In the bed they had made love in the early morning, Jimmy and Orias

where sound asleep. The morning light shone through the windows of Orias'

chamber, slowly creeping into Jimmy's eyes. Once the light hit his eyes,

Jimmy squinted. Groaning, he opened one eye, letting the light glare in.

He quickly closed his eye and yawned. He moved his head to look as his

love. A smile came over his face as he looked at Orias. His bladder hit,

telling him that he need to go to the bathroom and bad.

Jimmy carefully crept out of bed, making sure that Orias would not

be disturbed. He put on the robe he was wearing before they made love.

Jimmy quietly made his way to the door. Opening the door, making sure it

didn't make a sound, he left the bedroom. After closing the door, he

started to look for the bathroom.

The smell of food cooking in the kitchen caught his nose, 'That

smells good. I have no time to smell what's cooking I need to find the


As he was passing a door nearby Orias' chamber he heard a

co-motion. The door was cracked open a little; Jimmy peeked in to see what

was going on. The queen was talking to one of the female servants. 'Make

sure that everything is perfect. Prince Trinity is our guest and he needs

to feel at home. Now go and get things prepared.' The queen ordered the

servant to her assignment.

The servant opened the door and then closed it shut and looked to

her left seeing Jimmy standing there. She let out a gasp, 'Oh, I'm sorry I

didn't see you there. Can I help you with something?'

'Don't worry about it, hope I didn't scare you that bad.' Jimmy


The maid laughed. 'Actually you can help me, where are your

bathrooms here?' Jimmy became embarrassed at asking.

'The what?' The servant raised her eyebrow.

'Do you even have bathrooms, so I can relieve my bladder pressure?'

Jimmy started to fidget.

'Oh you mean the washrooms? Yes they are down that way behind you.

It's the last entry way to your left.' She laughed.

'Thank you, miss.' Jimmy smiled and turned around.

'The door opened and the queen peeked out, 'What's going on here?

Hurry before he wakes up girl.' The queen barked at the servant.

'I'm sorry m'lady, but this man wanted to know where the washrooms

were.' She pointed to Jimmy, who was headed towards the washroom.

'Oh, it's Trinity. Hurry girl, get to work.' The queen quickly

pushed her to her duties.

'Hopefully, he didn't hear what I was talking about. I want it to

be a surprise for him.' The queen giggled and closed the door.

After feeling better, getting rid of the pressure, Jimmy returned

to Orias' chamber. He looked at the bed to see that Orias was gone. 'He

must have went somewhere around here. It can't be that far away.' Jimmy


Suddenly, he heard a knock on the door. 'Come in.' Jimmy


The door opened and the female servant came in. 'Well, isn't nice

meeting you again?' Jimmy laughed out loud.

'It is.' The servant snickered, 'I am here to tell you that your

bath is ready and that the prince is waiting for you. He says to come and

join him.'

'Thank you very much. Tell him I'll be there in a moment.' Jimmy


The servant bowed and left.

Orias was starting growing impatient, 'He said he'd be here in a

moment. Where is he?'

Orias heard the door opened and quickly hid behind the door. Jimmy

walked in and looked at the steam coming from the water. He sat down by the

water and put his hand in the water. He took his robe off of him letting

it slide off. 'I thought Orias would be he. At least that the maid said

so.' He thought.

Jimmy climbed in the water feeling relaxed and calm. He rested his

head against the edge and closed his eyes.

At this moment Orias came out from his hiding place and slowly

crept over to the bath. Orias got behind Jimmy and pushed his head into

the water. This came to a shock to Jimmy. Coming back for air, with his

hair all wet lying flat over his eyes. He opened his eyes and looked to

see who the prankster was.

Orias was laughing so hard he didn't notice he was floating over

the water. He stopped laughing looked at what was happening. He looked

down and saw the water, then looked at Jimmy, who had a big grin on his

face. 'You thought that was funny? Let's see how funny this is for you

then.' Jimmy let the gentle breeze he created to disappear.

