When I got home later that night I again replayed in my head the incredible adventures with these two men. They couldn’t be more different, yet together they were an incredible combination. I still wasn’t sure how I was going to handle this. I have a guy that I love dearly, and now there are these two guys who I am not sure I could say no to.

As my mind raced, I realized that I didn’t need to decide anything right then. I grabbed my phone and texted my guy and it wasn’t long before sleep took me. The dreams that I had were vivid, and certainly weren’t sugar plums.

My alarm went off early the next morning, rubbing the sleep from my eyes I made my way to the bathroom. As I looked in the mirror, I thought back to last night’s events. I realized that didn’t really know what I was doing with these two men. Stepping in to the shower, I let the water run hot, standing under the steaming stream thinking. As I was shutting off the shower I heard my phone go off. Not wanting to get my phone wet I dried off before checking the message.

A message from my guy greeted me. “Hey babe, I am going to be in New York until Friday, can’t wait to see you. Call me tonight, there’s something we need to talk about.” Though my guy was in editor of a major publication, he was always so cryptic when he sent messages by text. I responded, “I will, love you.”

Stepping in to my closet I chose my usual khaki pants and a polo. Grabbing my coffee from the kitchen as I ran out the door, I was off to work. As I pulled in, I see that Elijah and Steve are both in the office early again. I am a little nervous about what awaits me. However, the nerves were unnecessary. Stepping in to the office I could hear their passion from the entry way. I moved further in to the office and realized the moans were coming from the break room. These two were being very risky.

Stepping in to the break room I see Elijah laying back on the table with his legs on Steve’s shoulders. Their clothes strewn haphazardly around the room. Just as I was about to clear my throat I heard a roar from Steve. His thrusting ceased his full, meaty ass flexing with each load he was pumping in to Elijah. Collapsing on to Elijah they began kissing hungrily. There was something about the exchange that made me step back out of the room. I felt like I had intruded on something.

Stepping back in to the break room after a second, they had begun re-dressing. They seemed to be flirting. Could yesterday have led to something more for these two? I cleared my throat and both turned, startled by my intrusion. Upon seeing me they were both blushing furiously. I spoke up, “You two were a little risky this morning...” Steve responded, “I couldn’t resist this fine ass.” Punctuating the sentence with a firm smack on Elijah’s ass. Elijah then said, “Who could say no to this stud?” As he said it he stared in to Steve’s eyes and his arms snaked around his waist.

Steve nips at Elijah’s lips and growls. It was then that I realized these two have found some sort of connection. The electricity between them palpable even to me, and I was still across the room. I turned to leave again, saying over my shoulder “You might want to clean the cum off the floor guys.” With that I walked to my desk.

As soon as my computer booted up there was a message from both Elijah and Steve. Both asking what I thought about a relationship between the two. I told them both that work relationships can be tough, but if they felt it was something worth pursuing they should go for it.

I was up to my eyeballs all day, moving from one project to another. My day absolutely flew by and I really didn’t hear from Elijah or Steve again the rest of the day. I am sure that they were talking to each other throughout the day.

The end of the day was a welcomed relief, though my work could have carried well in to the night I knew that I needed to get home and call my guy. As I was walking out I noticed that both Elijah and Steve had left already. My drive was pretty quick, one of the perks of getting to the office early is leaving before rush hour. I moved straight to the bedroom and changed in to something more comfortable- for me that meant shorts and tee shirt.

I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and my phone started ringing. Drew, my guy, was calling. As we talked, he said that he’d been contacted by a head hunter about a potential position. This position was at a publication 3 times the size of the one he currently managed, but it was in New York. He said that he wanted my blessing, and that if I didn’t agree he would turn the offer down. Knowing what this would mean for his career and how excited he was for a job like this, I couldn’t possibly say now. “Go get’em tiger, I love you.” I said as I hung up.

With my mind pre-occupied, the rest of the week flew by. Still not much interaction from Elijah and Steve, I did notice that they were together a lot though. Finally, before I knew it, it was Friday and I was on my way to the airport. Texts were exchanged throughout the week with Drew, but there hadn’t been any word regarding the job.

I stood by the baggage carousel waiting for him to show up. Leaning with a shoulder against a pillar I was checking my work email while waiting. After a few minutes I felt arm wrap around my waist and the person behind me saying, “That ass looks good enough to eat.” I spun around and immediately dove in for a deep kiss. We knew there were people staring, some in disgust and some in awe.

After grabbing his bags we made our way out to my car. I purposely parked a bit out of the way in a more empty part of the parking garage. Once we reached the car, Drew slammed me against the car chest first. He reached around the front of my khakis and deftly was able to undo my pants and belt, sliding them down just over my ass. I heard him spit in his hand and without much fanfare his cock was at my entrance. With one forceful plunge he was buried 9 inches deep inside me. My ass was smarting from the intrusion, biting my lip to keep from crying out I took it. I could feel the zipper of his slacks as he pressed against my ass.

Slowly he started thrusting in to my ass. Briefly, I thought of the two men from earlier in the week. Those thoughts however, were quickly replaced by the pleasure that my guy was giving me. His cock knew every corner of my ass. I was sure I could feel every vein and wrinkle of his cock and he kept his steady pace in and out of my ass. I moved my arm in front of my face and bit down on it as the pleasure was building. Suddenly, and completely out of character for him, he grabbed my hips and started fucking me with the animal hunger that Steve possessed.

