The door opened and I stood face to face with David.

'Hi' he said smiling.

'Hi' I replied.

'Come on in' David squeaked in his high voice. I followed David inside and Jimmy was already there playing some zombie game.

'This is my room' David said loudly. I gazed around his room, studying the pictures he drew on his wall. But most of all I studied his trophies...there were so many! From boxing to math champion! David was smart, cute, and very kind, he was like the man of my dreams. But I still was tied between him and Jon...I walked over to David and pulled him into a tight hug.

'Umm...exactly why are you hugging me?' David questioned

'I just wanted'' I replied. For some reason I loved to hug him, he was war, soft, and strong, and I loved the feeling of him

'Ok...I am only ok with this because you know I am gay...and ONLY you.' David replied hesitantly.

'I know...and you can trust me' I replied calmly

I followed him to where Jimmy was. Jimmy was zoned his own world of games. I studied him too. His dark brown, wavy hair. Jimmy's teeth were white, his eyes dark brown. I think I liked him too...I was in a three way tie between Jimmy, David, and Jon. Which one? I was mad at my self for liking three different people!

'Hey Nick' Jimmy replied, still not looking at me.

'Hi Jimmy' I replied.

'You wanna play?' Jimmy questioned

'Nah...I'm really not familiar with it so I'll stink' I laughed.

'It's ok let me teach you.' He grabbed my hand and placed each finger on a button; his warm skin warming my hand. Jimmy pointed to a yellow 'Y' button.

'That is for reloading...this is for...' he went on teaching me.

When he had taught me I gave it a try. I died slower than I thought I would, but still died. After a few tries I finally got it. Yawning while glancing at the clock it read '11:00 P.M.' I jumped up.

'I'm really beat guys I'm gonna get ready and sleep join me when ever.' I yawned again.

'I'll join you I'm tired too' replied Jimmy.

'Ok...but...' David said giving an uncomfortable smile.

'There is only one quest bed.' David finished quietly and quickly. My pants suddenly tightened.

'I'm fine with it if you are Nick' Jimmy said calmly.

'Umm...ok...' I squeaked. 'This is gonna be one night' I thought to myself

After getting ready I slipped into the bed, faced the wall, and closed my eyes. I heard Jimmy get in next to me closer than needed. He said 'You're fine with sleeping in the same bed right?' Jimmy questioned.

'Yeah...why'd you ask?' I replied.

'Cause' you seemed very 'shocked' back there.' Jimmy said with a confused tone.

'Well I was shocked, but ok with it.' I replied as calm as I could be.

'OK well...night Nick' he said quietly.

'Night Jimmy...' I said and soon drifted off to sleep.



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