I first want to thank Tuppie for motivating me to write this. His stories about this topic made me want to write my own.

I was just 19, I knew I wanted men for a few years. Porn mags introduced me to the beauty of cock and buns. I read and looked at pics of men going at it. My masturbation sessions were filled with thoughts of hot cock, nipples, asses and cumming.

I had cut grass and shoveled snow for a single man up the street from me for a few years. Talk around the neighborhood was that he "liked guys." I always wondered what was the issue? So did I, at least I wanted to. 

Darren seemed very nice, and had always paid me generously. After I had finished my chores for him, we would sit on the old sofa in his basement. School cars, money, local gossip were a staple of conversation. This type of back and forth went on each time for 3 winters and summers.

He was quite cute with brownish hair and green eyes. And very well a solid man. Needless to say when he touched me in any way I would just about shiver. This would happen often as we joked around in the yard or he would help me dry out my winter clothes after shoveling. Nothing obvious at the time.

As I approached 19, and was more involved with my sexuality I noticed my arousal when I was near him. At night, my thoughts and hands fantasized about Darren. My masturbations became fierce with his image, often dropping my gay porn mags while my brain brought him close. I would shoot loads on myself thinking of Darren doing nasty gay sex to me, often jerking to the thought of him in my ass many times in a long night.

My 19th birthday was barely celebrated in my house. But the ring of the house phone changed that. It was Darren asking if I could stop by and help him move some furniture. I jumped at the chance, and not just for the money! My cock was bursting at the chance to be with him.

Darren met me in the garage. Not that I hadn't noticed before but his bulge in his shorts was beautiful. Rounded and packed. His nipples also poked through his blue T-shirt. I was a horney teenager! I asked what was happening. He smiled a beautiful grin and closed the garage door.

To my surprise and delight he approached me, wrapped his arms around my waist then began to kiss my neck, ears, mouth over and over. His grasp on my ass was so hard I thought he would pull me through him. I pushed away not knowing I wanted it so bad, and then instantly relented. Darren whispered that he needed me, wanted me. My response was equal. My brain was whirling as I took his tounge into my mouth and held his ass for the first time. Then my hands were all over him. His ass, back, neck, hair, then that hard cock. Man O man. What a cock

Darren picked me up by my ass cheeks and threw me on the sofa. The sofa we had sat on and talked so many times. No words this time. Darren pulled off my shorts and briefs in one motion. I was spread eagle with my exposed hard cock and pink ass. Darren stood above me and stripped off his T-shirt, exposing beautiful nipples and hairy abs. My cocked jumped at the site. Next his shorts came off. Darren had a 7 inch cut wonderful cock. Pictures in a porn mag didnt match his man glory.

Darren then sat next to me, swiftly grabbed my cock and played with it delighting in my moans and groans. Then, then, he stood up, sank to his knees and pushed my thighs away from my ass. He sank his mouth right on my ass hole. O my O my. His warm mouth on my button. Dildos had given me much pleasure, but his tounge and mouth blew me away. Abruptly, Darren shoved my legs apart even further opening my teenage ass. I was in lustful heaven. Then my fantasies came true. Darren reached into the sofa, pulled out a red  condom and in an instant wrapped his bulging tool with the sheath.  

My eyes opened as wide as possible when he next spat on his hand and stabbed two, then three wet fingers in my gaping hole. Omygoodness. What joy. His red covered prick followed close behind. I grabbed my hamstrings and begged Darren to "do it" to me.

That condom covered cock head was hotter than any big dildo I played with. My anticipation was soon tempered as his big cock met the target. The pain made me yelp "No" but meaning yes. Three times i yelled no. But i wanted it. Darren ignored my baby cries and pushed into me. And then, yes, yes was all i could say. Yes more, please Darren, more. He obliged. Spitting more saliva on his hand and then onto the red condom and into my ass. 

He pumped and groaned, and I watched, amazed at his chest and abs and feeling his balls hitting my bottom. His arms reached above me to the back of sofa, pumping furiously at my man hole. My eyes closed, teeth biting my own arm. 

Darren slowed, hand stroked me a fast 20 times and then let loose, pumping his red cock into me, hitting bottom on each shove. I was going to cum, his cock and my lust taking over. 2, then 3, 4 pumps more and Darren was grunting. I knew he was close. I could feel his cock and balls heating up, then one last deep pump

Darren pulled out of my wet asshole, ripped the red condom off and shot gobs of spunk on my cock, abs, face, sofa. My own cock exploded upwards, shooting off white sperm arcing in the air. Hitting me on its fall back diwn . I was covered. Darren collapsed on me, our chest absorbing the creamy ejaculations between two lovers.



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