This is a story about incest and domination between siblings and their parents, so if this is not your thing don't read it. If you're not of legal age you shouldn't be here anyway, so go somewhere else. Please keep in mind that this is fantasy. There is no intent whatsoever by the author to present this story as any sort of reality. (Duane/aka: Gladiatorkid)

Mommy and Daddy and Me

Chapter Four

So, I'd fucked Jeremy and now I'd actually spanked my own father. I'd actually taken him over my lap and spanked him. But let me tell you, I wasn't at all sorry. In fact, I was thrilled. After all these years I'd finally shown him my true feelings; I'd finally put him in his place. My heart was beating fast, my prick was hard and throbbing, and I had a grin on my face that wouldn't quit.

I'd finally done it. I was elated. Spanking Daddy had been absolutely intoxicating.

Then I remembered. Jeremy. He told on me. Yes, I fucked him, but he knew better than to tattle to Daddy. That was one of the 'absolute' rules that he had to follow.

Tucking my big schlong back into my undies but keeping my hand on it, I went through the bathroom into Jeremy's bedroom.

When I entered his bedroom he was sitting on the side of the bed waiting for me with a look or total terror on his face. He'd obviously heard all the goings on between me and Daddy, and I was a little surprised that he was not trying to get away. Evidently he felt it would be better in some way to go ahead and face the music now rather than later.

"Jerod" he said which came out as somewhere between a squeak and a croak. He cleared his throat. "Please, Jerod. Please" he said softly, pleading. "I didn't mean to tell her. I didn't. She just dragged it out of me."

I walked up to him and just stood there looking down at him with my hands on my hips, and my hard dick making an enormous bulge off to the left in my bikini. There was a long pause before he spoke again.

"Please, Jerod. She saw me wince when I sat down and asked what was wrong. I didn't want to tell her" he said. "I didn't mean to. I'm sorry." I saw that he had tears in his eyes. He was really terrified. I reached up and cold-bloodedly slapped his face, almost knocking him off the bed.

"Yeeeooohhh, Jerod" he howled.

"Get on your knees" I growled at him. He immediately dropped to his knees and looked up at me.

"I'm sorry, Jerod. I'm sorry. Please, Jerod, don't do this."

This was all pretense on my part of course, because I wasn't mad at him. Hell, I was overjoyed with him. Can you imagine what a blast it was for me to have him on his knees saying 'please don't hurt me'? I was about to blow a fuckin gasket. This was my brother, my older brother. It was absolutely mind-blowing.

No, I wasn't mad at him. For one thing, it gave me an excuse to fuck him again. Not that I really needed an excuse, but there is nothing wrong with him thinking he owes me. He'd handle it better if he thought he deserved it. And for the second thing, I was elated that I'd finally had it out with Daddy. My mind was going around and around about all the things I could start doing now that Daddy was no longer going to make the rules. I was going to start making my own rules, and as far as I was concerned, Daddy was going to learn to follow them.

No, I wasn't mad at Jeremy, but I wasn't about to let this opportunity to fuck him again get away. I actually had to be careful not to grin at him or even break out in laughter as he looked pleadingly up at my frowning face. He was pleading desperately and I was cracking up with laughter inside, but it was important for him to think I was outraged. He was sniffling a little now, with tears beginning to drip down his face. "Please, Jerod. I'm sorry" he repeated.

"You ever sucked a cock, Jeremy" I said, trying to sound rough instead of jubilant.

"Well...., ahhh.... no" he answered.

"I'll take that as a yes" I laughed coldly. "You and Perry?"

"Yeah" he whispered. Perry was his best friend.

"Good" I said. "That means you've had some practice." I put my hand behind his head and pulled him into my crotch. He automatically put his hands on my thighs. "Get your fuckin hands down" I roared at him. He immediately dropped his hands.

