This is a story about incest and domination between brothers and their parents. If you don't like this type of story, or if you're not of legal age, please don't read it. This story is total fantasy and is for entertainment purposes only, and the author in no way intends it to represent any form of actual reality.

Mommy and Daddy and Me

Chapter 7

Okay, so I'd spanked my Daddy and screwed my Mommy. Well, actually, she blew me and then I screwed her. And let's not forget, I'd screwed my brother, Jeremy, as well. No, I screwed him and then I made him suck me off.

To be honest, the only thing memorable of these events was spanking my Daddy. Of course II was hot when Mommy sucked me off, and yes, I was really hot when I raped her. Yeah, I didn't just screw her, I raped her, right there in the hallway outside the kitchen. And of course that was hotter than hell. But I'm gay, I'm queer, I'm a fag. I don't go for females. Not that I can't; hell, I'm sixteen and I can get it up on a dime, but females just don't do it for me.

What made it hot with my Mommy was the rape. In Mommy's case she would have been willing but she didn't know it, so you could call it rape. Rape can be really, really hot.

But, I can honestly say that all my tricks are willing so you can't call it rape. I'm a dominant muscle stud, and I'm always in charge, so you can call it domination, or control or some such thing. But whatever you want to call it, it ain't rape. If they want it, even if they sometimes need to be convinced they want it, it ain't rape. But let me say, being a total top and making your trick obey your every whim is awesome, even if it isn't called rape.

But, anyway, Mommy is a female. I don't know whether I'll fuck her again or not, and I really don't care. It depends on whether she wants it again I suppose. And Jeremy. Jeremy's a skinny wimp. Skinny guys and wimps don't turn me on. I did him just to show my superiority, so I probably wouldn't do him again unless he really pissed me off, or tried to stand up to me or something.

Now my Daddy. Spanking Daddy was thrilling. Daddy is a skinny wimp just like Jeremy, but he's still my Daddy. After all these years of being his whipping boy and taking his shit, finally getting him over my knee and spanking him, totally controlling him, and actually getting him crying; well, there is no word to describe how fantastic it felt. It was beyond awesome. It was freaky stupendous.

And now I was totally in charge. This house was mine. I hadn't laid down any laws yet, but I'd made it clear they would not fuck with me anymore.

But there was one thing that really got me going. The way Daddy looked at me. Or should I say, the way he didn't look at me?

I might have mentioned before, how, after I started working out and building muscle, Daddy made a point of not looking at me. Even when he talked to me, which was only to give orders, he didn't really look at me. He'd look at the wall or the floor. And that was when he made the rules about wearing clothes around the house. I got the idea that he was intimidated and wanted me to keep my muscles covered up so he wouldn't be cowed by them.

Okay, so I was pretty sure he was intimidated, but was he turned on? Getting intimidated by muscles and lusting over muscles can be two different things, but they don't have to be. They weren't for Daddy. Yes, he was intimidated by my body, but I thought he was hot for me as well. A beautiful sixteen year old boy, a real hunk, with an awesome physique; it would be hard for anyone not to be desire me, so he may very well have a thing for me.

And I was going to find out.

So at dinner the next night it was completely silent, just like always. But near the end of the meal I spoke. "Have you guys been behaving?" I asked sweetly. Of course I was being sarcastic, but what do you expect from me?

Nobody said anything, but Mommy and Daddy and Jeremy all looked up at me in surprise. I didn't say anything but just looked from one to the other waiting for somebody to day something.

"Jerod" my Daddy finally said. "You don't have to do this. You don't have to be crude."

"That doesn't answer my question" I said.

"Yes we have" he snapped, almost shouting. "Now stop it."

"Daddy" I said calmly, "You don't tell me to stop, and you need to watch your tone of voice" I warned.

"Jerod ...." He started to say in a stern tone of voice.

"SHUT UP" I yelled at him. There was instant silence. "Daddy, you don't get it." I said softly. "Are you incredibly stupid or are you not listening?"

"Jerod, please" my Mommy said, evidently trying to be the peacemaker. "Don't talk to your father that way."

"Daddy, we need to talk alone" I said. "Come up to my room after dinner, say, in half an hour." I was completely calm but Daddy looked like he was steaming. Mommy had reached over and grabbed his hand to calm him, so he didn't say anything.

Jeremy hadn't said anything but his eyes were bugged out at the way things were going.

"Half an hour" I said as I got up and left the room.

I was really surprised at the way he was acting. I thought I had already roughed him up enough, and laid down the law to him, that he would be docile. He was either developing a backbone or he was incredible thickheaded, but one way or another, I was going to straighten him out. Today.


I rather doubted that Daddy would show up, so after a while I went to the top of the stairs.

"Daddy" I said. "Would you come up here please, Daddy?" He came to the bottom of the stairs.

"Jerod ...." he started to say, but I interrupted him.

