Nasty Father In Law

by MuskyDad

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After Eric and Don left the bathroom and went back to the reception everything felt surreal.  They had gotten cleaned up as best they could using the soap and copious paper towels but it was obvious to everyone in the room that something had happened in that bathroom – Don looked shaken and pale so the family assumed he had drank way too much scotch and had gotten sick.  Anne took Eric aside to ask about her dad – she was visibly upset and thanked him for taking care of Don.  If only she knew how he’d taken care of him and that Eric’s huge load of cum was in Don’s ass as they spoke and once again Eric’s beard and lips had the aroma of Don’s funky asshole on them.  Luckily she didn’t try to kiss him.  Marie was furious with her husband and was trying to get him to leave but Don just stayed at his table downing champagne.  He was a bit of a trainwreck but still sexy as hell. 

Brad came over to Eric too and asked him if everything was okay?  He leaned into Eric and spoke very quietly with a kind voice, Dude you smell like ass, it was so rank in that bathroom I didn’t know what to think and honestly you look like you’ve been through the wringer.  Your tux is all stained and wrinkled.  Can I help you with anything? Eric turned beet red but he appreciated the concern that Brad had in his warm emerald green eyes and it was obvious Brad was trying to be discreet.  Eric suddenly realized how handsome Brad really was and how well put together – all 6 foot 5 inches of him. Fuck what he was doing?!? He thought to himself.  Don had definitely gotten under his skin – now he’s checking out his wife’s sister’s boyfriend.  But Brad put a concerned hand on Eric’s arm and squeezed it gently – his smile was electrifying.  Listen dude Brad said -if you ever need to talk I’m your man.  I know we both don’t have brothers or fathers so I feel we could be close friends and support each other.  Hopefully Don isn’t riding your ass about anything?  I’ll ping you after you get back from your honeymoon and let’s connect.   Eric felt his dick twinge at Brad’s strong gentle touch.  He smiled and nodded. But first dude you need to wash that beard!

On the Hawaii honeymoon Eric and Anne got along fine, mostly.  They had sex almost everyday and it was fine, mostly.  Eric tried to keep his mind away from Don but now he was curious about Kathy’s sexy boyfriend, Brad.  He couldn’t wait to meet with him alone and get to know him better – maybe they really could be brothers.  If Brad ended up marrying Kathy after dating for 2 years that could be interesting.  On their last day on Maui, they spent most of the day at the beach.  Eric went into the men’s cabana to change out of his sandy swimsuit.  The only person in there was the attendant – a handsome chunky Asian guy who smiled at Eric and asked if he needed any assistance?  Eric had drank a few mai-tais and was a little unsteady.  When he got his suit down to his ankles he started to tilt and the attendant rushed over to help – Eric noticed he was staring at his fat dick which started to chub up by the attention.  Sir!  Let me help you the attendant said and got down on his knees to help untangle the swimsuit from Eric’s big feet covered with sand.  The man’s head brushed Eric’s dick – his silky black hair felt good so Eric’s dick got semi-hard.  The attendant looked up at Eric with milky brown eyes with a big question – Eric nodded and the man started stroking his cock.  Needing no further encouragement, the man went all the way down on Eric to the balls.  He started choking but grabbed Eric’s ass and pushed his cock deeper into his throat.   Gobs of saliva started foaming in the man’s mouth covering Eric’s cock and bush in delicious slime.  He kept throat fucking himself on Eric’s stiff boner letting the penis thrust against his tonsils – he seemed to enjoy gagging on it.  Despite hacking and coughing he kept going in for more cock like a starving man.  Eric was so turned on he was already close to cumming.  The man pulled off his cock and laid down on the floor – he gestured that Erik should sit on his face.  Eric’s ass was sweaty and ripe and full of sand.  He hadn’t showered since yesterday but the man didn’t seem to care so Eric squatted over his face and let him tongue lap his crack and hole. He moved up and down Eric’s smelly taint lapping the hole and his warm low hanging balls, taking them in his mouth one at a time.   The attendant pulled out his own uncut dick with loose flap foreskin and began jerking himself off.  Eric could smell the ripe smegma cheese from under the foreskin and it was making him even hornier.  He reached over and fingered the man’s moist dirty asshole and pulled it out sniffing its manly aroma – he smeared his dirty finger on his beard and on the man’s lip.  It was really nasty.  The smell made Eric blast his cum on the man’s chest – they both came together with the attendant’s load shooting up and hitting Eric’s cock.  He came out from under Eric’s asshole and started scooping up the mixed cum loads and licking them off his fingers. 

