The started to come over the horizon letting the light touch

whatever the darkness was touching. A mist came over the forest. The

birds started to sing, and Trinity's hearing clicked on. He opened his

eyes and stretched. The night was kind to him, for nothing had disturbed

him. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. He saw that the horse was

already up and feeding at the grass. His stomach started to grumble. He

got up and went into the bag that was on the horse. 'It's a good thing

that the king and queen provided food for me.' He started to chew on some


He started to shiver a little bit, cause of the early morning

temperature. He got done with filling his belly and got ready to leave.

'Good morning Orias, wherever you are. I'll be there before you know it.'

He petted the neck of the horse, climbed up and was on his way.

Back at the mansion, there was movement before sunrise. 'We have

to find a way to get my sister and set her free, without getting caught by

the guards.' He was explaining to his men.

All the talking was heard from the bedroom that Orias was still

sleeping in. He got up and put a robe on. Orias then walked out of the

room to find Archious. While still talking to his men, the men bowed.

Archious then knew that Orias was up. 'Good morning my prince. You should

go and take a bath, it will wake you up all the way.' Archious took Orias

in his arms and lead him to his bath.

While taking their bath and helping each other clean, images of

Trinity appeared. Orias turned around and looked at Archious. 'Archious,

I get this image of a person in my head. It appears more and more. I

don't know who it is or why he appears in my head.' Orias explained.

'WHAT! I mean what does this person look like? Would you describe

them?' Started to get enraged.

'He has short red hair, and his this symbol on his

forehead. He's...' He was cut off by Archious muttering.

'She said she blocked out all them memories of him.' Archious grew

more steamed by the second.

'Do you know who I am talking about?' Orias asked after hearing

his muttering.

'No I don't. I have no fucking clue.' He snapped at Orias.

Archious got out the tub and rinsed off. 'I'm sorry my love, I

didn't mean to say it in that manner, forgive me, I just got news my sister

has been captured.' Archious made up an excuse.

'Your sister Anisa? By who?' Orias went to his side and comfort


A sinister idea came into his mind. 'If Trinity is to come here,

then I'll make sure that he is killed, not by me, but by our very own Orias

here.' He thought to himself.

Archious turned around to Orias, 'The person who did it was the

person who appears in your head that you were talking about. He had cast a

spell on you to forget about it, cause he tried to take you away from me.

But now I have you back my dear. He said that he'd come and take you away

from me and make you his. Don't worry I won't let that happen to you. He

is trying to hold her captive and if I don't comply by handing you over to

him, he will kill her.'

'He won't be successful on taking me away from you, no matter what

he does. I won't leave your side. We'll try to get your sister back, and

I'll help you.' Orias put his head on Archious' shoulder.

'If he see's you he might capture you and take you away from me. I

don't want to lose you. You mean more to me then life itself.' Archious

put his head against Orias' head.

'No if's, and's, or but's, I can defend myself, and I'll protect

you to. That's final.' Orias made his point very clear.

Trinity had left the horse back about a mile away from the mansion.

It was about afternoon. Through the trees, he saw a white building that

extended three stories high. It had to be about 2 to three miles long.

The building itself was starting to fall apart. Paint was peeling off, the

outside of the structure was getting cracked and chipped from all the

seasons it's been through. 'Orias is in there? Couldn't he of taken Orias

somewhere more stable, then this shack?' Trinity rolled his eyes, as he

examined the house.

He was hidden in the nearby bushes. He saw that there was to

guards at the front door. 'Some how I have to get in there without causing

any commotion. I first had to take out those to guards first, then try to

find Orias in there somewhere.' Trinity thought to himself.

He started to get a grin on his face, 'Perfect.'

Trinity looked at the clouds above.

Suddenly, the clouds started to come together. Thunder was

crashing over head. The wind started to pick. One of the guards looked at

the clouds. Must be a storm coming, we should go inside before it's starts

pouring out here.' He mentioned to the other fellow guard.

A fog thick heavy fog rolled in. It was so thick that you couldn't

see a step in front of you. 'This is weird.' The other guard said,

remarking at the sudden change.