"Daddy, please. We need to talk. Up here, please." I turned and walked back into my room. A minute or so later he came in.

"Come in, Daddy" I said. I was sitting on the side of the bed, so I pointed to the desk chair. He sat down.

"Jerod" he said, "you're being very difficult."

"Daddy" I said softly, ignoring his comment. "Do you know that you've never said a word about my muscles? Not once. I've been working out for over two years now, and everybody says I look fabulous, but you've never said a word." I stood and grabbed the hem of my t-shirt and peeled it up and off, dropping it on the bed. Yeah, peeled it. This was one of my white nylon/elastane body shirts that looked painted on, making me look sexier than hell, but the fewer clothes the better has always been my motto.

"Don't you think I look fabulous, Daddy?" I asked, giving him a big smile, and then performing a double bicep pose. "Huh? Is fabulous the right word?"

He just sat there like a dumb shit and didn't say a word. I know he was nervous, not knowing what my intentions were. Obviously there was going to be some sort of confrontation and he had to be scared. I mean, I'd already spanked him once, so he was understandably worried.

"I know you're intimidated by me, Daddy. I've seen it in your face enough times, but I want to hear what you really think. What do you think of my body?" As I looked into his face it seemed that not only was he not scared, he may have been angry. Angry for me asking for a compliment? That pissed me off.

"Speak up you stupid shit" I shouted at him. "Say something." He jumped, almost jumping out of the chair. And just that quick, that look of anger changed. To fear.

"Jerod" he finally said, his voice quivering. "You... you... you... Jerod, please don't do this." So, the angry father was gone and the wimp was back.

"That's not what I want to hear, Daddy. My dear Daddy" I said, my voice dripping with sarcasm. I stepped up closer to his chair so he had to look up at me. "Tell me what I want to hear" I snapped at him.

"Jerod..." I couldn't believe how stupid he was being. I grabbed him by the collar and pulled him to his feet.

"You're begging for a spanking, Daddy" I snapped at him "and I'm in the mood to give you one." With my free hand I reached around him and slapped his ass.

"Jerod, stop" he moaned. "Please, stop." At least he said please this time.

"What do you think of my body, Daddy" I growled at him. "Say something."

"Okay, Jerod. Okay, please. Okay" he gasped. "You're good; you're good; you're muscles are good."

"Is that all you can say?" I asked looking into his eyes. I was four or five inches taller than him so I was looking down. "I'm good. That's it?" I was still holding him by his shirt collar as I grinned into his face. I wanted him to know that I was enjoying this. "Is that the best you can do?"

"Jerod, please. You can't do this" he blurted out.

"Want to bet" I said and I actually laughed out loud. Grabbing his hands and twisting them behind him, I held them with only one of my hands. With my other hand I grabbed his hair and jerked his head back. "I'm trying to teach you how to behave, Daddy, but you're being difficult and I don't like that. I think it's time for another spanking."

"Jerod, please. Please don't do this" he whimpered as I gave his hair a jerk.

"You don't understand yet, Daddy, but you're going to do what I tell you" I growled into his face. "I tell you to jump, you're going to jump. That's the way it's going to be from now on."

"Jerod, you're hurting me" he mumbled. I was dragging his head back with my grip on his hair, and he would have fallen except that I was holding him up with my hand behind his back holding his wrists.

"Tough shit" I said, but I let up slightly on his hair. "You're going to learn to obey me, Daddy, no matter how many spankings it takes. You're going to do what I tell you."

"Okay, Jerod, okay" he said.

"Okay, what?"

"Okay, I'll do what you want. Your muscles look great."

"It's kind of late for that isn't it? I said I was going to give you a spanking, and I am."

"No, Jerod. Just let me go" he pleaded. "Just let me go and I won't bother you. I'll leave you alone and I won't tell anyone."

"Nope, that ain't going to do it" I said. "You'll learn faster if I give you a spanking. How many swats do you think? Twenty? Thirty?" He didn't say anything but just kept sniffling.

"Unless you say something, it's going to be thirty swats" I snapped. "Say something."

"No, Jerod, please. No."

"How many?" I growled again.

"Okay, Jerod. Okay, okay, okay" he cried. "Five. Make it five. I'll take five."

"Good" I said as I finally let go of him and then sat down in his chair. "Take off your pants."

He got this incredibly shocked look on his face. "What?"

"I said, take off your fucking pants, and then get over here" I shouted at him.

"Jerod" he said, looking really shocked. He just stood there for a moment not knowing what to do, but then he saw the ugly, angry look on my face. "Jerod. You're my son" he whispered softly, looking so downcast that it was almost laughable.

"Well, you ain't my Daddy, Daddy" I said again giving sarcastic emphases on the final 'Daddy'. "You don't know how to be a father. Now take off your fucking pants." Realizing finally that he had no other choice, he actually undid his pants and pulled them off.

