This is a story about Jerod, a dominant gay muscle boy who controls and screws those around him including incest with his family members. If you don't like this type of story don't read it. if you are not of legal age do not read this.

This story is total fantasy, and under no circumstances is it meant to relate to any form of actual reality. This is for entertainment purposes only.

This story has been rather convoluted so it might be advisable to review some of the previous chapters.

Mommy and Daddy and Me

Chapter 10

So Brett and I were just lying there on our backs on my bed, both nude and both sated. Brett was such a beautiful guy and, besides that, just simply a wonderful kid. I said I loved him because I knew that's what he wanted to hear, but I think I was really beginning to love him.

Even besides being absolutely gorgeous, he was a great quarterback, and a great leader. Everybody on the football team respected him and doted on him. Even our coach said he was the most dedicated and determined quarterback he'd ever worked with.

And Brett said he loved me, and he said he only now realized that he was gay. Wow! Did I make him gay? He seems to be absolutely wild about me and that helps my already enormous ego get even bigger.

"So, what are you going to do about your father, I mean this guy ....?" Brett said.

"Stan" I said.

"Yeah, Stan. What are you going to do about him?" I had told Brett the whole story from beginning to end and got so steamed up that I just wanted to scream. But we'd been lying here without talking for a while I had finally calmed back down.

"I don't know, Brett. I just don't know" I said. "I've already spanked him twice like he was a little child, so he's been dominated and humiliated and he's pretty much under my thumb. You've seen how he acts with me."

"Yeah, I've seen it" Brett chuckled. "He's scared to death of you."

"The best thing would be for me to move out, but of course I can't" I said. "Rick says they'll stay together until I'm eighteen, so that would at least get me almost through my first year at Rictor. After that I may have to wing it on my own."

"I'm planning to go to Rictor as well" he said. "My best bet to be a college quarterback is at a junior college like Rictor. Maybe we could get a place together?"

"Isn't it a little soon to be planning on a white picket fence" I laughed and he laughed along with me. "But about my Daddy, I mean Stan. I wanna hurt him. I want him to pay for all the times he beat on me."

"I don't blame you" Brett said.

"He already understands that I'm in charge, and I don't think he'd dare talk back to me, but I want him to feel the pain that I felt for all these years" I said. "I want to totally humiliate him."

"You told me you already fucked your mom" he said. "Why don't you fuck him, and fuck him hard?"

"I've thought about that" I answered. "But you know what? I'm not sure, but I think maybe he'd like it." I laughed thinking about that. "Yeah, he just might like it. My Un.... I mean Rick. Rick fucked him for over a year and he loved it. At least that's what Rick said."

"Yeah, so true" Brett laughed. "You being a hunk, just like Rick, he just might like it."

"So what do I do?" I asked, thinking out loud. "I could beat him up. I could beat him up every day I suppose, but we'd probably get the cops in on it and I'd end up in reform school."

There was a long pause as we lay there thinking about it. "I see what you mean. You want to hurt him or humiliate him but now so much that he goes for help."

"That's it. Whatever I do, it's got to stay here in the house just between us. Just the family."

"I have an idea" Brett said. "You said you wanted to humiliate him, and I think humiliation can sometimes be worse than being hurt. How about if I fuck him? You can slap him around and hold him down or something and I'll fuck him. What could be more humiliating than that?"

"Hey, Brett. I like that" I said, beginning to grin. "I like that. He would be devastated. You wouldn't mind?"

"It would be a hardship" he laughed, "but I'd be willing to do it for you." I couldn't help but laugh along with him.

"You haven't fucked a guy before, have you?" I asked.

"No, but I'm willing to practice on your dad" he laughed some more. "I've fucked most of the pretty girls in school, and, yes, I've taken some of them up the butt."

"Shit, you are a stud" I laughed along with him. "I think I like that idea, but would it be enough? Rick says he loves being fucked. I don't want him to like it."

"You could work him over first" Brett said. "Give him a good whipping and then have me fuck him."

