As Jimmy was reading his book, he started to get a headache. He

put the book aside and when to get some aspirin. As he was grabbing a

glass out of the cupboard, something had flashed through his mind. He

heard someone call his name and a face appeared. The pain hit his mind

like a he was being stabbed by a knife. His hand rubbed his forehead to

relax him and hopefully making the pains go away.

It was only half a year ago that he learned that he was the prince of trinity,

and that he held the power to control the powers of weather. This all

coming to soon for him he tried to relax and take it one step at a time.

Sometimes at night he would dream about his true past, about earth long

ago. Remembering that a alien force tried to make the whole universe

theirs, and his mother, Queen of Trinity, used a powerful stone called

the imperial medallion to seal the evil alien force and sent him into the


The alien force had set itself from their captivity and tried to

reclaim earth, but he used the power of the medallion, and the power of his

heart to over come the leader of the force to vanquish them forever. This

was the peaceful time where nothing seemed to happen.

Sometimes at night he would wake up scream someone's name.

Every time, he found himself in a sweat. He could remember vividly what his

dream was. Someone calling out his name, but the image of the face was so

blurry. 'What in the world does this mean?' He thought to himself, 'Why

do I have this re-occurring dream? Who is this person calling out to me?'

Jimmy filled up his glass halfway full of water and took some

aspirin. He laid on his couch, and started to drift to sleep. In his

dream he appeared in a luscious green meadow, in his royal form. Taking a

view to the beauty that surrounded him. He felt at peace and calm. He

laid on the grass and looked up at the clouds up above. A gentle wind blow

across the meadow. He then got this sudden feeling that someone was there

watching him. He got up and looked around. He looked to his left side and

saw a figure. The figure had his back turned to him, showing Jimmy that he

had long dark hair, blowing freely in the wind. The figure was nicely

dressed with a white and golden outlined clothes. The figure slowly turned

around and smiled. 'My beloved prince, I am so glad that I can see you

again. It's been a long time, and I've been looking for you for ages.'

The male spoke to Jimmy, as if he knew Jimmy.

The male opened his arms for an embrace. 'Come to me my love. Now

is the time for us to be together again.'

Jimmy just stood there, letting the breeze blow in his face. 'Who

are you?' He asked.

'Don't you remember me? We fell in love long ago when your mother

was still alive, before that fateful day when you were sent to the future.

I'm your Orias. Please look in your heart and remember.' the figure

introduced himself.

Jimmy closed his eyes and looked inside his heart, trying to

remember this person. Suddenly the area where his heart, a white light

glowed brightly. Tears started to stream down his face. He opened his

eyes and looked up, and ran towards him. 'Orias my dear love!' Jimmy

cried out, extending his arms out to hug him.

As Jimmy ran towards him Orias kept on getting more distant.

'Orias, wait for me!' He called to him.

Jimmy's eyes slow opened. He looked at his livingroom window and

noticed the sun was setting. He sat up and felt all warm inside. 'Now I'm

starting to remember. In my former life I feel in love with another prince

from another world. This is the missing part of my life I never knew I

had. That's why I always knew I was attracted to guys. My heart never

forgot him, but in my mind it was erased.'

tears streamed down his face.

'I knew that this moment would come. The memory spell that I put

on you is finally fading.' A female voice carried in the room.

'Queen of Trinity, My mother.' He gasped as her spirit appeared

in front of her.

'It is time for you to go and find him my son. He is waiting for you. But before you go I will undo what I had done long ago.' She put her hand on his forehead.

A magenta lightning symbol appeared where she put her finger. 'Now

I remember that day when I would never see or think of him. He and his

parents where here on important business. You and his parent found us in

my chambers where we where making love to each other. His father grabbed

him and they left. I tried to run after him, but you stopped me. You used

the medallion to put a seal on my memories of him, but you couldn't put a

seal on my heart. You really didn't want to do it but you had no other

choice.' Jimmy relived that day.

He opened up his eyes to see tears falling down her face. 'Don't

cry mother. I forgive you. I'm going to be happy with the one I truly

love.' Jimmy wiped a tear from his face.

'That's all I ever wanted is to see you happy. But time is essence you'd better hurry.' She faded in thin air.

'Then go I will. I'll have to collect all the love in my heart but

it's worth it. Hold on my beloved, I'll be there soon. Look for me in the

sky.' He telepathically sent his message.

He closed his eyes and started to concentrate. Soon a magenta light outlined his body, and then in a flash he was gone.

* * *

In the far off corner of the Milky Way galaxy, on the planet of Arizan a young man laid in a grove of bushes. He as in his 20's, with long flowing black hair, and purple eyes. Suddenly, he heard of voice in his mind, 'Hold on my beloved, I'll be there soon. Look for me in the sky.'

He immediately stood up and looked up. 'It can't be. Could it be

possible that he regained his memories of me? I've dreamed of this for so

long, my prince is returning to me.' He ran to the castle that was near by.

'Orias! What's gotten into you?' His mother saw his weird behavior.

'Mother, great news, he's coming!' Orias smiled at his mother and

kissed her on the cheek.

'You mean.' She started to say.

'Yes mother, Prince Trinity has finally gained his memories back.

He told me to look to the sky. This is wonderful!' Orias was full of


'What in the dickens is going on here?' A male voice thundered and

stepped from around the corner.

'My dear husband you may not like the greetings that I bare, but

Prince Trinity has regained his memories and love for our son and is coming

here.' The queen told the King with a smile.

'Well, I guess the time has come at last that I put my opinions

aside to finally see our son happy once more.' The king sighed


Orias was out on the balcony from his chambers looking at the sky.

