Nasty Father In Law

by MuskyDad

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The Wedding

Eric has resolved himself to marrying Anne – his lovely fiancée – despite the torrid sex with Anne’s father Don.  Anne is attentive and has so many good qualities she will make a fine wife he tells himself.  He is sure he can be a good husband.  The next time they make love at his apartment he tries to focus on pleasing her while banishing thoughts of Don’s sexy body and cock and amazing aromas when they fucked all over his apartment.  He makes her cum while going down on her trying not think of Don’s hairy butthole and its musky taste that drove him crazy, the smell of which he carried around on his beard all day.

When they’ve finished Eric goes into the bathroom to piss.  While his strong yellow stream hits the bowl noisily he lets his fingers play in the piss and the hot nasty memory of his piss scene with Don comes, well, flooding back.  After they’d fucked and Don had taken Eric’s cherry and bred him, Don had to piss so Eric led him into the shower and got down on his knees.  He looked up pleadingly at Don who had worn such a nasty, sexy grin that Eric knew he’d done the right thing.  Don started to piss on Eric’s body, hot fragrant piss that drenched Eric all over.  Eric moved his head and mouth into the stream and got to taste Don’s steaming sweet piss which he gulped down.  When he caught another mouthful, Don bent down and kissed Eric greedily sucking up some of his own piss – their tongues wrestled coated in piss and they shared it.  Eric started pissing up his own chest and Don got down and sucked some of it straight from the tap.  They both had piss everywhere on their bodies – hair faces armpits backs asses and cocks covered in piss.  Don got down on his hands and knees and indicated that Eric should piss on his hairy asshole-Eric aimed his strong stream right at the pink pucker and fired away.  Don groaned as the piss hit his hole and some went inside his ass.  Eric inserted the tip of his semi hard dick into Don’s hole and let the piss shoot inside.  I guess this is as close as I’ll get to fucking you, he said and Don looked sad.  This will have to be enough Don replied but this is a fucking hot way to end our affair.  Eric licked up his own piss and began sucking it out of Don’s sloppy hot butthole.  The hair along his crack was matted with piss.  They came together face to face on the floor of the shower kissing like mad and reveling in the piss covered tile, both covered in the yellow hot fragrant urine.

Finally, Don got up. I have to shower and leave, baby.  And yes I know I can’t call you that but tonight it special and you are my baby.  Eric almost burst into tears but he nodded and stepped out letting Don wash all of their piss, spit and cum off his body.  God he didn’t want this to end but it had to. 

Eric snapped back to reality as his dick was rock hard again and he’d gotten piss all over the place daydreaming about Don.  Anne yelled asking if he was going to shower – yes in a minute he yelled back through he closed door.  God what an idiot he thought as mopped up his piss and jumped into the shower.  He was glad they’d had decent sex and she was satisfied even if he’d only been to come thinking about 69’ing with Don – that would pass he told himself.  Anne was everything he ever wanted. 

The wedding ceremony at the church a month later was fairly uneventful.  Eric and Anne were duly married, there were lots of happy tears, and everyone headed over to a fancy banquet hall after for the reception – bride and groom took the limo over with Don and Marie.  Eric’s widowed mom Laura rode with them since she was solo.  How I wish your father was alive to see this day she cried!   Don’t cry Mom, Eric comforted her.  This is a joyful day and I’ve brought you a new daughter who loves you almost as much as me plus I’m getting an amazing father-in-law in Don and mother-in-law in Marie!  Everyone toasted with the champagne in the stretch limo. 

When they got to the reception hall Eric noticed Don head straight to the hosted bar and order a double scotch on the rocks.  He could feel Don’s eyes on him most of the evening as his new father-in-law continued to get slightly hammered.  Eric and Anne became a bit tipsy themselves on champagne.  During the father-daughter dance Don was a tad unsteady but Anne was a good sport and steadied him.  Eric tried not to think about Don naked but as he became more relaxed and with Don just 20 feet from him, it was hard not to.  Eric kept gulping water to help alleviate the effects of the champagne and finally he had to piss like crazy.  He found a secluded men’s room at the other end of the hall away from most of the party goers.