The guard on the left side of the door suddenly felt something cold

on his shoulder. Trinity had turned him into a frozen statue. He used a

gentle wind to move the guard. 'Now for the other one.' He moved quickly.

'Hey lets get inside. You can't even see past your nose, the other

guard tried to find his fellow guard. He saw a figure and put his hand on

the figures shoulder.

'Gotcha!' Trinity said and electrocuted him, 'That's number two,

time to get inside.'

Trinity opened the door slowly, letting some of the fog in. He

summoned more fog to roll in through the doorway. As soon as most of the

hallways were covered he stepped inside. He heard a door open and leaned

up against the wall. A strong wind shut the door. 'What the hell is going

on?' He heard of voice from the room.

He closed his eyes, and started to concentrate. Suddenly, a tornado was

formed in the room and threw whoever was in their around the room. Trinity

made sure that there was not a sound of things hitting the walls. He laid

commanded the wind to put everything back to where it was. 'That was

close.' He wiped sweat off his head.

Trinity was cautious not to make is presence known. He searched all the

first floor. He would make sure that if someone was around he'd knock them

or froze them. Just as he was about to the stairway to the second floor he

heard voices. He quickly made the fog disappear, and hid out of site. He

reconized Orias' voice. 'That must mean he's with that asshole . Boy, I'll make sure that he is going to pay dearly for what he has

done.' Trinity grew steamed.

Just as they were about to get off the stairs, ice formed around all the

exits. Archious drew out his sword. 'What's wrong love?' Orias asked.

'He's here, just as he said he would, keep your eyes open. Stay with me.'

He told Orias.

'You're right I am here, and you have a reason to fear what might happen

next. You kidnapped Orias from me, his parents. The people that really

love him.' Trinity's voice echoed.

'Show your face or are you to coward to fight?' Archious taunted.

'Me, afraid of you? You've got to be kidding me. Remember what I did to

you when you were at the palace. I sent you and your men flying. I hope

you had a nice crash landing.' Trinity laughed.

Mist covered the floor and Trinity made his appearance known. Trinity saw

that Orias was holding on to Archious. He looked carefully at Orias,

noticing that his eyes were pupil less. 'What have you done to him. What

evil power did you put on him?' Trinity demanded to know.

Archious smiled. 'You stay away from him. Just because you desire

him, doesn't mean that you can just take him from me.' Archious warned


'I'm not going with you, no matter what. Now hand over his sister

Anisa. You evil cold hearted bitch!!' Orias shouted.

At hearing this, tears formed around Trinity's eyes. 'I know that

the true Orias, my love would never say that to me. Now you've gone and

made me even more pissed.' Trinity's eyes glowed gold.

Wind started swirling around him. Archious was ready as stance,

waiting for what Trinity was going to do. 'Forgive me for doing this

Orias.' Trinity cried.

Trinity extented his arms and opened his right hand. Orias went

flying back. Wind picked up Archious and encased him in a ball of

lightning. 'You stay there for the moment. I'm going to undo what you did

to Orias.' Trinity started to walk towards Orias.

Orias got up and looked at Trinity coming towards him. 'Get back

you monster, or you'll pay the consequences for do doing this to Archious.'

Orias threatened.

'I'm not here to harm you Orias, trust me.' Trinity offered his

hand to Orias, 'Just touch me and everything will be the way it was.'

'You're full of lies.' Orias used his mental powers to send

Trinity flying back into the icy walls.

'Arrrrgggghhh!' Trinity moaned in pain, 'What are you doing Orias?

Do you remember me? Don't you remember I came back to you from earth after

being gone so long?'

'All I know is that you come here to take me away from my beloved

Archious. You kidnapped his sister, and you want me to be yours out of

lust. You're just jealous.' Orias came towards Trinity.

Leaning against the wall, Trinity looked at Orias. 'He's been

brain washed or something. He doesn't even remember me.' Trinity thought


'Sorry to do this baby, but I'm going to get to the bottom of

this.' Trinity sent a bolt of lightning at Orias.

