Paul could hardly believe the strange turn of events that had occurred in his life the day he turned 21. His mind wandered back to October and he remembered the sad and tearful look on his mother's face as she held out an envelope that was postmarked from Dallas, Texas.

"Paul, before I give you this, we need to talk..."

It seemed that 22 years ago, his mother and father had been through a very difficult time in their marriage and separated briefly. Convinced that her marriage was over, his mother had gone out one night with some friends and ended up going home with a handsome Texan named David. They continued to see each other for about two weeks and during that time he had proven to be a domineering and controlling man. He had also gotten her pregnant. The condensed version of the saga ended up with Paul's mother, and the man he had called dad his whole life reuniting. Paul's

"dad" knew that Paul's mother was pregnant by another man and decided to raise Paul as his own. David found out through the grapevine that Paul's mother was pregnant and ordered DNA tests. He agreed to stay out of their lives on two conditions. He would pay no child support, and when Paul turned 21 he would send him an airline ticket to come meet him. If for any reason, Paul failed to show, his family agreed to pay 100 thousand dollars in damages for breech of contract.

"He's not a very nice man Paul." His mother said in a cold matter of fact tone.

Paul took the card from his mother with trembling hands. Inside was a roundtrip plane ticket to Dallas and a picture of a very handsome man.

Paul saw the resemblance immediately. Tall, like Paul, probably 6 feet or maybe a little more. However, while Paul was light blonde and skinny, this man had dark blonde to light brown hair, an athletic build with well defined muscular arms and a patch of dark hair peeking out of his open collar. Paul couldn't help but notice that he seemed to fill out the front of his jeans pretty well and imagined from his build that he had a great ass as well. Paul immediately understood what had attracted his mother to this Texas stud in the first place. The man looked like he was built to fuck and fuck good. Inside the card was a short note. "Happy Birthday Paul, I am looking forward to getting to know you, David"

After much discussion with both of his parent's, Paul had left that afternoon for Dallas. His mind was filled with questions and thoughts about his biological father.

When Paul exited the jet way after deplaning he immediately saw David waiting for him. "My god, he's even better looking in person." Paul thought.

David extended his hand to Paul and shook it in a firm grip.

"Welcome to Dallas Paul. Let's get your luggage. We have a lot to talk about." Paul smiled and said ok. He noted that the smile was not returned and he remembered what his mother had said.

"He's not a very nice man."

Paul found himself beginning to feel aroused by the thought and quickly forced his mind to think of other things.

There was no chitchat as they waited for Paul's suitcase to arrive. Paul couldn't help notice the casual masculinity the man emanated. His eyes darted across his father's body taking in the site of the handsome gruff man.

"There it is. The red one Paul said when he spotted his bag." Paul reached for a red canvas suitcase as it came around the carousel but David reached in front of him with his strong arms and easily lifted the suitcase that Paul would have struggled with.

"Let's go." David said curtly. Paul wasn't sure what to think. He was nervous going off with this man, but knew that decision had already been made for him.

They walked to the third level of the parking garage and David unlocked the hatch of the SUV and tossed the suitcase into the back. As they walked around to the passenger side David unlocked the door for Paul and opened it.

With a sudden punch to his gut David knocked the wind out of Paul and pushed him backward onto the front seat.

"That's for growing up to be a faggot"

David said with disgust as Paul sat doubled over with his feet hanging out the front door and gasping to reclaim his breath. David grabbed his legs and hefted them into the car before slamming the door shut on him.

Paul reached for the handle to get out of the SUV and found that it had been disabled.

"You're here for the next two days cock sucker. That's the deal. So unless that bitch of a mother of yours has a 100 grand you better just settle back. For now, you just listen. Don't you say one fucking word. Do you understand me?"

Paul nodded with fear showing on his face as David started the SUV and backed out of the parking space to begin the trip home.

"For 21 years I have watched you from the sidelines boy. I've been to your school plays, seen you graduate from high school and go on to college. I followed you around secretly and learned all about you faggot.

I know that for 21 years your family has loved you, taken care of you and provided you with everything they thought you needed. But watching you at college, out of their sight, I learned about a need you have that they can't take care of."

Paul sat next to the rough stud with his mouth gaping open in surprise, shame and fear.

