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Mommy and Daddy and Me

Chapter Two

When Uncle Rick moved out I was really left hanging. I mean, I didn't have a workout partner to trade off with, and instead of Uncle Rick changing the weights, I had to change them myself. So it was taking me longer to get through my routines, over two hours every day now, and I wasn't getting the blowjob or hot fuck after the workouts that I was accustomed to.

That very first day after he left I was finishing my workout in my white bikini and doing some cool down stretches, when I realized that my prick had slipped out and was reaching up towards my bellybutton. It was like a steel rod and was ready for a hot fuck. That's when I really realized how much I was going to miss Uncle Rick.

So I jerked off. But I had to clean my jizz off the bench and floor myself instead of having Uncle Rick do it. It was easy to see that this was going to be a real problem.

My first thought of course, went to my friend Tommy. Tommy had developed a real hero worship crush on me, so he was more like a fawner than a friend, and he tagged along after me like a little puppy. But hell, having a puppy was fine with me and with that kind of attitude it didn't take much for me to get him started giving me regular blowjobs. He'd been doing it for a while, starting even before Uncle Rick left, and had gotten pretty good at it.

Tommy would do anything for me. More than once, twice actually, when Uncle Rick was away for a weekend, I called Tommy in the middle of the night and got him out of bed to come over and give me a blowjob and he was hot for it.

So yeah, he was a cringing little shit, but he gave great blowjobs, and he also gave great footjobs. Footjobs? Yeah, Tommy had a foot fetish, and loved licking my feet and sucking on my toes. His obsequious could be a pain sometimes because he was such a fuckin wimp, but that hero worship fixation was great for my ego and the blowjobs were outa sight.

At that time Tommy was the only one whom I'd had sex with other than Uncle Rick so he was the logical replacement. But, unfortunately, Tommy worked for his dad in the hardware store every afternoon so he wouldn't be able to come to my workouts. And that was when I tended to be hottest, during my workouts.

There were several other possibilities, but the one that intrigued me the most was Hank. Hank the bully. After I'd beat him up a couple times we had come to an understanding. That understanding was completely one sided since he had to leave Tommy alone, and if he was sufficiently servile to me I wouldn't kick the shit out of him up anymore.

So he avoided me. But if we did run into each other he'd say 'Hi, Jerod' very contritely and keep his eyes on the ground. He didn't have the nerve to look me in the eye.

Hank was still a bit of a bully with smaller kids, and since he started working out regularly, most kids were smaller than him. Yeah, he was into bodybuilding just like I was, but nobody made gains like me, so although he looked great and his muscles were growing, I was obviously bigger and stronger than he was. So he was a perfect candidate to be my workout partner. And since he was afraid of me to begin with, I thought it wouldn't be much of a problem to get him completely under my control.

I caught up with him the very next day after school. He had his gym bag in hand and was heading for the 'Body Temple' gym downtown for his workout.

"Hey, Hank. Hold up" I said as he tried to hurry by.

"Ah, hi, Jerod. How ya doin?" he said as he stopped. He still wouldn't look me in the eye.

"Off to the gym, are you?" I asked.

"Ah, yeah, Jerod. Gotta work these muscles" he laughed hesitantly. Obviously I made him nervous.

"You're looking good, Hank. Coming right along."

"Thanks, Jerod. Thanks" he said. "Well, gotta run." He started to turn away.

"Hold up, Hank" I said, stopping him. "Hold up. What do you think of my build?"


"I said, what do you think of my build? What about these muscles?" I gave him a 'most muscular', sticking out my chest and forcing my abs into ridges. I was wearing my skin tight polyester and elastane t-shirt which looked like it was painted on, so those corrugated abdominals showed deep hills and valleys. "You ever see abs like this, Hank?"

"Ah, Jerod. You're... ah. You... you look great" he stuttered. "You look great. You're abs look great" he said nervously. His eyes fixated on my abdominals, and he was almost slavering with envy. Nobody had abdominals like mine.

