*Sorry it took me so long to write this story. I needed to go out and get some experience to write this.*

Moaning, I collapsed on the bed. Patrick sat next to me, caressing my sweaty face. “There’s one more cock for you to service,” he whispered. He looked up towards the door. I followed his gaze and my jaw dropped.

My cousin was standing in the doorway, naked and grinning. I hadn’t seen James naked since we were kids. He had developed nicely. He wasn’t overly muscular, just perfectly fit. His right nipple was pierced and so was his cock. I gasped when I saw it. I didn’t have any experience with cock piercings, but I think the kind James had was called a Jacob’s ladder. It was so erotic. Despite the incest, I knew that I wanted that pierced cock in my mouth.

I got to my feet as James approached the bed. Patrick helped me to my knees in front of my sexy cousin. All the guys withdrew to watch. James’ cock head was only a couple of inches away from my face. I knew that this was going to be a big thing: having sex with my cousin. I also knew it was going to be incredibly sexy. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out. James moved his hips forward slightly and rested his fat cock head on my tongue. I licked the underside of his head, feeling the piercings graze my teeth. James sighed above me. I looked up at him and saw he was looking down at me with a grin on his face. He grabbed the back of my head and slowly eased his cock further into my mouth and down my throat. The piercing made me gag a bit but I quickly grew accustomed to it. Soon I was treating my cousin to a deep throat cock massage and he was loving it.

As I slowly deep throated his cock, I began playing with mine. Maybe I haven’t described my cock. It’s about 7 inches long, with a slight downward curve; not too thick though, which usually bothers me but tonight I was barely thinking about that.

“Andy?” came my cousin’s voice from above me. I looked up. He had a curious look on his face. “Would you fuck me?” he asked. I would have gasped, if his cock wasn’t still lodged in my throat. All I could do was nod. He gave me a nervous smile and then peered past my face to my cock.

Pulling off of his cock, I stood up. “Have you ever been fucked?” I asked him.

“No, I haven’t. I want you to be my first.”

Smiling I took his hand and pulled him over to the bed. The other guys scattered, giving us all the room. I again noticed that Patrick had the camera on. I winked at him as I shoved James onto the bed. I crawled on top of my cousin, licking his balls, up his cock, his piercings lightly clicking against my teeth and then up over his abs. I stopped to lightly bite each of his nipples and fondle his piercing before moving up his neck and shoving my tongue in his mouth. He moaned around my tongue. His hands lightly rested on my waist.

Our kissing became more intense as we ground our cocks together, his piercings rough against my pelvis. His hands slid around, to my ass and pulled me even tighter into him. Somewhere behind us I heard the guys muttered and groaning as they watch this taboo show in front of them.

“Andy, I want you inside me,” James whispered in my ear. A guttural groan escaped my lips and I shoved his legs up over his head, exposing his tight virgin rosebud. I cautiously dipped my tongue into his crevice, circling his hole. James’ breath caught in his throat before he cried out.

“How’s that feel?” Patrick said softly from next to us. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him rotating around us with the camera to get a good look at what I was doing to James.

“Fucking amazing!” James said. “Get in deeper, cuz!” I didn’t need to be asked twice. I pointed my tongue and shoved it as far in him as I could. He shouted out in shock, his eyes wide open. My hands pried his ass cheeks apart, giving me even better access. After a couple minutes of this, I pulled my tongue out and slid a finger in. There was no resistance. My spit had lubed him up enough and he really wanted it. Grinning I slid a second and then a third finger in. James didn’t make a sound; he took it in stride, even pushing back against me.

“I’m going to fuck you now, James,” I said, my voice the only sound in the room, despite the fact that half a dozen men were watching. I looked over my shoulder and saw that they were lined up against the wall. Every cock was erect. “And once I finish, maybe some of these guys will take a turn.” James’ eyes, which had been closed while enjoying my rimming, suddenly flew open.

“What!? No! I can’t…,” he stuttered.

“You sold me to these guys, James. That wasn’t very nice; especially since we’re family. So I am going to punish you and then I am going to pay you back.” I saw Patrick smiling from behind the camera. I winked at him again as I nudged my cock against my cousin’s hole. Despite his fear of getting fucked by all the men in the room, he pushed back against me. I let a glob of saliva drip onto my cock before I applied some more pressure. It took some prying but finally the head popped in. James gasped and clenched his jaw. I saw his muscles working, trying to expel the foreign object.

“You’re too big. Take it out. Take it out!” he demanded. I withdrew quickly. I could remember my first time with the high school gym teacher. He hadn’t been very gentle and I had been walking funny for a week (but that’s another story); I didn’t want to hurt James. He took a couple deep breaths before nodding, “Yeah, ok. Try again.”

“Just relax and push out,” I told him. I popped the head back in (easier this time) and waited. He groaned slightly but quickly began pushing back against me. Within moments I found my balls resting against his ass. James looked up at me, grinning. I pulled out until just the head was inside him and then shoved the whole length back in. Before long I was pile driving my cousin’s ass. The downward curve of my cock meant that I was easily hitting James’ prostate every time.

“Oh holy shit,” James cooed.

“You like that?” I asked him as I buried myself to the base in him. James let out yet another moan and nodded. I laughed inside my head, knowing that I had literally driven him speechless with my curved cock. James’ hands were on my ass, pulling me harder into him.

“Harder. Fuck me harder!” he cried out. Instead, I pulled out. He gasped. “Why!?” I silently flipped him over on his stomach and pulled him to the edge of the bed. I maneuvered him so that his ass was up in the air before shoving all 7” back in, in one thrust. James grunted, but otherwise took it like a man. He began meeting my thrusts; he had officially become a power bottom. His ass was still incredibly tight, despite the pounding I was giving him. I felt my balls pulling up and knew that I was getting close. I reached around and felt that James was throbbing. I tugged on him a couple times.

“I’m cumming!” James cried as jets of cum shot from his cock, coating the bed beneath us. Feeling his ass ring tighten around my cock pushed me over the edge. I plunged once more into his hot hole and held there, balls deep, as I pumped my load into him. Gasping, I pulled out of him.

“Who wants a turn at this ass?” I said over my shoulder to the group of horny frat brothers.




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