As I get in my car I think about how this night has brought two incredible surprises. I get home and strip down, climbing in the shower. Letting the hot water pour over me, I remember both Steve’s animalistic nature and Elijah’s burning desire. My cock too spent to come back to life, I reach back and touch the angry, abused entrance they both used loving the feeling.

I am not sure if either will continue, but both were amazing. I fall asleep exhausted from my amazing time with both men. What a day!

The weekend passed without much to report. My guy never made it home Friday night and I awoke to a message stating that he had to make an unplanned trip to New York for work. Because this type of thing happened regularly he kept a bag at work. Sometimes it was nice to have the house to myself, it helped me get the normal household chores done.

I set an early alarm for Monday, given that I had to do a quick once over of the work I was doing Friday night. Normally I arrive at the office around 6:30a.m. anyway, so this Monday I was walking in at 5:50a.m. Dropping my bag at my desk I start getting the coffee ready. Grabbing the pot I make my way to our break room.

Having filled the pot, I turn to head back to my desk and was surprised to see Elijah. Normally, his department is a 9-5 group. Startled, surprised I didn’t drop the pot given I thought I was alone, I say “Damn, I thought I was alone, you scared the shit out of me.” He chuckles and says that he had to come in early working on a project.

My eyes travel to his crotch thinking of our encounter Friday. As we make some idle chit chat we started making our way back to my desk. I pour the water in to the coffee pot and start the machine. I am about to sit down at my desk and Elijah grabs my hand and pulls me through the office. I follow him without so much as a protest. We arrive at the single stall, handicap bathroom and he pulls us in.

Knowing we’re safe for at least another 45 minutes, I don’t protest. He drops to his knees on the tiled floor and unbuckles my pants. Fishing my cock through the fly he engulfs my length and begins the downward push to the base. Again, feeling his throat open as my cock was swallowed, I thought back to his oral ministrations from Friday. This time though, I didn’t just passively sit by as he sucked my cock. I grabbed his head and started thrusting in to his mouth.

I reach down and pull him to his feet, kissing him hungrily. Normally, I am the one that takes the fucking,  but right now all I can think of is pounding this sexy man’s hole. I undo his pants as we kiss and lower his pants. He is panting as I lightly run my fingers down his cock. My other hand reaches around and my fingers slide down his slightly damp, hairy crack. As my finger makes contact with Elijah’s hole he shudders. I pull away and look deeply in to his eyes, seeing the hunger.

Turning him around I drop to my knees, spreading the cheeks of his ample ass. A guttural moan escapes his lips and the air reaches his normally protected rosebud. Taking in the picture perfect hole for a moment, before diving deep in that crack and slide my tongue over his hole. As my tongue makes contact Elijah pushes back involuntarily.

My tongue becomes more active, digging deep in to his hole. Sucking on his hole as I like it. After a few minutes Elijah begins to beg, “God Mike, you have to fuck me.” Never one to disappoint I stand and rub my pre-cum cover head on his hole. Slowing I begin thrusting applying more pressure each time until finally my head breaks through the tight ring.

I press hard and begin the slow, deep march deep in to his ass. Just as slow as I pushed in I begin my descent out, pulling out until the head of my cock is all that remains inside. A slight whimper escapes Elijah’s lips. Since he’s bend over the sink in the bathroom, i am able to make eye contact with him. His eyes speaking much louder than his words. He gives me a slight nod, indicating he is ready.

I grab his hips, not breaking eye contact, and slam back in to this achingly tight hole. A loud yelp coming from Elijah. I am driven to fuck harder. Knowing what it is that turns me on, I try to replicate the same moves. The fast, hard fucking causing me to break in to a sweat, the sound of our encounter echoing through the small bathroom.

Nearing the peak of my desire, I reach around Elijah’s mid-section and begin slow and steady thrusts. Reaching my climax, I let out a loud moan, “Ahhh, fuck, I’m cumming...” Elijah, thrusting back on to my cock as I shoot load after load inside him.

As I come down from my climax, Elijah says, “Mike, I’m gonna cum, fuck I’m gonna cum.” Without a second thought I rip my cock from his hole. Spinning him as I drop to my knees I capture his cock in my mouth as the first heavy load shoots from his angry red head. His moaning is loud as he reaches his peak. Almost as quickly as it started, the spurts slow and lessen to a drizzle. While powerful, I was luckily able to swallow quickly enough so as not to have a mess on my face.