"Here" I said pointing to my lap. He came over and lay down over my lap.

So I let him have it, five hard swats. He let out a yelp after each one, he couldn't help it because it must have hurt like hell. My hand was stinging. When I was finished I just pushed him off my lap onto the floor. He wasn't crying but he had tears in his eyes as he looked up at me.

I gave him a big smile. "That was fun, Daddy. I enjoyed that. Did you?" He just looked up at me; not angry, he wasn't angry at me, he was just frightened. He got up on his knees and then started to stand.

"Don't stand up, Daddy. Stay on your knees. I like you there."

"Jerod, please" he whimpered. "Just let me go." He stopped trying to stand, but just stayed on his knees in front of me.

"I ain't done yet, Daddy" I laughed as I gave his cheek a friendly slap. "You can go when I'm done. Now, did you enjoy me spanking you?" Obviously, I was humiliating him, but I couldn't help myself. I had so much anger built up that I wanted him to feel at least a little of what I'd been feeling. What I'd been feeling for years. It felt so good to be getting some of my own back. And it was good clean fun. You would not believe how much I enjoyed controlling him, having him on his knees in front of me. It was the most fun thing I'd done since I could remember.

"Jerod. You... you... "

"Hey, some guys get off on that" I laughed. "Uncle Rick used to love it. I love doing it. Do you like it?"

"Your Uncle Rick what?" he said in amazement. "What did you say?"

"Yeah, me and Uncle Rick used to get it on. He loved me slapping him around" I laughed, again. "Yeah, he loved it. You don't love it, Daddy? You don't love it?"

"Jerod, please. Don't be absurd" he blubbered. "It hurt. And I know Rick would never have liked it. In fact .... I fact you're lucky he didn't hurt you."

"I guess you don't know your own brother" I laughed at the absurdity of that statement, my Uncle Rick hurting me? My bottom boy?

"I know my brother very well, Jerod" he said. "Rick does not submit, he dominates. He would not take this from anyone, including you."

"Yeah, right" I said. "I guess you weren't there when I was kicking his butt and...., and ...., ahhh ...., well, kicking his butt." I wasn't about to tell Daddy that I had been fucking his brother, my Uncle.

"Jerod ...." he started to say.

"What you gotta understand, Daddy, is you're getting this from me, your son, and whether you know it or not, the hottest young stud in the county. You should be thrilled" I laughed. I was showing my contempt for him and I was loving it. And obviously he didn't know shit about his brother, my Uncle Rick; my fuck boy.

That's when Mommy opened the door. She was obviously getting nervous about what I might have been doing to him.

"Jerod, please" she said softly. "Please leave him alone." Daddy stayed there on his knees looking at me while I looked up at Mommy. After a moment I relented.

"Okay, Daddy. You can go" I said.


"Hey, man. How ya doin?" Brett said as he walked by and slapped my ass. But that was just Brett. That was his style and he did that to everybody. Sometimes in the locker room but today it was in the showers. "Pretty pecker you got there, JD, buddy." Now that was new. Everybody noticed how big I was but nobody had ever commented on it before. Nobody had the nerve to say anything for fear of looking queer. But there were half a dozen guys within hearing distance now and they all laughed.

The truth is, Brett seemed to have no hang-ups. He was a good quarterback and a real down to earth guy and that's why everybody liked and respected him.

"Prettiest one around, Brett. Are you jealous?" I responded as I stepped under the shower head, washing the soap off.

"Hell yes I'm jealous" he said. "I'd give my right arm to have a pecker like that. I'd love it, and so would Sue, and Ellen, and Sally, and Karen, and Troya, and Jo Lee, and ...." Now we all roared with laughter and I knew this was going to be the item of conversation around school for the next day or so.


"What's'up man" Brett said as I walked up. He was sitting on my bike, obviously waiting for me.

"Just head'en out" I said.

"Anywhere special?"

"Heading home to workout in my basement, but I thought maybe I'd kick my Daddy's ass on the way." Brett joined me in laughter.

"From what I saw the other day, I guess that's true" he said. "You've got him under your thumb, heh?"

"You don't know the half of it" I chuckled. "I own his ass, and any day now I'm going to make him kiss mine. Literally."

"I believe it, man" he laughed. "I believe it. You're the man with the muscle who's not afraid to use it. I know, because you used it on me."

"Hey, man. I didn't hurt you" I said, looking into his eyes. Obviously, I was wondering what he was up to. Did he want it again? What was his game here? "From what I could tell, you didn't mind it at all."

He just stared into my eyes for a moment not saying anything, as if he were thinking it over in his mind. "Actually, I didn't mind it at all. In fact, I want to buy into it again."

"Holy shit! Really" I said in surprise.

"Yeah. Right now."

"You're kidding" I said.