Grabbing his hair, I dragged his face back and forth against my wanger which was stretched off to the left in my bikini. It had softened a bit but I knew it wouldn't take much to get it back to its full nine inches.

I jerked his head back and looked down at him. "You told on me, Jeremy. You squealed to Daddy" I snapped at him. "You owe me."

"I said I was sorry, Jerod. I didn't mean to do it" he blubbered, tears dripping down his cheeks.

"I'll give you a choice here, Jeremy" I said. "I'll fuck you again or you'll blow me. What'll it be? A suck or a fuck?"

"Jerod, don't do this. Please."

"A suck or a fuck? Make up your mind."

"I'm still sore, Jerod. I'm...."

"Okay, so it's a suck" I said with a grin. "That's fine by me. Is that okay with you?"


"You're going to give me a blowjob" I said giving his head a jerk. "Is that okay with you, or do you want me to fuck you."

"Please, Jerod" he whispered.

"You screwed up, Jeremy. You told on me so now you owe me. Tell me you're willing to suck my dick. You want to do it for me."

"Jerod, please. Please don't do this" he pleaded. He was really sounding wimpy, saying 'please, Jerod' over and over, and I was getting sick of it.

I bent down slightly, looking him in the eye and glaring at him. "You're going to suck my dick Jeremy and I just might decide to kick the shit out of you as well. Now tell me you want to suck it."

"Okay, Jerod" he blubbered through his tears. "Okay. I'll suck you."

"You owe it to me. Say it" I snarled.

"Okay, Jerod. I owe it to you" he whimpered.

"Chew on it" I said calmly pulling him back into my crotch. "Get me hard." I raised my hands and put them behind my head, stretching and pushing my crotch against his face as he started gently chewing on my prick. I don't know why I hadn't done this long ago. Jeremy had been my lackey for years now, so I could have used him for pleasure any time I wanted. I guess I just didn't feel right about fucking my own brother and he'd always been a little too gutless for me anyway. Besides I seldom had a problem finding somebody to get my dick into. But, starting now, I'm no longer going to have a problem with doing my brother. From now on, if I couldn't find someone to my taste wanting to get on my dick, I'd have my skinny brother as a backup.

I could feel my prick growing that final inch, reaching out to its maximum nine inches as Jeremy chewed on it.

"Okay, Jeremy" I said softly. "Get my shorts off. Pull 'em down." Jeremy leaned back and looked up at me for just a second, his tears dripping, and then looked back down. He grabbed my underwear at the waist line and pulled them down. It was a struggle for a moment, dragging it over my hard-on, and then again having to peel them over my immense thighs, but he finally got them down and I stepped out of them.

"Lick it, Jeremy. Just lick it" I said to him. It was sticking up at a 60 degree angle right in his face as he started to lick. "All of it Jeremy. Up and down. Up and down." Keeping his hands down at his sides he started licking up and down my prick. I brought my hands down to my hips and just watched him.

Shit. Can you imagine? My own brother. My own brother licking my dick. The brother that used to bully me. Jeeesssuuusss, I loved it. I now had not only my own servant, but my own fuck boy right in my own house. It was fabulous.

"Look at me, Jeremy. Look at me" I said. "Look at your brother while you lick his dick." He looked up into my face, seeing my smirk, and I saw the tears were still dripping. "That's it, fuck boy, look at your hot brother while you worship his dick."

Yes, I was humiliating him, and I intended to continue humiliating him. I loved doing it. The only thing better than humiliating a guy was fucking him. What in the hell is all this strength and power and muscle for anyway if I can't use it to show my masculinity and my superiority. I was going to teach Jeremy what the word humiliate really meant. As far as I was concerned, he still owed me for the times when he used to bully me. I pushed his head back, and as he watched, I let a wad of spit drop onto my cock.

The tears were really dripping down his cheeks now as he looked in my eyes. I didn't say anything and he didn't do anything for a moment. There was no question he knew what I expected him to do, and he knew he had no choice, but he didn't move.

