Work had been crazy over the past few weeks. Having recently accepted a promotion, my responsibilities have grown significantly. Before the changes I was able to leave my work at work, but after moving in to the new role that’s no longer the case. I usually end up having to work some nights and even weekends.

Despite the changes I am still able to hit the gym with my buddy, trying to keep myself as fit as possible. After growing up a chubby kid my fitness is even more important. Abs have never been something I was able to accomplish I have been able to keep my stomach flat, and with regular squats and lunges my butt is high and tight.

So, on Friday I unfortunately had to stay late to complete a project for a Monday morning. I sent a quick text to my gym buddy letting him know that I’d be stuck at work most of the night and wouldn’t be able to make it.

After a couple of hours, and several sodas, I made the trek through out darkened office to the bathroom. As I neared the door I noticed a desk light on. The call of nature was strong, so I made my way in to the bathroom and did my business, but decided to investigate as I walked back to my desk. As I neared the desk I realized that Steve - a quality analyst on our development team, was also working late.

I walked over, realizing that he was listening to music and wouldn’t be able to hear me. Tapping him on the shoulder he appeared startled at first. As he turned around and pulled out his ear buds he says, “Oh hey Mike, working late too?” I nodded that I was. “I guess that just goes to show how lame our personal lives are, huh?”  he said. I said, “Well since my boyfriend has to work late on Friday nights so I don’t mind too much.”

Making small talk for a few minutes I excused myself and went back to my desk. Steve is a former Marine and all man. He’s the traditional tall, dark, and handsome. Both arms are covered in tattoos and he often shows them off with tight fitting polos. His tight, Marine trained body is on full display with those tight polos. He legs and ass are also displayed in his tight khakis.

Many of the women in the office swoon at the sight of Steve. To use the cliche, this man is walking sex. He exudes confidence and testosterone. Most of the men in the office look to him for approval and the women look to him for inspiration for their battery powered pleasure.

Having gone back to work, briefly thinking of the hot man not too far from me, I became engrossed again. Drawn out of my tunnel vision by the ping on my phone, I get a text from my man, “Hey babe, I have to work even later than I thought. I’m not sure when I’ll be home, don’t wait up.” Now, my guy is the editor of the major new publication, his days are long and stressful. I try to make his nights fun, to get him mind off work.

He’s the kind of guy I always knew that I would end up. A preppy, blond haired, blue eyed intellectual. Now don’t get me wrong, he’s a wild man in the sack. His aggressions from work are worked out during our love making.

After responding, letting him know that I was still at work myself, I was startled when I felt hands grip my shoulders. Forgetting myself I lean back against the body behind me. Having bought in to the exercise ball craze, I am pressed back against the body. Again, lost in moment I grab one of the hands and bring it to my mouth sucking on of the fingers in to my mouth. That elicits a moan from behind me. Suddenly, remembering where I am, I turn to see Steve standing there, eyes closes, face awash with a look of sheer bliss.

His eyes slowly open, he says, “Sorry I shouldn’t have done that.” I am blushing furiously and say, “No that was totally my fault, I’m sorry I...” Before I could finish my sentence Steve had moved down and was kissing me deeply. His tongue probed my mouth with such hunger I couldn’t stop myself in returning it. This man could kiss, his kisses melting me like butter in the sun.

I pull away from the kiss and drop to my knees in front of him pushing my face in to the crotch of his khakis. Looking up at his face while I nuzzle his ample bulge. Pulling away I undo his belt and begin undoing his pants, not breaking eye contact for more than a second. As I open his pants I realize that kiss was as intense for him as it was for me, the wet spot in his boxer briefs growing rapidly.

I lower the front and see for the first time the angry, hooded head of his fat cock. With precum pooling around the folds of his foreskin, his cock glistened in the faint light of my desk lamp. Looking back up at the dark, brooding eyes above me, I captured his head in my mouth. Making sure to lap up the leaking precum with my tongue. His taste was sweet and musty. As I descended the shaft continuing to lap at it with my tongue, I realized that his cock was huge. Easily over 8.5 inches, and the shaft widened impossibly at the base.

Steve grabbed the back of my head and gently, but firmly, pushing me further down his cock. About half way down the shaft I began to struggle with the girth. I pulled back and off to catch my breath and lapped at his heavy sack. A high pitched moan escaped his mouth as he once again grabbed my head, pushing me further in to his crotch.