"Let's go" he said as he got off my bike. I got on and he climbed on behind me and grabbed my shoulders. "Jesus, you're pumped. Your shoulders are like fuckin boulders."

"You bet'cha" I laughed. "But just wait until after my workout."


"Daddy" I said as we entered my house. "Come out here and greet my guest." He was alone in the living room in front of the TV and I wondered if he was going to give me a bad time of it and put me on the spot, but he got right up and came to the doorway.

"Daddy, this is my buddy, Brett. You met him the other day. Say hello."

"Hello, Brett" he said and stuck out his hand. They shook.

"Brett, this is my wimp of a Daddy" I said with a grin. "I'm teaching him how to behave." There was shocked silence, and my grin got even bigger. Daddy should have been expecting this type of thing from me, but he wasn't. He was shocked.

"Jerod, stop it" he blustered, reproaching me. That surprised me a little and pissed me off. Of course I was humiliating him, but I thought he'd expect it and I thought he'd be afraid to say anything.

"Another word, Daddy, and I'll kick your ass right here in front of Brett" I said calmly. I put one hand on his chest and pushed him back against the door casing. "You got that?" Of course he was shocked, but he also realized that he'd stepped over the line. I think it finally sunk into him, maybe this very moment, that I was really going to do anything I wanted and he was going to toe the line or else.

"You got that?" I snapped again, putting my fist in his face.

"Yes, Jerod. Yes" he gasped. His face had gone white, and he most definitely was afraid. I got a smirk of triumph on my face. I owned him now. I knew it and he knew it, and I could do anything I wanted.

"Brett" I said. "My Daddy is sorry for speaking to me that way. Aren't you, Daddy?"

"Yes" he said, definitely showing his fear.

"Apologize to Brett."

"Ahhh .... I'm .... I'm sorry, Brett" he stuttered in fear.

"Good, man" I said, the smirk still on my face. I dropped my hands to my side. "Now go back to your TV." He meekly went back into the living room. I looked at Brett, still with that smirk, and nodded my head towards the stairs and we headed up.

"Jesus fucking Christ, Jerod" he muttered. "You are something else." And he laughed. He actually laughed. He really enjoyed it. He enjoyed seeing me run roughshod over my own father. "Man, you are really something else." And, it was obvious, he respected me for it. I suppose he might have been jealous. He probably had a father who was an asshole like mine was and he wished he could control him like I was controlling mine.

I was pretty sure that I'd finally gotten through to Daddy. I knew all the time he was a wimp, but now I'd forced him to face the fact that it was true. He now knew he was a wimp. I don't know how he'll be able to look himself in the mirror again.

"What's your game, Brett" I asked as I led him into my bedroom and closed the door. "You want to blow me again?"

"Take your shirt off, Jerod" he said, ignoring my comment. I just looked at him for a moment, and then pulled my muscle shirt up and off. "You're a superman, Jerod. A sixteen year old superman. Your chest is fuckin awesome." Grabbing his own shirt, he pulled it off as well.

He looked me in the eye, and I realized he wanted a compliment. "You're amazing, Brett. Slim, and trim, a perfect body." Brett would have been perfect as a male model and I was surprised that he wasn't. Clothes could not look better than molded around that perfect musculature of his.

"Your body is awesome, Jerod" he said. "I just love looking at you." He reached up and gently rubbed his fingers over my bulging pecs. "Yeah, I'll suck you again, but I want you to suck me too" he said.

"You want me to suck you?" I said, acting surprised. "You gotta know I don't do that. I don't suck cock." How had he guessed that I was thinking about it?

"That's what I've heard, but I was hoping you'd make an exception for me."

"I know you're the one who likes to get sucked" I said. "The word is you make everybody suck you."

"Yeah, it's part of my game plan" he chuckled. "I like getting sucked so I make all the cunts suck me before I bang them."

"All of them?" I asked.

"Yeah, all of them, one way or another" he said. "Some are more willing than others. It don't matter."

"A real stud" I laughed.

"Yeah, I am" he laughed along with me. "But I've never had a guy suck me. A gay guy, or even a straight guy."


"I don't know. I just didn't seem right. But I hear gay guys are really good at it. You're a gay guy. I want you."

"Well, I don't suck cock" I said decisively.

"A gay guy who doesn't suck cock?" he said. "You're kidding. I'll bet you want to. I think you want to try it. I think you want to do me. I'm not horse-hung like you are, but I'm no midget either."

Then he calmly kicked off his shoes and pulled his shorts down. He wasn't wearing a jockstrap, but one of those bright red G-string things with just a pouch. "I put this on this morning just thinking about you?"

"You planned this, this morning?" I asked.

"Was I waiting for you by your bike after school or wasn't I?" he laughed. "I been thinking about this all week. I hope you're not going to disappoint me." He grabbed onto the pouch beginning to squeeze his prick.

