Conrad watched his little wolf walk back into the house, he mustered everything he had to not come out and fuck him. His aching cock needs that boy's ass. Conrad laid down into the grass but still hidden in the tree line and watching the house. He felt the need to stay here and guard this house. Nothing will happen to his new found soulmate. The scent that circled around this house was like heaven, he never ever thought he would ever find his soul mate like so many bigot wolves they say my kind will never ever get a mate. we weren't destined too. If only he could show them now. He will kill anyone who dares harming his little wolf.


The next morning Sam moaned. He felt so damn horny. Every morning it was the same thing. He open the drawer on his right and pulled out a eight inch dildo. six inches in girth. He lubed it up and slowly pushed the toy deep into him. Damn it felt so good to Sam he moaned and moaned. As he fucked himself hard with the toy he began jacking off. The pleasure was so amazing. He kept fucking himself long and good. He kept stroking his cock faster and faster matching the pace with the fucking he was giving himself with the toy until he thrusted the toy so deep into himself that it hit his sweet spot and Sam came so hard that it nearly hit the ceiling of his room and it all came back down onto his body. Sam with the toy still buried deep in him he licked up and ate his own cum. tasting the sweet saltiness of the cum. After his morning routine he pulled the toy out and washed it. He grabbed his towel and showered. 

   Sam dressed in a black t shirt with a pair of blue jeans and Sandals. Sam parked his car at the towns local diner and dropped his car off. He walked into the diner where everyone looked up and then turned back down to there meals.

I walked over to a small table in the corner looking over the menu. "Hello, Im Dottie I will be your waitress today. What can I get for you today?" She asks.

"Well, I would like a burger and a large order of fries and a glass of water please." She smiles.

"Your new here aren't you?"

"Yes, I just moved in yesterday to be exact." She laughs.

"well, this town must be getting popular now that new people are coming." I turn my head

"What do you mean?"

"Oh well, there is a large group of people who live down at the Old timber summer camp, there at least twenty new people there now. since the population growth our little economy been getting bigger now. better business."

'well, I am glad my move here has contributed in a small way haha"

"I'll go put your order in now" She says nodding to me before she leaves.   I hear the door bell ring again as another person walks in. Sam looks up and his body freezes. He stares at the man. He stands at least six foot. Has black hair and with dark blue eyes. His body is massive. bulging biceps. the sleeves literally rolling back over them. His massive pecs look like there ready to rip the shirt apart. his stomach looked solid too given it tight around the right pack. Sam's eyes drift down and see a a nice size bulge there. A breezes drifts through the diner and he can smell that he is a wolf. Sam seem to take his off the man. Something is pulling him to the massive sexy wolf. His eyes drift upwards and soon is starring into the man's beautiful dark blue eyes.   The man stands there like he was posing the entire time. He was smiling. looking right back at him.


  Conrad grew hungry from watching the boy house so he quickly returned to his cabin back at the camp and changed into his clothes. and this time he drove. As he passed the house he could see his car was gone. It really wasn't hard to drive and find his car in this small one road town. He spotted the boy's car at the diner. As he pulled in he could smell the fresh scent that lingered in the air and took it in. Like magic he walked out the car and followed the scent into the diner like he was smelling the world's greatest food. as he opened the door he spotted the little wolf. He flexed his muscles showing his massive self. though the wolf does not know that he noticed him being checked out he can't help but smile.

He's actually checking me out! Conrad thought to himself.

Happiness, pride, hope, and joy filled Conrad's heart. Cause all of this was going to belong to that little wolf and only to him like his cute little body will be but only mine.

When the boy finally caught and held a gaze with Conrad, conrad cock began to stiffen a bit in his pants. He walked toward the wolf. still smiling. Conrad slide into the empty seat across from him. 