Orias fell in the water, causing water to slash all over. His head

slowly came to the surface. Orias removed his long hair from his eyes and

squirted water at Jimmy. Jimmy was not amused and splashed water in his

face. 'Okay, truce! Truce!' Orias laughed.

Orias grabbed Jimmy's arm and pulled him closer to him. 'Good

morning honey.' He gave Jimmy a good morning kiss.

'If you call that a way to say good morning then.' Jimmy

sarcastically remarked and pinched Orias in the leg.

Orias jumped, 'Hey, I said truce!'

'Alright then.' Jimmy turned his back to him and leaned against

Orias' muscular body.

Jimmy started to hum a tune to himself, while Orias stroked his

finger on Jimmy's arm.

They quickly helped clean one another. Jimmy then headed back to

the bedroom. He dried his hair with towel that was wrapped over his

shoulders. He heard voices outside the castle. He looked out the window

to see what was going on. He saw a man about six-two with raven black hair

in full armor. Noticing that the man had other men with him. 'He must be

one of the nobles around here.' Jimmy thought and continued to dry his


Outside, Archious knocked on the castle door. A middle-aged man

opened the door. 'How can I help you Lord Archious?' The manservant


'Please tell the prince I'm here and I would like to talk to him.'

Archious told the servant.

'As you wish my lord.' The servant bowed

'Tell him that I'll be out on the tapestry.' Archious added.

The tapestry lay below Orias' chambers. Jimmy still at the window

took a careful look at the man outside. Jimmy then saw Orias.

'What do you want Archious? How are you going to pursuade me to

take you as my lover?' Orias sounded a little annoyed at this visit.

Jimmy opened the window a bit to hear the conversation. 'What!

This man wants my Orias?' Jimmy grew a little upset.

'My prince, please give me at least one chance. I don't want to

hurt you.' Archious pleaded.

'I told you Archious, I don't have any feelings for you. Would you

just let it be?' Orias turned around and started to leave.

'What, you still believe that your prince will appear here out of

thin air? What a story, you're living in a fantasy. If you won't come

with me I'll have to take you by force.' Archious signaled his men to

ambush Orias.

By now, Jimmy was really upset at the words of Archious. 'If he

thinks he's taking Orias, he'd better get his head checked. As for him

saying that I'm sort of a fantasy, soon he'll find out I'm no fantasy!'

Jimmy transformed into his prince uniform.

Just when Archious' men where about to grab Orias against his will,

when lightning struck each of them, sending them flying.

'What kind of tricky is this you have Orias?' Archious was not


Orias was about to speak when a voice spoke, 'It's no trickery, my

dear sir, and I'm no fantasy for your information, I'm quite real.'

Trinity came out of the door that Orias was heading for. 'What!

Who are you?' Archious had his hand on his sword.

'I am Prince Trinity. That's my boyfriend that you are about to

take against his will. I'm not happy about that at all. I warn you come

any closer to him or send your men to attack me, I'll kill you easily.'

Trinity introduced himself.

'What? This can't be! You're for real?' Archious was in shock.

'Oh he is real, and yes he did kind of appear out of thin air,

Archious.' Orias added and went to Trinity's side.

'Hello hun, how's it going?' Trinity remarked.

'Fine and how about you?' Orias kissed him on the lips.

'If I can't have you, no one shall have you!' Archious charged

towards Trinity.

Archious jumped in the air with his sword over his head. All of

the sudden a strong wind blew, and Archious was sent flying back. 'What

kind of power is this?' Archious got up.

'I seem to have the powers over weather. If you cherish your life,

I'd advise you and your men get off these grounds and never return. If you

do, I'll take it that you want your death certificates signed by me. Do I

make myself clear?' Trinity warned.

'Kill him!' Archious sent his men after Trinity.

Archious' men surrounded Orias and Trinity. Trinity looked out

each side of his eyes, smiled, crouched to the ground. 'Ah! I can't

move!' One of the men complained.

Trinity completely froze them into crystals, raised the frozen

statues and sent them crashing into each other. 'Did I not make myself

clear, leave and never return.' Trinity had quite enough.

With his men around him, bruised and weak from Trinity's attack,

they suddenly felt the wind swirl around them. 'What's going on?'