"I don't know" I said slowly, thinking it over. "I think we're being too easy on him.... Wait a minute. I know. We'll make Jeremy watch. Stan is Jeremy's real dad. We'll make Jeremy watch while you fuck his father. What do you think?"

"That's pretty cool" he said. "I think it would be fun having an audience. I think I'd like it."

"Oh, you are an evil one" I laughed. "Would you really do that?"

"Hell yes" he said. "It's making me hard just thinking about it."

"Me too" I said.

So, that was our plan to humiliate Stan. I was going to make it clear to him that this was to make up for all the shit he'd given me over the years. I'd make it clear that this was a onetime event, and if he behaved himself and accepted me being in charge, there'd be no further punishment. I could fuck him, but Brett and I both felt it was more humiliating for him if Brett did it. And forcing Jeremy to watch would be like frosting on the cake.


I didn't say anything to anybody when they arrived home later in the day. Mommy, Lois, asked about my time with Rick but I ignored her and didn't reply. Later that evening I went into Jeremy's bedroom.

"Yo, Jeremy" I said as I walked in. He was lying on his bed with his Gameboy in his hands.

"Jerod" he mumbled, with fear showing on his face. I sat on the side of the bed.

"We're going to be friends, Jeremy" I said giving him a smile. "No more rough stuff. No more anything. We're just going to be brothers."

"Yeah?" he said softly. "Friends?" So I told him I was through dominating him, and I wouldn't be doing it anymore. I told him he didn't have to clean up after me or do my chores anymore. All of that was over. I don't know if he believed me, but I really meant it. Of course he'd been a snot to me, but it was our parents that were at fault. I knew he'd just been following their lead.

"Now, I got to tell you what I found out from our Uncle Rick" I said to him. Then I told him the whole story about Rick and Stan and Lois. It took me most of any hour to lay it all out.

"So Daddy is not your Daddy" he said, completely shocked.

"That's right" I answered. "Uncle Rick is my Daddy."

"Oh my God" he said. "No wonder Daddy has treated you so bad all these years. Now I understand."

"But it wasn't fair, Jeremy" I said. "You know that. I had nothing to do with it. He's made me pay all these years for something that I didn't do."

"Yeah, I can see that" he said. "That was pretty shitty."

"That's putting it mildly" I said.

"You just found this out" he asked and then answered his own question. "Of course you did. Uncle Rick just told you. So, what are you going to do?"

"Stan needs to pay" I said. "He needs to pay for all the shit he's given me."

"I don't know, Jerod. I don't know" he said. "What can you do?"

"Don't you agree?" I asked him. "Don't you think he should have to pay for treating me like this?"

"Well, maybe. But .... but .... he's our Daddy."

"Yeah, that's the problem" I said. "He's not. He's not my Daddy. I used to hate him when I thought he was my Daddy for the way he treated me, but now I hate him even more. Before he was just a son-of-a-bitch father who loved beating on me, but now that I know the whole story it's even worse. He's an evil son-of-a-bitch and he ain't my father and he was taking out his anger and frustrations on me when I was a little kid. He needs to be punished." Jeremy mulled this around in his mind for a moment.

"But you already punished him" he said. "Mommy told me you spanked him. You actually spanked him. And I've seen how he acts around you now. He's obviously afraid of you. What more do you want?"

"I'm sixteen years old, Jeremy" I said. "He's been treating me like shit for sixteen years. Yes, I spanked him, but how many hundreds of times did he spank me?"

"Yeah, I know" he muttered. "But .... but ...."

"I want him to pay, Jeremy" I said. "What I've done to him doesn't begin to answer for all the years of hell he put me through." There was a long pause while Jeremy thought about it.

"Okay. So?" he said. "What? What do you want from me?"

"I told you Rick fucked him. He fucked him a lot. How about if I fucked him? He's had it before but it would be humiliating for him to have me do it. You think?"