Finally looking up at  Elijah, he is looking down at me with a sexy smirk. “I could get addicted to coming in early.” I chuckle, saying that we should get out of the bathroom before getting caught.

While it seemed that we were in that bathroom for an hour, only about 20 minutes had passed. However, our encounter didn’t go unnoticed. We were totally unaware our little bathroom session was overhead though. As we walked out of the bathroom Elijah gave me a deep, tongue dueling kiss and we went our separate ways.

I arrived back to my desk and booted my computer up. As I was logging in to my systems, I noticed that someone else had decided to arrive early...Steve. No sooner had I noticed his available status on our company instant messenger, a window pops up “Hey stud, I hope I get the bathroom treatment sometime too.” What the hell had I gotten myself in to with these men?

I respond, “Well we didn’t think anyone else was here!” He quickly responded, “Be glad it was only me, or you’d have some explaining to do.” Thankfully he was right. As I was pondering that thought, another window pops up from Elijah, “Shit, Steve is here, do you think he heard us?” I decide instantly that I need to be truthful, “Yes, he heard us, he just messaged me saying we’re lucky it was just him.”

As I hit send, I am overcome with an overwhelmingly sexy idea of what it would be like to have both of these men at that same time. Remembering that my guy is out of town all week I know it could potentially happen. Before the idea of that can bloom in to anything more, the director of my department comes over and we have to start reviewing what I had been working on Friday.

Mondays are my meeting days, having to meet with each member of my team, as well as doing interdepartmental meetings the day goes fast. Throughout the day there were several benign conversations with so many people, but after our exchanges this morning neither Elijah or Steve messaged me.

As 4:00p.m. rolls around, I begin packing up my stuff and shutting down my computer. I see out of the corner of my eye that Steve is standing near the front door. I say my good-byes to my team and make my way toward the same door. As I near the door Elijah comes around the corner from the other side of the building. An interesting coincidence? Or was this planned?

Steve opens the door and allows both Elijah and I to walk out, so I grabbed the outer door and hold it for the two of them. We make our way to the parking lot and since we all arrived early, we’re parked near each other. Steve is the one that speaks up, breaking the tension. “Hey guys, I was thinking of grilling some burgers tonight, would you want to come over?” I respond quickly, “Sure, I wouldn’t mind, my guy is out of town this week.” With that Elijah says, “What the hell, sure.”

We get in our own vehicles and make our way out of the parking lot. Steve had hosted several after work parties at his house, so both Elijah and I were familiar with directions.

Pulling up to the house, Steve pulled in to the garage leaving room for Elijah and I in the driveway. Steve’s house was a typical mid-century, but despite Steve’s man’s man persona his house was very tastefully decorated.

Walking in to the house Steve guiding Elijah and I to the patio and told us to make ourselves at home before stepping back in to the house. Standing on the patio I noticed that he had installed an above ground pool in his backyard. Elijah startled me by speaking up, “What do you think he has up his sleeve?” I looked at him and just shrugged saying “Your guess is as good as mine.” As I finished my sentence Steve stepped out the patio door again with three beers, handing them to each.

I spoke up asking him about the pool, he said that it was an impulse buy, and that he’d saved up some money and decided to take the plunge so to speak. Then he said, “Lets take a dip.” Obviously, having come from work neither Elijah and I had suits with us, as said as much. Steve looked at us both and said, “You guys are pussies, if that’s going to stop you.”

Now I should also explain that Steve’s house is just outside of town and surrounded by woods, so privacy was pretty much guaranteed. While we stood there pondering what to do, Steve decided to take initiative and began stripping. Before I could even begin pulling my polo over my head, Steve’s form fitting clothes were pooled on a deck chair and his ample ass was jiggling as ran toward the pool.

That prompted me to speed up my stripping. I glanced over at Elijah and he was just taking his boxer briefs off and ran after Steve. I got tripped up by double knotted shoes and it took me another minute, but as I made it to the pool Steve and Elijah were already in a deep, sensual kiss. lowering myself in to the water Steve pulled away saying, “Holy fuck Elijah, you’re an amazing kisser.” Inviting myself in to their embrace I can’t help but say, “You’re both amazing kissers.” With that we did our best to have a three way make out session, tongues battling.

Elijah breaks the kiss saying, “Steve, you really gave it to Mike Friday, huh? It sounded hot.” Steve laughs asking, “You heard us huh?” Elijah grabs Steve’s cock and slowly slides his hand up the length of the fat shaft and nods.