I've seen you sucking cock in the athletics compound locker room, on your knees being used as a cum dump by your horny athletics teams. I've watched them shower you with piss and seen it run down your face as you jerked your faggot cock. You see Paul; I know you are not just merely another run of the mill cock sucker. I know about your need to be used and humiliated. So while your loving family may have provided for all of your other needs, that leaves one need to fill that is now mine alone?

David sneered with disgust as he looked at Paul.

"Such a shame. You are a good-looking guy. You could have made some beautiful babies pounding pussy, like I did to your mother. But you aren't man enough for that. So instead, you are gonna be the pussy that gets pounded. For a faggot you have been a bit of a prick tease. Haven't you Paul?"

"What do you mean? Paul asked with confusion.

He felt the sudden sting of the back of David's hand across his face as his head rocked back with the force of the blow.

"I told you to shut up and listen boy. You need to learns to follow my orders."

Tears poured from Paul's eyes as he moved as close to the door as possible.

I've heard you tell those cum shooters you've been servicing that you don't get fucked, and being young and naive they were to stupid to figure out that you meant without being forced. I plan to take that cherry ass of yours boy, and make you beg for it to boot."

Real fear had taken over Paul. He had never been fucked. He had always known that one day he would, but had felt that his ass should be saved for just the right guy. His ass should be given to somebody special. The guys who used him weren't special, they just gave him what he needed.

They gave him their cum, piss and verbal abuse, but none of them had ever hurt him. He always gave into their lusty demands before it came to that.

All any of them needed to do was bully him around a bit, call him some names and he would be on his knees sucking cock till his stomach churned with their heavy cum loads. Usually he was secretly servicing one horny bully at a time in a bathroom stall or secretly in a dorm room. On occasion two or three athletes had cornered him in the locker room of the athletic complex and force-fed him their thick cum loads from their big dicks.

Paul was pulled back from his memory of the hot jocks using him in the locker room as David continued.

"You sick little fuck. You really do get off on being treated like garbage don't you." Paul knew better than to answer.

"I rough you up a little, call you a faggot and your cock goes hard. What sick little perv you are."

Paul realized with sudden embarrassment that despite his fear and the sting of the hand across his face, his cock had indeed lengthened to its full 8 inches of hardness. In his excitement, precum had begun to leak from his cock head and a wet spot formed across the front of his faded jeans.

"You want my cock don't you boy? You want it bad. Get naked faggot. Right here in this car. These windows are tinted dark enough that nobody can see you. Do it now." His father commanded.

Paul hesitated for a moment and David said, "Boy if I have to stop this car and strip you myself, I will, but I promise you'll regret it, so you better start stripping."

Paul's mind spun with the rapid change of events that had occurred. In all of his thoughts of what his father might be like, how he might react to him, Paul had never imagined it would turn out this way. He pulled off his shirt and looked around nervously for a place to put his clothes.

"Just drop them into the back seat boy." David said sternly.

In a matter of minutes Paul was naked, all of his clothes, including his socks and shoes were on the floor of the back seat. His thick cock jutted up hard against his belly. A clear sheen of precum flowed from his cock, hanging in a glistening thread from the large head.

"God you're a skinny runt. I'm gonna have to be careful not to break you bitch. Now boy, lean over here and put your head in my lap. I want you to mouth my cock through my jeans while I drive. I only live ten minutes from this airport, so it will be a short trip. I don't want to waste anytime teaching you your place."

David wrapped his fingers into the silk blonde hair on top of Paul's head and roughly pulled his head to his crotch. He forcibly ground Paul's lips against the denim as Paul's mouth chewed the thick meat that lay beneath the faded blue cloth. Paul felt his father's cock harden and his hunger and lust grew as he realized how big the man's cock was. A soft moan escaped Paul as he felt the thick length of his father's cock with his mouth. His father continued to verbally abuse him as they made the short trip to his home. Paul never saw the two-story house as they pulled into the driveway and the garage door opened with a touch of the remote. His face was firmly buried between his father's legs as he continued pleasuring the man's denim covered organ.

As the garage door closed behind the SUV, David silenced the engine with a turn of the keys in the ignition. He pulled Paul's face from his crotch roughly and got out of the car without saying a word. He unloaded Paul's suitcase first and then went to the passenger side door and opened it. He unlocked the door from the garage to the house still not speaking to Paul. Paul followed him into the house and took in the surroundings. His father clearly had money as he noticed the masculine well decorated home.