"I can't believe that Uncle Rick was actually fucking him, and Mommy too" he said. "Does that mean that Daddy's gay?"

"I don't know what it means" I said. "Maybe. Probably. I don't know what he is. Maybe he's just a bitter disgusting creep who loves to be dominated. I don't know."

"I suppose if Uncle Rick was fucking him all that time, he must like it. You think so?"

"He either liked being fucked, or he liked being dominated, or maybe he just loved being controlled by his brother. Who knows what goes on in that twisted mind of his? But it had to be humiliating for him to be fucked in front of Lois. And Rick said they even had threesomes."

"I don't know, Jerod" he said. "This is just too crazy. It sounds to me like if you fucked him it would be humiliating, but maybe not. Maybe he would like it. Just how crazy is that?"

"Here's what I thought I'd do, Jeremy" I said. "I don't necessarily want to hurt him, because I might get carried away and end up killing him or something, he's such a wimp. I want to humiliate him. I want to really demoralize him and embarrass him as much as possible. I've talked to my friend, Brett, the quarterback. You know him?"

"Yeah, I know who he is."

"I thought I'd have Brett fuck your Daddy while you and I watch. That would be pretty damn humiliating, don't you think?"

"Don't include me in this, Jerod" he said. "I don't want to be a part of it."

"I am including you in this, Jeremy" I said. "The way to humiliate him is to have his own son there watching. It wouldn't work otherwise."

"He might end up hating me, Jerod" he said. "How do you think he would treat me after I watched him being fucked? And how could I respect him after that?"

"You don't respect him now, Jeremy" I said. "You know it. He's completely under my control, so how could you have any respect for him?" Jeremy didn't reply, recognizing the truth to what I said. "Maybe we could have Mommy watch as well" I said.

"Oh, come on, Jerod. Let's not overdue it" he said, completely shocked. "Don't get Mommy involved." I decided not to tell him that Mommy was already involved because I'd fucked her and she's blown me. That's something he didn't need to know.

"But she treated me almost as badly as Stan did, and you know it" I said. "She's been a real bitch and needs to be humiliated as much as Stan does."

"Maybe" he said. "But she's your real mother. Your biological mother."

"Yeah, so what? She's still a cunt and I wouldn't mind sticking it to her."

"Come-on, Jerod, don't say that" he said.

"Okay, maybe" I said. "But are you game? You're willing? This is a onetime thing only, Jeremy. Just to let him know it was despicable the way he treated me all those years. Okay?"

"I know he deserves it, Jerod" he said. "But .... but .... Well, okay, I'll go along with it."

"Good, man" I said, giving him a grin and a pat on the back. "We're brothers, and from now on we're going to be friends too." He hesitantly grinned back at me.


So now I've got my brother on my team. I'm not sure he is totally convinced because, after all, this is his biological father who has always treated him nicely. But he has a certain amount of guilt because he treated me badly as well, following his Daddy's lead. So he was no dummy. He realized that I deserved some kind of pay back, and although Stan treated him well, he was aware of how outrageous it was that I was treated so badly.

So the plan was in the works. I was going to get Stan into my bedroom and work him over a bit to get him in the right frame of mind, clearly letting him know why this was happening, and then Brett and Jeremy would come in.

The question I still had was Lois, my Mommy. Did I bring her in to watch or even take part in the action? I think it would be really cool to fuck her while Brett fucked Stan except that I knew Jeremy would have a fit. He didn't know I'd already fucked her and that she seemed to be hot for my dick.


I think Mommy was wondering why I hadn't said anything or done anything. I mean, she'd told me the whole story of how Stan was not my father, and she must have guessed that Rick must have given me the complete lowdown of the relationship between the three of them. She must have been waiting for an explosion, and wondering why it hadn't happened.

But I was enjoying the suspense. Mommy was on edge, Jeremy was on edge, and Stan was on edge as well but for different reasons. Stan didn't know what I'd learned from Mommy or what I learned from Rick, but he cringed around me because he knew I was in charge and he had to treat me with kid gloves. He had no idea what was coming.