Orias protected himself in a barrier. 'Sorry your pathetic

attempts to take me are over.' Orias opened his hands and forced Trinity

up against the wall.

No matter how hard he tried, Trinity could not move. Orias walked

up to Trinity and put his hands around Trinity's neck, almost cutting off

the air to Trinity's lungs. 'Please no Orias, I'm your long lost love,

your prince. Please remember me!' Trinity tried to speak.

'You die now!' Orias squeezed harder.

A tear from Trinity's face fell on Orias' hand. Suddenly, more

images appeared in Orias' mind. Orias shook his head. 'I love you Orias.

I'll always love you. My heart, soul, and body are yours. I'd lay

everything on the line to protect you. Remember when Archious tried to

take you from the palace and me.' Trinity pleaded.

'Don't listen to him!' Archious called out.

'You let Archious out of that thing of yours and then I'll kill

you. If not I'll kill you right now.' Orias' eyes glowed red.

More tears flooded down his face. Trinity closed his eyes.

Archious was gently put on the ground and released. He got up and started

walking towards Orias. 'Kill him! Kill him now! For what he's done to me

and for all his lies that he tried to elude you with.' Hate came from

Archious mouth.

'Don't come any closer to me.' Orias pointed his finger at

Archious, 'I don't know what's going on, but you haven't been honest with

me, I can feel it in my heart. This Prince Trinity means something to me,

but I have no clue. If he says that he loves me, and protected me from you

when you were at the castle it has to mean something. I have no memories

of it but images of him keep appearing in my head.'

'Orias, please try to remember me. Feel what's in my heart, put

your hand over my heart and feel the love for you emanate into you.'

Trinity tried to pursuade Orias, 'I have no intentions of hurting you at

all. I give you my word.'

'This better not be a trick. I'll trust you this time. Do

anything funny and I'll take your life.' Orias compromised.

'I won't play any trick.' Trinity agreed.

'NOO!' Archious started to run to Orias.

Orias stopped him as he put a wall up so Archious wouldn't come any

closer. Orias put his hand over Trinity's heart. Trinity closed his eyes.

A gold glow emanated from his chest. Orias closed his eyes.

Inside his hearts mind, Trinity appeared. Trinity looked at the

surroundings. 'Orias! Where are you?' Trinity called out.

'Someone help me please!!!' A voice called out for help.

'Orias, keep on talking, I'll follow your voice and help you.' Trinity

called out.

'Trinity is that you? Help me hurry. my mind doesn't know what it's doing.

If you don't hurry I'll kill you for sure. I don't want to lose you, after

we found each other again!' Orias called.

'Keep talking to me. I can't see you.' Trinity started running towards his


'I love you my dear sweet prince. Feel my love for you.' Orias called


Trinity used his senses and felt Orias' love pouring in his heart. Trinity

was running through the meadows that had appeared in his dream. Suddenly,

he saw a black wall. He tried to touch but got zapped. 'Trinity, I'm so

glad to see you. Please let me out of here. It's the only way.' Orias

put his hands up against that black wall.

'Don't worry honey, I'll try my best.' Trinity tried to over power it with

all his powers.

'Nothing seems to work. My powers are to weak for this kind of magic.'

Tears formed.

'Don't give up. I love you.' Orias gave him encouragement to keep on


Trinity felt more of Orias' love flow into his heart. Suddenly, his

clothes disappeared, leaving him fully naked. At this moment Orias'

clothes vanished as well. They both looked at each other's eyes. Together

they put their hands on the wall and they both kissed the wall. The wall

started to short. It faded away, leaving them in an embracing kiss. There

was a flash of white light.

Back at the mansion Orias and Trinity were locked in a kiss, with tears

coming down from both faces. Orias let his powers down and Trinity put his

arms around Orias' neck.

This put the wall that he put around Archious fade. 'You, I'll have you

dead yet! Both of you shall die!' Archious' had black clouds form around

him and sent a giant black fireball at them.

Trinity saw this and pushed Orias out of the way, shielding him from

getting hit. Trinity got hit full force with the oncoming death assult.