Eric had just gotten his dick out of his fly at the urinal when he heard the door creak open behind him. Suddenly Don was next to him and making no effort to hide that he was staring at Eric’s thick cock while slightly swaying on his feet.  Nobody else was in the small bathroom.  I had to see you said Don, slurring.  Don reached for Eric’s cock and got piss all over his fingers.  He licked it up greedily while staring into Eric’s eyes.  Don I’m a married man now protested Eric – I’m your son, I don’t think this is right.  Fuck it Don almost shouted, I have to have you. He reached over and kissed Eric hard - breath boozy but still fucking hot.  His tongue pushed into Eric’s mouth who couldn’t resist kissing him back.  Eric could taste scotch and his own piss on Don’s lips and he sucked his tongue.  Don started moaning and Eric pulled him against his body.  Both men were rock hard now – Eric glanced at the door but there was no lock on it.  Don dropped down and took Eric into his mouth licking the last of the piss drops up and deep throating him.  Oh my God the sex with Anne was never like this – Eric’s blood was racing and his dick was already oozing precum.  Don pulled back and looked up, Eric I want you to fuck me.  I need your cum in my ass.

Eric was worried someone could come in or overhear everything and pulled Don to his feet – both their hard dripping dicks were sticking of the flies of their tuxes.  He yanked him into the large handicapped stall and flipped the latch.  Eric I need you – I can’t stop Don gurgled, sloppy with drink and tears.  He undid his belt and pulled down his pants and briefs.  Take me here – use my hole.  Eric was torn – he knew this was a huge mistake but he was so turned on and he was tipsy too.  His desperation to taste and fuck Don overrode his reason and he dropped down and jammed his face between Don’s sweaty musky butt cheeks.,  Don’s ass had an intoxicating blend of aromas of sweat, expensive aftershave and his slightly dirty ripe hole.  Eric pushed his tongue into Don’s hole making both men moan.  God he loved the taste of his father in law’s ass – nothing with Anne came close.  Eric lapped and lapped getting Don’s hole soaked with spit.  He tongue fucked him getting it ready for his dripping wet dick.  You want this? Eric moaned hoarsely.  Fuck yes said Don, give it to me.  All of it.  Fuck me raw and hard.  Okay said Eric as he drove his dick up Don’s ass in one swoop.  No stopping for niceties.  Don groaned and twitched with pain but Eric didn’t care – Don wanted to risk everything for Eric’s load so he was going to get it.  Eric piledrived his cock deep into Don while pinning his hands against the stall wall.  The entire structure shook from their thrust fucking.  Don tried to reach down to his own dick but Eric was in charge and wouldn’t let him.  You want this, Dad?  He sneered.  You want your son’s sperm up your nasty ass?  Here it fucking goes!  I’m going to breed you and you’ll have my cum dripping out of your hole all night unless you finger yourself and taste it like last time!   Just as Eric grunted and shot his load into a moaning Don, who was begging to be bred, they heard the door to the bathroom open. 

What the fuck!  Is everthing okay in here?  It was Brad, the wedding date for Anne’s sister Kathy.   Eric slumped against a still standing Don, his dick buried deep in Don’s asshole but they were both silent after Eric clapped his hand over Don’s mouth.  Eric got his wits first – Hey Brad, yeah, Anne’s Dad Don had a bit too much to imbibe and got sick so I’m being a good son and helping him get cleaned up and presentable…please don’t tell Marie or Anne!  We don’t want to ruin their time.  Eric knew the room smelled like ripe ass, sperm, male body odor and piss and wondered if Brad noticed.  Okay said Brad – jeez it reeks in here do you need any help?   No no it’s cool we don’t want to humiliate our host any more I’ll handle it thanks Brad.  Just let everyone know who asks we will be out in a few. Eric could see Brad trying to peek through the gap beside the stall door but he left.  The door creaked shut.

Eric pulled out of Don’s sopping butthole – his dick was covered in sperm spit and shit.  His dense pubic bush was matted with it.  Don was slightly out of it but smiled a drunk happy grin at Eric.  Get down there Dad and clean my fucking cock off!  Eric commanded.  I can’t go back to your daughter with a dirty cock smelling like my Dads’s raunchy ass.  Don looked reluctantly at Eric’s filthy cock – he started to shake his head no but Eric pushed him to his knees and Don complied.  Open your mouth, Eric demanded as he rubbed his nasty penis along Don’s lips and chin.  Don couldn’t help himself, he sniffed the cock and opened his mouth.  Lick it clean!  Eric demanded, they’ll expect you to look a mess and I know you want it.  We’re both pigs, like father like son.  Don licked Eric’s cock clean and his tongue became hungry sucking up every drop of shit smear, sperm, and piss from his cock and balls.  That’s my good Dad, Eric smiled and reached down to kiss Don lovingly.  He reaches around Don and fingers his hole getting some of his own cum globs and feeds them to Don who gulps greedily.  You’re really a cum pig, aren’t you Dad?  Now let’s get cleaned up and get the fuck out of here.