As I began to awake, I took in my surroundings. I could tell that I was laying on a bed, possibly a bunk bed, as I seemed up higher than the movement to my left. The ceiling was also very close and there was a small window to my right, round, like you would see on a ship.

As I awoke more, I began to notice the motion and began to realize I was on a ship and I had no idea how I had gotten there. I also for the first time was aware that I was not dressed with very much clothing. In fact, I had a small patch of cloth over my private parts and what appeared to be two suspender types of cloth up over my shoulder. While it was scary to be in this strange place, I was aware that I was aroused.

It was then that I first heard voices from down to my left. "Hey look, sleepy is awake" came from a voice I did not recognize. I sat up some and turned to my left only to see three naked bodies standing and looking up at me. As much as I was shocked, I could not turn away. The middle one spoke again, "Time to get up, we are pulling into port." And with that, they moved out a door to my left.

I looked some more around to take in my surroundings but was shocked back to reality when another voice ordered me to get moving. I jumped and jumped down from the bed and moved out the same door. I walked slowly taking in my surroundings and following the naked guys in line in front of me. They were proceeding toward the front of the boat and off to the dock.

It was an old looking ship that we were on, nothing modern that I could see. It was all not making any sense and the sun above was a shock to my eyes accustom to the dark quarters. As we moved off, we stood in a line just the right of the ramp. And then others, younger, moved into a second line front of us. They were also naked. I noticed two others in the line with me also still in this skimping clothing we had on and all the rest were naked. With all this nakedness, I was surprised no one was aroused. I was slightly but the shock of what was going on was I think keeping me from sprouting a hard on.

It was then announced that the one in front of us was our little. They were a slave to us as we were a slave to our master. What? Slave? What? I think at this time, a sense of fear came over me but it seemed to melt away when my little turned around and our eyes met.

He could not have been much over 18 in age as all of the little's seemed to be in the front row. Some of the guys in my row, I noticed as their little turned around, grabbed them and pulled them to them and planted a kiss on them. One even picked his up and through him over his shoulder as we moved out. He was kind of skinny. Suddenly the guy next to me on my right, turned to me and told me to take my little's hand at least and follow the line.

We walked for about a half mile and as the line slowed down on occasion, the guy in front of me turned around and told me his name was Hunter and that he could tell this was my first time and that he would help guide. He would make sure that the two of us ended up in the same tent. I silently nodded not sure still what was going on but just following along. For all I knew this was just a dream but I could not remember where I was before all this had begun.

Soon we reached a line of tents just off a beach in front of us. We were instructed into tents in groups of 4. Hunter, his little, I and my little ended up in the same tent. As I entered, two sleeping areas were located on the floor on each side with a small area in the middle where it looked like a fire could be built. At the farthest end was a small table, a bowl of water and a pitcher. I stood at the door not sure what to do.

Hunter walked up to the pitcher and poured water into the bowl and instructed his little to clean him. The little obeyed and began washing Hunters body from head to toe. I watched as he put his hands in the water and proceed to rub them over Hunters body returning to the water as needed. It was very sexual as he ran his hands down each arm, Hunters perfect chest and abs, working his middle section including washing Hunters cock before moving onto the legs and feet. When he was done, he dried him as well and hunter sat down on the one sleeping area and motioned for the little to follow.

He looked up at me. I looked back and our eyes met but I am sure mine expressed fear. "Aaron, wash your master." My little's name was Aaron. Without missing a beat, he moved toward me having been standing off to the right in front of the bed waiting and took me by the arm and pulled me over to the stand in front of the table. It was almost too much to take and then Hunter told his little, Jacob, to go help and soon both were washing me in the same fashion as Jacob had done with Hunter. When they finished, Jacob moved back over to his master and Aaron led me to the other sleeping area and sat me down before moving to sit in front of me similar to how Jacob was doing with Hunter.

"You have no idea what is going on, do you?" Hunter asked. I shook my head no and he proceeded to tell me. I listened and a sense of fear came over me. He told me I was on Paradise Island and that I had been purchased from a slave market because of a debt by the master. I would be working in his factory or his home. Each slave has a slave also that works with them and supports them. Hunter had been here twice before. He had satisfied his debt with the master and was sent back to the main land. As a third offender, he would now always stay and that is what he wanted. He was happy on Paradise Island but in the city, he was always out of work and hungry. If you do your work well, you are taken care of on Paradise Island.

"You need to get to know your little, Kyle. Kiss him." As much as I wanted to, I was nervous. It was OK, Hunter assured me. Aaron was 18. Aaron was lying in front of me and moved to turn so he was facing me and reach up putting his hands around my shoulders and planted a kiss on me. As I let myself enjoy the kiss, Aaron continued, his hand exploring my body and our lips felt good together.

But then suddenly, he pulled away. I was confused and wanted more. And then for the first time, Aaron spoke. "The Prophet". As he said that he moved back. "The Prophet" he said again and moved further away toward the door. "The Prophet" for a third time and went running outside. Jacob also got up and followed him and Hunter starred at me from across the tent.

Then Hunter got up and began to move toward me. It was all in slow motion it seemed. When he approached, he grabbed my head bring me up so that we were face to face and planted a kiss on me just like Aaron. Hunter I think was younger than me, maybe 40, as I had just turned 50. The kiss was much the same. He pulled away with a confused look in his face. I tried to speak but as I did, he turned and ran out of the tent. After a second or two, I moved toward the door myself. Slowly I stuck my head out the tent and there in front of me, was everyone, all of the guys from the ship, each with a little, all naked, standing staring my way. As I moved farther until I was out of the tent, they each fell to their knees still looking at me. Aaron and Jacob came running toward the tent. Jacob found Hunter off to my right and fell to his knees with him and Aaron came up to the tent and once again grabbed me lowering my head to kiss me again. As he let go, he turned and faced the crowd and once again yelled "The Prophet"

I could feel that something was wrong as my legs began to fall from under me and I was passing out. Aaron was soon at my side supporting me, as well as was Hunter and Jacob. I was not quite out but I was not all present. I heard Hunter stand up and address the rest, still kneeling in reverent service.

"The Prophet is here. Let the prophecy be fulfilled." And with that I closed my eyes and was out..........

To be continued



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