placed the wide flared head of Ryan's dick at the entrance of his slick hole. His father's cum still trapped in his ass greased the way. As soon as the head breached the tight anal ring, Ryan shoved forward, releasing his headlock on Paul only to free his hands so he could grab his pussyboy by the hips and hold him against his pelvis as he went balls deep in one stroke.

Paul gasped.

"Aaaaahhhhh fuck...unnnnngggg GAWD Ryan.... Shit...please don't, please take it out...ooooohhh fuck your killing me."

Real tears poured down Paul's face as his older brother raped his ass harshly. Ryan was 8 inches long, but had at least 7 inches in girth, making his cock like a trudgeon in Paul's ass.

Ryan grudge fucked him hard. He pummeled Paul's tender ass with his thick meat making the younger man wince with each brutal thrust.

Ryan Wrapped one muscular arm around Paul and held him tight against him as he fucked. With he free hand he began punching Paul in the sides and stomach. With each punch Paul winced in and tensed causing his ass to squeeze even tighter on Ryan's cock.

"Fuck yeah you bitch. Tell me no faggot," Punch punch..."go on bitch, tell me no again." Punch. He physically and verbally assaulted Paul as his cock thrust in and out of Paul's ass going to full depth on each thrust.

"All the shit I do for you!" Punch, punch, "And you fucking disrespect me like that! Who the fuck to you think you are you worthless shit bag?"

Ryan fucked long and hard, landing hard punches on his brother's body as he fucked him. Ryan was sweating from his efforts but each squeeze of Paul's ass thrilled his cock with an intensity no other lover had ever been able to accomplish.

By the time Ryan had nutted, Paul was sobbing and aching over his whole body from where Ryan's forceful punches had beat against him. Paul felt Ryan's cock swell in him and Ryan cussed his way through his orgasm.



As the last spurts of cum painted the depths of his ass, Ryan leaned against Paul for support. His knees nearly buckled from the intensity of his orgasm. Paul figured his assault was over. Ryan had gotten what he came for. Paul was wrong.

Ryan pulled Paul upright and back against him and ordered him to jerk off.

"I'm not pulling out till you cum punk."

He then leaned forward as he jerked Ryan's head back by his hair and began kissing Paul. He forced his thick tongue into Paul's mouth while Paul tugged at his own 8-inch cock. It only took a few strokes for Paul to shoot his load and his ass clenched so tight that Ryan's cock was forced from his shit hole along with a thick load of cum. Paul moaned as his body expelled his own cum from his tight nuts and the mixed load of his father and brother from his ass.

"Yeah, nothing proves what a slut homo another dude is like making him cum with a dick up his ass. Now clean up the mess bitch."

Ryan roughly pushed Paul away from him and Paul fell on the floor from the force.

Ryan casually strolled over to Paul and wiped his cock on Paul's hair and face, cleaning the remnants of cum and ass juice from his dick. Using Paul like a fuck rag to clean up. He tucked the thick meat back into his jeans and strode out of the room. As he reached the doorway he turned back and looked at Paul still on the floor.

You'd better clean up every fucking drop bitch. I'll be back to check after my shower.

Paul looked up from the floor and saw Ryan smiling at him.

"Ryan..." he said with a choke of emotion in his voice.

"Yeah bro?"

"Thanks man, I needed that."

Ryan walked back and kissed Paul gently on the lips.

"Any time bro...anytime."


"Yes Paul?"

"I love you."

"Back atcha bro, back atcha. Why don't you join me in the shower after you get that mopped up."

"I'll be right there man. Thanks dude."

Paul figured he could study later as he mopped up the slimy mess on the floor with his shirt. For now, he needed to spend a little more quality time with his handsome big brother.


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