"Hello, I couldn't help but see you checking me out" He gives him the best charming smile he can. "I'm Conrad Grey" He holds his hand out. The boy seems unsure what to do but responds in kind and shake his hand. "I'm Sam Carson." Nice to meet you" 

Dottie Comes around the counter with the food he ordered. "Here you go hun...oh Hey Conrad nice to see you! I see you met our new resident in our town" 

"Is that so" Conrad smiles.

"well, that is wonderful this may be a small town but you can find it very...entertaining he says a bit sexy. Sam seems to laugh a bit and blushes. That makes his heart sore through the air. Dottie laughs and goes back to work, "So what brings you to the timber pack?" He says. He can see the boy body tense. The smile goes away. "The timber what?" He says slowly?

"Umm..." He looks at Sam as if he has lost it. He surely knows that this is a pack own territory and that they both are wolfs. "Look, are know what you are and I know what i am. Come on" He gives a half smile. "I do not know what you mean..." He says in a low voice. 

what is going on? Conrad says to himself.


How in the hell does he know what i am and what he is?! He flex's he feels that the shield he has around is still up. No wolf should be able to smell him. what no no...not again! "Look I don't know if you are on drugs or anything but I am leaving..." He gets up. "Please don't go!" He grabs his hand gently. Sam doesn't pull back afraid of causing a scene. 

"Please let go Conrad...." I can see hurt spill across his face but he does let go. For some reason he can feel his own break in two as he walks out the diner after paying. Sam drove straight to his house and stays there. As night falls he in his PJ's Wondering what he is going to next. Im sure he is going to tell his Alpha but Sam cannot leave again. He cannot. there is a loud knock on his door. He stares at the door unsure what to do then the knock comes again he slowly walks to it and opens the door and sees Conrad standing there in his same clothes his eyes red from tears. 

"Conrad i told you..."

"Just listen please"he steps forward gripping his arms firmly. Looking at this heart broken man he couldn't help but to listen and hear him out. Sam nodded and took his hand and led him to the couch. this action took both of them by surprise. They sit across from each other. 

"Look, I know what you are. You are a wolf like me. I have no idea why the other can't smell you but i can but look Sam ever since I came across your scent in the shop I had to find you. Last night i actually did find you by following it. Nad when I laid eyes on you my heart sored! I knew you were mate!"

The words i feared rang in my ears. My mind reels back to the abuse i suffered. "Conrad...I know..i knew the moment I saw you came into the diner then it was confirmed when you were able to smell me when i had my...point is...I'm sorry I can't..." Conrad grips my head and pulls me to him pressing his lips on mine. forcing my mouth to open pushing his tongue deep into my mouth. I try to push back him back but he doesn't let go and soon i find myself giving. Not able to stop this feeling and urge that has overcome me. He pulls me onto his lap i can feel his massive hard on pressing into my ass. I pull back and look into his eyes. seeing them amber, I kiss the hot wolf passionately. I grind into him feeling his massive length that a small moan escapes my mouth. I hear a low growl deep in his chest. Conrad then lifts me up in his arms my legs tight around his thick waist as he follows my scent to where my room is. Once, inside he lets me down we stand there looking each other in the eyes, i feel his hands working under the hem of my shirt his hands feeling my smooth waist then sliding down past my waist band of my PJ's over my round bubble butt and grabbing a handful of it. "fuck, baby you have an amazing ass!" I don't break eye contact. My hands feeling his hard body over his shirt. Conrad smiles and pushes down my Pj's and then with the quickness lifts my shirt off. I slowly turn my body and crawl over the bed until im in the middle before i go on my back my hands feeling up and body. Conrad stand there pulling off his shirt showing his smooth muscular body. pants undone. I can't help but smile. Conrad removes his pants and boxers and i see his fat low hung cock at least nine inches hardening. it was almost as thick as a beer can.