"Show me your abs, Hank" I said. "Go ahead. Show me." I reached over and grabbed his tight t-shirt, pulling it out of his pants and pealing it up over his abs. "Come on, show me." He really didn't have any choice but to drop his gym bag and flex his abdominals. He looked good except he was mostly flat, not ridged like me. I reached in and gave them a good feel. "Damn good" I said.

"Uggg" he grunted as he forced the air out of his lungs, trying to bring out a rippling stomach. Finally I could feel slight indentations as his face turned red.

"Good man" I laughed. "Now your arm, Hank. Show me that bicep." He was getting into it now and raised his left arm and flexed it. I gave it a good feel. "How big?" I asked.

"Fourteen inches" he gasped as he tried to crunch it harder. "Over fourteen."

"Feel this one" I said as I flexed my right arm. "Go ahead, feel it." He reached over and grasped the big bulge of my bicep. "Fifteen inches, Hank. Fifteen fuckin inches. What do you think?"

"Ahhh... ahhh... It's amazing, Jerod" he gasped. "Really amazing."

"You bet your ass it's amazing" I gloated. As he let go of my bicep I put my hand on his shoulder. "How would you like to workout with me, Hank?"

"Ahhh..., what? Jerod?"

"I said, how would you like to workout with me? My Uncle was my workout partner but he had to move away." I squeezed his shoulder a couple times. "I've got a fantastic weight room in my basement."

"Ahhh, Jerod. I... ahhh... I... ahhh... I have a membership at the 'Body Temple'.

"No membership at my house. It's free" I laughed. "And you get to workout with me. You'll spot me and I'll spot you. We'll workout together."

"Ahhh... maybe, Jerod. I'll see. But not....."

"Today. Right now" I said, interrupting him as I grabbed his arm. "Come and try it. We'll see how it goes."

"Ahhh... Jerod. I've got a partner. I'm meeting him at the 'Temple'.

"Not today, you're not" I said as I pulled on his arm and started towards my house. "Today, you're going to workout with me."

"Please, Jerod. I can't." He tried to pull away.

"Just try it for today, Hank" I said beginning to drag him along. "You and me can be buddies."

"Jerod. I...." He was still trying to hold back.

"What?" I snapped as I stopped pulling on him. "You're saying no, you don't want to be my friend? Is that what you're saying?"

"Jerod, please. I didn't mean that."

"Well, that's a bunch of shit" I growled at him. "I sounds like you don't want to be my friend. You're really saying no to me."

"Please Jerod. Please. I didn't say that." Hey, did I say he was afraid of me? You bet your ass he was and that fear was now showing. "I'm sorry. Of course I want to be your friend."

"I would hope so" I said. "Now, come on. Workout with me today, and we'll see how it goes. If you don't see amazing results and you don't like working out with me we'll just forget it. Now, let's go."

"Alright, Jerod, alright" he said, giving in to the inevitable. "Just for today. Let me call Fred at the gym and let him know I'm not coming." So he called his workout partner as we headed towards my house.

I didn't make any kind of moves against him at this first workout except when he dressed in a white t-shirt, white jockstrap, white gym shorts, white socks and white shoes, I dressed only in my white bikini underwear and joked that it was my workout uniform. I explained that that was the way Uncle Rick and I had always dressed, and he explained that his white outfit was required at the public gym. I emphasized the point that we could dress anyway we wanted here at my house.

I did nothing obviously sexual during the workout, except I spent a lot of time admiring him in front of the mirrors and having him admire me. I also did a certain amount of feeling him up, and getting him to do the same. About half way through the workout, I got him out of his t-shirt so we could admire his chest. In fact, since he wasn't cooperative at first and the shirt was so tight, when I grabbed it and dragged it off of him, it actually ripped. It was no big deal; we laughed about it.

As usual, when my bikini's got wet and sweaty they became nearly invisible so, even though I never got more than half hard, there was no way Hank couldn't see my big wanger through the thin material.