Dark wood furniture. Burgundy carpet. Slate tile in the kitchen. This was a man's home. Well-kept, tastefully decorated, but with none of the feminine touches a woman might have added.

"Now that we are home, you may speak and answer my questions when I speak to you boy. You can even beg if you think it will do you any good. And you may address me as daddy, or sir. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir." Paul responded.

David noted the choice and realized he would be making the boy call him daddy before long.

"Now, let me look at you."

Paul stood naked before his father. A man he had known for less than an hour. A man who had taken such complete control of him so quickly. A handsome, masculine, rugged, well muscled domineering bully who had Paul more aroused than he had ever been in his life. Despite his fear, Paul sensed that this man would indeed provide him with what he most needed.

His cock knew this as well as it leaked a steady stream of precum from the tip that oozed down the shaft across his balls and onto his legs, pulled by gravity down his body.

"Fucking skinny runt faggot. Makes me wonder if those DNA tests were right. How the hell could I have made such a weakling? At least I passed on a good sized dick to you."

"I'm sorry sir." Paul said weakly. "I know you deserved to have a son who would be a real man, I am sorry I have disappointed you."

"You want to see what a real man's body looks like faggot? You want to see what you could have been with a little discipline and effort? Undress me."

"Please sir, please don't make me do this. You are my father, I..."

Paul's words were cut short by another punch to his gut as he doubled over, once more gasping to regain the air that had been forced from his lungs.

David grabbed him with his left hand and pulled him upright and landed two more brutal punches to the boy's skinny stomach. David seized him by the shoulders and easily picked him from the floor and pinned him to the wall with Paul's feet dangling off the ground. He glared at Paul and spit on his face. As the slick spit ran off his face David squeezed Paul's shoulder's painfully.

"You will undress me. You will feel my body with your hands, the body of a real man, while you do it, and when I am naked, you will start at my feet and taste my body with your mouth until you reach my cock. You will lick my balls and tongue my ass, and when I tell you to, you will take my cock in your mouth and suck it until I cum. Then you will swallow my load or I will beat you unconscious and rape your ass on the dining room table. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME FAGGOT? David screamed as Paul writhed in his painful grip.

Tears poured from his eyes. "OK. OK...I'll do it, please don't hurt me anymore...Please sir..." Paul begged.

David released him suddenly and Paul dropped to the floor and crumbled at his father's feet.

He began to untie the man's heavy work boots, and as he pulled them from his father's feet he caressed his father's foot gently as he removed his socks. As Paul reached for his father's thick leather belt he wondered if he would be feeling its sting across his ass, and his cock pulsed slightly at the thought. David stripped off his own shirt while Paul attended to his socks and shoes. Paul gasped as he took in his father's powerful and hairy chest and abs. His thoughts were now firmly on servicing the man. Paul opened his father's jeans and the masculine scent of cock musk wafted up at him. Paul was now lost to the lust he had for his own father. His need to serve this man, to be used and dominated by him had taken control of his body and all resistance faded away. Paul closed his eyes and leaned his cheek against his father's hard abdomen and breathed deeply through his nose taking in his father's scent fully as he lowered the man's jeans to the ground. He heard a low chuckle from his father as he lusted over the man. When he opened his eyes, he saw 9 inches of hard thick cock meat jutting up toward him and had to resist the urge to devour it right then and there. The heavily veined organ was rock hard and the large thick cock head had a wide piss slit that Paul longed to probe with his tongue.

David stepped from his jeans and Paul began to tongue bathe his father's feet. He caressed the man's hairy muscular legs as he worked his way up.

He lingered on his father's inner thighs, tasting his body and then tentatively licked at the man's heavy fully nut sack.

"Jerk that pathetic weenie of yours boy, show me what a faggot you are while you suck my nuts." Paul's cock was far from pathetic. 8 thick inches of prime man meat hung between the skinny faggot's legs. It was a bit of irony that such a manly piece of cock flesh should be attached to such an unmanly submissive cock sucker like Paul. Paul stroked his cock, and moaned in pleasure as he suckled his father's balls.

"Now get that tongue behind my nuts and taste my ass boy, I want to feel that tongue on my shitter."

Paul licked back behind his father's balls as David widened his stance to give the boy access to his own virgin hole. He gasped in pleasure as Paul tongued him. David felt the surge of power and control over having made Paul taste his ass and service him. His lust increased as Paul's tongue danced through the hairs of his anal ring and his need to cum filled him.

