I knew that I could get in a lot of trouble, but it didn’t matter. I was going to a college party! My cousin, James, had managed to secure me a fake ID and invited me to his fraternity party. The plan was to pick me up Friday night at 8 and we would drive over to the frat house together.

My name is Andy. I’m a 19 year old senior in high school. I’ve never been into sports. I’ve managed to stay slim by going to the gym twice a week. I don’t get into working out much; it’s just to stay fit so I can get laid. I’m about 5’10” in height and 165lbs. I have sandy-colored hair and green eyes. I’m no Adonis, but I’m not bad either. My cock is average, at 6”. It’s my ass that is the prize. It’s the perfect bubble butt, and all the guys who fuck it come back for more. I’m proud of my ass. I’m still in the closet though. Only a few of my best friends know.

Anyway, James picked me up and we got into the party. We had been there about half an hour before three guys picked their way through the crowd toward us. The lead man was short, maybe 5’8” with shaggy brown hair. He was wearing a sleeveless tee and gym shorts. He was in great shape. The shirt stretched across a firm chest, revealing erect nipples. His arms were fantastic as well, rippling out of the sleeveless tee. I could clearly see his cock hanging down his right thigh. Soft, it must have been at least 7”. I was impressed.

The second guy was taller, maybe 6’ and of African American descent. He was wearing a polo shirt and blue jeans. I couldn’t see his ass, but my imagination led me to believe he had a juicy one. The polo’s sleeves puckered around massive biceps. His eyes were beautiful; a light-brown, almost golden color. His lips were beautifully full and I really wanted to suck on them.

The final guy was just as gorgeous, though in a nerdy-way. He was slim, though it was hard to figure, since he was wearing a large hoodie. He stood at 5’11”, maybe 6’ and wore dark-rimmed glasses. He had short, blonde hair and blue-grey eyes. He was, by far, the most unimpressive looking of the trio, until I checked out his crotch. I’m sure my jaw dropped. His bulge was insanely obvious, pushing out his sweat pants. I could not hazard a guess at his size, just that it was massive. I knew that, if I had the chance at all these men, he would be my first choice, merely because my curiosity was so great.

I snapped myself back to reality as the three frat boys arrived in front of James and I.

“James, who the fuck is the kid?” asked the head man. I glanced over to my cousin, remaining deathly quiet. It sounded like he was in trouble.

“Hey Patrick,” James answered. “This is my cousin, Andy. He goes to Cal U.” We had practiced the lie earlier. The trio looked over at me. I stood up straighter under their scrutiny and tried to smile.

The shaggy-haired, short man stuck his hand out to me, “Hey, I’m Patrick.” I took his hand, feeling the muscles that rippled behind it. I felt blood surge into my cock. I was glad that my jeans hid my growing erection from view.

“Nice to meet you, Patrick,” I replied.

“My friends are Nate and Sam,” he motioned to the nerdy guy then the black one. I shook each of their hands, again feeling my cock throb.

“Nice to meet you all,” I said. Patrick was really checking me out. It was so obvious that I felt myself blush. What was going on here?

“So, where did you say you go to school?” Patrick asked me.

“California,” I answered, my voice shaking. I realized that Patrick hadn’t been checking me out in a sexual way. He had been trying to decide if I was too young to be at a college party.

“Cut the shit,” Patrick growled. “How old are you?” I tried to look over at James, but Nate was standing between us now. In fact, I realized, they were circling me, and subtly pushing me into a corner.

“I’m 21…”

“Bullshit,” Sam said, speaking for the first time. His voice was smooth, like velvet. I knew I was probably making bedroom eyes at him, but I was nervous and couldn’t seem to control the boner that had finished growing in my pants.

“Don’t lie to us, kid,” Patrick said. “It won’t go well for you.”

I gasped for air before finally whispering out, “Sorry. I’m 19. I’m still in high school.”

“Thought so,” Patrick said. As one, the three frat brothers turned toward my cousin who was glaring at me. “So you brought an underage high school kid to our party, James? Do you know how much trouble we could get in if the cops raided us and found him here? We could lose our fucking charter!” Patrick wasn’t screaming, but his tone implied that there was trouble. Surprisingly, no one at the party was paying attention to us.

“I’m sorry Pat,” James said, hanging his head. “I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“I think you should leave,” Patrick said. James nodded. He turned and started to leave, escorted by the nerdy guy, Nate. I edged past the muscular man and began to follow my cousin when a hand grabbed my arm. I turned to find Patrick smiling at me. “Not you. You can stay.” I was speechless. Why could I stay? I turned to look after my cousin. I saw him and Nate standing in the doorway. Nate was handing a wad of bills to my cousin who was smiling and nodding. Just then he glanced over and caught me looking at him. His smile faltered, but then he held up the cash, shrugged and walked out of the door.

