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This is a story about Jerod, a dominant gay muscle boy who controls and screws those around him including incest with his family members. If you don't like this type of story don't read it. Also if you are not of legal age you should not be reading this either.

This story is total fantasy, and under no circumstances is it meant to relate to any form of actual reality. This is for entertainment purposes only.

Mommy and Daddy and Me

Chapter 9

So I just sat there at the table in shock. My Uncle Rick, sorry, my Daddy, the muscle bound stud was a confirmed bottom boy, but he was evidently also a top. He has a Master, Ghalen is his Master, and he says he loves worshiping him and being his boytoy. Most definitely a submissive.

But he was fucking my Mommy and my Daddy, I mean Lois and Stan. What the hell? This is all too damn complicated.

Rick still had his hands in his face, but he didn't say a word. I sat there like a dumb shit, my mouth hanging open, not knowing what to say. I didn't fall out of my chair, but I now understand what people mean when they say that.

I'd guessed that he was fucking my Mommy, who, it was pretty clear, was in love with him. But he had just said: 'I was fucking Stan too'. I heard him right. He said he was fucking his brother, the asshole son-of-a-bitch who I used to think was my Daddy.

This was simply too much for a sixteen year old kid to comprehend all at one sitting.

"Uncle Rick, I mean Rick, you were fucking Stan, your own brother?" I asked. "Is that what you said?"

"Jerod ...."

"Is that what you said?" I repeated. "You were fucking that asshole who made me think he was my Daddy?"

"Don't call him that, Jerod. He ...."

"What should I call him?" I snapped. "The son-of-a-bitch who treated me like shit every day of my life. What should I call him?"

"Jerod. I know this is a lot to dump on you all at once. But...."

"It sure as hell is" I barked. "But get to the point. You were fucking Stan?"

"Yes" he said simply, and hesitated.

"Well?" I asked.

"Listen, Jerod. I'll .... ahhh .... well, let me tell you what happened."

"Yeah, I'd be kinda interested in what happened" I said sarcastically.

"I told you that the very first night I moved into that basement room at your house, Lois came down and climbed into my bed. I had gotten out of prison just that morning, and my Master, Ghalen had fucked the hell out of me the night before so I wasn't interested in her. But she was insistent. And in fact, she brought back memories of when we were fucking all the time as teenagers. And, let me tell you, those were some pretty great memories because your mother was wild in bed. I loved that aggressiveness of hers and she'd do anything; absolutely anything. And what made it even better, she loved that I had become a bodybuilder and basically dedicated herself to worshiping every inch of muscle on my body.

"Hey, I love having my muscles worshiped, just like any muscle stud does. I'd rather have it from a man, but worship is worship and it's pretty damn wonderful no matter what. Having a tongue working its way over your body can do incredible things to your ego. So, yeah I fucked her that first night, two or three times. But it was the next night when Stan got into the action.

"You know how I love working out in the nude. You and I did it all the time. Well, I was standing in front of a mirror doing bicep curls with dumbbells that evening when Lois prances in. Your mother is nothing if not aggressive, so she walked over and grabbed my left bicep while I'm doing the curls. She says 'ooooo" and bends down and kisses it as it reaches its peak. Then she steps in front of me, blocking the mirror, and showing this 'cat that swallowed the canary' smirk on her face, gets down on her knees and takes my prick in her mouth. Boom. Just like that.

"Hey, I'm still doing bicep curls, but that doesn't keep my prick from taking note. I've been working out for a while, so I'm pumped and I'm sweaty, so I'm looking pretty damn terrific in the mirror. Your Mommy is a beautiful women, Jerod, and there she was in the mirror gobbling my prick while I continued my curls, that blond hair bobbing back and forth. Fucking hot, man. Fucking hot.

It was so fucking hot that while I usually stop at eight reps with 65 pound dumbbells, I went all the way up to fourteen reps, and my arms aching like a son- of- bitch. They felt like they were going to fall off, but what a fabulous ache that was. I dropped the dumbbells and raised my arms in the double bicep pose and I swear to god, they looked like they had grown by an inch and had never looked this good, and I think I howled in pleasure as I crunched them over and over.