It was Tuesday morning when I decided to make my move. Mommy looked up when I came into the dining room because I didn't usually join them for breakfast. She suspected something was going on. However, I didn't say a word and just got my cereal and juice and sat down.

"Jerod, you're up early" she said.

"Yes, I am" I said simply.

Mommy always left first in the morning, followed by Stan and then Jeremy and me. But this morning she dawdled around wondering why I was up so early. Wondering what I was up to.

She gave me a good long look but didn't say anything more. Brett had slipped in last night after everyone was in bed, so he was still upstairs in my bedroom. We were ready. We just had to get Mommy out of the house.

"You're going to be late for work, Mommy" I finally said as she fiddled around in the sink.

She gave me another hard look, but then got her purse and left the room. I waited until I heard her car pull out of the garage before I did anything.

"I'm not going to school today, Daddy" I said. He had been sitting across from me reading the paper. At least he seemed to be reading, although these days he was always nervous when I was in the room. I did notice that he was constantly looking at the clock, pretending that everything was normal. From the way the paper was shaking I knew he was worried.

"Okay, Jerod" he said, not questioning me as to why I was not going to school. Taking a deep breath he put the paper down and stood up. "Well, I've got to go in a little early today."

"No you don't" I said.

"What?" he said, looking startled. I just stared at him for a moment watching his face change from surprise to nervousness to fear. Yes, he was afraid and I couldn't help but smile.

"I'm not going to school and you're not going to work" I said, grinning from ear to ear. "Jeremy's already called in and told them you're sick."

"Jerod" he said in a shocked voice. "Jerod, please .... What ....? Don't .... Don't .... What's going on?"

"It's payback time, Daddy" I said sweetly, continuing to grin. Then I stood up and stripped. All I was wearing was a tank and shorts so I was naked in seconds. Just for the hell of it, I gave him a double bicep pose. "I bet this turns you on, Daddy" I laughed. "Big dominant bodybuilder. Big muscle stud, just like Uncle Rick."

"Jerod, listen" he said. "Stop this. Please stop this. I've already agreed not to tell you what to do anymore. You've got what you wanted. So please, just stop this." It was wonderful to hear him say please, a word he had never used with me before.

"Yes, I've got what I wanted" I said. "But you haven't. You haven't got what you deserve. After sixteen years of treating me like shit, you deserve more than just behaving yourself. Today is payback day."

I stepped around the table and twisted his arms behind his back, grabbed him by the collar and frog-marched him into the living room. I'd planned to do this in my bedroom, but the living room was roomier, and I'd love to see Brett fuck Stan on the sofa.

Standing behind him I reached around and grabbed his shirt ripping it apart, popping all the buttons, and pulled it over his shoulders and off. Grabbing his undershirt at the top seam, I ripped it down the back and then pulled the tatters up over his head.

He'd been yelling: 'Jerod, Jerod, Jerod' which kept the grin on my face. I was loving this, roughing him up, and so was my prick. I was getting hard. Tasking him in a headlock, I eased my mostly hard prick against his butt, and then bending my knees, fucked up and down against his pants.

"Shit," I said into his ear. "I'm going to be jealous of Brett. I want to be the one to fuck you." Now fully hard, I banged my prick against his butt a few more times. Then I reached down and got my arm behind his knees and lifted him up, holding him upside down. Holding him there with one arm, I undid his belt and unbuttoned his pants. Then lowering him onto his back, I pulled his shoes off, grabbed his pant-legs and jerked his pants off.

He lay there on the floor in his undies looking up at me with a shocked look on his face. But after only a second I saw that his eyes were drawn to my nine inch schlong sticking out with a drop of pre-cum dripping of the head.

"Yeah. Turn's you on doesn't it?" I laughed at his look of amazement. Uncle Rick wasn't nearly as big as me so I figure Stan had never seen one this big. I grabbed it and wiggled it back and forth a few times, grinning up a storm. "Hell yes this turn's you on."

