When I began writing this, I laid out a six party story. This chapter brings to a close some of the story. In it a flashback scene is played. Chapter Five was to be more about the flashback and Chapter Six to finish up. Chapter Four kind of finishes more than originally planned. But Chapter Five will still be flashback and Chapter Six will now wrap up and move forward. I hope to have them soon.....

I am told it was four days before I awoke. I was back in a familiar place; it looked like the bedroom of the boat again. Aaron laid on the bed to my left and on my right somewhat on me and staring at me also, was someone I did not know but similar in age.

Our eyes connected for what seemed like forever before he spoke. "My name is Toby. I have been pledged to you." And he moved down a planted the most sensual kiss on my lips I have had in a long time. I was pulled into the moment and found my hands moving along his backside. As I reached his nice firm ass, he moved off and after taking my breath, I spoke.


"My big was killed in the battle two days ago and as he died he asked that I be pledged to you as your number two. According to the legend, there are to be three."

Three I thought as he moved back in for more but I stopped him and just shook my head. The look of disappointment on his face was a little scary but I got up, went to the sink at the end of the room and washed my face before returning to the bed for more questions.

I was filled in that when I was taken four days ago, war broke out and lives had been lost on both sides. Fighting had only stopped just today as both sides retreated to rebuild and prepare for the next offensive. Aaron was now awake and added in his input to the story.

The new guys name was Toby and he was no my number two. The council, a group of people who had been keeping the legend story passed down and watching for had decreed that it be so. Aaron got up and prepared some food for not only me who had not eaten in three days but also for them. We sat on the floor of the boat eating and catching up on the happenings.

Kyle and his family were no longer in charge of the island. They had all been killed. Lawrence, the factory manager was now the highest island official. Connection with the big city and outside world had been cut off by the war as the slaves controlled the port and the boats were their homes.

As we finished dinner, I got up. "Send a message to Lawrence. Request that I meet him alone in the library of the old mansion." It was not under either control. Aaron headed out to send my message as I prepared dressing only in a pair of running pants that I found. I head off to the mansion. It was empty as much had been stolen out of it from both sides. There was a chair still in the library but I waited standing.

Five minutes before our meeting time, I heard the door open and was prepared to be ambushed if Lawrence did not come alone. But after a minute or two, Lawrence walked around the corner. He was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt and sandals. I had on the runner's pants and nothing else.

"What do you want?" he spoke as he entered the room slowly looking I think that I had not come alone.

"I want to talk peace. In only three days, this island looks destroyed and more fighting will not be good for either side." He stopped walking and appeared interested.

"I am supposed to be the one to bring peace and freedom and I want to accomplish that but at the same time, you must want something as well. What do your people want?"

After a pause and silence, I did not think he was going to respond. But then he spoke. "We want our way of life back. We want to be prosperous in our investments and return the island to glory. The mainland has cut us off, left us to die, to solve this on our own. With no soldiers, Kyle and family are dead, many of my leadership are dead and we have only a few days' worth of food left while fruit goes wasted on the island and crops are ruined."

As he spoke he walked around the library and was now standing in front of me only a few paces away. His eyes were not always making contact with my eyes as his wondered up and down my body.

"Then we should make peace. Let us eliminate the need for slavery. Make people invested in the island. You as the one in charge will receive 10 shares in the profit of the island. Managers you will appoint would receive 4 shares and all the rest will work the needed jobs and receive 1 ½ shares. Everyone will be an invested partner in the rebuilding and working together of the island. Develop the life style and practices that will bring others to the island but set a maximum number so as to protect the island and not overrun the restored natural beauty. And peace will return."

As I spoke, Lawrence moved slowly closer, taking in the words I spoke. As I finished, he was right in front of me and suddenly went down on his knees pulling my pants off and began sucking my cock. I reached out and put my hands on his head to hold myself up as the shock and sensation was making my legs weaker than they already were. After some time, he pulled his shirt off and kept sucking while he removed his shorts. And as quickly as he began, he stopped and stood up, picking me up and carried me up the stairs to one of the bedrooms. It seemed like the upstairs was normal almost with bed furnishings but not much else. The downstairs of the house was almost totally empty.

I was carried to the bed and put down as Lawrence moved on top of me and we kissed, exchanging tongues and massaging each other whatever we could reach. Lawrence went back to sucking and positioned himself between my legs, lifting them gently as he prepared to fuck me. He played with his cock making it hard and ready and when ready, came off mine and positioned his own at my ass, looked to me for approval, and I giving it to him, he proceed to fuck my ass in and out, slower, faster. He came down and kissed my chest as he fucked me moving to within my lips and was kissing me ever so gently as he exploded inside me. As the sensation subsided, he collapsed on me and the sweat of our bodies blended together.