It was fabulous and my dick started to shudder. Lois was doing a hell of a job and I was getting hot just looking at myself. Not ready to ejaculate yet, but getting pretty damn close.

And that's when Stan came down the stairs.

As kids I beat Stan up more times than I can remember so he never messed with me, but now, seeing his wife slurping up a storm on my prick, he got a little crazed.

"What are you doing to my wife?" he screamed.

Hey, this is my dinky brother, and I was having the time of my life watching myself getting blown in the mirror, and damn close to blowing my load. I sure as hell wasn't going to allow him to do anything about it. "I ain't doing nothing" I gasped as I looked over at him. "But Lois is doing a hell of a job on my prick."

When Lois heard him she pulled back off my prick, but there was no way I was going to let her stop now when I was in a frenzy and about to shoot. I grabbed her hair with both hands, pulled her back on my prick and started pumping.

"Now I'm doing something" I gasped at Stan, and as he stood there with a shocked look on his face, I started to shoot. "Shit" I screamed. "shitshitshit." Lois had put her hands against my thighs and was trying desperately to push me away, but that just made it more exciting as I gripped her hair, holding my prick deep in her throat and firing shot after shot. She was struggling and trying to yell as the volume of cum overwhelmed her and started spewing out the corners of her mouth.

Stan came over and grabbed my shoulder, but I didn't even budge. I was the 210 pound muscle stud and Stan was the 140 pound wimp so no way could he move me. And I was in the middle of my ejaculation anyway. When he pulled harder, I had to step back but I pulled Lois with me. She was now beating on my thighs with her fists, so I guess I was choking her.

As I fired one final shot into her I screamed "shit" one last time and let go of her hair. She was pushing so hard that she flew back and landed on her butt, gasping and coughing with my cum streaming down her chin. Stan had been pulling on my shoulder and saying something, shouting at me actually, but I hadn't been paying attention. But now, I grabbed him by the collar and pulled him around next to me. Quickly pulling his arms behind him, I held them there with one hand around his wrists.

Then I looked into the mirror and saw he was also looking. And what a sight it was. We were about the same height, but that was the only similarity. Besides me having blond hair and him having black, my muscles were shining with sweat as I stood there in the nude with my dick still slick from Lois' sucking, while Stand was standing there in only his pj bottoms. I had been working out so every huge muscle on my body was bulging magnificently, while Stan showed skinny arms and a scrawny sunken chest and the beginning of a pot belly.

Stan might have been crazed at first, but now, seeing me next to him in the mirror, he actually gasped upon seeing how huge I was.

"You want to wrestle with me little brother" I said calmly, giving him a grin. "What do you think? Huh?" Now, Stan seemed to wilt. His face actually seemed to sag as the realization hit him of how massive and masculine I was. Keeping the grin on my face, I reached over and gave him a couple gentle pats to the face. "Shall we have a go around, Stan?"

"Rick ...." he said. "Please Rick."

"I fucked your wife, Stan. She's a great fuck" I said, totally humiliating him, but I wanted to make it clear from the get-go who was in charge here. "You want to do something about it, Stan?"

"Please, Rick. Let me go" he said softly. And that's when I saw the bulge in his pj's. Hell yes. He had a hard on. Something turned him on. Either my fabulously muscled body, or me holding him and dominating him, or watching his wife sucking my cock. Or maybe it just turned him on being humiliated. I reached down and groped him, and yes he was hard.

"Oh shit, Stan" I chuckled. "This turns you on. This really turns you on." Lois was still sitting on her butt recovering from me choking her but now seemed to be coming out of it, however she didn't say anything yet.

"What turns you on the most, Stan?" I asked. "My muscles or me fucking Lois?"

"Rick, please ...." he said again and actually gasped, his eyes almost bugged out as he looked at me in the mirror. "Jesus, Rick, you're so big ...." That answered my question. He was overwhelmed by seeing my muscled physique next to his wimpy body in the mirror. He was obviously shocked. The last time he had seen me, years before, I probably looked almost as wimpy as he did now, but seeing what I had done to my body, and how easily i was holding his arms with one hand, was making him hot. It turned him on that I was so big and powerful. His prick was as hard as a rock.

