I begin to walk away, he grabs my arm and says “Next time I bury my cock in you, we’ll do it right, in my bed.” Turning to him I ask, “What makes your think there will be a next time? I’m a taken man.” He grabs my already hard cock and says, “Because, you’re hard just thinking about it.” He had me there, how was I going to be able to resist this sexy man?

I turn and head for the door, grabbing my stuff along the way. As I walk through the far side of the office, I could have sworn I saw movement. Convincing myself that I was seeing things I make my way to the parking lot. Three cars are waiting there mine, Steve’s, and another car that I recognize. Maybe I hadn’t been wrong, maybe he was still there and heard everything? Things might get very awkward Monday if I run in to Elijah. I guess we’ll have to see.

It turns out that I didn’t really have to wait that long. As I reached my car and was placing my bag in the passenger side, I hear someone call out my name, “Hey Mike, wait up.” I turn back toward the building to see Elijah running toward me.

Elijah is a bit of a contrast to the tall, dark, and handsome features of Steve. He is tall, but has a swimmers build, and blonde hair. Now, I don’t work directly with Elijah, but I do know a bit about him from casual conversation. In school he was a swimmer, more recently though he’s taken up running. While lean, his body carries a clear definition. His clothes aren’t as tight fitting as Steve’s but they definitely showcase his body.

As he approached I pondered what he would possibly say. As I stood there my legs were still trembling slightly from my surprise session with Steve. As he arrives at my car he says, “Big plans for the weekend?” Trying to remain casual, I say “Nothing too exciting, probably just working around the house.” “Same here. I went out for a few beers after work with the rest of the department though, had to stop back and grab my things.”

While he is speaking I am studying his face to see if there is any hint of what he’d just seen. The glint in his eyes, makes me wonder if its the beer or the knowledge of my encounter.

He is standing in front of me looking like he wants to say something, but hesitant. I am not sure what to say either. Finally I manage, “Did you get new glasses? I don’t think I’ve seen you wear those before?” He says, “Actually I did, you’re the first to notice. Do you like them?” Without thinking the words fly out of my mouth, “Yeah you look really cute in them.”

It’s as if I could see his ears perk up, and a grin appears on his face. “Cute huh?” In for a penny, in for a pound, I respond “Of course, but I’m sure you already knew that.” He blushes slightly making him even cuter. Not wanting to break my focus from him, his gorgeous blue eyes, and desperately cute blush. I say, “I suppose we should probably get going? It’s getting a bit late.” He looks at me and says, “I don’t suppose I could get a ride? I had a few too many beers and a few shots, probably not the best to drive home.”

I quickly reach in to my passenger seat and move my bag to the back and offer him a ride. As we get in the car, I can feel some of Steve’s cum trying to escape. With a start, I clench my cheeks. I feel Elijah’s hand touch my thigh and he asks “Everything alright? You seem uncomfortable.” I tell him that everything is fine, just a little tweak.

I figured that would be a sufficient excuse, but his hand doesn’t leave my thigh. Instead he slides further and grips my semi-hard cock through my pants. Sliding his over the length of my cock, it responds naturally, engorging with blood. In a hushed tone he says to me, “After the brutal fuck you took from Steve, I’m surprised you can still get hard.” My head snaps in his direction so fast any other time I would have gotten whiplash. This normally reserved and slightly bookish man next to me had taken me completely by surprise.

Finding my words I say “So you did see that?” He chuckles and says, “Well I heard it first, you guys were really loud.” Blushing furiously, I’m at a loss for words. He continues, “If I’m being honest, I’ve wanted to do that to you for years.” Again, totally shocked this man is saying these things, for a moment I forget that his hand is currently manipulating my cock.

Just as I am starting to recover my senses I feel the zipper of my pants being lowered. Thankfully the streets are fairly empty given the late hour. Elijah works my cock free from my underwear and my pants. Using his thumb he rubs the leaking pre-cum around the sensitive head of my cock. My breath is beginning to quicken.

He casually guides me through the streets toward his house, as he plays with my cock. We pull into his driveway and he dives down swallowing my cock whole. I feel my cock enter his throat on the first trip down. The way he is milking my cock is unlike anything I have felt, and I think back to a saying my friend had in college, “The quiet ones are always freaky in the sack.”

I grip the back of his head, not pushing or guiding, just running my fingers through his hair. After a few minutes of his oral skills demonstration, he pulls off and says, “Please come inside, I want some of what Steve got.” I look at him and ask, “Does it bother you that he just fucked me?” He looks at me with a smirk and says, “Not at all, it’s a huge turn on for me.” With that, and against my better judgment, I follow him in to the house.