Dipping below the surface I quickly slip first Steve’s cock and then Elijah’s cock in my mouth. However, without gills, I’m unable to stay under water. Steve pulls me to him, giving me that animalistic kiss I got to first experience Friday. Lifting my legs he places them around his waist. Elijah moves in behind me and embraces both of us. I can feel Elijah’s shaft slide along my crack sitting there next to Steve’s. Unsure of how this is going to work, I pull away from the kiss and look expectantly in to Steve’s eyes.

As his eyes bore in to my soul, I feel him realign his cock and take aim at my ass. As soon as contact is made he forces himself inside me. The hard entrance and unrelenting stretching cause me to groan from deep inside. I feel the dense patch of hair at the base of his cock make contact with my taint. His cock begins its exit, I think that he is going to stop before it’s out completely, but he pulls out. Before my ass has time to adjust, Elijah thrusts his cock inside me. Again, as he pulls out, I think he’ll stop but he doesn’t and is soon replaced by Steve again.

My senses are in overload, every fiber of my being is electrified, every touch of their hands like a jolt to my deepest pleasure points. I had to speak up though, I needed to get out of the water because I wanted to experience them both. I said, “Fuck you guys are going to be the death of me. Let’s take this out of the pool.”

Climbing out of the pool first I walk over to a lounge chair on the patio and get on all fours. I didn’t have to wait long before a cock is at my entrance again. I look back and see Elijah driving his cock in to me. Without so much as a pause he started fucking me hard. I fall forward, only to realize that Steve has straddled the lounger in front of me. I collapse in to his lap, my body vibrating with each purposeful thrust from Elijah.

Steve’s cock resting on his leg next to my face proved too inviting and I took it in my mouth. While I wasn’t able to take his cock too deep because of my rapid breathing from the fuck I was taking from Elijah, I definitely was able to give him adequate attention. I could feel my ass bouncing as the thrusts got hard and Elijah’s cries getting louder. It wasn’t another minute and I hear, “Take my fucking load Mike...” Those deep thrusts stopped and I could feel each pulse of his cock as he unloaded.

Steve says, “Mike, its so hot to watch you get fucked.” I look up at him as Elijah’s withering cock falls out of my ass. Pleading with my eyes, Steve easily gets the message. Standing he moves behind me, lining up his cock, he pulls me into a standing position. Elijah moves below me, laying down on the lounger. Lifting his legs, he places them on my shoulders. Getting the message, I lined my painfully hard cock up with his ass. All it took is one hard thrust from Steve and I broke through the tight ring I breached earlier in the day. Not having to move, I fucked Elijah as Steve fucked. Each thrust from Steve pushing my cock further in to Elijah. We were like a well oiled machine.

Steve’s thrust became the urgent, animalistic thrusts I remembered. Every thrust giving me so much pleasure I was whimpering. My nerves, emotions, and senses on edge I was quivering all over. Suddenly, like with Elijah I felt the deep, guttural vibration radiate through my body. For the second time in a few days I was having a full bodied anal orgasm. My cum erupted from me deep within the moaning Elijah.

So as not to alarm anyone in the vicinity, I began a hard and urgent kiss with Elijah. My whimpering had reach what can only be described as a wail. As my cum rocketed out of my cock and into the depths of Elijah, Steve’s cock rammed deep in to my ass. His huge load was filling the space once occupied by Elijah’s load. Filled to capacity I could hear the squelching sounds of Steve’s inward thrusts. I could feel their combined loads sliding out and down my inner thighs.

Steve then pulled out of me saying, “God damn, your ass is good.” Punctuating his sentence with a firm smack on the ass. I looked at Elijah, my cock having slipped from his ass, and said “That was amazing.” He looked at me dreamily and said “Yeah it was, and Steve is right, your ass is amazing.”

We pulled ourselves back together. One by one we showered and got cleaned up, too tired to be tempted by a group shower. We did eventually get to the burgers. I have to say, in addition to be a great fuck, Steve can cook!

When I got home later that night I again replayed in my head the incredible adventures with these two men. They couldn’t be more different, yet together they were an incredible combination. I still wasn’t sure how I was going to handle this. I have a guy that I love dearly, and now there are these two guys who I am not sure I could say no to.

As my mind raced, I realized that I didn’t need to decide anything right then. I grabbed my phone and texted my guy and it wasn’t long before sleep took me. The dreams that I had were vivid, and certainly weren’t sugar plums.




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