Neighborly Lust 2

I couldn't believe the amazing moments that I had just experienced in that garage!   My body was tingling from head to toe. The testosterone was surging through my body. What Darren had done to me and for me blew my mind.  

I walked home that night with my ass sore from Darrens sexual anal invasion.  My nipples were stinging  from Darrens pinches and suckling. I was beyond satisfied. My body felt as if I had become a man.  My brain said I was still a boy who needed more experience.  

When I got to my room I pulled out my stash of male on male porn. Looking at the mens positions, studying the location of their mouths and tounges on nipples,  cocks and asses.   Staying up all night studying,  my cock hard, my fingers tingling my cock head and balls.

 The pictures flowed through my mind. "I could do that, I can try that, that would be fun"  echoing in my ears.  All the time the thought of Darren and his beautiful body fucking my tender ass was a vision in my eye.  

Masturbating my sex usually came easy but that night I was so tired, I fell asleep with my hand on  my ass hole feeling its outline, my fingers  touching the gentle outer ring. Wondering, can I get better for Darren, letting him have more of my ass?  

The next few days Darren watched me doing my  assigned chores.  Never once mentioning our daliances. We sat on the couch chatting our normal topics. I would walk home each evening horny and dissapointed.  I didnt need my usual porn, my cock was so hard and hot I would come within a few strokes with Darren being my object of desire.

After 5 days or so I was quite despondent. Seeing Darren, but not being with him was maddening. On the Friday of that week I was done with my tasks and was walking down his drive to go home. Darren threw a sharp whistle and waved to me to come back. I turned, smiled and  strode up the hill to him. Once inside the garage, the door shut behind me.  

In the dim light of the garage, with the couch against the wall, Darren, bare chested, asked me if I had  enjoyed being with him on the couch last week.  My smile broadened and I said "Oh very very much." He came closer and asked If I missed his touch. His hand on my back pulling me close to him.   Oh  how sexy he smelled. I could hardly breathe. I gasped for words and  said "I cant stand being away from you.  I cant stand being near you. I get so h

Darren moved in behind me, his hands dropping to my hips, his lips kissing my sensitive neck and his tounge swiping at my ears. He pressed agaisnt my back, lifting my T shirt over my head, rubbing his rough hands over my nipples. He did the same and pushed against me again, his furry chest rubbing my bare back. I whimpered and dropped my head so he could get a clear shot at my neck. Total sensations.

Darren was not satisfied there. He drove his right hand down the front of my shorts, grabbing my cock with that rough hand.    I relaxed back into him. I was his. He continued swabbing my ears with a wet tounge, but now whispering dirty suggestions into my brain.  His left hand unbuckled my belt and  whipped it off.  The belt buckle clanged to the floor and my shorts slipped off my hips. His left hand shot into my shorts to meet his right on my knob. He had me encased in his arms.

I was in a whirl of sexy energy. My shorts around my feet had been kicked across the wroom. Darren was on my cock, but not jacking me. He was squeezing my cock top to bottom. Both hands tightening then letting go, right hand then left.  I was being manhandled.   His squeezes were drawing my balls up and my cock to bigger.  Just as  I was about to shoot..........



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