Leaving him there on the floor I stepped out into the hall and called up the stairs. "Brett, Jeremy, come on down. We'll do it down here."

Brett came first, completely nude, with his hand working his very hard prick. And god, was he handsome. It almost took my breath away, and my big schlong got even harder. I wanted to fuck 'Daddy' but I wanted to fuck Brett even more.

"You ready?" I asked and then caught myself. "Hell, yes, you're ready. I can see you're ready." God, he was hot, and I was thrilled that he'd said he loved me. Seeing him come down those stairs with his hand on his prick was a true vision of masculinity.

"You betcha" he said returning my big grin.

Following behind him was Jeremy, wearing pajama bottoms.

"Get out of those pj's, Jeremy" I said. "You need to be naked to enjoy this."

"It's okay, Jerod" he said.

"No it's not" I snapped. "Get out of them or I'll get you out of them." So much for my saying we were going to be friends. But I was so used to ordering him around that it was going to be had to change. But he did what he was told, removing his pajamas and underwear.

When the three of us entered the living room, Stan was still on the floor, although he was now sitting up. "Jerod, don't do this. I'm your father." That, of course, caused me to howl in laughter, and even Jeremy and Brett chuckled a little.

"You're my father?" I asked sarcastically. "Since when?" Stepping over to him I pushed him flat onto the floor. Pinning his arms with my knees I sat on his belly and grabbed onto my dick. "I've got a few things to tell you Daddy."

So I laid it all out, the whole story, although the short version. About what I'd learned from Mommy and from Rick. Supposedly he didn't even know that I was Rick's son, but I laid that on him as well.

"You're a real bastard, 'Daddy'" I said and I slapped his face. "A real son-of-a-bitch." I slapped him again. "It's pay up time, Stan."

As I talked his face got whiter and whiter. He knew he was in deep shit. I explained to him that he deserved this for being such a bastard, but I was going to go easy on him. Today's punishment was going to be a onetime event, and if he behaved himself, I wouldn't put him through it again.

Brett and Jeremy stood there in awe, each with a hand on his dick, as I explained everything to Stan, and slapped him occasionally. But I think they were just as interested to the big monster I was playing with, with my hand. In face there were four guys in the room, including me, who were totally fascinated by my big dong.

As I stood up, I grabbed his underwear and dragged them down off of his legs. Then, taking hold of his hair, I pulled him up to his knees. His dinky prick was soft, even with two hunky muscle-boy teenagers in the room, but I think he was too frightened to get hard.

"Keep in mind, Stan, that this is punishment that you deserve" I said. "And you're going to cooperate. If you try to give me any shit, you're going to be one sorry son-of-a-bitch." Still holding his hair I pushed my dick into his face.

"Kiss it" I ordered him. "Kiss my big dick." He looked up at me with the most sorrowful look you can imaging, and it almost made me laugh. "Kiss it, I said." He lowered his eyes from my face to my dick and actually licked his lips. Yes he did. I'm sure he didn't even realize it, it was a subconscious thing, but he was hot for my dick. As he hesitated, I gave him another slap to the face. His cheeks were now red from my multiple slaps.

"Kiss it" I said again as I pushed into his face. Now he kissed it.

"Again" I said. And he did it again, just a short peck.

"This is my friend, Brett" I said as I stepped back. "Kiss his dick." I waved Brett over to stand in front of him.

"Jerod, please" Stan said softly.

"I said kiss his dick. Now do it" I snapped at him. Again there was hesitation, so I had to slap him again. Then he did what he was told, and kissed Brett's dick. I stepped back in close and pushed my prick up next to Brett's. "Kiss them. Kiss them both" I ordered him. He obeyed me, alternating between Brett's and mine.

"You getting this, Jeremy" I asked looking over at him. Jeremy nodded his head. Stan did not react but kept kissing our pricks. He didn't seem to be aware that Jeremy was watching, or at least he wasn't terribly bothered by it. I was a bit disappointed, because I wanted Jeremy looking on to be a crushing blow to him. I wanted him to be devastated.