"Listen, Brett" I said. "I'm sorry but I don't suck. I get sucked. You must have heard the stories. The guys get in line for their chance to blow me. I don't need to suck cock."

"Am I the hottest guy that ever sucked you off, Jerod? Think about it."

"Well, yes, you were. You are" I answered. "No doubt about it. Hey, I know you're hot. Why do you think I went after you?"

"So here's your chance to suck the hottest guy you've ever had" he said. He had an enormous grin on his face and he was enjoying this immensely, while I was beginning to sweat. He was really putting the screws to me and making me nervous.

"Brett, I ...."

"I'll tell you what" he said. "I'll suck you again if you suck me. We'll 69. How about it?"

"You don't 69 with your girls?"

"I tried it once and it was disgusting" he said. "Once was enough. I haven't done it again since." He'd been playing with his dick this whole time, and now pulled the G-string off, showing he was fully hard. To be honest I hadn't paid much attention to his prick the last time, even though I had him jerk off in front of me. That's just not my style to pay attention to a guy's dick when I'm doing him.

But he looked to be pretty good size, bigger than Uncle Rick anyway. He had at least six inches, maybe more.

"Strip, Jerod. We're going to 69."

"Brett, I don't think ...."

"Jerod, I ain't trying to force you. Hell I know you can take me one handed. But I'm offering you a new experience here. Are you afraid of a new experience?" That statement got through to me. I was nervous and sweating, but I was excited as well. I'd thought about sucking guys, but never thought I'd want to. My image of myself as a muscle bound dominant stud, did not allow for me to service some guys cock.

"Okay, Brett, you've got it" I said with a grimace. I wasn't sure if I wanted to do this, but Brett had me convinced that I should try it. I pulled off my shorts and underwear. Brett went over and lay down on the bed.

My dick was partially hard and I grabbed it and started to wiggle it.

"God, Jerod, you really are gorgeous" Brett said as he stared me up and down. "You're about as perfect as a guy can be. Nobody'd believe you're only sixteen." Of course I grinned up a storm and my head probably grew two sizes, but I walked over to the bed.

"I'm not hard" I said.

"Don't worry about it, Jerod. I'll take care of it" Brett said. "Get over here." So I lay down on the bed next to Brett, upside-down, with his dick in my face. He moved his hand away as I gulped and without hesitation, took his dick into my mouth.

I had a prick in my mouth for the very first time. And a pretty good sized one too. It looked to be about six inches when I was looking at it, but it felt a whole lot bigger when I got my mouth around it. I didn't try to take all of it yet, but I took enough until it hit the back of my throat.

Hey, I know all about sucking cock, because I've been sucked a million times, so I was careful and didn't allow myself to choke. Then I felt Brett's warm mouth on my cock. I got chills up and down my spine.

Holding his prick in my mouth without moving, I just sucked on it. I loved the feel of its spongy hardness. Yeah, I loved it. I was well aware of how annoying it is to have a guy choke on your cock, so there was simply no way I was going to allow myself to choke. I pushed forward taking every bid of Brett's cock into my mouth, and into my throat, pressing my lips against his crotch. And I did not choke. I held it and held it and then pulled back. Brett groaned in pleasure.

This is how a guy sucks cock. I was determined to give Brett a blowjob to remember. As long as I was going to do it, I was going to do it right. So I started moving my head back and forth. I don't know what was turning me on the most, Brett's dick in my mouth, or my dick in his mouth, but whatever the case, I got super hard in just seconds.

Super hard and throbbing and so was Brett. Hell, he'd never been sucked by a demigod before; a virgin demigod at that. And I was experiencing my first 69, and let me tell you I was excited. I was hot.

Brett evidently felt my dick throbbing because he pulled off of it. "Don't come too soon, Jerod. Don't ruin it. Just enjoy in." It was not so much the feeling of his mouth on my prick, which was wonderful, but it was the idea of my prick in his mouth, and the idea of his prick in my mouth. I was having trouble controlling my growing heat.

I pulled off of Brett's cock. "I can't, Brett. I can't hold off, so just suck me." I said I had great control, but it wasn't working now. I was hot. I latched back onto his prick and he did the same to mine. Then I started to give him what I imagined was the greatest blowjob of all times. No hands, just my mouth, sucking and licking and bobbing back and forth on it.

Within a minute or two I had him panting and gasping around my dick. But I was far gone as well and couldn't wait. So I pulled back for a second. "Now, Brett. Now. Shoot you load." I got back on and swallowed him, sucking him as hard as I could.

I let go, starting to shoot within seconds. And right behind me, not ten seconds later, I felt the first splurge of cum in my mouth. And, yeah, okay, I'd always wanted to taste it. Yeah, I did. Kind of a salty, gooey taste, not much flavor but I loved it. I loved it.