So he and I had one hell of a workout; almost three hours, and I know he'd never worked so hard in his life. By the end of that workout he knew he'd never make the gains at the 'Body Temple' that he could make with me.

I let him take a shower in Uncle Rick's bathroom while I took one upstairs. When he left I didn't ask him if he was coming back, but just took it for granted that he would, and told him I'd meet him after school. He didn't say anything, but I could see in his eyes that he wanted the kind of muscle gains that he could get with me as his partner.

From that first workout I made it clear that I was in charge and he had to follow my lead in everything. Standing in front of the mirrors when we were done, I emphasized how much bigger and stronger I was, and that he was damn lucky that I was offering him the chance to work out with me. He seemed to be perfectly happy to be my devotee. He unquestionably admired what I had accomplished with my physique and he wanted those results for himself.

"Leave off the t-shirt today, Hank" I said to him the next day. "I want to see those pecs of yours bulging when you're doing benches. I want to see those sweaty muscles as you flex them."

"Ahhh... well, okay" he said as he put the shirt aside.

"Besides" I laughed. "I don't want to have to tear another shirt off of you." He laughed along with me.

"Actually, you don't need your shoes or your shorts either; your jock is okay" I said. "You look good that way and it gives you freedom to move."

"Ahhh... well.... okay, Jerod" he said. He was nervous about it but I think he wanted to do this; he wanted to look sexy. I had great mirrors and he loved looking at himself as much as I loved looking at myself.

"Okay, let's get at it" I said and we got into out routine. Stretches first and then slowly building up to the heavy bench presses.

"Watcha got there, Hank" I said at one point when we were standing in front of the mirrors taking a breather. "You got a hard-on?" I grabbed his crotch through his jock and gave it a good squeeze and, yes, he was hard: a good six inches or so of rock hard flesh. "You get hard looking in the mirror?"

"Well, yeah. I guess" he laughed as he panted, getting his breath back.

"Me too" I said. "Seeing my muscles all pumped and sweaty like this is such a fuckin turn-on, I always get hard. Look here" I said as I pulled my bikini down, letting my mostly hard dong flop out near its full nine inches. "This happens every time I workout."

He looked for a moment and then looked away, but found his eyes drawn to it again in the mirror.

"I've got a big one, don't I?" I said as I grabbed on to it and wiggled it around a bit.

"Yeah, Jerod. You're big" he said. "You're big everywhere."

"Yeah, I am. Does this turn you on?" I asked, looking him in the eye in the mirror. He was still looking at my prick in the mirror, but now raised his eyes to my face and I saw him blush. "Do you get turned on by big ones?"

"Come-on Jerod. Don't" he said. I reached over and grabbed his crotch again, giving it another squeeze.

"Oh yeah, you're hot" I said. "Feel this." I grabbed his hand and pulled it to my dick which was sticking up like a fence post. "Go ahead, give it a squeeze" I said as he tried to pull away. "Squeeze it" I repeated, and he gave it a slight squeeze.

"Good man" I said softly.

Then I shocked him by instantly switching the conversation back to weightlifting. "Okay, you're up" I said loudly, turning away and tucking my dick back into my undies. "Two hundred and five now. Let's go." Hank was obviously expecting something sexual from me, and was thrown off guard by my quick change back to the workout. It took him a few seconds to get back with the program. "Come-on, Hank. Get with it" I said. "205."

Finally he got down on the bench and performed eight clean reps with two hundred and five pounds on the bar with me spotting and helping a little on the last two. Of course my massive dick was right above his face and he couldn't help but see it, but he tried hard not to look at it.

It was when our workout was over that I walked up behind him and pressed my prick against his ass. I reached around him with both hands and put them on his crotch, and yes, he was still hard.

"So my big prick turns you on, huh?" I whispered in his ear.

"Jerod, please. Please" he whispered back but he made no attempt to stop me or to move my hands away. I started moving my hips, sliding my prick back and forth against his ass. At the same time I pulled his jock down allowing his dick to pop out. "Please, Jerod" he whispered again. Please what? Please stop? Please go? I'm not sure if he even knew what he meant.