I grabbed him by the hair again and led him stumbling on his knees over to the sofa. Throwing him on his back, I raised his legs, getting him ready for the assault on his ass. "Brett, you're up" I said.

Brett came over and got lined up behind him as I held his legs up.

"You want me to grease him up, Jerod?" he asked. I thought about it. I wanted to hurt him, but I didn't want to tear him up. Taking him dry would be a bitch.

"I'll do it" I said, and moved to hold his legs with one arm as I spit into my hand. Rubbing it into his crack, I spit again and jammed a finger into him. That got quite a yelp out of him. "Now he's ready" I chuckled, and Brett chuckled along with me. But then he spit into his own hand and rubbed it up and down his very hard prick.

Stan had this look of horror on his face as Brett moved in and took aim. I got my arm out of the way and put Stan's legs on Brett's shoulders. Brett grabbed his legs however, and spread them wide, giving him the splits as he pushed with his dick. I waved Jeremy over as I watched the head of Brett's prick pop into Stan's hole.

"Agggggg" Stan moaned as Brett's cock slipped into him. "Oh, shit. Jerod" he gasped.

"It ain't me, Pops" I laughed. "This is Brett." Brett held on for a moment giving Stan a chance to adjust, before pushing in again. Moving very slowly in and out and going slightly deeper with each thrust, he very gradually began to fuck. I was on my knees watching from not more than three feet away, and I pulled Jeremy down with me. "Give it to him, Brett. Give it to him" I said.

So Brett sped up slightly, getting a good rhythm going. "Oh, shit he's tight" he said. "Your old man is tight." I'd had my hand on my dick this whole time, keeping it super hard, and I realized that I now wanted to be where Brett was. I wanted to be fucking my 'evil father'.

If it had been anyone else except Brett there, I think I would have dragged him off and stuck my own dick in there. But Brett was doing me a favor by fucking Stan. I'd just have to wait my turn. My turn? Hell yes, my turn. When Brett was done I was going to fill that hole with my own dick.

"Go to it Brett. Give it to him good" I said, urging him on.

That's when I heard the garage door open.

'Oh, shit' I mumbled to myself. I knew Mommy had been suspicious about why I was up so early and in a hurry to get her out of the house this morning. Obviously, she was more suspicious than I thought. She's skipping work and coming back to see if anything is going on. Fuck! This was going to ruin everything.

"Holy, shit. That's Mommy" Jeremy gasped as he started to get up. I grabbed him by the arm and dragged him back down.

"You ain't going nowhere" I said. At the same time I was tussling with Jeremy, Stan started to fight and try to force Brett off of him. But Brett was no pussy and held on to him, and barely hesitated in his fucking.

But Mommy. What was she doing here? What now? Think fast Jerod.

"Stop it, stop it, stop it" Stan was yelling.

But it was an easy decision. We'd just go with the flow. Whatever happened, happened. It was too late to worry about it now.

"Don't stop, Brett. Don't stop. Keep right on" I said. "Fuck the hell out of that son-of-a-bitch."

"That's Mommy, Jerod" Jeremy said. "That's Mommy. Let me go. Let me go."

"No way, bro" I said. "You're staying right here. If she wants to watch, she can watch."

And then she was standing in the doorway.

"Hello, Mommy dearest" I said sweetly giving her a grin. "We're teaching your husband a lesson."

She actually screamed at me. "Jerod! What are you doing? Stop this right now."

"It ain't me, Mommy" I laughed. Yes, I laughed. What else was I supposed to do except put on a strong defense? "It's Brett. He's doing the fucking." Then I stood up. Her eyes were immediately drawn to the very hard nine inch dong sticking out of my middle. I made it bob up a down a couple times as she stared at it. And her eyes remained glued there as I walked over to her.