As soon as we step through the door, I am pinned against it in a deep, hard kiss. The kiss was filled with a desperate desire. A hunger unlike the animalistic kissing of Steve that sought power, this kiss was a hunger to bring pleasure. The desire to make me feel like I’d never felt.

I sank into his body feeling his lean, toned frame pressing against me. Seemingly without effort he had my shirt off and my pants pooled at my feet. Reaching out, as he stripped his shirt off, I ran my hands down his torso. As I reached the top of his pants, I began to undo the belt that was hiding the treasure beneath. His blonde hair providing the road map I didn’t need, but definitely loved.

Once undone, my hand followed that treasure trail into his boxer briefs. As my hand wrapped around his cock, my head shot up in surprise. He looks at me sheepishly and says, “I’ll understand if you don’t want me to fuck you, I know its big.” Without breaking eye contact, I tell him, “Are you kidding me? This beast is amazing.” Clearly this beautiful man in front of me had a warped idea of how equally beautiful his magnificent cock was.

I lower myself to my knees never breaking eye contact. I pull his underwear down along with his pants. His cock slaps his stomach as it’s freed from it’s confines. I grab the monster and pull it down to take it in my mouth. Tasting his oozing pre-cum as I lick the head. Tentatively I begin taking more and more in my mouth. Unsure of how much I can fit, I want to make sure that he experiences the pleasure he so clearly wants to bring me.

After several minutes I’ve made it half way down his cock. The girth of it almost as impressive as the length. Grabbing me under the arms Elijah pulls me up and kisses me. Probing my mouth as if trying to erase any evidence of his cock being inside it seconds earlier.

Throughout the kiss our naked cocks desperately fight each other, struggling for dominance. Wrestling for their placement as we grind against each other.

His fingers somehow find my ass, circling the puffy hole, still angry from the fuck I took earlier. Sliding in he says, “I think you’re lubed enough already.” With that I’m spun around. Unprepared for the intrusion, I let out a guttural moan when half his cock sinks into me. Gripping my hips hard the rest of the beast barrels up inside me. It taps in to the load left by Steve and suddenly the trip becomes easier.

Slow, steady thrusts follow. Powerful, but controlled. This is the type of sex I expected for this unexpected encounter. The sexy, bookish man behind me was never someone I expected to be having this sordid encounter with, but he made me burn with desire for more.

He made me forget myself, my encounter with Steve, everything. I could feel the heat radiating from somewhere deep within me. What I can only describe as a slow vibration filled my body, and an overwhelming burst of pleasure. The feeling repeated several time before I screamed out, “Holy shit, I’m cumming.” One of the biggest loads of my life followed and considering I never touched my cock, I was in shock.

Just as I was coming down from my euphoric high, I feel Elijah stiffen and bury himself inside me. “Take my fucking load Mike. Ahh, fuck.” I could feel the pulsing of his cock and he fired inside me.

Then I feel his hands roaming over my exposed ass, up my back, and even venturing to my chest. “God that was intense.” I hear from behind me. “I think you gave me my first anal orgasm Elijah.”  I say, still in total disbelief at the intensity of it. Feeling his cock making the long journey out of my ass, I felt totally empty.

By the time I’ve recovered enough to turn around, Elijah has pulled his boxer briefs back up and is walking in to the kitchen. He asks if I want anything to drink. I let him know that I should probably get going. He turns to me, still wearing those sexy glasses and says, “What are you going to do now that you have two guys at work who want to fuck that tight ass?” “God, I never thought that either of you would be interested, and I’m in a relationship. I have no idea what to do.” He walks over to me, pulls me to him and gives me another of those incredible kisses and says, “Maybe you should just have some fun.”

Pulling up my pants and replacing my shirt, I put my hand on his chest and say, “Things could get complicated, you know that right?” He slides his hands in my back pockets, gripping my ass, and says, “I don’t care, as long as I get this ass from time to time.” I kiss him and turn to leave.

As I get in my car I think about how this night has brought two incredible surprises. I get home and strip down, climbing in the shower. Letting the hot water pour over me, I remember both Steve’s animalistic nature and Elijah’s burning desire. My cock too spent to come back to life, I reach back and touch the angry, abused entrance they both used loving the feeling.

I am not sure if either will continue, but both were amazing. I fall asleep exhausted from my amazing time with both men. What a day!



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