"I guess you like this" I said as I began to fondle him, one hand on his dick and one hand on his balls.

"Please, Jerod" he repeated for the third time, but he just stood there letting me manipulate him.

"Take your jock off, Hank" I whispered when I finally let go of him. "Take it off." He hesitated for a moment and then slowly pushed it down and off, and stood back up again. When he stood back up he really didn't have to push has ass back against my prick again, but he did. Meaningful? Sure as hell seemed like it.

Reaching around him again and grabbing his dick with my left hand, I grabbed his wrist with my right and pulled it around behind his back to my dick.

"Go ahead, Hank. Squeeze my big dick. Get a good feel." It was still in my bikini, so my enormous bulge stretched off to the right. I held his hand there for a few seconds until he grabbed on and started squeezing it. "Oh, yeah. That's it" I said. "Play with that big dick." I let him go for only a few seconds before I pealed down my bikini allowing him to grab onto my dick in the flesh. "Oh fuck yeah" I said with pleasure, seeing that he was getting into it. "Play with that big mutha."

We must have stood there silently for three or four minutes playing with each other's super hard dicks before I made a further move. Holding on to his dick and using it as a handle, I pulled him over to the weight bench. Then, letting go, I lay down on the bench on my back.

"Jerk me off, Hank" I said softly. "Get your hand on my big pecker and jerk me off. Come-on." He just stood there for a moment thinking about it as I put one hand behind my head and the other on my cock and started gently massaging it. "Be a good bud and jerk me off" I repeated. "Come-on, Hank. Do it for me."

Very slowly, he sank to his knees next to the bench and took hold of my prick. I got my hand out of the way and let him get a feel. "Go ahead, Hank. Stroke my big piece of meat. I'll bet you ain't never seen one this big before." I put both hands behind my head and just watched his face. He seemed to be mesmerized by my big pecker as he gently began to fondle it. "Do it for me, Hank" I murmured softly. "Do it for your buddy."

All this buildup had made me really hot, so I didn't have far to go to shoot my load. Hank really got into it but when he started jerking his own prick at the same time I grabbed his wrist and pulled his hand up to my chest. "Feel my hot muscles while you jerk me off, Hank. Feel these big pecs."

Then, for the first time, he looked right into my eyes. "Yeah" I murmured almost inaudibly. "Yeah. Do me, baby." I don't know if he heard the 'baby' but his eyes went back to his hand on my bulging pectorals as he massaged them and kept jerking my cock. I looked down and saw that his prick was pointing straight up and seemed to be bouncing up and down on its own. He was damn close to cuming.

And then I was there.

"Ohhh, yeeaah" I cried in ecstasy. "I'm coming, baby. I'm coming" and I started to shoot. Hank kept right on jerking me as I fired first on my chin and then on his hand on my chest, and then over and over again on my stomach.

Just when I was almost finished, Hank took his hand off my chest, and with only two jerks on his cock, brought himself off, shooting on the floor under the bench.

"Oh, shit" he gasped as he finished. He finally let go of my prick, and looked up at me again, and I knew he was going to be embarrassed for letting himself go.

"Way to go, man" I said, giving him a big smile. "Way to go. That was great. We gotta do this again." He leaned back on his haunches as I sat up on the bench. "Was that good for you?" I asked. "Did you enjoy that?"

"Jerod, I..." he started to say softly. Yes, he was embarrassed. "We shouldn't...."

"Hank, it was great" I said, interrupting him and giving him a big grin. "I loved it. It was perfect. A great workout followed by a great ejaculation. What more could a guy ask for."

"Well, yeah, maybe" he said hesitantly.

"It was perfect, Hank, and you sure can't do this at the 'Body Temple'." I laughed and then Hank joined in, laughing along with me. "Grab that workout towel and clean this up" I said to him. He got up and grabbed a towel.