"Jerod" she screamed. Then, seemingly coming to her senses, she looked up and saw Jeremy for the first time. "Jeremy, what are you doing?" I grabbed her by the shoulders, pushed her back against the door casing and latched my lips onto her's. She struggled for a bit but I held on. I finally grabbed her hair to hold her head steady as I continued the rough kiss. And gradually, very gradually, she joined in and started to return it.

Evidently forgetting that there was anyone else in the room she started moaning softly, and I felt the tension leave her as she joined me in the kiss. I reached up and got a handful of tit and squeezed it. You think she wasn't an oversexed female? Forgetting everything that was going on, she was getting totally turned on. And I was damn sure she was thinking of my prick. And that was definitely true because as the kiss went on and on she reached down and grabbed me and let out a loud moan. I knew she was hot for me and my prick but this aggressiveness surprised me. She didn't give a shit about anything or anybody, or what was going on in the room. She just wanted my big prick.

"Mmmmm" she murmured as I let go of her tit and reached around to squeeze her ass. I could hear Brett banging into Stan's ass in the background as I kept the kiss going on and on. I said I wanted to take my turn fucking Stan, but right now Lois was a whole lot more convenient and available.

Grabbing her skirt and jerking it up to her waist, I yanked her panties down. As simple as that, boom, boom, boom, I pressed my dick up against her cunt and slid smoothly into her. Oh yeah, she was wet. Bending my knees slightly and fucking up into her, I rammed in hard, actually lifting her up onto her toes. She screamed. Not in anger or pain, but in ecstasy.

"Jerrrrroooood" she howled. "Jerod, Jerod, Jerod." Now I started to really go at it., ramming up into her and lifting he up to her toes with each thrust. Then she started going: 'Ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh' as I banged into her. As I've said before, women are not my thing, but fucking my own mother was an absolute delight. Total power, total control, total sexual craving on her part. I had no doubt whatsoever that she would be more than willing to be a total slave to my big pecker.

"Jerod, Jerod, ohhh, Jerod" she murmured. Not screaming now, but loud enough for everyone to hear. I was sweating up a storm and could already feel a churning in my balls as I kept a steady rhythm of plunging into her. I could hear in the background that Brett was really going at it and was grunting with each slam into Stan's ass.

I don't know what Jeremy was doing, but he sure was getting an eye full.

It was Brett that started to cum first, making loud 'ugh, ugh, ugh' sounds as he started to shoot. My prick had been hot and dripping even before Mommy arrived, so I was right behind him, and damned if I didn't hear Jeremy making grunting sounds like maybe he was coming too.

Slamming into Mommy one final time, and actually lifting her up off her feet, I held her there against the door casing and started blasting into her as she wrapped her legs around me. She was whimpering now in complete rapture, as I shook uncontrollably with each shot into her cunt.

As I fired my final shot, I just leaned into her, holding her up against the door casing, and then gave her a sharp bite on the neck. Marking my territory? Perhaps. But definitely giving her something to remember me by. We were both panting and trying to get out breath back as I held her there for a couple minutes.

When I finally stepped back, allowing my dick to slide out of her and her feet to return to the floor, I turned around, took a look, and laughed. Yes, laughed. Jeremy was still on his knees but there was a puddle in front of him where he had cum. And, even funnier, there was a puddle on Stan's chest and belly where he had shot his load as well. I knew Brett came, I heard him. I could see that Jeremy and Stan had cum. I came. I know Lois came as well.

What is it they say? 'A good time was had by all.' You can damn well bet that a good time was had by all, because everybody came. Ejaculations all around.


As you can imagine, I pretty much took 'Uncle' Rick's place in Mommy and Daddy's lives, but not quite how you might think. Rick used to go to their bed and fuck them, but I was a whole lot less interested in them than he was. I mean, I was still a sixteen year old and a real muscle stud, so I had hunky young teens lining up to have me screw them. So I wasn't particularly interested in old people like Stan and Lois.