After a few more kisses, he pulled out and rolled off the bed and appeared to be leaving, naked, as his clothes were on the main floor. As he got to the door, he stopped, turned and spoke, "We shall have peace - tomorrow." And out the door he went, stopping only to grab his shorts and left the building.

I laid on the bed recovering as a strange sensation coming over me. I felt drowsy and that I was drifting off. Soon the room seemed to change and I was no longer alone. While I could not see faces, I felt like the room was filled with naked men, stroking, some sucking and most all cheering on what only I could imagine was me in the center of it all. This must have been what happened when I was taken.

Then my legs began to rise into position and there was nothing there to keep them up but the felt like something was holding them. And then the fucking began. My eyes were still very blurry and somewhat closed but there seemed to be lighter in the room and I strained to make the face of who was fucking me. The sensation of darkness, captivity, transported through time and space and being fucked, was more than I could take and I began shooting my own load from my hard dick without having touched it. Soon the one fucking me began to spasm as he shut load after load into my ass. It was then that I could see who as fucking me clear as day. It was Toby.......and the room went back to normal, my feet fell on to the bed and my eyes cleared. My chest was covered in cum from what was apparently part of the dream but there seemed to be more everywhere.

I got up and walked down the stairs slowly and to the front door. When I stepped out of the mansion, I could see Aaron, Toby and others running toward the house and they appeared afraid. As they approached, my legs gave out and I collapsed on the ground. The last I remember was screaming and yelling at asking Lawrence what he had done. Before I blacked out, I heard him say, "We made peace.".............

I awoke once more in the bed on the boat surrounded by many who were discussing their attack for what Lawrence had done to me. I knew they did not understand and motioned for Aaron raising my hand slowly. "Quiet, he has come around." And silence filled the room.

And very quietly, slowly, I spoke, "There shall not be an attack. We will have peace. We talked about peace. Lawrence did not do this. He wants peace also." As one of them began to speak, I put my hand up stopping them. "Go home, rest, clean up, for tomorrow we shall have peace."

As I awoke the following morning, the boatyard was busy as the seventy five or so slaves prepared. They had showered and all had on red runners pants that had become their uniform, no shirts, and no shoes. Many had shaved and cut hair or at least trimmed it. I was cleaned up as well while I slept and in my blue runner pants uniform. I was still weak so a wheel chair had been rounded up for me. Aaron was at my side along with Toby as I got out of bed. I looked at Toby and asked him to step aside. I looked into the sea of young men and pointed at one in the distance with long blonde hair. He approached with no words spoken and moved behind my chair and began pushing me out of the room. Aaron and Toby followed looking at each other and the rest as well as we processed to the island square.

The square was empty as we approached, the sound of the water crashing into the rocks the only sound above our small band of former slaves. But soon the marching of others came from the other side of the island. Some men seemed concerned this was a set up but Lawrence and his people, maybe 200 or so, soon filled the other 2/3's of the square.

The odd part of this was that nothing had been planned. We hadn't even mentioned where we would meet, only Lawrence saying there would be peace as he walked away after fucking me. But soon Lawrence was speaking, sharing the plan we had discussed, giving everyone a share in the island. Both sides seemed happy to accept and even happier when former slaves were announced as area managers. As he finished speaking, Lawrence looked at me.

Without speaking, my new young man pushed me to the center. He moved in front of me and knelt down and began to rub my cock through the running pants. He then pulled them down and began sucking my cock in front of all these men. As he sucked, he pushed his pants down and pushed his ass out toward the other side. Soon one came up and pulled off his clothing and began rimming his ass. The rest of the men watched but were sexually moved by this display. They touched themselves, touched others and many began to disrobe. Soon my new young man pulled off me and positioned himself to take my dick in his ass. I turned and looked at Toby as he sat down on me and Toby also moved over taking the new young man's cock in his mouth while the fourth member of the scene proceed to rim his ass.

This public display of sex was more than I could take and in time, I uploaded my cum into the new guy who uploaded his into Toby. As he leaned back to kiss me, he said his name was Jeremiah. He moved off and moved Toby into position. I was spent but my cock had remained hard and Toby sat down on me while Aaron and Jeremiah and others began a small group to my right. Soon everyone on the island was involved in the flash mob orgy as we sealed the deal for peach. Lawrence walked up, naked from head to toe, kissed me on the lips and moved away with three young men of his own. It wasn't long before Toby was blessed with my seed as well.

Hours later, after all were spent, a feast was served and we all sat around naked feasting, warming to the island fire and celebrating our peace.

As darkness approached, small groups moved into different buildings for more fun and myself, Jeremiah, Toby and Aaron returned to the mansion house, where we would live, and spent the night in the master bedroom together, falling asleep as the sun came up on the new day - a day of freedom and more fucking fun..............

to be continued . . . . . .



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