"First me" I said as I leaned back. I couldn't help but grin as he got back on his knees in front of me and wiped my spunk off my chest and stomach. "Now the floor" I said as I spread my legs. He hesitated for a moment and gave me a questioning look, but then got down between my legs, yeah, between my legs, and wiped his jism off the floor from under the bench.


Now, you may ask, why didn't I go for broke? Why didn't I go for the blowjob? That's easy to answer. I may be a predator, but I'm a smart predator and I plan on being a smart seducer as well. Uncle Rick taught me a lot so I could read Hank like a book, and I knew he thought he was a macho man. He knew I was bigger and stronger than he was and he had a healthy fear of me, but I still had to be careful about coming on too strong at first.

Yes, I was going to dominate him and yes I was going to get my blowjobs, but I didn't want to scare him off and I didn't want to use too much force. As much as possible I wanted him willing and able to comply with my domination and be clearly accepting of my superiority. If I played my cards right, he'd come on to me rather than me on to him.


That was our second workout session. After our third I had him set next to me on the bench and we jerked each other off. Yeah, I jerked him off, and he loved it. I may not suck dick but I don't have any particular hang-ups about jerking a guy off.

It was at our fourth session that I decided to go for the juggler.

As we finished out workout I stood right behind him looking over his shoulder at the mirror, and pressed my hard dick right against his crack. I even humped him once but he made no move to pull away. I reached around and put both hands on his pecs as I looked into his eyes in the mirror.

"You're a beautiful guy, Hank" I said, smiling at him and massaging his bulging pecs. He smiled back but didn't say anything. I humped my big rod against his crack again. Shit, I think he was ready for anything.

I watched him as I stepped back away and dropped my hands. I think he was disappointed. I'm sure he was.

Hank knew I had a collection of posing straps and bikinis. I'd mentioned them before and said that sometime when we were pumped, we'd model them in front of the mirrors. I went over to the cabinet and got a couple of them.

"Try this on, Hank" I said holding a tiger skin strap up to him. He pulled his jock down and stepped out of it. His six incher was almost fully hard, but since I was that way most of the time as well, he wasn't that embarrassed about it anymore. He took the posing strap from me and stepped into it.

It was simply a strap with a pouch. Hank was mostly hard so as he pulled the pouch up, his dick didn't want to fit into it. But after a bit of manipulation he was finally able to stuff it in. However, it was showing one hell of a lump. "What do you think?" I asked.

"Sexy. Really sexy" he said with a gasp "but not really made for a hard-on." He was really turned on. Hank was a gorgeous kid and I was very turned on as well. He looked incredible in that tiger skin pouch. I pulled down my soaked bikini and stepped out of it.

"Shit, you look good, Hank" I said and he looked me in the eye in the mirror with a big grin.

"Yeah, I do, don't I?" he said with a laugh.

"What about this one" I said holding up what was not a posing strap, but was just a tiny black bikini. "You think this will fit me." I stepped next to him with my big dong, fully hard, sticking almost straight up.

"No way" he said with a slight giggle. "Not the way you are now, anyway."

"Yeah, you're right, but I think I know where it will fit" I said softly to him. "Yeah, I definitely know where it will fit." I lifted it up and slipped it over his head covering his eyes. "Yeah, it fits just fine."

"Jerod" he started to say.

"Shhhhh" I whispered. "Shhhhh." Very slowly I led him over to the weight bench and set him down. He didn't say anything and made no attempt to remove the blindfold. I stood behind him and pressed my hard wanger against his arm, sliding it back and forth a few times. Grabbing his wrist and bending his arm, making his bicep bulge, I rubbed my dick against his bicep.

"So hot, Hank. So fuckin hot" I murmured gently as he flexed for me and I slid my dick back and forth, again and again, against his bicep. He didn't say anything, but I could see he was actually shivering. He was incredibly excited, and so was I.

Stepping back, I walked around the bench to stand in front of him. Then I simply pushed my dick against his lips.

