After I released in the garage, Darren dressed and had me do the same. I was spent. He had me talk about what just happened snd what it meant to me. I said I wanted him to touch me every day.    He laughed. No, he said what did cumming like that mean to me.

I said I think I like men. He laughed again. Thats what he wanted to hear. Me giving into my sexuality.

He opened the garage and told me to come back tomorrow.  He kissed me, gave my butt a squeeze and sent me on my way.

I walked home thinking about what he said. Yes. I wanted men. I hadn't thought about it that way.  I thought I was just horney for men, but I wanted to be with men.

I of course returned, but he didnt have sex in mind at that time. He took me into his living area. I had never seen it in the years i had worked for him. 

He showed me how to clean up, shower, clean my ass, my cock keep my pubic hair trimmed, how to shave my face properly, the use of cologne, and make my hair presentable.  And finally to wear clothes and the proper briefs to wear with clothes. No one had ever showed me these things. At least not the right way

Darren and I were same size so all clothes fit great.  He had bought a couple packs of briefs for me to wear which was neat. They fit so tight.  Once I was decked out he took me by the hand and led me to his bedroom. What a bed! I was used to single bed in a hot room His king size bed was amazing and the room was so cool with AC!

He sat on the edge of the big bed, pulled me toward him and unbuttoned my shirt, rubbing his hands over my chest and pricking my nipples with his thumb and fingers.  I moaned at the feeling. He pushed the shirt off and worked on my belt. My cock was so hard, it pushed out of the top of the new tight briefs. My pants fell to the ground.  My briefs were wet with precum.

Darren ignored that and pulled them down to the floor. I stepped out of them. He had me fold the clothes and put them on a big chair across the room.  I walked backed to him naked with a bouncing hard cock.

I was standing there naked with my cock at full extension and him on the bed edge.  He pushed me away, stood up and stripped himself, neatly placing his clothes on a T wardrobe.  Then he the slid onto the big bed, on top of the comforter. waving to me to join him.

I followed. The bed was so soft. The air was cool.  We laid next to each other and he began to kiss me.  I responded but wasn't very good. He held my face and worked his tongue into my mouth. It was so tender and I just naturally sucked it in. That drove him deeper into my mouth, with his hand grasping my cock and rubbing against his own. I was in love with the feelings.

Darren kept at my mouth.  He kicked off the bed spread under him, then pulled me on top of him and kicked the rest of the spread off the bed. We were then on the cool silk sheets.  I had never felt such a thing. Soft and shiny.  He was still kissing my mouth and neck, kneading my ass. His body below me was so warm and hard.

He looked directly at me, holding my face, kissing me and then strongly stated he wanted my cock in him. He reached down and rubbed my hard cock and shaft on his crack. I thought it was all over and I would cum right then. But I knew more was to come. So from lessons learned from yesterday, I squeezed hard on my balls to keep the orgasm inside.

Darren pushed me up and had me get on my knees. He reached into the night stand, squeezed lotion onto his hand and rubbed it on my cock, balls, thighs and abs. Then he rubbed it into his hole, pushing his fingers up inside himself, sliding them deep inside, 2 then 3.  After that he continued rubbing it on the inside of his thighs, on his balls, slightly moaning. Amazing I thought. He was beautiful. Darren reached back into the draw and brought out a array of condoms.  I wanted bright blue. He slipped it onto my hard pole in an instant.

He reached for one of the many pillows on the bed, putting one underneath him.  Darren positioned his ass on it, putting it up high. His arms touched the head of the bed.  His hole glowed with lube at a perfect angle. I just stared. I didn't move an inch. He then reached out grabbed my ass, softly guiding me to his hole.  I felt his opening and listened to his directions. I went easy going in not sure what to do.  But he powerfully pulled my ass toward him.

My cock felt the tightness of his opening.  My mind said "Oh my." He pulled me in deeper. I felt another tight ring, Darren groaned. Then I pushed in on my own.  I was inside him up to half on my cock.

His ass was tight and slick. The lube was so warm. He said "fuck me man.!"  So I pushed in a bit more and pulled out. Then back in. His ass was so tight. Once in, I had to work to pull back. Then he relaxed. Then I felt it, going in and out. Sliding on the lube. He was holding my thighs as I slid in and out of his hole.  

His lips were wet from his tongue, but I could only concentrate on the in and out in that tight warm ass. I went faster and his ass was squirming on my cock. I was grunting and started to get a rhythm.  His head was thrashing, his arms above his head now, holding onto the head of the bed, my sweat was dripping on him, mixing with his perspiration and the lube he had spread everywhere on us.

I could feel my balls slapping his lower bum, and it was causing me to boil. I finally gave up and began driving into him. We were both moaning and grunting. Darren motivating me to go harder.

My sheathed cock was so slick. Looking down watching my blue encased cock go in and out of his cute ass finally made me feel my orgasm working its way from spine to my cock head. A few more deep thrusts and I gushed my cum into his ass.  I was turned on even more as I saw it leak out around my blue cock. Driving a few more thrusts for good measure.  Darrens cock was so pretty and hard, and as soon as I wrapped my hand around it, stroked a few times with my lubed hands, he shot hot strings of cum up his chest and and abs.

My effort caused me to collapse on him, exhausted.  He again drove his tongue into my mouth, stroking my hair, my ass, my back, calling me a great fuck, his lover.  I fell off him to his side, my leg over his cock.  Darren then reached down between us and brought up a finger with wet cum, painting my lips, pushing it into my mouth. What a taste. I licked my lips, his finger and then sucked in his tongue

After we relaxed a bit Darren said what we did before was sex, this was making love.  I smiled, rested my head on his chest, stroking his semi hard, sticky cock and fell to sleep.  



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