Lois, my Mommy, would have had me every day if I had allowed it, but I wasn't interested. She's female and I'm a queer, and I don't want to stick my dick into a cunt. However, a few times she actually climbed into my bed during the night and begged me, actually begged me with tears in her eyes to fuck her. So, hey, I ain't no monster. I wouldn't be so cruel as to throw her out of my bed. So I'd make her blow me first, and then I'd fuck her. She was thrilled. Once, Brett was there with me and he was more than willing to fuck her while she sucked me off. I think he had a tendency to be a bisexual.

I turned Stan into my lackey. It wasn't all that difficult because it turns out he was not only crazy for bodybuilders, but he was crazy for big cocks as well. Yes he was in love with Rick, his brother, but that was because Rick was a dominant hunk, a real muscle stud. I was a dominant muscle stud as well and I had a bigger dick than Rick had, so Stan was really hot for me. He didn't fall in love with me like he did Rick, but I think he fell in love with my dick. He also loved it rough and that's what I gave him.

But, as I said, he was old, over thirty. I didn't like fucking old guys but I really enjoyed playing around with Stan. By playing with him I mean humiliating him. So I made him come to me every day and ask. Every day. He had to come up to me after dinner and ask: 'will you fuck me today, Sir?' Yeah, he had to call me sir. I'd give him a big grin as I reached down and groped my crotch, drawing his eyes to my prick, and I'd say: 'not today, boy'. Then he'd thank me: 'thank you, sir' he'd say.

I'd tell him no most of the time, but he had to ask me every day. The truth is he loved my big dick and he loved getting fucked, so I'd do him occasionally, either a blow job or a fuck, depending on my mood. If Brett was around I'd have him do it. We'd usually do him in my bedroom but sometimes right in the living room in front of the TV. It didn't matter to me if Jeremy or Mommy were around, and I didn't let it bother Stan either. He did what I told him.

I laid down the law to him that he had to fuck Lois on a regular basis as well. I couldn't stop her from lusting over my dick which she did all the time, but if Stan kept her reasonably happy, I hoped she'd keep off my back (or my dick).

Jeremy and I actually became friends. He still looked up to me as his big brother, but I went easy on him and he didn't fear me anymore. And he never said anything those times when he walked in on me or Brett fucking Stan. He never criticized. He'd just walk away. He'd lost any respect he'd had for him anyway.


Brett and I became very close. He was at my house or I was at his a couple times a week. He had an asshole for a father as well, so we put him in his place. We didn't fuck him, but we made sure he didn't boss Brett around anymore.

It turns out we didn't have to go to Rictor Junior College after all. We both received scholarships to the University of Ohio, me in wrestling and Brett in football. We're living in the dorm this year, but hope to get a place together next year.

I'm still playing the field, and so is Brett, sometimes. With my looks and amazing physique it's child's-play to pick up some cute young guy who wants to be dominated by a real muscle stud. I mean, I worked hard to build this incredible body of mine and it's only right that I take advantage of hot guys who are lusting after me and wanting me to use them.

So. I definitely make use of enthusiastic young guys, having my fun by slapping them around a bit and making them beg to be allowed to worship me. And I don't mean just simple muscle worship. I mean one hundred percent dedicated devotion to my body. You'd be amazed at what a guy can do with his tongue after you encourage him by slapping him around a little. I can tell you, there's no shortage of hunky worshipers out there willing to serve, particularly on a college campus.

But Brett is still talking about that 'white picket fence', and he's more than willing to become monogamous. But we're not even eighteen yet and I wonder if it isn't a little early to be thinking of settling down. I tell Brett I'd feel sorry for all the hot young would-be worshipers if I took myself out of circulation, and he'd laugh. He'd laugh, but then he'd climb on and give my dick a fucking of historical proportions. Brett is hot. Brett is super-hot. He almost makes me want that 'white picket fence'.

I do love Brett, but I'm not quite ready to give up on all those hot young worshipers. Not yet anyway. Maybe next year. Marriage is now legal, so I admit, I've been thinking about it.

---------------------------------- THE END --------------------------------------------

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