But, man did he shoot. I was determined to swallow every bit of it, but it wasn't easy. Besides I was shooting my load into his mouth at the same time. And let me tell you, shooting into the mouth of the most gorgeous guy who has ever sucked you, doesn't leave a lot of concentration left over for doing anything else. Like swallowing his spunk.

Neither of us said anything after we finished, but we both kept each other's dicks in our mouths until we began to go soft.

Then I lay back, and so did Brett.

"Our first blowjobs" he said. I got up on my elbows and looked at him. "My first from a gay guy and your first ever." He was grinning and so was I.


I waited for the chance to talk to Mommy alone, and it happened the very next night. One of Daddy's beer buddies had popped another baby out of his wife, and they were celebrating. I went looking for Mommy and found her in the living room in front of a blank TV screen.

She was visibly shaking as I entered the room and stood in front of her. We had not been alone together since we'd fucked and she evidently guessed that I was going to show up and confront her.

"Jerod...." She said so softly that I barely heard her. "Jerod..." she said again, not able to continue.

"It's up to you, Mommy" I said simply as I stood there looking at her. "I won't do anything you don't want me to do." I was wearing a pair of navy blue gym shorts with the school name 'Jackson' stitched on them and nothing else. No shirt, no shoes. I looked sexy as hell. I know she was trying not to look at me, but she couldn't help it.

"Jerod...." She was beginning to sound like a broken record.

"I'll say this:" I said. "I was angry. I was angry and I was taking it out on you. But you liked it. I know you did. You liked me taking you. You loved having Jerod fucking you."

"Jerod.... No.... Please" she stuttered. "Don't say that." She looked away, out the window, avoiding looking at me.

"I didn't do anything to you that you didn't want" I said firmly and positively. "Yes, I was mad, but you brought it out of me. Now, tell me you don't want it again. Tell me."

"Jerod .... Never" she said. "Never, never. We can never do that again." She was beginning to weep now. "I'm so sorry it happened."

"Well, I'm not" I snapped. "You deserved it. And no matter what you say, you liked it."

"Please, Jerod. Stop" she said, now beginning to cry. "Please stop."

"You wanted it, damn it" I said. "I could see it in your eyes every time you looked at me. And my bet is you're going to want it again. So, you just let me know. Pop up to my room anytime. My prick is always ready."

"Jerod, no" she said through her tears. "Please, no."

"Just keep in mind, Mommy" I said sarcastically, with emphasis on the Mommy as I reached down and groped the big lump showing in my shorts. "Keep in mind that it's right here, ready and willing." Her eyes were drawn to my crotch, but she immediately looked away. I walked over and sat in Daddy's easy chair.

"Okay" I said. "Okay, I'll stop, for now. But I have a question. What did you mean by saying there were reasons for things happening? You said there were reasons for you and Daddy being nasty to me all these years. What did you mean by that?"

"I .... I ..." she sputtered. "I can't .... Never mind, Jerod. I didn't mean anything by it."

"If you didn't mean anything by it, you wouldn't have said it. But you did say it. What did you mean?"

"Jerod. Don't ask" she whimpered. "It doesn't matter anymore."

"It doesn't matter?" I snapped. "What the fuck do you mean it doesn't matter? You were nastier that shit to me all my life. You've both clearly hated me, and now you say it doesn't matter? What the fuck?" I was getting wound up now and stood up in front of her.

"Jerod, please don't say that" she said. "We don't hate you. How could you say that?"

"What do you call it, if it isn't hate?" I said. "You've always treated me like shit. What do you call it?"

"Jerod, look at you" she said. "Look at you. You're handsome and intelligent and popular. We raised you, Jerod. We raised you. How do you think you turned out this way?"

"I turned out this way in spite of you" I barked at her. "If it were up to you and Daddy, I'd be dead."

"Oh, Jerod, no. Don't say that. Please don't say that. We always wanted what was best for you." She pulled a tissue from her pocket and wiped her eyes.

"Lier" I shouted. "That's a damn lie. You never wanted what was best for me. You never gave a shit what happened to me." She finally stopped weeping as she dried her eyes.

"I'm sorry, Jerod. I'm sorry, but you've turned out fine." She got up from the chair as if to leave the room.

"Hold on" I said. "Hold on. You haven't answered my question yet. You said there was a reason for treating me like shit. What was it?"

"It was a long time ago, Jerod" she sighed. "Years ago. We shouldn't drag it back up now. It's better to forget it."

"You treat me like shit, and just about ruin my childhood, and you want me to forget it" I growled at her. "You're out of your fuckin mind."

"I'm sorry, Jerod, but it's better you don't know." Now, of course, I was totally intrigued. I had to know what she was hiding. She started out of the room.

"You ain't going nowhere until you tell me" I growled at her as I took her arm and pushed her back into the chair. "So talk!"

"I can't, Jerod. I can't."

