The sky started to become darker with storm clouds gathering over

head. Trinity was still in a rage that Anisa, Archious sister, had tricked

him into a contest and kidnap Orias from him. Trinity opened up his senses

to see if Anisa was still alive. He felt that she was but didn't know

where she was.

In a quick second the sand formed a hand and grabbed Trinity.

Trinity fought with the sand form, but to no avail. The sand formed into a

being. 'I'm sorry but I can not allow you to run after him. You've lost!

I must admit you are a worthy opponent. Now is where I must kill you

before word of this gets back to the king and queen.' Anisa's voice came

out of the sand creature.

'I can't move, can't do anything. Orias! I must find him,' Trinity

frantically thought to himself, 'Wait, deal with the matter at hand,

dealing with this bitch.'

A smile came over his face and looked at the creature's eyes. The

creature made a face of worry. Storm clouds gathered and lightning flashed

in the sky. 'What do you think your doing?' Anisa's voice asked.

'You'll see in a matter of moments.' Trinity taunted.

A huge bolt of lightning fell upon the sand creature. We all now

what happens when lightning strikes sand. Anisa's voice screamed and let

go of Trinity. Trinity fell to the ground and looked at the now glass

creature. 'It makes for a nice statue, but there is one imperfection. The

debry in the middle of the statue.'

Anisa was trapped in the middle of the glass statue, looking at the

sky. 'Now to tell the king and queen of what happened. They aren't going

to be happy about this, but I must tell them. After that I have to find

Orias. Who knows what Archious will try to do to him.' Trinity thought of

Archious kissing Orias and grew steamed.

'WHAT!!! Why that she-devil!' The king pounded the table with his


'Now remember your stress level. I'm sure that Anisa got what she

deserved. We'll have some men look at that statue in the morning. Thank

god that you weren't hurt badly Trinity.' The queen tried to calm the king

and comfort Trinity.

'I'm sorry your majesties. I should of known that she was up to

something when she asked me to challenge her. I failed you and Orias. I'm

so sorry.' Tears started to fall from his eyes.

'Don't blame yourself. You did what you could of. How were you to

know what she planned in her head. You defeated her and sealed her in

glass. You came out alive and told us. That's the only important thing.'

The queen hugged Trinity.

'I have to go and find him. Rest assured that Archious won't get

away with this too easily. He will feel the pain I feel right now. I just

hope the Orias is alright.' Trinity looked away from the queen.

'He is. If you are thinking of him, he's doing okay. One thing I

have learned about you, whenever you think of him, you're protecting with

your thoughts. Well, we can't do anything right now. The sun is setting,

and you've had a rough day. You'll need your rest if you are to set out to

find him.' The queen reassured him.

'My boy, she's right. You are protecting our son with your

thoughts as we speak. There's no greater love in that. Things work in

mysterious ways. I know in my heart that he's probably thinking about you

too. Don't blame yourself. Your mother would be proud of what you've done

today.' The king put his hands on Trinity's shoulders.

A smile came over Trinity's face. 'That's what we want to see.

Don't let sorrow and fear control your heart. If it does, your heart will

turn black like Archious, and Anisa's. You are full of hope and love.

Don't let go of that.' The queen smiled back.

'Well it's getting late, we better get off to sleep. We'll have

everything thought out and ready in the morning. It's going to be a rough

night for all of us.' The king and queen escorted Trinity to Orias'


No matter what he tried, Trinity just couldn't seem to sleep. He

rolled over to see where Orias was sleeping the previous night. He rubbed

the space with his hand to feel the velvety covers. Trinity looked over to

the door that led outside to the balcony. 'Maybe some fresh air will help

calm me down.' He thought as he got out of bed and put a robe on.

He opened the door and stepped outside onto the cold balcony. He

looked up to the stars and closed his eyes. A warm gently breeze came and

blew in his face. With his eyes still closed winds came around him and

lifted him up. Trinity now sat on top of the roof looking at Arizan's

moon. It's shone brightly that night. 'Wherever you are Orias, I'm

thinking of you.' He closed his eyes and his lightning symbol glowed.

In a deserted manor far away from the castle, Orias arms and

legs were chained. He was still unconscious. Suddenly, a magenta light

glowed around him. 'Orias, wherever you are I'm thinking of you.'

Trinity's voice echoed in his mind.

Orias slowly opened his eyes. For awhile his vision was a little

blurry then things came into view. He looked at his surroundings. He felt

the cold hard steel cuffs that were bond to his wrists and ankles. 'Where

am I? What happened?' He moaned out loud.

