“That’s it boy! Take that monster cock!” Patrick hollered. I looked over at him and noticed for the first time that there were three other men in the room.

I recognized them from downstairs. They had been some of the guys who had made eye contact with me when I was being ushered upstairs to be gang fucked. I assumed they were other frat brothers, come to watch the bitch take a horse’s cock. It aroused me. I also noted that Patrick was holding a video recorder. I smiled for him and returned my attention to Nate and his cock.

“I want you to ride it now,” Nate said. He moved into position and I sat down on him, taking the whole length in one movement. The men across the room all cried out and cheered for me. I grinned as I rode Nate hard. I felt his cock thicken and knew he was filling my ass. His fingers dug into my hips as he pulled me down and held me there. He gave out one long gasping sigh and collapsed backwards.

I looked at the men across the room and saw that the newcomers had all begun stripping. I did a quick inspection. The first man was bald and in above-average shape with a small beer belly. He was still sexy though. His chest and stomach were covered in blondish hair. His cock was shorter, maybe 6.5-7” but thick. 

The second man was the redhead who had winked at me earlier (and yes the carpet matched the drapes). He was obviously a body-builder. Ever muscle was perfectly defined and accented with a light dusting of that rust-colored hair. His cock hung at 8” and I knew that I would enjoy feeling his large hairy balls slap against my chin. 

The final guy was the Latino (my favorite). He was shorter than any of the other men in the room but his body rivaled many of the others; muscles bulged in all the right places and his dark nipples were already erect. He turned his back to me as he pulled his shorts down and I drooled at the sight of his plump ass. I wanted to eat it, and I don’t normally get into that. I pushed past all the men and went up to him. When he turned I was standing in front of him. He grinned at me and we both looked down at his cock. It was uncut and just as thick as Patrick’s. I wrapped my hand around it and pulled him to the bed. His smile faded as I moved behind him and bent him over the bed.

“No, I don’t…,” he started before I buried my face in his ass. He moaned loudly.

“Looks like Jose likes his ass played with!” someone said from behind me. I licked his ass for a couple minutes before I felt a finger push into my ass. “Damn, he’s still tight, yo.” While I was distracted, Jose crawled across the bed trying to get away from me, but I crawled after him. We were now both on our hands and knees on the bed, my mouth glued to his sweet-tasting ass. There was movement below us. I glanced down and saw the bald man shuffling up, on his back. His hands touched my waist and pulled me down. My asshole touched his cock and with only a moment of hesitation, plunged right down onto it.

He groaned, “Oh fuck man. That’s so hot.” I continued my assault on Jose’s ass. I noticed that Patrick had moved in front of Jose. Patrick’s cock was mashed against Jose’s mouth who was desperately fighting it. The bed moved as the red-haired man got on, straddling the bald man and pushed his cock up against my asshole. I tried to pull away.

“Hold him, Don,” the redhead said. The bald man’s arms encircled me, holding me in place. They were going to double fuck me! That had never been done before! Of course, I had never been fucked by more than one man at a time, nor taken 14” of cock before either. 

The pressure against my hole built as the redhead began shoving his cock in alongside the bald man. I felt like I was being ripped in half. I screamed and fought, trying to push them off, but Sam and Nate appeared at either side of me and held me in place.

I returned my attention to Jose’s ass, hoping that it will distract me from the two cocks in my ass. The evening had turned into a massive orgy, with me in the middle. The bald man, Don, beneath me was fucking me hard and sucking Jose’s cock. Jose had given in and was sucking on the head of Patrick’s thick cock. The redhead was holding his big cock deep in my ass, allowing Don to provide the friction. I heard a grunt from the redhead. Pulling my mouth from Jose, I peered around to see that Sam had shoved his long black cock up the redhead’s ass.

“Fuck you!” the redhead cried out. I felt his cock deflate inside my ass for a moment. I reached back and massaged his chest. I loved his body. It was beautiful. I would have to find a way to get one on one with him; we would definitely have a good time. His cock jumped a bit when I flicked his nipples so I did that until he had recovered. Then he began to really thrust into me. I moaned and turned my attention back to Jose and his delicious ass. The only guy who wasn’t involved in the massive fuck fest was Nate. I knew most men wouldn’t be able to handle his horse cock. He sat over in the chair, watching everything and slowly stroking himself back to erection. I knew that I would be riding him again before the night was over.

I heard Sam roar and knew his big black dick was dumping a large load in the hot redhead’s ass. This seemed to trigger the rest of us. Don, beneath me, began to grunt and I felt his cock expand, which caused the red head’s cock to swell. Knowing two men were dumping loads into me pushed me over the edge. I spewed my load all over Don’s chest. I looked down, noticing Don’s throat muscles working and knew that Jose was unloading his cum. Jose began choking; glancing up I saw Patrick’s eyes rolling in the back of his head. Some cum ran out of the corner of Jose’s mouth, dripping down onto the bed. Nathan appeared at my side, his cock already spewing cum. I locked my lips over his monster cock head and swallowed, gratefully.

We began to peel ourselves off each other, softening cocks slipping from loosened assholes. Moaning, I collapsed on the bed. Patrick sat next to me, caressing my sweaty face. “There’s one more cock for you to service,” he whispered. He looked up towards the door. I followed his gaze and my jaw dropped.


Hope you guys are enjoying my story. I've enjoyed writing them for years not but have been timid to share them. Let me know what you think. -TK




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