He leaned further over my back and whispered in my ear, “This hole is mine baby, no matter who fucks it while I’m gone, I own this hole.” I gasped deeply and he hammered me against the car. “Its your ass, baby, fuck me.” As I said that he slammed in to me and bellowed as I felt him twitch inside me filling me with cum. As soon as I felt the first twitch I exploded all over the side of my car. As he pulled out of me, he nuzzled the back of my neck and said, “I love you baby.” I turned to him, kissed him as deeply as I could and told him how much I loved him.

Our drive home was quick and painless, seeing as it was well after rush hour. Our conversation during the drive revolved around New York, but we didn’t mention the job offer. Honestly, after the intensity of the fucking I just took, I had totally forgotten.

When we got home, we both went straight to the bedroom to change. Him out of his suit, and me out of my work attire. I decided to leave off my underwear in hopes that I would get another round of loving yet tonight. We went to the kitchen, I grabbed a bottle of water and he was rooting around the fridge looking for something to drink. While he was I couldn’t help admire that fine ass of his. I also realized that he’d also gone sans underwear as his hairy crack peaked out of the top of his shorts.

As I stared at my guys fine ass, I remembered the phone conversation from earlier this week. Without looking away from that ass, I asked, “So, what ever happened with that head hunter and the job offer?” Drew stood up and turned around, smirks and says, “My eyes are up here baby.” Even though we’ve been together for a long time, I still blush when he catches me feasting on his body with my eyes.

He walks over to me, his look not giving anything away, he places his hands on each side of me and says, “Well, it didn’t go like I had planned...” I looked up in his eyes searching for an answer. Then he continues, “It went WAY better, they said they like what I’ve done here, and they’ve offered me editor in chief!” His excitement was contagious, I know that my eyes lit up, “What does that mean?” I asked. He grabbed his work bag and pulled out an offer letter, I look flipped through it and when I got to the compensation section I was flabbergasted. Not only are they going to pay me that, they’re going to sell the house here for us, and have offered to find us a place there. I start right away and have to fly back Monday.”

I pulled him in to the living room and pushed him on the couch, I reached down and pulled his shorts off. Dropping my own shorts I wasted no time before straddling his lap, lowering myself until the blunt head of his cock touched my still tender hole. I stared deeply in to his eyes and I continued dropping down on to his amazing cock. Without breaking eye contact, even as the pleasure builds, I begin riding him. The sounds of our skin clapping together filling the living room. Alternating between riding and grinding down on his crotch I feel a familiar feeling building inside me. The vibration building inside me. My flesh breaks out in goosebumps and my hair stands on end. Drew grabs my ass and drives his cock up into me, sending me into an incredible orgasm. I scream out and my body is wracked with pleasure. I collapse to his chest, a twitching pile of anal orgasmic left overs.

Drew’s spent cock slips from me and he says, “Holy fuck Mikey, that was incredible. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you cum like that.” I look down and realize, in my orgasmic convulsions I had covered him with a load unlike anything I’d ever seen before. “I’m just so proud of you baby.” I said. I realized that I was getting teary eyed.

Soon after, we went to bed. Sleeping like babies, we woke up late the next morning and immediately began discussing where we would want to live in New York. We knew that even though we were going to be making more money than we’d ever made before, our money wasn’t going to go far. After some research and looking online, Drew called his contact at the company and let them know there was a listing that we both agreed on. They said they would take care of it.

We chose a 2 bedroom, sleek, modern loft on the Upper West Side. It was scary to know that we would be moving to a place I’d never seen before, but the decision seemed like it was meant to be.

When I got to the office on Monday, I saw Steve’s car in the lot. I went over to my desk and powered everything up, then made my way over to where Steve sits, I noticed he was sitting at his desk. He looked totally lost, with a glazed over look on his face. As I got closer I could hear it. The familiar sound of someone sucking cock. I leaned over the cube wall and saw Elijah’s face buried in Steve’s bush, going to town on his cock. It was only a minute before Steve pushed Elijah’s face deeper in to his crotch and clearly was pumping his load in to Elijah’s throat.

Slowly, his wilting cock slid out of Elijah’s mouth and they both looked at me with satisfied looks. I told them to pull themselves together and meet me at my desk. A few minutes later they came over and asked what’s up. I spilled the beans to them, telling them everything. They were both excited for me. Once I got through what I had to tell them, they said that they had some news too, they had decided that they were going to give it a go as a couple. I was happy for them both and told them as much.

It was another 45 minutes before my boss showed up. As nervous as I was, I told him all about what had happened with Drew and that we would be moving to New York. While he was disappointed that I was going to be leaving, he said that he had some contacts in New York that he could put me in touch with. Given the time frame that we were on, I let him know that while I wanted to give two weeks, I would work through Friday. He was very understanding and said it wouldn’t effect his reference.

I spent the majority of the week compiling all the information that would be needed for anyone who would be taking over my job. By the time Friday rolled around my department threw me a going away party. Everyone in the office was invited. I had a lot of fond memories from my time here. But was also excited for the future. Steve and Elijah came to the party, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t give them both deep, hunger, parting kisses. Ultimately, we kept it at a kiss.

I will note, about a year after the move we got an invitation in the mail. Apparently things with Steve and Elijah worked out, because it was a wedding invitation. Included was also an invitation to their bachelor party, which was taking place in New York. I showed Drew the invitation, having long since told him about the time I had spent with them that weekend last year. He said if they were as hot as I described that we would be stupid not to go.

I guess that would be a story for another time.



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