It was turning me on too.

Hey, my dick hadn't gone down from Lois' blowjob, but Stan, standing there, his mouth hanging open and his eyes bugged out in total awe of my body, was really turning me on. This was my brother who was idolizing me. It almost made me giddy with excitement.

I was familiar with little runts like him who were intoxicated and aroused by musclemen, and mortified by their own inadequacy. I had them hanging around me all the time at the gym. And even though I might be submissive to a giant of a man like Ghalen, I wasn't averse to screwing a young eager beaver who was into muscle worship. Let me tell you, I've had more than my share in the locker room at the gym.

But if Stan was impressed with strength, I'd show him strength. Letting go of his hands, I grabbed his butt with one hand and his neck with the other and lifted him off his feet. Then I raised him to chest level and pressed him overhead. And not just once, but lowering him and pressing him back up at arm's length again. I actually laughed with enthusiasm.

Stan shouted in shock: "Rick, Rick, don't."

But Lois also shouted: "Oh my God, Rick. You're .... you're so strong."

Let me tell you, there were three people in the room who were impressed with my show of amazing strength. Three of us. Me and Stan and Lois. All of us totally astonished and impressed by my body and my power and my strength.

And I was hot. It hadn't been ten minutes since I'd blown in Lois' mouth, but I was ready to go again. And my best guess was that my brother Stan might be ready as well. Just looking at his face in the mirror I could tell he was not only totally in awe of me, but was literally shaking with emotion. I had no doubt he was ready and willing to do anything I wanted him to do.

Holding him in my arms like a little child I stepped over to the lifting bench and laid him down on it. Rolling him over on his belly, I yanked his pj's and underwear down off his ass. I developed a big wad of spit and dropped it right in his crack. I rubbed it around for a second and then jammed my finger into him. He didn't scream but just let out a soft grunt.

Spitting in my hand I slicked it on my dick, spread his legs, and taking aim, pushed in. He didn't scream now either but let out a long moan: "Ohhhhhh". Then he really surprised me, actually shocked me, by whispering: "Rick. Ohhhhh, Rick."

I was confounded. My little brother wanted me to fuck him? I thought it was my being a dominant muscleman that was turning him on, but it was me, his brother that he wanted. Of course I was the bodybuilder of his dreams but he wanted me, me personally, to fuck him. He wanted his brother to deflower him.

Grabbing his skinny shoulders and pushing his legs further apart with my knees, I pushed in. He moaned and said my name again: " Ohhhhhh Riiiiiick" long and drawn out, as if in euphoria. He wanted it. He really wanted it.

So I started to fuck. I'd just blown a load into Lois so I was surprised that I was hot-to-trot again already, but in fact just the idea of me fucking my own brother was such a turn on, I was almost ready to shoot. I assumed Stan was a virgin, and usually a virgin has a lot of pain the first time, but he seemed to be moaning, not in pain, but in pleasure and excitement.

He seemed to have forgotten that Lois was still in the room, still sitting on the floor on her butt. She wasn't saying anything but had her eyes glued to the action with her mouth hanging open in amazement, and her eyes damn near bugging right out of her head.

I started fucking him fairly slow, gradually working my prick all the way into him. I may not have the biggest prick around but I know how to use it, and I could give a guy a good fuck. The excitement of fucking my brother was so hot that I knew I couldn't hold out forever, so after only a couple minutes I started fucking him hard and fast. Stan kept moaning or groaning: "Ohhhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh", and occasionally saying my name "Riiiiiick".

I was halfway standing, halfway bending over, as I plowed into him on the bench. But now, I let go of his shoulders, put my arms down around the bench and actually lifted it with Stan still on it and my dick still in him, and dragged it over a few feet in front of the mirror.