"Yeah faggot, eat that ass. Tongue my hole bitch. Fuck yeah you little queer, eat your daddy's ass." David continued to verbally abuse Paul and noticed the submissive faggot was pounding his own cock hard and fast.

"You better not cum before me boy." He warned. Now, suck my cock faggot.

Take my meat down your throat.

Paul licked his way back across his father's balls and up the shaft of the thick cock. He paused briefly at the meaty cock head and let his tongue probe his father's piss slit, taking his first taste of the man's precum. David moaned with pleasure as Paul's expertise in cock sucking was put to use. Paul let his saliva run down the pole of flesh, causing it to become slick as he tongued the head. Then, in a move only the most practiced cock sucker's can accomplish, he slid his mouth over the thick meat and took his father balls deep into his throat. Paul paused only briefly as the thick head pushed past his tonsils roughly stretching Paul's tight throat .

"OHHHH FUUUCK!!!! That's good." David moaned loudly. He grabbed Paul's head and held it firmly against him as he felt Paul's throat muscles massage his cock. Paul didn't even try to pull away as his lips were crushed against his father's pubic bone. David slowly withdrew his cock from the tight confines of Paul's throat and stood lust bound over the pussy mouthed young man pleasuring him. Paul's tongue swirled across the head of his father's cock as he used his skills to push the man toward orgasm. He bobbed his head along the thick shaft repeatedly deep throating the man as he sucked his cock. Paul's own hand had become slick with precum as he stroked his cock while sucking his father.

"OH FUCK YEAH, suck it you little bitch. Eat that big cock cunt boy..."

His father continued verbally abusing Paul as he let the fag work his pole. After only 5 minutes of Paul's expert cock work, David was nearing a massive orgasm.

"I'm getting close faggot, cum with me, I want you to shoot your load with the first taste of my spunk faggot."

"UNNNGGG YEAH, OOOOHHHH FUCK YEAH, EAT IT BITCH, EAT MY FUCKING CUM, TASTE THE JUICE THAT MADE YOU BOY!" David howled as he pumped the first ropey shot of salty sperm into Paul's mouth. He continued howling in pleasure as Paul swallowed his load. He was too lost in his own orgasm to notice the thick jets of cream that Paul shot against his leg.

"AHHHH AHHHHHH Fuck" David continued spewing obscenities at Paul as his cock spewed 7 more jets of thick creamy ball juice into the eager throat swallowing his cock and cum.

When his cock finished convulsing he yelled "ENOUGH! FUCK! Stop already faggot...shit, I can't take anymore...ahhhh fuck"

Paul released the spit slicked monster cock from his lips, feeling the thick organ snake out of his mouth as he released the man from his throat. Paulsat back on his heels looking up at his father while the last remnants of his own cum dribbled from his cock head. For the first time, he saw his father's smile. The dazzling white teeth made the man look even more handsome.

Fuck that was good boy. Now clean up the mess you made. Paul leaned down to lick the cooling rivulet of his own cum that ran down his father's leg.

"Good job boy. So tell me faggot, what do you think of your father now?"

"I love you daddy, I love you so much...." Paul said as he cleaned his father's leg.

David lifted Paul to his feet and pinned him to the wall once more. This time his mouth found Paul's and he kissed his son deeply and passionately, letting his tongue enter the boy's mouth where he tasted the salt of his own cum. He picked Paul up in his arms and carried him across the living room. "Let daddy show you his bedroom boy...we have a lot of lost time to make up for."

"Thank you daddy. Thank you for knowing what I need most and giving it to me."

David pressed his lips to Paul's once more and kissed him deeply as he carried his son to his bed. He gently laid Paul on the mattress and climbed on top of him, letting his body cover Paul's.

"Yes Paul, daddy will give you what you need. Daddy will give it to you the way you need it. Daddy knows Paul...and its ok. Just be a good little faggot and we won't have any more problems."

"Yes daddy, I know I am just a worthless faggot, but if you will use me this way, then maybe I can have some small value in this world."

David rolled onto his back pulling Paul on top of him. He pushed Paul's head down between his legs. "Get busy faggot. You know what to do." Once more Paul began lapping at the heavy ball sack. Gently he sucked the nuts that had produced the sperm that made him. His own cock remained hard as he continued servicing his daddy.


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