'Nick! Wake up time for school!' My father yelled from downstairs.

'I'm up dad!' I replied.

I took a shower and ate and waited by my door again for the bus to come. I saw Jon and outside to his house where the bus picked us up. His smile widened from ear to ear.

'Hi Nick!' he said.

'Hi Jon!' I replied just as happily as he said.

'So today's Friday then weekend. Excited?' Jon said excitingly.

'Yeah! Finally! No teachers, no school, just FUN!' I said practically yelling.

'Wanna sleep over even though my parents are back?' Jon asked waiting.

'Sure! Do you mind if I sleep in my underwear?' I asked partially nervous.

'Not if you don't mind me sleeping in mine.' He said smiling broadly again.

'Ok so I'll be over at six.' I said to Jon.

'Ok.' Jon replied.

The bus arrived and we both hopped on the bus and sat in the same seat. I thought about this weekend on the bus and my cock hardened. I saw me and Jon sleeping in his bed in our underwear cuddling together. It won't happen I thought.

The school bus came to a halt and the bus went silent.

'So Nick' Jon said. 'If we have homework we'll just help each other to get it out of the way okay?' he continued. I nodded.

The bus doors swung open and everyone scrambled out of the bus. I went to my locker upstairs, got my things and headed to homeroom. French passed and so did Math due to a test. In social studies we finished a quiz and I headed to Health. Jon and I were in the same class, but we sat on different sides of the room. Our teacher, Ms.Gal assigned a project and of course Jon was in my group. Instead of taking we planned, the other 3 people in the group noted things down and jotted ideas. Jon's idea was the best and we went with it to build a model of a smoker's lungs. The day passed fast and at study hall I sat with David and Jimmy.

'Hi' said Jimmy and David in unison, both of them showing their beautiful teeth and smiles.

'Hi' I replied.

'So...' David started. 'Wanna come over on Sunday you, me, and Jimmy?

'Sure' I replied.

'What time?' I asked.

'8 o'clock' Jimmy said.

Before I knew it school was over I went to my locker and got my things and headed to leave when a hand held mine. It was David.

'Hi Nick...Uhh...'

'Yeah' I said.

'Well...Umm...' David said hesitantly

'I am...' he paused 'Nick I am gay... he said softly regretting it inside. I heard him sniff and I looked at him. He was scared and I knew it. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him.

'Its ok David... I am too...and don't worry you can trust me.' I told him. David smiled, sniffed and said:

'Well...I sort of like you...' he said.

'I like you too' I replied. David smiled and hugged my again.

'Well this should be one Sunday then' he said.

'Yeah...it will be...'

On the bus I thought about what just happened. David liked me and was gay and WANTED me. But, I think I was starting to like Jon. I mean what the fuck? The bus came to a halt and I hopped off the bus and headed home. I was at home thinking about sleeping with Jon. Then, I heard a knock on my door. It was my dad, so I opened the door and I headed out telling him I was going to sleep over at Jon's house. He approved and I ran to Jon's house where Jon was there smiling, waiting.

'Hi' he said.

'Hi' I replied. He stared at the sleeping bag in my hands and frowned. I walked inside and we played Black-ops again. At 10:00 we headed to Jon's room to sleep. It was freezing. I opened my sleeping bag and set up next to the bed.

'Its gonna be freezing tonight, we should probably share body heat' he chuckled.

'Ok' I said happily. I jumped up on his bed and went under the covers. We snuggled together and then Jon whispered in my ear

'Are you gay? And please tell me the truth.' He asked calmly. I froze.

'Umm...' I stuttered 'W-e-e-l-ll... yeah...' I said quietly.

'So am I' Jon said kissing my ear. I froze. David, and Jon gay. What the FUCK? Now I was tied between the two.

'And I really, really, like you...' he said kissing the back of my neck.

'I like you too...' I said. Great he likes me too, what else, Jimmy too?

My and Jon fell asleep in each others arms.

The next day would get even worse with my dead lock tie...



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