I watched Nate make his way back across the room to join us. Only then did I turn to look at Patrick, who’s hand was still around my upper arm. “Let’s head upstairs,” he said.

“I think I should be going,” I tried to say, but Patrick placed a finger over my lips.

“Shhhh,” he said. He then pushed his finger into my mouth. I was shocked. What the fuck was going on!? “Yeah, let’s go upstairs.”

Nate and Sam led the way, parting the crowd. Few people paid us any attention. Those who did were buff, sexy fraternity brothers. A tall redheaded guy winked at me. A Latino ran his tongue along his lips, seductively. I was confused beyond belief. I couldn’t understand what was happening.

We reached the stairs and made our way up. Nate opened a door at the end of the hall and we went in, Patrick closing the door behind us. I stood in the middle of the room, trying to figure out what was going on. Patrick came up behind me, and I felt his hands grab my ass. I gasped.

“Wow, James told us you had a hot ass, but this is insane. Fuck I want a piece of this.” I stood completely still, not believing what I was hearing. This was a fantasy come true. These three men were unbelievably hot but it seems they also paid off my cousin to bring me to the party. They had set this whole thing up without my knowledge. They were being a bit presumptuous, and a tad bit too forceful for my taste.

Patrick’s hands continued to roam my body. They wrapped around me, groping my chest, tweaking my nipples, and then roving down over my abs. I tried to pull away but his rock hard arms closed around me, pulling me up against him. I felt his erect cock push against my ass. I gasped. It felt so large. I looked up at Nate and Sam. They were both smiling. Nate had a hand down his sweatpants.

“Sam, show this kid what he’ll be playing with tonight,” Patrick said. I watched as Sam unzipped his jeans and pushed them down to his knees. He had on a pair of blue boxer briefs which were filled to capacity. My throat clicked as I swallowed. Sam winked at me as he hooked a thumb under the waist band of his underwear and tugged them down. A thick black monster sprang free. I gasped. Sam’s cock was about 9” long and maybe 6” around. The head was so dark, it was almost purple. The shaft was perfectly smooth except for one vein underneath. Nate knelt down in front of Sam. He removed Sam’s shoes and helped him out of his jeans. Sam pulled his shirt off, revealing washboard abs. I moaned lightly, but Patrick heard it. He pushed me to my knees. I watched as Nate took Sam’s throbbing black cock in his hand and pumped it a couple times. One pearl formed at the tip. All eyes were on that drop of precum. I wanted to taste it, to lick it off. I watched as Nate leaned in and licked up Sam’s dark shaft. The pearl clung to Nate’s tongue. He turned to me and shoved his tongue into my mouth. I tasted the sweetness of Sam’s precum. Nate ravaged my mouth, choking me on his thick tongue. I moaned and grabbed the back of his head, pulling him in closer, our tongues wrestling. Nate’s hands roamed my chest, kneading my pecs. I heard him moan lightly before pulling away from the kiss and standing up. He stepped to the side and suddenly Sam’s big black cock was in my face, rubbing itself across my lips. I instantly opened my lips and swallowed the huge pole.

“Oh fuck!” Sam cried out as the head of his cock hit the back of my throat and then continued on down. My lips mashed up against his pelvis, his entire cock secured down my throat. “This fucker can take a D!” I massaged his shaft with my throat. He moaned. He pulled his cock out slowly, and then pushed it back in, just as slowly. He began a slow fuck. I took it well, oblivious to everything else that was going in the room. Sam began to increase his pace. I ran my hands up his powerful legs, and latched onto his muscular ass. I looked up at Sam and saw that Nate was standing behind Sam, massaging his broad black torso and sucking on his neck. I watched as Nate’s fingers brushed across Sam’s nipples. Sam arched his back, shoved his cock further down my throat and unleashed a massive load. I immediately began to swallow. After 20 seconds, his cock stopped firing and he pulled himself free of me. He backed up and collapsed on the bed. I remained on my knees, licking my lips and savoring Sam’s flavors.

“Your turn, Nate,” Patrick said from behind me. I had forgotten all about him. I looked over my shoulder and saw him lounging in a big chair, completely naked. I took in his amazing form: giant pecs with large, erect nipples; bulging triceps and biceps; flat stomach; 8” cock, thick as a beer can; bull-sized balls that hung so low they rested on the chair upon which he sat; powerful legs. I could just barely see his ass but it looked great: something hard to hold onto while that fat cock was barreling into you. While I had been inspecting Patrick, Nate had been waiting patiently in front of me. I turned when I felt something brush against the side of my face. I turned and almost fell backwards. Nate had stripped as well and was completely nude in front of me. He was not as muscular as his friends. He had light definition. His chest had light hair on it, which tapered down to a thin line that ran down to his pubes, which were trimmed to match his chest hair. My eyes followed that trail of hair down to his cock, which was the source of my shock. I had never seen a cock of that size before and I was alarmed.