I made a fist and held it in his face as a threat.

"Don't make me tell you" I growled at him. After a few seconds more hesitation, he leaned in and licked my spit off my dick. My grin got even bigger, but I didn't like the idea that he looked away. Pushing his head back again, I spit once more.

"Look at me" I said. "Look at me while you suck up my spit." With glassy, tear filled eyes, he looked me in the eye as he leaned in again and licked my spit off my dick.

"Oh, shit, Jeremy. You have no idea how much fun this is going to be" I chortled. Pushing his head back once more I told him to open his mouth and accept a wad of spit, right into his mouth. He was well beyond objecting to anything I said at this point so he opened up and I let fly.

"Now suck on it, Jeremy" I said. "Open up and take my big prick in your mouth." Jeremy said he'd sucked his buddy Perry, but I figured he probably wasn't very experienced, not like Uncle Rick or Tommy or Hank anyway. I don't know what Perry had down there, but I knew damn well he didn't have nine inches like I did.

With a big grin on my face, I watched as my 'big' brother opened up and took the head of my prick in his mouth. I put my hand behind his head, not pushing, but just letting him know that I was in control.

"Suck" I said.

He sucked. Having only a couple inches in his mouth, he started lapping it with his tongue and sucking on it. Then he started moving his head back and forth slightly. So, he was somewhat experienced after all; he did know what to do. He'd obviously sucked Perry more than once.

I pushed slightly on the back of his head, making him take another couple inches. He didn't object and kept up his sucking. He only had about half of my dick in his mouth but I wasn't going to be too demanding. I didn't want him to hate doing this; I just wanted him to consider it as another of his brotherly duties.

Putting my other hand behind his head and holding him still, I started jacking slowly in and out of his mouth, getting a good rhythm going. He still had only about half of my nine inches in his mouth, but I was okay with that for now.

You cannot imagine the thrill I was getting by looking down at my big/little brother, his mouth wide open with my prick jammed in there while I fucked his face. The thrill of a lifetime. And it was making me hot, hot, hot.

"Oh, shit, Jeremy. You look so fine down there... sucking on my prick" I said, not able to control the big grin on my face. "You're doing good. You're making your brother happy." He had closed his eyes now, but I wasn't going to badger him about not looking at me. I just wanted to enjoy him slurping on my dick.

And he was really going at it, milking me for all he was worth. See what I mean about him owing me? He tries harder on his own that way, and I don't have to badger him or slap him around to get him into it.

Grabbing his head with both hands, I kept up the fucking motion, not going deep enough to choke him, but getting a nice feeling on my prick. He reached up and grabbed my thighs again but I didn't object this time.

He had closed his eyes again but I didn't say anything and just let him go ahead and concentrate on sucking me. For some guys it's an incredible turn on for them to look up at my hot body and my handsome face while my dick is in their mouth, but for others, particularly those I'm taking against their will, it's demeaning. For me it's a real turn-on. Looking into a guy's eyes while he's got his mouth stretched around my big pecker is really hot.

Jeremy looked damn good down there with my prick in his mouth. The looking was every bit as good as the feeling; my own brother sucking on my dick. I've said I don't care for skinny, wimpy guys, but when it's your own brother it's a totally different world. I closed my eyes, concentrating on the feeling instead of the seeing, and realized that I was hot and getting hotter with the awareness that I was getting blown by my own brother. I didn't see a skinny guy in my mind anymore, I saw my brother's face with his mouth stretched around my dick.

And that did it, taking me over the top. I looked down at him as I fired my first shot into his mouth. His eyes flew open in shock and he tried to pull back, but I had a good hold on his head so no way was I going to let him get away.

He was pushing on my thighs and struggling to get away but I held on tight until after the third or fourth ejaculation when he started to choke. I let go and he jerked back coughing uncontrollably, so my next shot got him on the left cheek

I grabbed my dick and goosed it a little, urging the last few spurts out onto the floor. Jeremy choked and coughed and it looked like my sperm night have been coming right out his nose. As I massaged the last few drops out of my dick, he looked up at me.

