As Conrad took a short cut through the woods to get to the Pack's camp grounds, his mind couldn't stop reeling back to watch just happened. As Conrad enter's a clearing he can't help but look up at the nearly full moon shinning bright in the sky. Exciting chills flowed through his body knowing that in a day or two he will be able to run with his mate! Conrad chuckles before taking a another step he tilts his head up and sniffs the air and in that split second he felt his canine teeth push through his gums and eyes flashing amber. Eight heavily armed hunters entered the clearing Guns with silver bullets loaded in them all trained on him. Conrad knew he was outnumbered and out mated there is no way he will be able to fight them all alone. Neither will his pack make it in time to save him. He felt his wolf slowly begin to emerge if he was going down then he was going to take some of these fuckers with him! Just then time itself seem to slow down all together, he can see with his clear vision the hunter's begin to pull the trigger's. His entire life flashes before his eyes and ending with Sam, beautiful blond hair. Blue eyes. "Sam...." Conrad says. 

"NOOOOOO!!!" In the split second he sees Sam jump in front of him. and raises his hands at the same time all the rifles go off all at once. Despite Conrad being so close to Sam there would be no way of shielding Sam in time. His mate was going to die for him....a shimmer of blue light expands from Sam's hands creating a wall. and all the bullet's that were fired hit the wall and fall to the ground as if there were shooting at a tree or something else. Sam turns his head his eyes blazing blue. He looks back at the hunters and thrust's his hands forward. Conrad can feel the surge of energy raise the hair on his body as he watch Sam push out a ball of blue light toward the hunter. The light flies out hitting all eight of them at once sending flying back into the woods. those who were not knocked out by the blast took off running. A straggling hunter picks his dropped gun and attempts to kill Sam before he can Sam thrust his hand again and a single blast of light sends the hunter into a tree knocking him out. Sam turns and looks at Conrad with Sad eyes.

"What are you?" Conrad asks.



The next day, Conrad told Alpha Butler what had happened in the woods and about the hunter's but completely left out the fact that Sam was the one who defeated the hunter's. He hated lying to his Alpha but he could tell that Conrad wasn't telling the truth about everything. "Are you sure taht is all Conrad?" Alpha asked him. Conrad tilting his head down he could feel the the urge to obey his Alpha egging him to tell what happened. but he knew it wasn't his place to tell. "I can't tell you but I know someone who can..." He says reluctantly. At that moment alpha Butler order him to take him to who can explain and that was Sam.



Sam paces back and forth in his room wondering what Conrad has told the Alpha, wondering if he would tell him what he could do. He hears a soft knock at his door, Sam swallowed the lump in his throat and opened his front door. There stood Conrad behind me was a dark hair muscular man who he can tell right away that was the Alpha. behind him stood two bigger men. obliviously the enforcer and beta of there little pack. "He we need to talk can we come in?" Conrad asks.

I nod stepping aside allowing the four men to enter my home. "Sam this is Alpha Butler" pointing to the dark hair man. "And this is the enforcer Jed stone." Pointing to the big built red head. "And the Beta, Trey" He looks at the talk dark skinned boy." 

"well, I thi8nk i know why you all are here and if I am going to explain what i am and what I did then I am going to need a drink" I say.



As sam sips the large drink he poured for himself, the other patiently waited for him to begin.

"Okay, well as you know I am not like you guys. I am completely different from all of you. I come from a large pack in Tennessee, and in this pack were are literally one of the few oldest packs alive to this day. My old pack was here before the colonist came over the ocean and in our pack we have different type of supernatural creatures and different hybrid. my mother is one of the ancient supernatural creatures on this planet. they are called the Fae. the Fae are creatures of light and nature they are good and happy beings before new packs began emerging across this continent there were lots of them. They befriend the wolf pack. My old pack. for centuries they lived together in harmony but something happened between the two species that created an all out war between them. to this day know one knows what started the conflict but all that was said that on the super moon the wolves would be much stronger and faster and they attack Fae off guard. they Fae are extremely powerful creatures they are able to live for centuries but still age just at a slower rate. anyways we are gifted with the power of light. a trained Fae is able to produce light and use it to attack and repel our enemies. It's said that the elder Fae is able to do more then just produce light. One elder four thousand years ago was able to control the weather itself was able to use it to protect his people. However, what happened all the years ago decimated my peoples population they aren't very many of them left. you see my father who is currently alpha met a fae in the woods once during his hunt. He shifted into his Alpha form and they fought. the Fae she was strong and fast. She was a small thing but was as strong as a hybrids wolf. My father says that the fight lasted for hours until finally they both pinned down each other to where they both could have killed each other bu, when he looked into her eyes he knew...he knew that he just found his mate...a few yrs later they wed and then...they had me. My mom is a Fae and they had a the first Hybrid Fae wolf. I can't shift into a wolf at all but I am able to tap into the power of the wolf in me. it amplifies my speed, strength, and my light. that is how I was able to defeat all those Hunter's at once." 

As i look up I can see the confused looks and shocked faces on all of them unable to produce any words. the alpha clears his throat and speaks. "So, why are you here and not with your other pack?" 

I look at him. "Power..." 

"What?" he asks.

" dad was recently killed in a challenge and the new Alpha tried to have my mom but she wouldn't have it. She fought him head on but her trying to protect me got her killed. The new Alpha kept me secret and hidden and used me and my gifts to get him more territory. As I said before we Fae can sometimes have extra gifts, I am able to channel energy to another wolf and strengthen him making him more stronger and giving him the unfair edge on others, that's until I ran away. I mange to subdue many of his body guards trying to flee, but not without cost." I lift my shirt a long jagged scar from claws rake down my back. "Before I got away he caught up to me and we fought like my mother our battle last for hours,  i didn't killed him. I blasted him with a weak ball of energy that temperately keeps any wolf from shifting. but before he could change back he got me. I limped away and healed myself the best I could, after a few days I withdrew all my savings and got a car and fled to smallest town farthest away from him. Some place we wouldn't be able to track me. and I found here and I am happy for it I would have never found my mate if I stayed." 

After while of talking Colton finally accepted what happened and allowed me to be in his pack. After they left. Conrad closed the door and pushed me against the wall and kissed the hell out of me. 

He pushes me over the table pushing his big hardon into my ass. He tears off my shirt and slowly kisses the scar up and down. He then grabs me and flips me on my back and pulls off my pants. "I am going to fuck you long and hard." He lifts my legs onto his shoulders and pushes his entire length into me hard. I moan loudly as his stretches me open. 'Oh fuck baby you are so tight!" He relentlessly fucks my tight ass hard hearing his body slam into mine. he puts all his power into it. "Oh god daddy yes fuck me harder!" He begins to shift a bit. "You are mine! and cums deep into me.

to be continued.



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