"What do you mean you can't?"

"We agreed, Jerod" she said. "We agreed never to talk about this again."

"I don't know who this 'we' is, but it doesn't include me." I was beginning to get pissed now, she was being so stubborn. "Don't make me get nasty here Mommy, but you are going to tell me one way or another. Now, spit it out."

She took a deep breath and sighed. "Jerod" she said softly. "Jerod. Sit down. You need to sit down." I went back to my Daddy's easy chair and sat down.

"Jerod, your father spent a year in prison" she said bluntly.

"What?" I said in surprise. "The wimp actually broke the law?"

"Please, Jerod" she said. "Just listen. It was actually a juvenile detention center because he was still a boy. I was two months pregnant with Jeremy at the time."

"Yeah? So?"

"I was living with your Grandpa and Grandma Ryley and your Uncle Rick that year. My parents wouldn't help so I was desperate. I was still a teenager and newly married, I was only sixteen."

I felt a blinding flash of light in the back of my brain. Uncle Rick? Uncle Rick?

"Don't tell me?" I said in shock. "Uncle Rick?"

"Well, yes" she said. "It was a small house and they had Rick and I share a bedroom. They told us that God didn't allow pregnant girls to have sex, so it didn't matter if we shared a bedroom. But God and your Uncle Rick were not on the same wavelength."

"Uncle Rick?" I said. "You've got to be kidding me. He was just a kid, wasn't he?"

"I don't think your Uncle Rick was ever a kid. He always seemed to be older than me. Older than Stan as well. He raped me the first week I was there."

"He raped you?" I said in surprise. "He raped you, or you raped him?"

"Jerod, please don't say that" and now she started to cry again. "That's not true. Rick was very mature and seemed to be angry with the world. He was a hellion as a child and did whatever he wanted. I couldn't stop him."

"How old was he?" I asked.

"He was thirteen, Jerod, but I was only sixteen and he was bigger and stronger. I couldn't stop him."

"Oh, shit" I said. "You're telling me Uncle Rick is my father?"

"Yes, Jerod. Yes" she mumbled, barely audible. "We had sex all through my pregnancy and after Jeremy was born he wouldn't stop. So, I became pregnant again almost immediately." My Uncle Rick! My fag, Uncle Rick! My Uncle Rick who loved having me slap him around and fuck him. He was my father?

"Oh, shit" I repeated. "So Stan found out?"

"Of course he did" she said. "How could he not? He was in prison at the time."

"You told him about Uncle Rick?" I asked.

"No, I didn't dare" she said and now she was crying. "Rick threatened me and said I had to tell a story about getting raped in the park. I was afraid of him, Jerod."

"Afraid? You thought he'd hurt you?"

"He was very powerful as a boy, Jerod, and yes, I was afraid" she said belligerently. "Yes, I was afraid. And besides, he said if I told on him, he'd make Stan divorce me. I was sure that was true."

"My dear Uncle Rick" I said in wonder. "How he's changed."

"I didn't know what to do" she sobbed. "But I lied to Stan. I had to. He still doesn't know to this day. I said I was raped on the street. Stan was furious when he got out of prison, because I was seven months pregnant by then. He said I should have had an abortion."

"So, he hates me because I'm not his?" I said. "It's beginning to make sense."

"Actually I wanted to have an abortion but Rick wouldn't let me. He wanted a baby. You wouldn't believe how controlling he was back then."

"You wanted to abort me?" I said, totally shocked. "You wanted to abort ME?"

"Jerod, you know I didn't mean that. It wasn't you. It was a fetus."

"So this thirteen year old kid, my Uncle Rick, screwed you for a year and made you pregnant, and you didn't say anything to anybody. Amazing."

"He was overwhelming, Jerod. You just don't know how powerful he could be. I couldn't stand up to him."

"Sounds to me like you didn't try" I said. "So, did you like it? Did you like having your brother-in-law fuck you?" There was a pause, too long of a pause. "Oh, shit. You did like it. You liked him fucking you."

"Jerod, that's enough" she snapped as she stood up. "So now you know. That's enough."

"You did like it" I said, knowing it was true. "Did you continue fucking him after Stan came back?" She looked startled for a moment, I think I'd come too close to the truth. She started to walk out of the room.

"Hold it," I said. She stopped and looked back. "Did you love him?" I asked. She really looked startled now, but then turned and left the room. I think I hit the nail right on the head.

"Do you still love him?" I shouted after her, but she was already gone.

She'd spent a full year in a bedroom with Uncle Rick when they were both kids, and he was fucking her the whole time. And when her husband, his brother, came back he kept right on fucking her. Oh my God.

After what Uncle Rick and I had gone through for a year and a half in the basement. I had trouble reconciling that with him fucking my Mommy and being my father. But people change I suppose. He went from being my father to being my slave? And he didn't say anything to me? He never said a word? That was incredible.