"Jerod...." he choked out through his tears.

"It's okay, bro" I said, not able to keep the grin off of my face. "You'll do better next time." God, he looked good down there, with a shocked look on his face and my cum on his cheek. Grabbing his hair and holding him steady, I collected it off his cheek with my finger and smeared it over his lips.

"You were beautiful, Jeremy. Beautiful." I bent down and kissed him. Yeah, I kissed him. My own brother. He didn't kiss me back, but I think he might have if he hadn't been so shocked. "Thank you, Jeremy" I said and that probably shocked him as much as me kissing him.

I turned and walked back into my own bedroom.


I just lay back on my bed with a 'cat that ate the canary' look on my face. I actually giggled aloud in excitement, reliving the past hour or so. Finally, finally putting it to my Daddy. Putting him on my lap and spanking him. And getting a halfway decent blowjob from my brother as well.

My brother still wasn't my type, to skinny and wimpy, but he was going to be handy as a 'fallback' if nothing else was available.

Yes, having my brother available was going to be convenient, but the big deal was my Daddy. Jesus, I'd done it. I'd actually done it. I put him in his place and I was thrilled. I had no regrets whatsoever. He had never been a father to me. Honestly, I could not recall a single time over the years when he'd been loving to me or given me a hug, or complimented me for doing something well He was a total shit to me and did not deserve any consideration at all.

So, I'd wanted to do something like this for a couple years, and it really felt good that I'd finally done it. He was such a wimp that it was embarrassing to me that I had to listen to him and do what he said. With my superman physique, my power and strength and my complete contempt for him, there was no reason for me to pay any attention to anything he had to say. But it was now settled and I knew he'd never be telling me what to do again. In fact, and I chuckled aloud thinking of this; in fact, the opposite was going to be true. I planned on having him doing my bidding from now on. He owed me.

What I really liked about this was that I now had free rein to do anything I wanted around the house without worrying about what he was going to think. It bugged the hell out of me that I always had to wear a shirt in the house, so that was going to change immediately.

I loved tight, sexy, suggestive clothes that molded to my body and really showed off my best features. In fact, I stood in front of the mirror in my bedroom lots of times admiring myself while dressing in some of the most erotic outfits I could find at the thrift stores. But I could only do it in my bedroom. From now on I was going to dress any way I damn well pleased.

And from now on I was going to bring my tricks into the house if I wanted to and do them in my room or in the basement. Yeah, I was going to start bringing my tricks into the house. Hell, maybe I'd fuck them in the middle of the living room, or on the kitchen table, or in my parent's bed. That got me laughing, imagining fucking a guy in my parent's bed. As far as I was concerned, from now on I was going to do anything I damn well pleased and my parents could go fuck themselves. I should have taken this action a long time ago.

Now, I'm not stupid, and I realized that this was going to be a big change for my parents, and I'd better make sure they understood how things were going to be from now on.

I put on a pair of white jockey shorts and nothing else before I went downstairs. My Daddy's house rules said I had to be fully dressed in the house but those rules didn't apply anymore and I'd dress any way I wanted. Besides, with my awesome muscles showing, I was incredibly intimidating and right now I wanted to be intimidating.

So I went down to see Mommy and Daddy. They were in the living room, but the TV was off, so I assumed they had been talking about me.

"Daddy, I'd like to speak to you" I said as I stuck my head into the room. They both looked up at me with a look... of what? Trepidation? Mommy's was a look of alarm or dismay, but Daddy's was definitely one of dread. He was unquestionably afraid. Yes, he was afraid of me, his son, and I was exhilarated. That's what I wanted; I wanted him to fear me.

"Alone, please, Daddy."

For a moment I thought he might refuse, but then he slowly got up from his chair.