Eric was tempted to taste it but thought better of it with Anne right next door.  He jumped in the shower and washed off the sand and got dressed.  The two men smiled shyly at each other as Eric left.  Anne had a strange look on her face when they met up – hey what’s up?  Eric asked.  You tell me, Anne spat.   I heard weird noises coming out of the men’s dressing area.  What were you doing?  It was just an Asian dude doing some floor exercises in his undies and grunting, Eric said.  It’s no big deal. I’m drunk and it was hard to get my suit off and get cleaned up.  Chill the fuck out.  Anne shut her mouth with a petulant look. 

Things got better between them that night over a fancy seafood dinner and when they got back to their room Eric went down on her so he wouldn’t have to fuck after his sweaty release in the men’s cabana.  Anne seemed happy and relaxed but once again Eric was thinking about Don’s funky butthole and the Asian man’s sexy body, belly and raunchy cheesy dick.  He also thought about Brad and his arms and shoulders. They flew home the next day and began life as a married couple. 

Anne moved into Eric’s apartment so it was no longer a bachelor pad. It was not easy adjusting to a female occupying his sacred space putting in her own knickknacks and taking up so much closet space.  They both worked so had to juggle grocery shopping, laundry and other chores.  Eric couldn’t get to the gym and missed seeing the sweaty men working out and the occasional wank in the shower area.  The worst part was Anne insisted he wear deodorant most of the time which he hated.  He didn’t mind showering but he liked his own stink and often smelled his own armpits and ripe hole when jerking off.  He used to deliberately skip washing his butthole in the shower letting his natural aromas marinate.  After a couple of days his hole was like an aphrodisiac especially when he rubbed his own cum up there – at least to him and Don, who he hadn’t heard from since the crazy wedding night.  Maybe he needed to cool off.  Eric sent Don a text – are you okay?  Yes was the one word reply.  Shit. But Eric did get a text from Brad inviting him over for a beer later in the week. Dude come by I need your advice!  texted Brad.  With pleasure Eric thought. 

Eric races to Brad’s place after work.  After he opened the door Brad pulls him in for a full body embrace – this was no bro hug.  Brad wrapped his huge arms around Eric and squeezed him tight his big hands rubbing Eric’s back – he even kissed the top of Eric’s head.  Wow!  said Eric, that’s some greeting.  I guess you’re glad to see me he joked.  Dude you have no idea, Brad exclaimed.  I have so much to talk to you about it seemed like you were away for a month, Brad laughed.  Hope you two had an amazing time and lots of sex and booze!  As usual Eric turned red and laughed embarrassed while nodding. Cool!  Now let me get brewskis and catch up – have a seat, Brad gestures towards the cushy looking sofa.   Eric sat almost in the middle – not to the far side.  He wanted to see what Brad will do. 

