After I was led back to the tent, Aaron and one of the other boys cleaned me up and we moved to my sleeping area. Hunter and Jacob were not in the tent and I wondered where they had gone. But soon I was distracted, as both Aaron and the other boy, I would find out his name was Paul later, began to give me a massage as I lay on the mattress. Aaron worked on my upper body from the back of my head, my shoulders and down my back. Paul started on my legs and worked up toward my ass where he ended up spending a lot of time once he got there. I still was in shock of what was going on and really wanted to talk about it as I had promised but it felt so good.

The rest of the boys were on the other sleeping area watching, waiting for words of wisdom and what was to be next. As Aaron and Paul massaged me, they flipped me over and Aaron moved on to my chest positioning his cock at my mouth but still massaging my head and arms and back far enough that I could not get to it. Paul moved and positioned himself on my cock, sucking me and getting me hard and ready. He then moved behind Aaron sat down on my hard cock fucking me as he and Aaron kissed, his own cock rubbing Aaron in the back. I looked as Aaron's cock moved up and down as my own body was moved by the fucking. I wanted to suck it and I wanted Aaron to also be sitting on my cock.

As he fucked, Paul's cocked moved up and down Aaron's back and soon was shooting his cum on Aaron's back and the reaction excited me and I began shooting my load in Paul's ass. It had been awhile so the load was large and much leaked back out as Paul continued to fuck up and down on my cock. Aaron began stroking his own cock and soon shot his load on my chest and some on my face. As we came back to normal breathing, it was then that I remembered the other seven guys in the tent. While most were hard, they had only sat and watched. Such obedient I thought.

I motioned for them to come over and Aaron and Paul proceeded to suck them all off. It was not long before cum was flying over their shoulders and on to me lying behind them watching their play. When all had cum, one of the seven, got the bowl of water and we all cleaned up, happy and almost giggling we fell and cuddled on to my sleeping area. As we began to relax, I felt nervous that I had just led these boys into what would not turn out good for us. I suspected that Kyle was plotting revenge and some sort of punishment.

After such joy in what had happened, we turned to the prophecy and they all took a turn to share the next step of the story. Aaron began to tell the story that had been told him by his older brother who had died in the last prophet uprising. It was foretold from the elders and passed down that a prophet would come to Paradise Island and free those enslaved and set the island free. And peace would rain on the island forever from this time. The island was created hundreds of years before as a place to send people who had too much debt and were unable to pay from the great cities that had risen up out of the society. Once the slaves had worked off the debt three fold, they would be free to return to the city but often they returned to find that not all of the debt had been paid and because they were unable to find work, they could not pay and were returned. After three returns, you were a slave for life and would never leave the island. Many over the years were unjustly sent back to make them slaves forever and work in the factory making products sold in the cities. The prophet would end all this but how, where and when was not known.

Many prophet candidates had come forward, usually after hearing about the prophecy. Most came to create chaos and overcome those in charge of the island and take over as they owners of the island were rich and powerful. But they would end up losing, causing death and destruction to many slave followers and die themselves. This would mean a need for more slaves and the lowering of the allowed debt, causing more to be sent to the island. There had been eleven such prophet candidates over the years and many were losing hope that the prophecy was even real. Only in the last ten years, were the slaves told that the prophet would be known through a kiss. It was in the last ten years that the current master kept the slaves naked and sexually used them changing the laws again to discriminate against homosexuals. While not all on the island were homosexual, the majority was and those not usually gave into the sexual activities to survive.

"And when I kissed him," Aaron said finishing his story, "I knew instantly that you were the prophet. And the prophecy is coming true." And with that he sat down very proud of his story telling.

I had sat and listened to him and others speak and knowing the story did not make it any clearer for me. I still had no idea what I was supposed to do although that did not seem to matter so far as the words just came out of my mouth.

"Thank you, Aaron. But I still do not know how I came to be here and what I am supposed to be doing if I am your prophet. Wouldn't the prophet have some idea that he was the prophet?"

Suddenly there was a commotion outside of island guards arriving and other slaves fighting them back. As we turned to acknowledge the sound, two island guards entered the tent and grabbed Aaron pulling him from the cuddled naked bodies. Soon two more entered and pulled me with several of the boys trying to stop him but being pushed down and away.

As I was led outside, the sun was bright and blinded my eyes as I was pushed into an SUV and we drove off. Aaron was not in the SUV and before I could ask, I was given a shot of something in my thigh as the island guard said "nighty, night", and I was out......

To be continued



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