'BEEP, BEEP' my alarm clock screamed in my ear. I slowly sat up thinking another day of school... I was still tired, so to wake me up I stood up slowly and walked to the bathroom. I closed the door behind me. I got undressed and looked in the mirror. I studied my dark, brown messy hair, my dark brown eyes slowly closing as I grew more tired. My smooth tan skin glistened in the light; I turned on the shower and hopped in. I quickly shrank back from the frozen water, then jumping right back in once it warmed.

After I got ready I sped through breakfast hoping to be in time to wait for the bus and watch Jake. Yes I was gay but I wasn't fully...I was sort of Bi- but my interest focused in on boys. I was young, in middle school and I knew there would be no gay romance but there was hope. Of course that is where girls came in. When I knew a guy wasn't gay, but I like him I would talk to a hot girl easing myself. Only my friend Ashley knew I was gay... I talked to her a lot and she was my closest friend. I suddenly snapped back to the present as I heard the bus coming.

I saw Jon run outside catching the bus. His blonde hair short in a Mohawk. God I wanted him! Just before he got on the bus he glanced at me with his white teeth and attractive smile, his cheeks going in forming dimples, he was so cute! I gave a shy, small, slight smile back my one dimple forming. I didn't know if he wanted me or was just a good best friend neighbor. I got on the bus and looked at Jon in his seat, his Mohawk rising over the seat.

I then heard his soft, calming voice;

'Nick come sit here today!' He said happy and smiling.

'OK' I replied normally.

I sat next to him and felt somewhat at home; like he was meant to be with me.

'Hi' He said looking for a reply.

'Hi Jon' I said smiling.

'So...Umm...I was wondering...' he stumbled.

'Yeah' I said calmly but fluttering inside.

'So you want to come over later?' He said his broad smile waiting.

'Sure. Want to invite Cameron and Jacob too?' I replied. His smile weakened.

'Uhh...sure.' Jon said not as happy anymore.

'Oh wait Cameron is busy and so is Jacob' I said too quickly.

'Oh that's too bad.' Jon said clearly excited again. Was he gay so he wanted me and him alone? I thought. No. He wasn't. He had hung out with many boys without a problem, no way he was, too bad.

'My parents aren't gonna be home though. So we can do whatever.

'OK' I replied quickly and happy.

The bus stopped. But we were always the first bus so it didn't matter anyway. I took out my drawing book and started to outline my best picture.

'You...are really good at drawing.' Jon replied staring at my picture.

'Thanks' I replied. Jon's face brightened again.

'So are you in Talented art?' He asked.

'No.' I replied.

'Oh...why not?' He said confused.

'Never really had an interest in it. I like writing better.'

'Oh...mind if you show me a piece you wrote?'

'No problem.' I replied. Jon's eyes were focusing on my hands waiting for the writing piece to come out.

'Here' I said handing it to him. Jon studied it and read it fast.

'Nice' he replied smiling broadly.

The bus doors opened and Jon picked up his things and walked off the bus. I gathered my things, stuffed them in my backpack and exited the bus. The hour passed by quickly and it was second period: Math. My pants tightened and I glanced at my hard-on. David and Jimmy was in my math class and we all sat together. I was neck tied between who I liked more David or Jimmy. Both were hot, sexy, and hansom. I took my seat next to David and he smiled at me. Geez, Jake, David, and Jimmy pick one! I stared at David and Jimmy the whole class admiring them.

The rest of the day passed by quickly, at 3 R's I met up with Ahsley and explained to her about me liking the three hot boys. Smiling, she said, the one you get closest to is the one you'll like the best.

I got on the bus home and Jon invited me over to his seat again.

'I'm excited about tonight. Aren't you? No parents and just fun!'

'Yeah! I will bring black-ops' I replied happily.

When I got home I ate dinner, did my homework, and got my drawing and writing book. I then headed over to Jake's house across the street. I knocked on the door and Jon answered quickly with a giant smile from ear to ear.

'Hi Nick. Come on follow me!' Jon said excitedly. My hand disappeared into his and he pulled me into his room showing me his things.

'Come on.' Jon said grabbing my hand again.

I followed him into his living room and he turned in the xbox360 and I handed him the game Black-ops. Jon scrambled around and grabbed 2 remotes and handed one to me. We played for hours. When I got bored I quit and watched him play Zombies. My cock hardened and I stared at the tenting in my pants. All this time me and Jon's foot were against each other without socks or shoes and it felt good.

After hours of playing we finally stopped and we headed back to his room and watched a movie with popcorn. I looked at the clock and saw it was 7:30.

'I gotta go soon.' I told Jon. This upsetted him and his smile disappeared.

'Ok...' he said glumly. ' Wanna do the same tomorrow but just do something else?' He continued.

'Sure' I said wondering what he meant by something else. I left and returned home. I headed to the bath room and jerked off in there, dreaming about having sex with Jon and sucking David's cock while every once in a while Jimmy kissed me. I cummed and it landed all the way up by my chest. My tan cock turned soft and lay on my inner thigh. I went to sleep thinking about tomorrow...



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