"Y-y-yes, J-J-Jerod?" he asked, his voice shaking.

"Out here please, Daddy" I said as I stepped back out of the doorway and went to the kitchen. He followed a moment later.

I waited until he came into the room and then turned to him. I just stood there three or four feet away with my hands on my hips with an arrogant look on my face. A look of total disdain and superiority. He had to be shocked and intimidated by my near nudity, because with his rules he'd never seen me undressed like this. Not that my clothes could cover up my incredible physique, but I was unquestionably intimidating standing here in only my underwear.

"I just want to be sure that we have an understanding between us" I said. He couldn't look me in the eye, and he was trying not to see my nearly nude body. "Look at me Daddy" I said and he finally looked me in the eye. His look of fear was still there, which I loved, but I tried not to show my pleasure. I avoided the smile but couldn't contain the smirk. And let me tell you, he noticed.

"You need to understand that you don't make the rules anymore. I'll make my own rules."

"Jerod, listen..." he started to say.

"No, you listen" I said to him. "After years of ignoring me, you're going to listen to me." I'd already done some thinking about what I was going to say to him, and I decided not to overdo it for now. I wasn't going to demand his obedience or anything. That could come later. For now I was simply going to declare my independence.

"You don't tell me what to do anymore, Daddy. Okay?" He looked away again but didn't say anything. "Look at me, Daddy" I repeated. "Look at me and say you understand."


"I'm waiting, Daddy. Tell me you're not going to give me orders anymore."

"Jerod, Jerod, stop" he said. "Stop and think what you're doing. You're my son."

I actually laughed aloud. "Your son! What a bunch of crap. I've never been your son. I've been your whipping boy, and nothing else."

"Jerod, have you no respect?"

"For you? Hell no, I don't" I said. "You've never respected me, so I sure as fuck don't respect you."

"Jerod. We have to get along" he said.

"Yes, we do" I said. "But I've put up with your crap for years, so now you have to put up with mine. You don't give me orders anymore."

Then he finally looked at me. "Okay, Jerod, okay."

"You don't give me orders, but I've got some of my own" I said. "'There are going to be some changes around here."

"We're still your mother and father, no matter what. You've got to remember that."

"How could I forget, you've been lording it over me for years."

"You were a child, Jerod. You needed our guidance."

"I'm glad you used past tense" I snapped at him. "I'm no longer a child, and from now on I'll do whatever I want, not what you want. Is that understood?"

"Okay, Jerod. But..."

"Is that understood" I snarled at him.

"Okay, Jerod. Okay."

"Good" I said. "I'm glad that's cleared up. Now, we're not going to say anything about this to anyone else, are we? Are we, Daddy?"

"Jerod. I...."

"You don't want anybody to know that I spanked you, do you? I think that would be kind of embarrassing wouldn't it? Wouldn't it?"

He didn't say anything but I believe he was imagining what his beer buddies might think.

"Besides, Daddy, you surely don't want me to have to do it again do you? I don't believe you want me to take you over my lap again." He saw me grin as I said this, and I admit, just the thought of doing him again made me hot. I couldn't help but reach down and grope myself, repositioning my prick in my underwear. Did he notice? Hell yes he noticed.

I think he could recognize that I loved spanking him because that look of fear on his face turned to alarm. "Jerod, you wouldn't" he said in a shocked voice. He hadn't considered that I might spank him again if he didn't do what I wanted.

"Want to bet? Just try me" I said and actually laughed. "So, its better that we just keep this to ourselves, don't you think?"

"Jerod. You...."

"Tell me you're not going to say anything to anybody, Daddy. Tell me."

"Jerod. I... I..." He hesitated for a moment, evidently thinking of what he was going to say. "Yes, you're right, we shouldn't tell anybody about this." He hesitated for another moment. "We.... yes, I mean no, we shouldn't say anything to anyone."

