"The Prophet is here. Let the prophecy be fulfilled."

That was the last thing I heard before passing out. I was told later that Hunter, Jacob and Aaron picked me up and took me into the tent. The rest went back to their tents when the guards came into the camp area.

I awoke about an hour latter lying on my bed area. It appeared to be somewhat of a mattress and I was covered with a couple sheets and a light blanket. As I opened my eyes, I could see Jacob and Aaron kneeling at my side and Hunter was standing over them.

"Welcome back, buddy" Hunter spoke as my eyes focused in. "Are you OK?" Aaron offered me water and I drank it.

"I think so." I wanted answers but at the moment I could not wrap all the events around my brain to begin to ask questions. It also appeared to be darker now. It must be evening.

"Alright, let's get some sleep and we can talk more in the morning. Jacob, to bed." With that Jacob got up and moved to the other bed where Hunter had walked to and they cuddle in together kissing and Hunter running his hands over Jacob's smooth back down to his ass.

I looked at Aaron and motion for him to lay down with me which is what I thought was supposed to happen. Aaron got up and moved into the bed and wrapped his arms around me and moved into to kiss me as his hands worked on my head and back. I moved my hands to Aarons back and they found their way to his ass. Oh so smooth. It was not long before I was hard and aroused.

Aaron moved off my lips to my chest and kissed his way down my chest and abs, not as well as Hunters, but I had been working on them. As he reached my cock, he put his mouth on it gently and began to suck. Oh, what a feeling that I had not felt in a long time or maybe even ever. He moved slowly up and down my cock moving until it all was in his beautiful mouth. From the sounds coming from the other end of the tent, Hunter was being sucked as well. As I laid back and enjoyed, the sounds of satisfaction came from outside in the camp and it sounded like every tent was enjoying some action.

Aaron moved up and down many times before moving up and positioning his beautiful ass above my cock and proceeds to sit down on it and take it all in his ass. As he moved up and down, I felt heavenly feelings that I had never felt before. Hunter had also moved Jacob to his knees and was fucking his ass with much aggression. Aaron moved at a pace that was just perfect and after some time, I uploaded my load into his ass as he shot his on my chest and a portion of his load landed on my lips. With my cock still in his ass, he leaned over and kissed me cleaning up his cum from my lips. As I fell asleep for the night, Aaron moved on top of me cuddling our bodies together, cum and all, as we drifted into a restful night.

I awoke in the morning with Aaron washing my body as I lay in bed. Hunter and Jacob were nowhere to be found in the tent but they soon arrived with breakfast, scrambled eggs and fresh fruit. I sat up and Aaron fed me breakfast as Jacob fed Hunter. It was somewhat sexual and I think we would have gone farther but halfway through our food, there were shouts outside and we stepped out and stood in front of our tent as Hunter instructed. It seemed everyone else was doing it as well. There appeared to be 10 tents that I could see.

Soon this man approached and stopped in front of our tent. He motioned for two guys following him to take us or some of us. The two guys approached the tent and took me and Aaron and led us away. "Be strong, Prophet." I heard Hunter yell as we were led away to the right and everyone else was directed the other direction by other guys in uniform as well. I turned around, looking back, and saw them led to a bus at the end of camp and got on board. As I turned back around to the way I was walking, Aaron and I were led to a SUV looking vehicle and put in the back seat. We were taken away from the camp and taken to a large living complex further inland from the beach area. I turned around once but was told to keep looking forward. Aaron reaches out and held my hand and all seemed well.

We were taken out of the vehicle and led into a large common area. There the others told us to wait and left us standing naked in what looked like a fancy house foyer.

It wasn't long before a man about late twenties in age came down the stair case toward us. He was wearing khaki shorts and a purple colored buttoned down shirt.

"Welcome," he said as he approached us. "Mine name is Kyle and I am the master of the house. You will be working for me." He then directed Aaron to go through a door to the right and join others his age. I was told to follow into a living room like setting. As we got into the room, he stopped and turned toward me. He now had a gun facing me.

"So, you are the prophet?"

I paused a little and then answered. "I honestly don't know what of they speak." There was fear in my voice as I spoke but also a sense of calm.

"Well, goodbye prophet." He said as he pulled back the trigger.