Archious flew around in circles in midair.

'If you won't leave on your own, let me help you then. Have a nice

flight, and watch out for the landing, it might hurt just a little.'

Trinity sent them off into the air.

Trinity dusted his hands off, then turned around to face Orias.

Orias was leaning against the entry of the door with his arms crossed.

'What? Don't give me that look, I didn't do anything wrong.' Trinity

acted all innocent.

Orias didn't speak for a moment. 'It looked like you were having

too much fun. But it was funny to see his face when he left flying off the

castle grounds.' Orias smiled and laughed.

'Come here sexy,' Orias grabbed Trinity by his waist, 'You were

great. I love that side of you. Protecting me from that jerk. It really

kinda turned me on.' He grinned and gave Trinity a kiss.

'We have time for that later, but do you think we should get

inside? I think you're parents might be looking for us.' Trinity


At breakfast Trinity found a treat in store for him. When he

entered the dinning room he recognized it from his castle on earth from

long time ago. 'This is fabulous! I can't believe it.' Trinity was in


'We wanted you to feel like home again.' The queen smiled.

'Thank you your majesties. I really appreciate this.' Trinity

went over and hugged the king and queen.

'After taking care of some early business with some guy, who was

going to kidnap Orias against his will, this makes up for it.' Trinity


'What did you just say? Who was it my son?' The king addressed

his son.

'It was Lord Archious again father. Like my dear boy said here he

was going for kidnap me. Luckily, Trinity came in the nick of time and

sent him flying off with his men. It was so hilarious to see his face.'

Orias explained to his parents.

They all had a good laugh after they explained everything.

* * *

About 32 miles away from the castle, Archious was in his chambers,

'I can't believe this happened to me! It's an outrage. Who does this

Trinity think he is?'

'I see that you have more of a visit to the castle then you

anticipated there brother?' A woman with long brown hair stood in the


'Anisa, why don't you go bother someone else.' Archious exclaimed.

'Well aren't we touchy? Did someone bruise your ego?' Anisa


'If you must know, yes. It seems that our dear prince's prince has

come to him at last. I was about to take Orias, when he sent me and my men

flying off the castle grounds. He seems to have the ability to use the

weather in his hands.' Archious took off his armor.

'Oh, so Prince Trinity has returned to his long lost love? He used

to protect the prince? That's a laugh to see that someone could bully you

around dear brother.' Anisa laughed.

Archious just scowled at his sister's remark. 'Well, if you want

to get Orias to love you, you could of ask me for some help. I would of

loved a match between Prince Trinity.'

'What kind of twisted plan are you thinking of now my dear sister?'

Archious grinned.

'One that would successfully have Prince Orias in your very hands.

Then you could put a spell that makes him love you and only you. I'll go

to the castle and apologize for you actions, and then I'll challenge dear

Prince Trinity to a contest of powers. Orias will want to see this and be

there. I'll make Trinity to use his power to create a fog just to make the

contest just a little interesting. When he's busy with me in the fog,

that's when you grab your dear prince and go to Madame Elantris, so she can

put that spell to make Orias yours.' She told her brother.

'Sometimes having you for a sister is probably the best thing. But

what happens when Trinity tries to find Orias?' Archious brought up a


'That's where I'll make him stay and fight. If he goes into the

woods then I'll make him lose his way. I'm the only sorceress in the land

with all the powers of the four elements. Don't worry you're little sis

will take care of you big brother. But we must be on our way. Your prince

awaits you.' She puts her arm around his arms and they prepare to leave.

Later that afternoon, a couch arrived at the castle. 'May I

present Lady Anisa Prakilia.' Some one announced her in front of the king

and queen. Anisa curtsied for the king and queen.

'My dear Anisa, what brings you here?' The queen asked.

'Your majesties, I'm here to apologize for my bother Archious and

his actions this morning. He has shamed my family today. I feel guilty

how he treated the prince and Prince Trinity.' Anisa played her part.

'Is this from your father and mother Lady?' The king questioned.