Conrad then slowly crawls over Sam his huge body covering him. Conrad looks deep into Sam's beautiful eyes. He lowers his body on top of Sam covering and protecting his little mate. Sam took one of Conrad's hand and sucked and wet two of his fingers. Conrad didn't have to be told what to do next. Conrad hand went down and slowly entered his two slick fingers into Sam. He smiles as he feels Sam's tight little pink hole. He begin to slowly finger fuck him. He can't help but thrust his hard cock around on Sam. Sam lays there moaning softly as Conrad works to loosen his tight ass. "Oh" He squeezed his ass around the, " are so tight." Conrad thrust his fingers deeper into Sam causing Sam  to moan louder. "Damn baby that's right." He kisses Sam deeply as he thrust his fingers into him. He loved the way Sam was responding to this. Sam pulled back. 

"The lube is in the drawer." Sam says his breath shallow. Conrad pulled out and opened the door and felt aroud for the lube and felt the large dildo in there. "What's this?" He asked looking back at Sam.

"I had to do something other then masturbating." He says sheepishly. 

"well, you won't need it anymore. you got the real thing from now on. And I am much better." He throws the toy to the ground and fishes out the lube and opens the bottle. He slicks his cock and Sam's ass. He moves between his legs spreading them apart. tight around his waist. "Take a deep breath baby." He says he pushes forward. the fat head slowly opens him up.

"oh god..."Sam says. Slowly Conrad continue to push forward into his mate. He went slowly letting his mate adjust to the new length and girth of his cock before going in more. each time he went in more Sam begged him to go in more. Conrad loved how his boy wanted more and more. He kissed Sam hard and with one final thrust he buried himself deep into Sam. "I'm all the way in Sam...." He says. He looks Sam in the eyes. "Fuck me...fuck me hard..." Sam couldn't help but say that despite the pass. He knew Conrad would never hurt him. 

"You got it Sam." He pulled all the way to the tip slowly and thrusted back in hard. "fuck Sam you are so damn tight...god I don't know how long I am going to last." Conrad begins to quicken his pace. As he goes faster. Sam begins to moan in pleasure. He loved the way Sam sounded as he fucked him. Sam was his and his only. His ass was his only. His large fat dick hits his sweet spot over and over again. "God Conrad yes right there please. Don't stop don't stop!!!!" Conrad moves back and forth hard and fast. Giving Sam what he wants. He kiss same pushing his tongue in as he slammed hard into him hitting his sweet spot causing Sam to yelp and moan loudly. "GOD CONRAD YES GIVE IT TO ME!" Sam yells

Conrad shifted. a bit he slammed into Sam hard. "yes yes take my fat cock. yeah you love taking my fat cock don't you tell me you love it!"

"Yes daddy..yes i love you fucking my ass I love it. Oh yes harder harder oh god yes!" Sam's body writhed under him as he fucked him. The head board slams in the the wall Sam hands are above his head to keep his head from hitting it. Conrad thrusts are so powerful that Sam's body is bouncing up and down. Sma opened his eyes and they flashed blue while Conrad are amber. "You...harder thrust....are....hard thrust....mine!" 

"Yes I am only yours! Don't stop please." Sam begs.

Conrad growls and go hard as he can causing his canine teeth to push through gums. He looks down at his mate. Sam closed his eyes tears coming out. whimpering as he takes his dominate mate ducks him. Sam turns his head in submission to Conrad baring his neck. His mate calling his name still begging triggered something in Conrad. He felt the same feeling he did at puberty the uncontrollable urge to shift but this was different. His eyes narrowed in on his mate's exposed neck and he couldn't stop he just fucking harder and harder into Sam. Sam yelled out a whimper and that did it! Conrad stuck.

Conrad teeth sinks into his mates neck sucking in his sweet blood as he shoots thick ropes of cum deep into Sam. Sam grips Conrad tight to him. He can feel Sam's cum shoot between there bodies. Conrad pulls his head back letting out a loud howl that filled the room shaking the windows. He can smell and feel his cum overfilling his mate's ass. He falls back on Sam breathing heavily. He pulls Sam into his arms licking at his wound on his neck. "I love you sam....Conrad says before falling asleep....


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