Just then the door opened, and Archious entered in the room.

Archious saw that Orias had come to consciousness. 'Ah, my beloved prince,

alas you awaken.' Archious greeted Orias.

'Archious, I should of known that you were behind this.' Orias was

not very happy to see Archious' face.

'Well, thanks to the help of my sister, she devised a perfect plan.

Now I'll have you falling in love with me no matter what.' Archious


'You've made a very sad mistake then Archious. Trinity will come

for me. He will not give up until he finds me.' Orias protested.

'Oh, I expect him to come looking for you, cause when he does find

you, you'll be only seeing me as the one you love, not Trinity.' Archious


'You'll never get away with this. You'll never make me truly love

you!' Orias spat.

'I really don't care about that. As soon as we kill your lover boy,

you and I will be married. I will rule as king as soon as your parents are

both killed. Then everything will be in my power. Then my dear love you

will never remember the name Trinity again.' Archious kissed Orias' lips.

Orias tried to move his face but Archious held his face still.

There was a knock on the door. 'Who is it?' Archious called.

'It's me my lord. I have news about Anisa.' A male voice called

from the other side of the door.

'Come in then. What word from my sister?' Archious asked.

'My lord, when she was fighting, she made herself into a sand Figure. She had Trinity, before lightning struck her, and now she is

trapped inside glass.' The scout hated to bare the news.

'No, that can't be. Trinity is more of a nuisance then I thought.

I can't go and set my sister free. By now there are probably more guards

surrounding the castle ground and my sister as well,' He turned to Orias,

'Well, it seems like your prince is coming after you not to long from now.

That means I have to get Elandtris here and quick, if things are going to

go my way.'

Archious, turned and left to the door. 'You won't get away with

this. No matter what you do to me, I'll always love Trinity, not you.'

Orias shouted.

Archious just turned to face him and grinned evilly, then left the

room. As the door closed Orias started to cry.

Flashbacks of what happened earlier played back in his head.

'Trinity, I love you more then anything. Don't feel like you are guilty.

Feel what's inside my heart and rest assure that I'm doing okay.' Orias

sent his thoughts, hoping that they would reach Trinity.

Back at the castle, Trinity suddenly felt Orias' thoughts. He

smiled and looked back at the moon. 'Now I can rest a little, cause he's

thinking of me and he's okay for the moment.

* * * *

The sun had rose for another day, washing away the darkness that

happened every night. 'Trinity, you be safe now. Please bring Orias back.

We know you can do it. Our hopes and prayers are with you. Don't give up

even in the darkest of hours of your heart.' The queen kissed Trinity on

the cheek.

'Don't despair, find him, so we can all be happy again. Use the

light in your heart.' The king gave his encouraging words of wisdom.

'Thank you both. I will come back with Orias. Don't you worry

about me. I maybe gullible, but I'm still thick headed. I don't give up

that easily.' He chuckled.

The king and queen couldn't help but laugh a bit. 'Have a safe

journey. If Archious took Orias anywhere near it would be the Count's old

mansion to the west. No one has been there for a long time. For the

count's daughter had died there and there are rumors of her spirit still

lives there.' The king spoke.

'Thank you. I must be on my way.' Trinity got up on a horse, and

waved bye to the king and queen.

The horse took off like a bullet out of a gun. 'I'm on my way

Orias. I'll find you no matter what. Keep your thoughts open so I can

sense where you are.' Trinity thought.

There was a black coach outside the front of the mansion. 'Madame

Elandtris. Thank you for coming on short notice like this. But you are

the only one that could turn someone's heart against their hearts desire.'

Archious greeted Elandtris.

'This is risky business, but I'm happy to do it. We are probably

about to break ever code in nature, and the law of the king as well. With

the prince being the victim, I'll make sure and do a successful job. But

there is a settlement of payment for my visit.' Elandtris said.

Elandtris was in her early 40's, but her beauty would have had

anybody think that she was a young blossoming maiden. Her body figure was

slender as if no signs of old age. Her face was white as snow. Her touch

was as cold as ice if you ever touched her.

Archious escorted her to the room that Orias was being held

captive. Fear came over Orias' face as soon as he saw Elantris' face.

'Good afternoon your highness, to meet under such circumstances.' Elantris


'I must have full concentration, so I'll have to put you into

unconsciousness. I will have to have you leave Archious. It will take a

lot of work to probe his mind and block off any memories of Trinity.'

Archious left Elantris to her work.