"Kiss it, Hank. Kiss it" I whispered. He didn't react at all at first as I slid my dick back and forth, smearing my pre-cum over his lips. "Kiss it" I repeated, and then he did. He kissed it. Lightly, just on the head. I waited and he did it again.

"Good boy" I said. "Good boy. Now take the head in your mouth." I know he was excited and I was pretty sure that he really wanted this, so I was not surprised when he decided to go for broke. He opened his mouth and let the head of my prick slide in. He had to open up a lot more than he expected, but he did it. "That's it, babe. That's it. Now suck on it" I said.


So that's what happened. That was his first time so I helped him a little by using my hand. I could help for now, but he'd get better with practice. He even swallowed my junk without me telling him to, although I really didn't care.

Yeah, I had never cared whether Uncle Rick swallowed my jizz because he taught me that there's nothing more exciting than seeing the look on his face after I've shot my load onto him and it's dripping off his nose and his chin. Uncle Rick said it's really humiliating to the guy and there ain't nothing that puts a bottom boy in his place more than having his dom's jizz all over his face.

So, anyway, I had me a new cocksucker as well as a workout partner.

The next day I didn't pussyfoot around but just went for the blowjob. As always, during our cool down, we were preening; yeah, preening is the word; we were preening and admiring each other in front of the mirrors. After just a couple minutes I took him by the shoulders and pushed him over to the bench. Setting him down, I just stood there in front of him.

"You know what to do" I said as I put my hands on my hips. "Take it out."

"Jerod, I think..." Obviously he was having second thoughts, but I sure as hell wasn't.

"Don't think. Just get it out" I ordered him. "Do it."

"Jerod, please. I don't think..."

"Damn it, Hank" I snapped and I grabbed one of his wrists, pulled his hand up to my bikini and forced him to pull it down under my balls. "Now suck on the damn thing."

He looked up at me. "Please...." he said. I stuck my thumb in his mouth, forcing it open and followed it up with my dick.

"Open up, damn it" I growled at him, and he did; finally. As he opened up I pushed a couple inches of dick into his face. "You know how to do it. Suck on it."

He still was a little hung up on being a macho man, but my decisiveness and my aggressiveness were winning him over. My being so much stronger and more powerful than him, along with my determination to take total control, were going to be enough for him to overcome any embarrassment he might have in submitting to me. He was going to learn to appreciate being controlled by a more forceful authoritative male animal.

So finally, he got with the program, slurping his tongue around it and sucking on it. I grabbed his hair and started a back and forth motion of his head as he sucked.

"That's it, Hank. Get your man hot. Suck on my big piece of meat." He put his hands on my massive thighs, closed his eyes and sucked.

"Look at me, cocksucker" I said. "Look at me while you suck my big prick." I knew that would humiliate him, calling him a cocksucker, but that was the idea; I wanted to humiliate him. I wanted him to understand that I was completely in control.

He looked up at me, his eyes kinda bugged out in shock, and then I saw tears appear. Yeah, he was humiliated. "Look at your man while you suck his cock" I ordered him. It took a little longer than yesterday, but I was patient, and he kept sucking until I finally reached my peak.

He'd swallowed me yesterday so I was going to 'spunk' his face today. I was still holding his hair as I pulled out and started to shoot. The first one got him right on the lips and the second one got him just under his left eye. He tried to back off but, of course, I held on and didn't let him go until I'd fired all seven or eight shots.

After my final shot, I pulled his head back so he had to look up at me. "You're learning, Hank. You're getting better. You're going to be a great cocksucker. You're going to be my great cocksucker."

"Jerod, don't call me...." he started to say.

"Shut up, cocksucker" I said. "Clean off my dick." I pushed my dick back between his lips and looked him in the eye. He hesitated, but saw the determination in my face, and decided it was better to comply. He licked the head of my cock. "Good, boy" I said. "Good cocksucker. Now, go take a shower." He tried to say something but I wouldn't let him and just pushed him over towards the bathroom.