His cock was so massive, that it couldn’t stand up. It hung, hard, straight down. His balls were average in size, however and were practically hidden by his large cock.

“How….how big…,” I couldn’t finish the sentence.

Nate smiled, “Normally I would say that you wouldn’t believe me if I told you. But since it’s hanging in your face…it’s 14 inches.”

“Fuck,” I groaned. I enjoyed taking big cocks. I loved the challenge, but this was something else. This was going to be too much pain for me. I scuttled back over the carpet, trying to escape that giant cock. I backed up against the chair where Patrick was sitting. I was sitting between Patrick’s legs, feeling the heat coming off of those massive balls on the back of my neck. I surveyed my situation. Sam was lying on his back on the bed, maybe asleep, after having had his balls drained by my throat. Nate was standing in the middle of the room, his cock swinging between his legs, smiling at me. Patrick was sitting in the chair, behind me, slowly stroking his beer-can cock. The only way out of the room, and away from the inevitable pain of that 14”, was through the door we had entered. That door was 5 feet to my right. If I could only get to my feet, I might be able to escape.

I pushed myself to my knees and then slowly began to stand. I got to my feet, but before I could move, Nate was in front of me, his arms wrapped around me, his tongue in my mouth. I moaned. His large cock was leaking precum onto the front of my jeans, and there was a lot of it. I felt Patrick’s hands on my ass, then on my belt buckle. My belt was undone, my zipper pulled down. I knew that I was approaching the point of no return. If they got my clothes off, I would not be able to dash out of this room; I would have that giant cock in me before the end of the night. Before I could make up my mind, Patrick made the decision for me. My pants and underwear fell to the floor and he planted his face between my hairless cheeks, delving in with his tongue. I moaned and instinctively bent forward to give him better access. However, this placed my head closer to the monster cock. Nate’s hands fell on my shoulders, pushing me lower. My face was now level with his cock. I eyed it with concern, not quite sure what I wanted to do with it. Again, Patrick made the decision for me. He pried my cheeks further apart and penetrated my ass even further with his tongue. I moaned out and while my mouth hung open, Nate took the opportunity to nudge the head of his cock into my mouth. I gasped at the feel of that giant head in my mouth which only caused me to take more of him into my mouth. Before I really knew what had happened, half of his shaft was down my throat.

Out of my sight I heard Sam stir. A bottle of poppers materialized underneath my nose. I took two hits and held my breath. As the poppers lifted me up, I went back to the cock in front of me. Patrick’s tongue felt amazing on my ass and I wanted to return that favor to the cock in my mouth. I slowly took more and more of it. I heard Nate moaning his approval above me as I moaned my approval to what Patrick was doing behind me.

Suddenly I choked. The poppers were wearing off and as I came down I realized that I had a foot-long cock in my throat. I had taken almost all of the cock. I came up for air and Sam passed me the poppers again. Now that I had taken most of the monster cock, I was determined to take the whole thing. I took four hits, held my breath and then released it, enjoying the feeling of weightlessness. Then I turned to Nate. He looked at me with hopeful, glassy eyes. I noticed that Patrick was standing by Nate’s side, I glanced over my shoulder and saw Sam’s dark cock being aimed at my hole. I gritted my teeth as Sam’s cock touched my wet hole. No condom? The poppers made me not care, so I turned back to Nate as Sam began pushing his cock into my ass.

“No one’s taken the whole thing before,” Nate whispered.  I took a deep breath, still feeling the effects of the poppers. I took the head into my mouth; at the same time Sam shoved his entire cock into my ass. I cried out, my vision going red with pain. Nate, always the one to take advantage of the situation, shoved the entire length of his cock down my throat. I took it and massaged the length with my throat, trying to breathe through my nose as best I could.

“I think you’ve got your cock in his stomach, man!” Patrick cried out. Sam had picked up his pace behind me. His rhythmic thrusts continued to push me onto the giant cock in front of me. Patrick knelt down behind Nate, spread his cheeks and began eating his ass.

“Fuck this ass is just as tight as his throat,” Sam said. He pulled his cock all the way out and slammed it back in. His pace was picking up. I knew that meant he was nearing orgasm. Sam roared as he filled my ass with his load. I love that I had taken two loads, one in each end, from the same man before the other two had gotten one off. As I thought this, Nate’s cock swelled in my mouth and throat. It began to throb and I realized that he was cumming, though I couldn’t taste anything, because it was so far down my throat. I wanted a good mouthful of this load. I pulled back and caught the last couple shots in my mouth.

We all detached from each other. I collapsed on the ground, cum running out of my mouth and ass. So far, this had been the best night of my life. Two loads in my mouth and one in my ass; and there was still a hunk of a man with elephant balls to help out. Nate and Sam both retreated to the bed. They sat next to each other, legs touching. Patrick stood and approached me.




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