As I sucked hungrily on his balls I started palming my own aching shaft. Steve noticed that I was in need of relief and he pulled my head back, bending down and kissing me hard. Pulling me to feet, he backs me against the wall and grinds his bare cock against my straining bulge. I moan loudly as his mouth finds mine.

Fumbling, his hands find the waistband of my jeans and begins to undo them with ease. Clearly this man’s been in this position before. Having undone my jeans his hand grasps my leaking cock and squeezes. At that moment I was terrified that I was going to explode right then and miss the opportunity for more. To my relief I only dropped a dollop of precum.

Spinning me to face the wall, Steve pushes my pants down around my knees and my shirt up my torso. One hand beings to familiarize itself with my body and the other makes it way down to play with my swollen hole, which is aching with anticipation. As his finger makes contact I lose all self control and begin begging him to fuck me. “Yeah Steve, stetch my hole and get it ready, i want to feel you fuck me hard.” Steve chuckles to himself and says, “If I’d have known it would be this easy, we’d have fucked a long time ago.”

In an instant his hands are gone, I turn to see whats happening and see him grabbing a bottle of lotion from my co-workers desk. Squirting a decent sized amount on his finger, he reaches down again and begins working my hole. I’m so hot at this point that the cool feel of the lotion didn’t have any effect. Growing impatient I beg, “Just fuck me, please, I need you inside me.”

With that his fingers pull out and I feel the blunt head of his cock knocking on my door. I’m wracked with anticipation as my nerves kick in. The pressure builds and my ring yields to his monster. I groan from the pressure and my ass accepts his intrusion. “Oh god” I moan and he continues his relentless drive deeper.

I feel his thick shaft push to the depths of my ass, pushing further than any cock has in quite some time. I continue to groan and whimper from the intrusion, the girth stretching me. I begin to pant as the intensity of the moment wracks my body. Almost as quickly he drove deep in to me, I feel him pulling out. What seems like an eternity passes before I feel the ridge of his head reach my ring. Just as I fear he’s going to slip from me, he drives back in causing me to scream out.

Gripping my hips, Steve begins a relentless battering of my ass. The power of his thrusts causing me to lose my footing. I fall forward into the wall desperately searching for some kind of leverage. Those heavy balls that I so lovingly nuzzled earlier, swinging with each thrust slapping me in the sensitive area just below my hole.

I start thrusting back to meet each of his inward thrust. He is a man possessed as he rides me. One hand moves up my back grabbing my shoulder. The smacking of our skin echoes through the office. Thank god we’re here alone, because there is no way our animalistic sex would be quiet.

His pace quickens, the heavy thrusts turn in to quick jabs. A grunt, and through clenched teeth I hear, “Fuck dude, I’m going to bust.” With that he sinks all the way in to my ass. I feel the angry pulsing of his cock, and am flooded with warmth. With each pulse of his cock a load of cum erupts my cock showering the wall in front of me and the pants still pooled at my ankles. So lost in the sensation, I couldn’t care less about the mess I’ve created.

Collapsing on to my back, sated from the exertion of our encounter, I feel Steve’s lips on my neck. He is gently kissing the back of my neck, the gentleness in stark contrast to the fucking I just took from this man.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, he stands and slowly pulls his softening cock from my ass. I can feel the enormity of his load swimming inside me. He grabs my head for one more hungry kiss. As he pulls away he looks deep in my eyes saying, “You’re one hot fuck Mike.” I grab the still impressive, if soft, cock and say “You’re an animal Steve, that was one of the most intense fucks I’ve ever gotten.”

As we begin to redress, there is no small talk. Once our clothes are back on and we’ve made ourselves presentable its clear that things won’t be awkward. Steve looks at me and says, “Still up for that beer?” I look at him, torn between going home or following him to the bar for a beer I let him know that I really should get home.

I begin to walk away, he grabs my arm and says “Next time I bury my cock in you, we’ll do it right, in my bed.” Turning to him I ask, “What makes your think there will be a next time? I’m a taken man.” He grabs my already hard cock and says, “Because, you’re hard just thinking about it.” He had me there, how was I going to be able to resist this sexy man?

I turn and head for the door, grabbing my stuff along the way. As I walk through the far side of the office, I could have sworn I saw movement. Convincing myself that I was seeing things I make my way to the parking lot. Three cars are waiting there mine, Steve’s, and another car that I recognize. Maybe I hadn’t been wrong, maybe he was still there and heard everything? Things might get very awkward Monday if I run in to Elijah. I guess we’ll have to see.



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