I was just about to shoot my load when Darren eased up, slid his hand down my cock to its base. He used his thumb and finger to encircle the base tightly.  He stated he wanted to keep me hard for as long as possible.  He kept up the stroking and stopping for quite a while, driving me to a frenzy.

But it felt so hot.  Feeling that cum in my balls and up my shaft a bit, and Darren then squeezing to cut off the flow.  My cock head was huge and flaring.  His fingers acting like a cock ring and  ejaculation contol all at the same time.  

Darren then turned me to him. His beautiful cock now exposed and rubbing mine. His mouth went to my nipples.  His hands every now and again stroking my cock, and then squuezing off the flow. He opened my mouth with his hand on my jaw, driving his tounge into my wet mouth, licking my tounge. I slurped at his mouth and tounge, our steaming saliva mixing, running out my mouth down onto my chest.  Darren let go of my jaw and went again after my nipples.  It was like he was eating me piece by piece.

A man possessed Darren, kept going lower. My nipples were left for my ribs, then abs, then my flair of hair to my cock.  All the while squeezing and strokiing my hardon.  My hands went to his hair.  His head went around my balls, using a tongue like a hand.

Darren then looked up at me, asking if I was ready! Oh my was I.  I winked.  His head went right over that swollen head.  I pushed right up. But he held my hips.  Saying stay still.  I did.  The next 10 minutes he licked, twisted, pulled, stroked, sucked, squeezed, my cock.  He finally said it was time.  I agreed.  He let go of the squeeze and jacked me.  Oh lordy his hand stroked me and I couldnt stop.  My cum flew out so hard I  could feel my slit expand. It hit the garage wall, then Darren, then the garage floor.  

Darren was yelling "hell ya, go my man."   I shook for a minute as last cums dribbled out.  Darren still stroking and squeezing.  My legs went weak and I knelt on the hard garage floor.  Meeting Darren I shot my tounge into his mouth.  We fell sideways onto the hard floor. I owed him.  



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