Orias' eyes grew wide as he watched Trinity getting hit. Trinity still

stood up with scares on his body, being badly burnt. Orias got up and went

to catch Trinity before he fell. 'Trinity, are you alright?' Orias

cradled him in his arms.

He heard the evil laughter coming from Archious' voice. 'If I can't have

your love then, I'll send you both to death together.' Archious shoot

another black fireball.

Orias closed his eyes. Trinity grabbed his hand and smiled. They both

glowed in light. The fireball richotched off the light and headed towards

Archious. As the fireball hit, screams of Archious burning to his death

where heard.

The light faded from around them. They both opened their eyes and looked

that pile of ash that once was Archious. The ashes blow away. 'Orias, I

love you. I knew that you would never have forgotten me. In your heart is

where I was all the time. You're heart could never forget that.' Trinity

used his last ounce of strength to squeeze Orias' hand.

Trinity closed his eyes and went limp. 'Trinity don't go! Don't die

please!' Orais cried.

'Don't worry prince for his is not dead. He sleeps. He is exhausted. He

has made a long journey to find you and he has.' A female voice filled the


The ice that covered the exits faded away. Light once more filled the

hallway. Before him, a lady stood. 'Who are you?' He saw the woman with

white hair.

'I am Arelia, the spirit of the forest. I meet Trinity when he was coming

here to find you. Now, that he has freed you, I'll send you back to the

palace.' Arelia smiled and teleported them to the castle.

* * * * *

It had been three days since the day Archious died. Prince Trinity

was still in a deep sleep from the battle. Orias was at his side never

leaving. He held the hand of the bandaged Trinity. 'Trinity please wake

up. Tell me that you are okay.' Orias kissed his hand.

Trinity moaned and moved. Orias felt a squeeze from Trinity's

hand. Trinity's eyes opened and looked at Orias. 'Hello, beautiful.'

Trinity spoke softly.

'Hello beautiful yourself.' Orias sighed reliefly, and kissed

Trinity on his forehead.

'I see that I have a few bumps and scraps.' Trinity saw the

bandages on him.

'Yeah, you've are lucky that you didn't get burnt to a crisp.

You've been asleep for three days now. I'm so glad that you're doing

okay.' Orias smiled.

Trinity sat up. 'I can heal these wounds in no time. They're

nothing. All I have to do is use the power of the medallion, and I'm all


Trinity closed his eyes, and light glowed around his body. The

light made the bruises and scraps vanish. He opened his eyes to see Orias

in complete shock. Trinity chuckled as he saw Orias' jaw opened wide. He

used his finger to close Orias' mouth. 'Don't look so surprised there.'

Trinity laughed.

The door to the room opened. The king and queen entered seeing if

Trinity was awake yet. They both smiled. 'Thank god that he is okay.

Thank you my boy for bringing Orias back to us. He told us everything that

happened. You really came through.' The king spoke.

'We are most grateful for you. We knew you'd come through.' The

queen added as a tear fell from her eyes.

'Mother, father, I'm glad that you're here.' Orias turned to

Trinity. Orias knelt on the floor. Trinity knew what was coming.

'Trinity in front of my parents, I want to ask you, will you forever be by

my side and soul mate?'

With tears of joy streaming down his face he smiled. 'I Trinity

will forever and always be forever by your side and your soul mate my dear


Trinity tugged on Orias' arm and kissed him on the lips. The queen

kissed the king and they were both crying.

'Well then we are happy to have you in our family, my new son.'

The king hugged Trinity.

'Welcome to the family Trinity, you're mother would be happy if she

was here.' The queen kissed Trinity on the cheek.

'Thank you all.' Trinity held Orias' hand tight.

'Well we'll leave you two alone so you can talk.' The King and

queen headed towards the door.

When the door closed Orias looked at Trinity. 'You've made me the

happiest person in this world.'

'I'm so glad that I have you. I love you so much, I can't even

describe it.' Trinity smiled.

'You don't have to, cause I feel it.' Orias said.

The end!!!



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