"Good, Daddy. That's good" I said giving him a smile. "We don't want anybody interfering with our family business, do we?" I just stood there smiling at him for a minute. "By the way, you don't mind the way I'm dressed, do you? You don't mind that I'm standing here in just my underwear do you?"

"Jeremy, you know...." He started to say.

"I've got a fantastic body, Daddy, and I like showing it off. Tell me its okay with you" I said, putting a sternness into my voice. "Tell me you don't mind how I dress."

He hesitated for just a moment, and then gave in. "Okay, Jeremy. Whatever you want."

I loved that 'whatever you want' statement. I turned away from him.

"Jerod" he said and I turned back. "J-J-Jerod. You've.... You've got to leave J-J-Jeremy alone" he said hesitantly.

"Didn't I just tell you not to give me orders?" I growled at him.

"J-J-Jerod. He's my son" he said firmly.

Now that got my attention. Note how he said 'he's my son', talking about Jeremy. He didn't say 'you're my sons'. That statement definitely excluded me.

"He's my brother" I said "and what happens between us is none of your business."

"It is my business, J-J-Jerod. It is" he said fearfully. Yeah, he was saying it but was afraid of my reaction. "He is my ...."

"Yeah, he's your favorite son. We know that. Everybody knows that. But what Jeremy and I do is between us."

"I'm sorry, Jerod. That won't work" he said. Surprise. He did have some backbone after all. At least where he favorite son was concerned.

"Okay" I said, giving in. "I'll leave him alone if you behave yourself."

"W-W-What's that mean?" he asked.

"Whatever you want it to mean" I answered. Then I turned away.

As I started out of the room I saw Mommy just outside the door with the strangest look on her face. She'd obviously been listening and I swear to God, I think it was a look of respect. There was no anger, no sadness, just a look of.... what?.... admiration? I think so. Admiration. She respected me for standing up to him. Yes, I think she did.

She stepped back as I walked up but I saw her eyes move down my body, hesitate, and then slowly move back up to my face, evidently taking in my incredible physique. She hadn't seen me in only my underwear since I was a child.

Neither of us said anything as I walked by, although I gave her a big smile and I thought she may have given me a slight smile back. When I reached the stairs I looked down and realized that I had a roaring hard-on which was sticking out and making a tent out of my undies. Was that what my Mommy was looking at? I repositioned it again.

As I started up the stairs I realized that dominating my father was an incredible turn on. I have a dominating personality to begin with and have always been pretty controlling with everybody around me, but running roughshod over my own father was particularly hot.

But then I hesitated, and actually stopped for a moment, right there on the stairs. Was it possible that my mother was looking at my hard-on or was I just imagining it? I just stood there for a moment replaying her look when I came out of the kitchen. Then I continued up the steps wondering: it sure as hell looked to me like she was checking out my prick, and giving my hunky body a real hard look as well. Was Mommy hot for a big dicked muscle stud even when it was her own son? I'd have to check that out.

So, anyway, I think we had an understanding between us now. They'd leave me alone, and for now, I'd leave them alone. For now, that is. I'd already thought it through and decided that I was going to be in charge from now on. I wouldn't push it for the moment, but I was going to be in charge and they were going to do my bidding and I would not put up with any shit from them ever again. I'd decide later what kind of shit they were going to have to put up with from me.

But I'll say this: I was going to make the rules and they were damn well going to follow them. This house was now mine and I was most definitely going to be the Boss.

Appearing in front of them in only my underwear was only the beginning. There was lots more to come. And I had to do some thinking about Mommy. When I left the kitchen and smiled at her, she definitely smiled back. Yes, she did. I know she did. I think she liked seeing me dominate Daddy. I think she admired me for it.

And.... And.... It seemed like she was hot for my big pecker and my muscular body. It sure seemed like it to me.

Jeremy was already my slave, and Tommy and Hank as well, but it wouldn't bother me in the least to add two more slaves to my cabal.

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