I didn't offer to do anything for him this time, because that's not my style. I don't suck cock, in fact, I don't feel any obligation to even touch a guy's cock. I don't need to because they get their gratification from being dominated by me; yeah, they love being under my control and they become completely accepting of their subservience. I'm pretty sure Hank jerked off in the shower just thinking about me.

When we had finished our showers, he tried to bring up the subject again. "Jerod, you can't call me a cocksucker" he said with the upper lilt of his voice which made it sound like a question. "You...."

I put my arm around his shoulder. "Hey, ain't no big deal" I said. "We're buds. This is just between us."

"Yeah, but..."

"Hey" I said as I got nose to nose with him looking him in the eye. "Do you hate sucking my cock?" I asked. "I hope not. I hope you don't hate doing this for your buddy?"

"Well, no, but..."

"Well, I love it" I gushed. "And I think you kinda owe me. I mean, you're getting the workouts of your life, and you're looking terrific. Don't you owe me something?"

"Well, maybe, Jerod, but you called me a cocksucker."

"Hey, man, I love having you suck me. I really love it" I said. "You owe me, and you seem to really get into it, so what's the problem."

"Jerod, don't call me a cocksucker" he said firmly.

"Okay, man" I laughed and gave him a friendly pat on the ass. "You keep giving me those great blowjobs and I promise I won't call you a cocksucker."

See? I'm easy to work with.


Now, I'm not going to go into detail about my third blowjob, but I do have to mention a couple things. We were standing there in front of the mirrors after our workout and I was feeling his muscles as he flexed and telling him how great he was looking.

"This muscle needs some action" I said as I stripped off my bikini, grabbed my prick and gave it a couple tugs. "Come here." I walked over to the bench and waited. He looked at me as I stared back at him. He had sort of a 'do I really have to do this?' look on his face. He was still hesitant.

"Jerod" he said softly.

"Shut up, Hank. Just get over here" I said, also softly. Another hesitation, but then he came over and sat on the bench. He still feared me. He knew I was still the bully who could kick his ass at any time if I wanted. But, even more important, he also admired my muscles and power and determination, and to some extent, knew that I deserved his adulation.

Actually, Hank was still bullying around little kids at school, but I know he admired somebody who was stronger and more powerful than him. He respected my power and strength and he relished being controlled by me. Leave it to a bully to idolize a bigger bully.

As he sat down on the bench, I grabbed his hair with my left hand, jerking his head back and slapped him across the face with my right hand.

"Yeeeaaaoooh" he cried as he put his hand to his cheek and looked up at me in shock. I wasn't gentle so tears immediately appeared in his eyes. I just glared at him. "Wha...? What?" he said in a shocked voice.

I let go of his hair, pulled his hand away from his face and hit him again. He let out another yell.

"Yeeeaaaoooh" he screamed. "Jerod. Why? Why?" I pushed my thumb between his lips and then pushed my prick in. Tears were pouring from his eyes but he started sucking.

"Because I wanted to, cocksucker" I snapped. "Because I wanted to." There was a look or horror on his face but that didn't keep him from sucking. In fact he went at it with a vengeance.

I guess I went back on my promise didn't I?

As you can imagine, Hank acquiesced to me completely after that, and got better and better at sucking my cock, particularly since I gave daily practice. He finally just accepted it and expected it and would even initiate the action. Yeah, he'd go to the bench, get on his knees, and wait for me.

He accepted my dominance and did what he was told, partly because he respected and admired my strength and power, but also because he was making terrific gains, and he and I had become the must muscular guys in our school.

But I tend to be volatile and I made sure that he continued to be scared shitless of me. He was on his absolutely best behavior all the time, being very careful not to piss me off. I slapped him around some just to keep my authority fresh in his mind and to reiterate my power and control over him. I enjoyed it; it was fun, and it made the blowjobs really hot. But hey, he learned to enjoy it too; submissives always enjoy being slapped around.

(Author's note: Will this story of incest have any incest in it? Yes, it will. Coming soon.)

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