I woke up and thought 'I just had the best dream of me sleeping with Jon.' Then, I felt a heavy, breathing, living object on my chest. I sat up and recognized it was Jon! Then every thing came back to me; the admitting, the cuddling. A smile escaped my lips as I remembered the night. Jon had drooled on my shoulder, but I didn't mind. I pushed the blonde, soft hair out of Jon's face and admired his beautiful face. Moved Jon onto his pillow and got up and went to the bathroom. On the way there I glanced at my full hard-on, Jon was so hansom and built. I wasn't as hansom and had little muscle...what did he see in me? I know it had only been one time he said he liked me, but it made me think. I pushed the thought away and peed. I walked back to Jon's room quietly. When I reached his room he was sitting up rubbing his bright blue eyes. I smiled and Jon smiled from ear to ear. Slowly I walked up to his bed and hugged him, his long arms with white skin wrapping around me. We cuddled in his bed, and slowly drifted off to sleep again.

When I woke up I lifted my arms onto where Jon would have been, but there was nothing there. I got up and walked steadily towards the living room, no one. Then the kitchen, no one. Then lastly, the bathroom. The door was locked and the light was on. I sighed with relief. Slowly I walked back to his room, locked the door, and got changed. When I came out Jon was sitting at the table smiling. A confused look went across my face, and he walked up to me.

'Good morning beautiful.' Jon said showing his white teeth. I giggled.

'Good morning hansom.' I replied with a huge grin planted on my face. Jon reached over and hugged me.

'Please stay over for Sunday.' He whispered in my ear.

'I'm sorry Jon...but...I have made plans with David and Jimmy already.' I replied frowning. Jon was frowning too.

'Ok...but, next weekend we'll do the same.' He said smiling broadly.

'I'd love that.' I replied grinning again. We had breakfast, relaxed, had lunch, then I headed home. Jon followed me, he had asked to see some more drawings and writings, so I invited him over.

When we got to my room a grabbed two thin journals; one with 'Writing' written on it, and one with 'Drawings' on it. Jon studied every picture in the drawing book.

'These are beautiful.' He commented.

'What's with you and saying beautiful? You've said that 5 times already. And thank you.' I said giggling.

'Well with you around the only word that pops in my head is beautiful.' Jon smiled broadly at me, and I smiled back. He looked through the writing book and put them back. We both lay on our backs on my bed. I cuddled with him again and relaxed. An hour later Jake said 'It's getting late I gotta go' and left. I told him 'Goodbye' and he left.

That night I fell asleep thinking about David and Jimmy, and woke up still thinking about them. I went through my routine and packed a few things for David's house. Hours later my dad drove me to David's house and I knocked on the door.

The door opened and didn't expect what was going to happen...



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