I collapsed on the ground, cum running out of my mouth and ass. So far, this had been the best night of my life. Two loads in my mouth and one in my ass; and there was still a hunk of a man with elephant balls to help out. Nate and Sam both retreated to the bed. They sat next to each other, legs touching. Patrick stood and approached me.

“I’m going to use you until I am done. Then you’re going to be a good boy while Nate fucks you. Once he breeds that hot, tight ass of yours, you can leave if you wish, though I kind of think you’ll want to hang around.” I glanced over at Nate. His monster of a cock, though not hard anymore was still a threat. I looked back up at Patrick and nodded. I wanted to play along now.

Patrick moved around me and sat in the chair. He motioned toward his cock and raised an eyebrow. I didn’t need a second invitation. I lunged forward and wrapped my lips around his dick. It was so thick that I had a hard time getting it all in my mouth, but if I could take 14”, then I could take this. I continued to work it. My jaw began to ache but I kept it up, drooling all over his thick cock until I had it down my throat.

“Good boy,” he cooed at me. He stroked the side of my face. “Work on my balls, boy” I pulled off of his cock and began sucking on his left ball. It was so big that I couldn’t get the whole thing into my mouth. He moaned lightly. “Switch,” he commanded. I switched to his right ball. I loved the authoritativeness that he had. I would do anything he told me, I realized. I must have sucked his cock and balls for ten minutes before he pushed me off. I sat back and looked at him, expectantly.

“Sit on it,” he ordered, holding his cock straight up. I stood, straddled him and dropped myself onto his thick cock, with only my spit as lube. I cried out in pain as his dick pulled at my insides. “Good little bitch, aren’t you?” I only nodded as my eyes brimmed with tears. The pain was quickly taken over by immense pleasure. I rode him to the best of my abilities. His cock felt perfect; like it belonged in my ass. Patrick wrapped his arms around my ass and lifted me up.

“Move,” he said. Nate and Sam quickly stood and moved away from the bed. Patrick placed me on the bed, on my back and began to fuck me. He never missed a beat. His cock continued to beat away at me. Sam’s engorged cock came into view. He placed the poppers to my nose and then retreated back across the room. The honor and respect they showed their leader was almost terrifying. What had he done to deserve this treatment? Patrick’s manipulation of my body was amazing. Never before had any man satisfied me so completely. He knew where to touch, where to kiss, where to smack to pleasure me. He was a master fucker. He fucked me for nearly an hour. Neither of the other guys approached except to offer poppers. I remember looking over once and seeing Nate bent over with Sam’s cock up his ass. Nate looked like he was in ecstasy.

Patrick finally began approaching orgasm and I knew because his thrusts became short and hard. He was really ramming it into me. I was on my hands and knees on the bed with him behind me. He reached up, grabbed a fistful of my hair and punched his cock into me one final time. His beast-like cry started off low but increased until it was so loud, I knew that the neighbors could hear it. If anyone was left at the party downstairs, they would be knocking at the door to make sure no one was hurt.  He pulled his cock out and the vast emptiness that was left disappointed me, but only for a second because Nate was right there, with his 14”, ready to fill the hole. Without any ceremony he pushed half his cock into me. There was no pain; I had been thoroughly fucked and was fairly loose (and Patrick's load definitely helped). However where Nate lacked in girth, he made up with in length. When I made no reaction to the 8” he first put in me, he angrily punched the rest up inside. I screamed and blacked out. When I came back to, only seconds later, he was riding me like a bronco. I could feel his pubic hair against my ass every time he thrust so I knew I had all 14” inside me. My mind was blank with disbelief. After a minute I began to push back against him. I loved having all that meat inside me! We began to fuck back against each other, each thrust harder than the previous one. His hands were constantly roaming my body; they slipped from my shoulders to my ass then around to tug on my nipples. I groaned in appreciation. I had thought that he would just pound me like an animal but he had some tact.

“That’s it boy! Take that monster cock!” Patrick hollered. I looked over at him and noticed for the first time that there were three other men in the room.




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