'I know I'm putting my neck on the line to do this, but his payment

for this is worth it. I know of the laws that your father has over us, but

I'll block that out of you mind too.' She put Orias into a sleepless


She closed her eyes and put her hands around Orias' head. Dark

energy that looked like spider webs came out of her hands. In Orias' mind

she speed through many memories and areas. She put a block on all the

memories of Trinity, making sure that they were unbreakable to undo. She

erased all the memories of Archious ever going to the castle and trying to

kidnap him, and the fight with Anisa.

It was about sunset when she was done with her duties. She got up

and rubbed her head. She opened the door and Archious was leaning against

the wall. 'It is done my lord. He will only see you that he loves and no

one else. There is a change though that the blocks that I put on his

memories of Trinity might be unleashed. I don't know how, but there is

that chance. He is now under your control.' She spoke to Archious.

'Let's test how well you did your job then my lady.' They both

went into the room.

Archious went to the bed and work Orias up. 'Orias. Can you hear

me?' He asked.

Orias opened his eyes. His eyes were pupilless, and he looked at

Archious. 'Where I am?' Orias sat up.

'You are at our new home my beloved prince, with the one you love.'

Archious put his hand on Orias'.

'I'm home with the one I love, Archious.' Orias muttered.

'You did your job well there sorceress. I'm grateful for your

services.' He nodded his in acknowledgement.

'Then my part is done. I must attend to my duties at my castle.

If the spell breaks, call me immediately.' She put her hood over her head

and left.

* * * *

Trinity had gotten off the horse so the creature could rest and get

its breath back. Not to far from the road was a little creek, he let the

horse drink, and he grabbed a hand full of water in his hands and washed

his face. The suddenly saw something glowing in the trees across the

river. He got up carefully not to scare whatever was creating the light.

He saw a woman with white hair, and skin so fair he couldn't believe what

he was seeing. 'Do not be afraid, for I hear your thoughts Jimmy, or

rather Prince Trinity from the planet called earth.' The woman spoke to

him, as if she knew everything about him.

'Who are you?' He managed to spit out with his amazement.

'I am the lady of the forests, and I'm Arelia. I see everything

that happens here in my forest and meadows.' She introduced herself.

'If she can read my mind, then did she see...' He was cut off by


'Yes I have seen who you seek. I saw Prince Orias pass this way

carried away by the lord Archious. I was wondering what was happening,

cause I saw what happened the other day. I found it quiet amusing what you

did, but I really saw that you were protecting the prince. I reached into

your thoughts and found out you loved him. Since then I wanted to meet

you. I do know that you have the capabilities to use the powers of

weather. So far you are the only one that has ever seen me, besides the

animals and the plants. No being has seen me.' She added.

'Sorry for sounding selfish, but do you know where Archious took

Orias or where they were headed?' Trinity asked.

'Yes I do know where they are hidden from your eyes. It is of

great importance that you do find him, for he is not himself. He is

captive under a dark spell. Be prepared to face him, and what's in your

heart, for you will be tested in ways. I will show you the way.' Arelia

put her hand on Trinity's cheek.

Images flashed in his head telling him were to go. The last image

he got was a huge mansion. 'Thank you my lady of the forests. I greatly

appreciate what you have done for me.' Trinity kissed her hand, and got on

the horse.

'Thank you for letting me met you Trinity. There is no time now,

you must go to the prince, and he needs your help greatly. If you don't

you'll lose him forever to that dark lord. Go quickly.' Arelia waved bye

as she saw him take off.

In his mind he thought, 'Thank you so much. Orias I'm coming, hold

on my love.

The sun was soon setting, and Trinity had decided he'd stop and

rest for the night. Before he closed his eyes, he put up an electric

barrier of lightning, so no one can ambush him during the night.

At the mansion Archious was in his room with Orias. Both of them

were kissing each other passionately. None of them had any clothes on,

sweat emanating from their bodies. Orias was straddled on top of Archious

going at a nice medium rhythm. They have been at it for sometime, and both

almost close to their climax. Archious suddenly let out a loud moan and

shuttered. Orias felt the warmth that was in his body and came.

When Orias was released from this tension, and image of Trinity

appeared in his head. He did not remember who it was, so he just shook it

off. During most of the night Orias tossed and turned. No matter what he

was dreaming of, Trinity appeared in all of them. Orias finally opened his

eyes and sat up. 'Who is this person that I can't seem to get rid of in my

mind. It's like I know him, but I can't seem to think of who he is. Is

this person someone I love? No it can't be, cause I love Archious, and no

one else. It's just a dream that's all, nothing more.' Orias laid back

down and went to sleep.



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