Note: This setting of the story takes place in the Timber wolf pack from the series "Timber pack chronicles" I am not changing anything at all. Most of the characters belong to the copywriter. Also, there might be other things that refer to the Tv show "True Blood" Again these are not my characters.


"Jed, thanks again for hooking me up with a job here!" He says giving Jed Stone a hug.

"No, problem man. besides you pack now" Conrad smiles in delight of his new pack mate. He been extremely happy that he made the choice of petitioning to try to join the Timber Wolf pack. Aside from Alpha Poundstone Colton Butler was one of few openly gay Alpha's. Being gay in his old pack was horrible.

Conrad, being big and strong he was no chicken took on many challenges and won. People in the Houston wolf pack didn't take to kindly to gay wolfs. however, that didn't stop Conrad from being who he was! After learning of the newly formed Timber wolf pack he  had to go but for a year he didn't have the guts to leave everything he knew behind but he had to go and if he were to find his mate he knew it wouldn't be there.


"This is your new home, it seems to fit your needs I hope?" The realtor  I look around at the small one bedroom house. It's perfect. 

"I will take it." I say. The Realtor smiles. Sam could tell that he was being checked out. Sam stood at five foot two. Had black hair with blue eyes. a killer smooth swimmer's body and a ass for days! The realtor was bad looking he could tell that he was a wolf from the get go but he wasn't about to jump in bed with another wolf. He wasn't down like that. 

"Good, So if your don't mind me asking what made you want to move to a small town like this?" He asked. 

"I just want the peace and quite" He nods. after a few hours I signed the papers and the keys handed over and i head into my knew home. He would have to make it work here. He had too...After Sam took his what little things he had he left and explored the town a bit. 


As Conrad began working on someone's car he heard a new voice enter the lobby at the same time a sweet smell swept across his nose. Conrad instantly stopped and froze. He could feel his cock begin to grow and grow. He quickly pulled himself out from under the car and stood. He followed the scent into the the Lobby but, the only person there was Buzz sitting at the register. 

"Hey, you okay? Looks like you seen a ghost." Buzz asked. He looked back at buzz. "Yeah, I am fine." 

He walked back to the car. 

Fuck! What the hell was that smell?! I need to find it!

That night Conrad stood in front of his mirror on the wall naked. He looked over his huge built frame. Big pecs big biceps. and a fat cock. the smell bee giving him a hard on all day. For some reason Conrad could not stop jacking off. He needed to find the source of that scent! He open the door and dropped on all four's and shifted and ran into the woods. He needed to find who this person was!


As same begin putting his clothes away in a dresser he bought from a thrift store. He realized that he he was in a wolf pack territory. No matter as long as he kept his shield up it would disguise his scent from the other wolves.  He walks out in the night looking at the clear skies. He hasn't seen the many stars in a very long time. He would enjoy it here. He turns and walks inside locking the door.


Conrad's dark brown wolf stands at the edge of the tree line of a small house. He traced the scent back and forth over this small town until it finally stopped here. the scent was strong here. When Conrad saw the little man walk out he knew instantly who and what he was. A little wolf and his mate! His long harden length hung between his legs. His wolf wanting to take what was his but there was something different about this kid. something indeed. What ever it was he will figure out, the only thing that truly matters is claiming the little wolf!

the end for now.....

author's note: Hey, it's been a while wince I written on here. I promise I will make a part three of the first story i wrote but for now I wanted to do this one. I read the timber pack Chronicles a few weeks ago and I wanted to extend the story in my own image. This is just the beginning the next part will have more sex etc! Please comment below on what copuld be fixed and used in part two. that would help very much!



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