There were shouts from the direction we had come and in a quick second, I was surrounded by eight other boys and Aaron, all about the same age, naked and trying to protect me.

Aaron stopped and pulled the gun back. Also at the same time, what appeared to be security surrounded the room with guns drawn on me and the boys standing in front of me.

"What is this? You guys get back to work. Now"

"We can't," spoke Aaron from in front of me and moving outside of the others. "The prophet is here to free us all from your slavery. You will not kill him and you will not have any more power over us."

Oh, that did not appear to sit well with Kyle. He got this evil smile on his face and stepped back toward security that were behind him.

"Very well." He spoke quietly. He turned to look at the guy to his right. "Kill them all," he said and as the security began to pull their triggers, there was a shout from a very authoritative voice that filled the room.

"NO. Wait. No one is being killed." It was a powerful booming voice and it soon dawned on me after I heard it, that it had come from........


And it seemed to work. The security guys had stopped and did not shoot. After a second of two, they put down their guns and it seemed that all eyes except for my teenage boy barricade were on me.

"What did you say?" Kyle finally spoke and moved toward me.

"You will not kill these boys, nor will you kill me. Who will do the work? We are here to do a job and we will do it. Let us get back to work. There will be no killing today."

I have no idea where those words came from but it was I who was saying them. Kyle looked at me in much shock. I am not sure he had been spoken to before. He had still been walking toward me. As he stopped, his hands that were on his side, moves one to his crotch and the other to his chest. Something I have said has seemed to turn him on. I was standing their naked, nine teenage boys around me naked and I knew I was even a little hard aroused by the entire goings on.

After a few seconds, another security person came in and called for Kyle snapping him back to reality. "Kyle, you must come. The factory has stopped working. Come."

With that he motioned for us to come as well and I and the boys were tossed into an SUV vehicle and we drove off following another. We arrived at this building complex that looked like a manufacturing plant. We were led to follow Kyle into the factory, where there on the floor, with Hunter and Jacob at the front, sat all the workers naked on the floor. They were surrounded by security and staff in khaki shorts and purple shirts.

"What is going on here? Get back to work! Now. Or you all shall be killed on the spot."

Hunter stood up and addressed Kyle. "We shall no more work for you. The Prophet is here to set us free." And with that he sat back down.

Kyle stepped back to where I was standing and grabbed me by the arm and led me to in front of the workers. He pushed me to my knees in front of him to his right.

"Is this your prophet? Is this the man whom is going to save you? Look at him. He is naked, on his knees in front of his master." With that he stepped in front of me and dropped his shorts. His cock sprang out and hit me in the face. "Watch as your Prophet sucks his master's cock." He reaches down and took my head and moved my mouth toward his cock. "Open up and suck it, or I will kill them all."

I opened my mouth and anticipated his cock in my mouth. It was not clean but I began to suck and lick it as it entered my mouth. For five minutes or so, Kyle face fucked me, holding my head, in front of all the people. There were some tears. But before getting overly aroused, he stopped.

As he pulled out, he pulled up his pants and moved back to the boys standing in front of several of his security. He turned, faces me and the rest of the workers and speaks. "Kill them all." As he began to walk out with the boys and the security moved into place, I stood up and faced them.

"This is not going to happen, Kyle." I spoke as he walked out but then he stopped and moved back in with security around him, each with a boy in his arms. As they came back to the same place, Aaron ran free and stood at my side.

"No one is going to die today." I turned to the workers. "Go to your tents. Go home. Tomorrow we will return ready to work and ready to serve. Now go." Without missing a beat the workers arose and moved toward the exit. Security stood everywhere watching as they walked out.

"As for you Kyle, go home. Aaron and I will go home and tonight he is going to educate me on this prophet legend. Tomorrow we will return, put your factory back to work, your home back to work and the island back to work. We will discuss the future and we will move on."

As I finished speaking, the security began to move slowly out of the factory area. Soon Aaron, Kyle, the eight boys and I were alone standing in the silence. As the lights in the factory dimmed, I noticed a light from a room not far from the ceiling. There was a silhouette of a man standing watching. As I looked up, the light went off. Aaron grabbed me and moved me and the rest of the boys to our tent. We left Kyle standing in the factory in shock.

Maybe Kyle was not the master of Paradise Island.......................

To be continued



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