'Yes it is. They have banished him from our land and home, never

to come back again.' Anisa answered back.

Orias and Trinity appeared in the throne room. 'Lady Anisa? What

is she doing here?' Orias questioned.

'Now son don't take things wrong, she is here to apologize for what

happened earlier with Archious. She tells us that he is banished from

their families land and never to come back.' Orias' mother tried to calm

her son down.

'Well then, I'm sorry for the way I acted. Do you except my

apology Anisa?' Orias apologized.

'I do except your apology my prince,' Anisa then looked at Trinity.

'Is this Prince Trinity, that protect our prince?'

'Indeed I am my lady.' Trinity acknowledged Anisa.

'I hear that you have very impressive powers over weather. Sending

my brother all the way to my parent's land with that funnel of wind. I was

wondering if I was going to meet you. You've become really famous with

that. I am a lady mage of the four elements. I was wonder if you might

accept a friendly duel of powers. I just want to see those powers. We

have no one on Arizan that can control the elements of weather. No one has

even come close, but why mess with nature itself, when we get weather all

year around.' Anisa tried to pursuade Trinity in her challenge.

'I see why not. I accept your challenge. I really need to get

some exercise, I've noticed I kind of got a little rusty.' Trinity


'We have a field for that not to far from here for our warriors.

We can use that. They aren't training or fighting today, so we'll have our

privacy.' Orias said.

Fifteen minutes Anisa and Trinity where standing in the middle of a

sand field. 'Please, don't feel afraid not using your full powers. I may

be a woman, but I heal easily.' Anisa coyishly said.

Trinity nodded his head. 'Let the duel begin!' Orias started the


For awhile they didn't make any movement. 'Why won't she make a

move?' Trinity thought to himself.

Suddenly the ground started to move underneath him. Trinity

produced a tornado to pick him up. He looked down and saw that the sand

was swirling like a whirlpool. He closed his eyes and concentrated. Ice

started to form around Anisa's legs. She quickly conjured up a flame to

melt the ice. 'Nice tactics you have, I'm quite impressed.' Anisa


'You're not to bad for yourself.' Trinity said back.

The ground started to shake again. This time water came at full

speed at Trinity. Water fell on him like a ton of bricks. When the water

stopped Trinity had his hands up keeping up a shield of lightning.

Trinity's eyes started to glow yellow. Clouds started to form overhead

quickly, the wind picked up speed. Anisa was ready for what he had in

store for her. Suddenly several bolts of lightning his the ground where

she was standing. Anisa did back flips to avoid getting hit. At the same

time she was doing back flips she sent the roots of the nearby trees around


Trinity felt something wrap around his ankles. The roots quickly

wrapped around Trinity. Soon enough Trinity was completely cover in roots.

The roots started to wither and crumble as he stepped out. 'Here's

something to make things a bit interesting. Why don't you create a fog,

and see if we can fight like that. Just use our senses in gut instinct.

Go for a little adrenaline rush sort to speak. What do you say?' Anisa

was hoping he would comply.

'Sure, I'm getting a good workout so far, why not.' Trinity

extending his arms a little.

Soon in no time fog drifted in and they continued from where they left.

Orias couldn't see anything since he was covered in the fog. Suddenly, and

arm grabbed him and covered his mouth. Orias tried to fight his capture.

He was soon running out of air and he fell unconscious.

Back in the fog, Anisa sent a beam of fire at Trinity. Trinity sent out a

beam of ice to hopefully cool things down. Suddenly, a wind blew and the

fog blew with it. 'Oh, look Orias is gone.' Anisa acted all innocent.

'What?' Trinity looked at where Orias was standing and watching.

'You! This was all setup. You're helping your brother aren't

you?' Trinity shouted.

Anisa laughed evilly. 'You're very perspective, but so gullible.'

'You evil bitch! Now is where I start getting serious! I call on

the powers of thunder and lightning aide my at my hands, sent this bitch to

hell!' Trinity chanted and a huge bolt of lightning fell upon Anisa.

When the lightning disappeared nothing was left but a hole where

the lightning struck. Trinity waited for anything to happen.



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