Brad emerged from the kitchen and put the beers on glass coasters on the coffee table and sat just a foot away from Eric, not to the side either.  He picked up his beer and smiled, turning his body so he was fully facing Eric and proposed a toast, here’s to the handsome newly married man and hopefully, the handsome soon to be one!   What?  Eric replied, puzzled, but was pleased Brad referred to him as handsome.  Yeah, Kathy has been bugging me ever since you guys got engaged and maybe it’s time.  But I need to ask you some delicate, personal questions so I wanted you to be here in person.  Brad reached over and touched Eric’s forearm which is on the back of the sofa.  His hand lingered for just a beat longer than necessary.  Eric wondered if he was going to stroke his red arm hair.  Brad gulped and stammered a bit, so what’s the deal with Don? he blurted out.  Eric stares blank-faced.  He is not sure what to say so he replies, what do you mean?  Well, he seems like a great guy and he’s always been super nice and welcomes me to me to their house when I come over for dinner but, umm, sometimes…I kinda get the feeling like he’s checking me out?  He definitely was scoping out my dick when I changed at the pool once and another time he burst into the bathroom when I was pissing.  The door wasn’t locked but it was closed.  He just stood there for a moment watching me piss!  I’m sure he knew I was in there!  Brad was very nervous and his voice got almost squeaky plus he turned crimson.  He seemed very young, like a jock-kid who was tattling on his parents.  Eric was relieved, oh yeah I hear you, sometimes I think Don has a bi side to him and I’ve caught him checking me out too.  It seems harmless.  Suddenly Brad is dead serious and sits up – so you two have never fooled around?  Wha…what? Now Eric stammered.   Brad put his hand on Eric’s wrist – his skin is hot.  Look Eric, I smelled sex in that bathroom at the wedding.  It reeked of cum, piss, ass and BO and I’m pretty sure I saw you up against him through the crack in the stall.   Oh fuck, Eric thought, now what.  No, he was just sick and you smelled all that, Eric’s voice shakes and he has a hard time looking at Brad.    Eric it’s okay, Brad said softly.  I thought it was hot.  I was so turned on thinking about it I had to blow a load in another bathroom stall right after.  I wanted to see more!  You can tell me anything – I promise I am like a vault.  I want us to be brothers.  Jeez, Eric looked up at Brad and there was nothing but pure love in those emerald eyes.  He was so sexy with black curly hair and full  lips that Eric licked his own lips without thinking.  Brad leaned in, his mouth inches away from Eric’s – cat got your tongue? he whispered and smiled naughtily.  Eric leaned in and their lips met.  At first, it’s just lips but then Brad slipped his tongue into Eric’s mouth and they go at it.  Brad tasted like beer and maybe a bit of the hamburger and onions he had for lunch but Eric didn’t care – he couldn’t stop kissing this incredibly tall handsome young man with huge shoulders and big biceps.  Brad pulled him into his chest and really macked on him like a starving man going for his last meal.  Brad’s tongue went all over the inside of Eric’s mouth and then out licking his face, eyes, and nose.  You fucking taste amazing said Brad and went in for another passionate kiss.  Brad sucked Eric’s tongue whose leaking dick was rock hard.  Wait, Eric yelped, I need to piss so badly!  Me too, let’s be like brothers and do fighter planes in the bowl! Yelled Brad.  Okay, Eric laughed.  It was so silly but also hot to think about them pissing together – mixing their fluids maybe while still kissing.

They move to the bathroom – both young men were panting and flushed.  Their hands gripped each other as they walk.  Eric just let his mind go blank and let his hormones and desire take over his body.  He knew this was probably a mistake but damn he was attracted to Brad.  Let’s strip down to our brief’s? Brad asked hopefully. Yes good idea.  They draped their clothes over the sofa getting down to just their navy boxers (Brad) and black boxer briefs (Eric).  Don’t mind my stink, said Brad.  I’ve been out all day and haven’t showered since last night.  It’s okay Brad – I actually like it.  It reminds me of all of my college years in locker rooms and I like the smell at the gym.  You smelled me and Don in that bathroom, he laughed, it was like a barnyard of odors!  Yeah I want to talk more about that after we piss.  They got on either side of the bowl, arms around each other’s shoulders even though Eric had to reach up to Brad’s huge tall shoulders.  With their other hands they pulled their dicks through their flies, Brad’s modest uncut one and Eric’s fat cut dick.   Both men giggled like schoolboys. Don’t be pee shy! Smirked Brad.  His piss started flowing slowly, clear and hot.  Eric watched mesmerized while piss started to dribble out of his cock which was starting to get hard.  The precum from their kissing glistened on the head and a drop fell into the toilet.  Wow!  yelled Brad with his boyish charm, look at that!  He reached over and scooped a drop of precum on his finger.  He looked at Eric while popping it into his mouth.  Now Eric’s dick was half-mast.  Both men started pissing copiously, their streams crossing in the bowl and splashing their legs.  They reached in for a deep kiss while pissing.  Eric started to make a mess pissing with his mostly hard cock.  Sorry! He yelped.  I don’t care it’s too fucking hot repled Brad so they continued.  Eric’s piss was yellow and fragrant from the asparagus he had for lunch.  He lifted one of Brad’s arms and sniffed his ripe pit.  Oh yeah I love that, growled Brad.  I wanna sniff and lick you all over.  Eric put a finger into Brad’s piss stream and licked his finger.  Oh fuck that’s so hot!  I’ve never tasted my own piss.  Brad did the same to Eric and made a sour face, asparagus piss!  But it’s still hot.  Maybe we drink some beers one night and really try it out.  You’re amazing, said Eric. 

Suddenly the cel phones of both men chirped and vibrated with incoming texts.  Brad read it with his one free hand.  Oh fuck, it’s Kathy!  She’s on her way here with Anne.  They wanted to surprise us and make us take them to dinner.  Brad looked at Eric.  Goddam it couldn’t we have just one evening to ourselves? Said Eric, annoyed.  Okay let’s get cleaned up but damn man we need to continue this.