It was starting to become nightfall there. 'I do hope he has a safe trip.'

Orias sighed, 'I can feel his love for me. It's so strong, stronger then

what is was before.'

While look up he saw a twinkle in the sky. 'Could that be him?'

Orias squinted his eyes.

The twinkle became more bright and closer. It came at a fast speed

and looked like it couldn't stop. Orias started to worry that he'll crash.

'I must help slow him down.' Orias flew up in the air and headed for


The trip was long and exhausting for Jimmy. He was not used to traveling

in space and that far from earth. He had fallen into a deep sleep that he

didn't know he was about to plummet to his death. 'Wake up Trinity! Wake

UP!' Someone sent him a message in his mind.

Jimmy quickly opened his eyes and saw someone trying to slow him

down. Jimmy was incased in a bubble field. He put his hands on the side

of the field and it disappeared causing him to stop in midair. Jimmy

looked at the person who was trying to save him from a quick death.

'Orias, is it you?'

Tears started to fall down from Orias' eyes and flew right to

Jimmy. Both opened their arms and embraced each other. With tears coming

down from both of their eyes and their foreheads resting on one another.

Jimmy took his hand and cupped them around Orias jawline and drew him

closer. Their lips met for the first time in ages. The kiss got more

passionate, both exchanging tongues. They let go and laughed. 'Let's go

then.' Orias picked Jimmy up in his arms and flew him to the castle.

At the castle door's Orias' parents where anxiously waiting. Orias

came landing on the ground in front of his parents. Jimmy put his feet on

the ground, and soon was receiving a hug from Orias' mother. 'It's good to

see you once more prince Trinity. You haven't changed since I last saw you. I'm

sorry for your mother's death. She truly one true friend to us.' She let

go and looked at his face.

'Indeed it has been a long time. I hope that you forgave me for what I did long ago prince Trinity.' The king extended his hand out to Jimmy the prince of trinity .

'Please don't worry about, it's all in the past now. Right now I'm

here with the person I love the most. It's nice to see you all. It truly

feels like I'm reliving my past.' Jimmy smiled at all of them.

'Well, it's past the time of socializing out here. The dark is not

the place to talk about things of the past.' The queen put her arms around

the king and headed into the castle.

Jimmy and Orias held each other's hands and follow the king and

queen. Once inside the castle, flashbacks of when he was in the castle

came flooding back. 'I see you did some remodeling in here. I love it!

Full of light and beauty.' He commented.

'With you in here it adds more light and beauty.' Orias looked at

Jimmy the prince or trinity with sincerity in his eyes.

Jimmy just blushed. 'Are you trying to make me turn red, cause its

working there charmer.' He kissed Orias on his cheek.

'The hour is late and we are off to our chamber. You two can do

anything you want, but don't stay up to late.' The queen said and gave a

kiss to Orias and Jimmy.

'Good night mother. Good night father.' Orias said to his


'Have a nice evening.' Jimmy added to the night parting.

'Now my dear prince, we shall go to bed as well. It has been a

long trip for you and you must be exhausted.' Orias started to lead them

to his chambers.

'I'm a little tired, but it sounds like a good idea. I can reenergize my powers. It took loads of the power of my heart to get here.'

Jimmy wrapped his arms around Orias' waist.

During the night Jimmy tried to sleep but he couldn't. He looked

at Orias and smiled. The moonlight hitting his face made it feel so

calming to Jimmy. Carefully, Jimmy slowly climbed out from the covers and

grabbed a robe. He went to a nearby window and looked at the starry sky.

'Everything is happening all at once. But I'm loving ever minute of it. A

piece of me that I felt was missing is finally found. Now what does the

future hold for us?'

Orias rolled over and put his arms are where he thought Jimmy was

but found nothing but an empty space. He opened up his left eye to see

where Jimmy was. He saw Jimmy in front of the window looking out. Without

a sound he got out of the bed and put a robe on.

While still deep in thought, Jimmy didn't hear or notice that Orias

was coming towards him. Jimmy felt a warm gentle lips on his neck, and

snapped him back to reality. Jimmy smiled and closed his eyes. Orias

wrapped his arms around Jimmy. 'Can't get to sleep?' Orias whispered.

'Nope. There's so many thoughts on my mind.' Jimmy replied and

put his hand over Orias' hands.

'What were you thinking about?' Orias asked blowing his warm

breath in Jimmy's ear.

'I was just thinking about the events that have been happening in

my life recently. I found you, a part of my life that I was missing. Now

here you are and I couldn't help being any happier in my life.' Jimmy

turned around and faced Orias.

'You truly look wonderful in the light you know?' Orias bushed his

hand on Jimmy's face.

It sent warm vibes through his body to feel Orias touch him. Jimmy

looked in Orias' purple eyes, and leaned closer to Orias. Their lips

locking on to one another, their arms holding each other tight. A gentle

wind picked them up and carried them to the bed. They landed on the bed

laying down, Orias on top of Jimmy. They unlocked their lips and looked at

each other. Jimmy removed that part of the Orias' robe off his shoulders.

Orias using his mental abilities untied the strands of cloth that wrapped

the robes shut.

Another gentle breeze lifted them off the bed and blew their robes

off, leaving them touching each other's skin. 'Are you trying to show

off?' Orias kissed his lover.

'Me? Why would I show off to you?' Jimmy grinned and kissed


'Just making sure.' Orias chuckled.

'Then shall we continue where we left off those many years ago?'

Orias raised his eyebrow

'I have no problems with that.' Jimmy used his arms and brought

Orias closer to him and locked in a passionate kiss.

To Be continued.



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