But then I had a flash; like a light bulb turning on. We were in the same house together for a year and a half. By 'we' I mean me and Jeremy, Mommy and Daddy, and Uncle Rick. I was fucking him most every afternoon in the basement, but was he doing something with Mommy? Could he have been fucking her at the same time?

That was impossible and I knew it. No way could I have been fucking him every day and him fucking my Mommy every day. No way! And, besides, he wouldn't have been able to keep it a secret from my Daddy. Daddy would have found out.

But, was it even conceivable that my Uncle Rick could have been living two lives, one of them gay and one straight? Was it even possible for a bi-sexual to be a bottom, almost a slave on his gay side? That couldn't happen and I knew it. That had to be impossible.

Putting Uncle Rick aside for the moment, the truth was, Daddy hated me because he thought I was the child of some unknown rapist on the street. Would he like me better if he knew I was his brother's son and he was my Uncle, or would he hate me even more?

The thing is, I've hated him for years, but I think I hated him even more now. He was furious with Mommy for not aborting me fifteen years ago, and he had focused all that anger on me, and had been taking it out on me ever since. What a miserable, disgusting, revolting creep!


I went upstairs and my mind basically went blank. This was too much to comprehend. But not more than fifteen minutes later I went looking for her and found her in front of the dark TV screen again. I had her fill me in on some of the details.

So she got pregnant. Mommy said they came close to breaking up but after weeks and months of fights they came to an understanding. But Daddy made it clear that since that baby was not his, he would never have anything to do with it. For the first few months after the baby was born he would get mad every time he saw it she said, and when she would try to do something nice, he would get mad at her. After months of fights, she said she found it easier to ignore the new baby and pour all her love onto Jeremy instead.

And, of course, that baby she was talking about was me.

"It was terribly unfair, Jerod. I know it was" she cried. "But it just became a habit after a few years. And it was the only way I could keep you father from getting angry with me. You don't know how many times he threatened to throw me and you out of the house. Yes, I was afraid."

I just sat there stunned at this revelation. She sat there weeping and I sat there with a million things swirling around in my head. He hated me because she'd been fucked by somebody else and I was not his son. And all this time she acted like she hated me because she was a lily-livered coward; a gutless bitch.

"I'm supposed to forgive you for this?" I said in a shocked voice. "You turned your back on me just to keep Stan from being angry and I'm supposed to forgive you?"

"Jerod" she cried. "He was going to throw us out. I had no choice. I had nowhere to go."

"You treated me like shit just to keep him happy?" I asked.

"I had no choice, Jerod." She was really crying now. "Besides, he's my husband, and I owed it to him. I didn't deserve anything from him after what I did, even if he didn't know. He let us stay, Jerod, and I will always love him for it."

"You dumb bitch" I said under my breath, but she heard me. "You incredibly stupid bitch."

"Jerod" she said through her tears. "We raised you. We may not have been good parents but we raised you. Look at you. You've turned out fine."

I admit I was in shock. I had a whole lot of thinking to do.

But first things first. I walked over to her, pushed my shorts down and pulled my prick out.

"You want it?" I asked. It was completely soft, but as I've said before, it's pretty damn impressive anyway. "You want it?" I asked again.

"Jerod, stop it" she said and looked away.

"Look at it" I ordered her and grabbing her hair, pulled her head around forcing her to look. "Look at it, you dumb bitch" I repeated. "Do you want it?" I held her there for a moment until she finally closed her eyes.

"Please, Jerod. Please don't do this."

"Okay, maybe later" I said. She closed her eyes so I wouldn't see the lust in them. But she wanted it. She wanted it again. I had no doubts she'd be chewing on my big schlong real soon.

Stepping back and pulling my shorts backup, i walked out of the room without another word and headed for the basement. It was times like this that I had to lift weights. Enormous weights. Massive weights requiring every bit of my strength. I had to work myself to exhaustion.

It was damn near midnight when I finally exhausted myself and staggered into the shower. Three hours of lifting the heaviest weights I could manage. Every muscle in my body was aching horribly, or should I say wonderfully. Working out soreness was definitely a good type of soreness.

I must have stood there in the shower for ten or fifteen minutes without moving, letting the water pour over me. Then I crawled into bed, and because I was so exhausted, too exhausted really, I lay there awake for a bit.

I still wondered about that year and a half that Uncle Rick spent here. The story, as I understood it, was that Mommy walked in on us when we were fucking so they kicked him out. To protect me? I found that unlikely. They didn't give a shit about me.

But if that wasn't true, what was the story? Mommy did walk in on us one afternoon, and Rick was gone the very next day. But after a year and a half, why would she decide to walk in on us that particular day? Was there something going on, some plan about which I was not cognizant?

I think I was more confused than when this whole thing began. I had to do some investigating.

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