"Look in the mirror" I said. "Look at me, Stan." He looked up into the mirror with a bewildered look on his face and saw me, his muscle stud brother, on top of him and looking into his eyes. "Ohhhh Riiiiick" he moaned again as he looked into my eyes and then grunted as I rammed my prick into him. God, I loved looking at him and having him looking me in the eye while I controlled him totally and screwed him in his tight ass.

It wasn't more than five minutes before I felt the buildup in my balls and my prick began to spasm. Stan closed his eyes a couple times, but when he opened them he saw me staring into his face with a great big grin of elation.

As I felt my prick shudder, I just let it go. Giving my usual scream "Ohhhh, Shiiiit" I started firing into his ass. That's when Stan let out a yell: "Ohhhh, Shhhiiit" mirroring my own, and I knew he was shooting his own wad onto the bench as I shot into his butt. Although Lois did a great job of sucking me off, it was nothing compared to shooting my load into my little brother's ass. This was heavenly.

My own brother. I'd just fucked my own brother. And I swear, I think he loved it. At least I know he didn't hate it. As I finished I just flopped down on top of him, and gave him a kiss or two on the neck.

"Oh, Stan" I said into his ear. "That was so hot. Man, that was so fuckin hot." As he answered me, I could tell that he was sobbing. He was crying, not in sorrow but with emotion.

"You are such a stud, Rick" he murmured through his tears. "Such a stud."

Nobody said anything more for the next few minutes. Nobody knew what to say. But as my prick began to go soft I pulled out of him and stood up.

"Let's go to bed" I said calmly. "Stan, I think you should sleep on the sofa tonight." They both got up meekly, Lois first, and went up the stairs. I'm sure everyone's mind was swirling in confusion after all of this. Mine sure was. But just before going to bed, I looked into the mirror, and couldn't help but grin at the image looking back at me. What a gorgeous, powerful, controlling man I was, and what an eventful evening. My brother and my sister-in-law, both thrilled to have me use them. Both of them willing and anxious to satisfy my sexual desires. I wasn't quite sure where this was going to go, but I knew it was going to be fun. It was definitely going to be fun.


"So, Jerod. That's what happened when I moved in with you" he said.

"Jesus" I said. "You actually fucked my Dad...., Stan. You actually fucked him, and right in front of Mommy."

"Yep, I did" he boasted. "Stan made it so obvious that he was in total awe of me, and literally obsessed with my powerful physique, that it just seemed to be right to dominant him and fuck him. As I carried him over to the weight bench he seemed to literally melt in my arms. I had to take him. He needed it."

"He needed it?" I said in disbelief. "What do you mean, he needed it?"

"Well, it seemed like it to me at the time" Rick said. "And I was right. He did need it. At least he wanted it. Stan had always admired my strength and power over him, and had always deferred to me even though he was three years older. Even when we were kids, teenagers, I was the one in control. But now, now that I had become a bodybuilder he seemed to not only accept my power and control, but he craved my physical dominance over him. His brotherly love had turned into something more than that. Something that required that I demonstrate my power over him. He wanted me to control him.

"You knew this?" I asked

"No, Jerod, I didn't know that. Not then" he said. "But I was obviously superior to him and he wanted to be under my domination and control. Subconsciously he was craving for me to take complete charge of him, body and soul. I suspect he had regular wet dreams with me always as the protagonist. I probably could have had his ass when we were kids, if I had had the wherewithal to take it."

"You think so?" I said skeptically. "You're ...."

"I'm telling you this in retrospect, Jerod" he said. "You don't know the whole story. After that first time I fucked him on the weight bench, he was mine. I don't know how much love he had for Lois, but I suspect there wasn't much. But he transferred it to me. He fell in love with me."

"Oh, come-on, Stan" I said in disbelief. "He fell in love with you?" I really felt Stan was getting carried away with his story. It all just seemed so unlikely and unbelievable.

"Listen, Jerod. Listen" he said. "The very next day, that afternoon after I had had my workout with you, I think that was one of our very first workouts together, I had showered and dressed in shorts and t-shirt. Stan and I were sitting in the living room pretending to watch the evening news. My clothes were not particularly tight or revealing but it doesn't matter what I wear, you can't hide my build.

"And Stan couldn't keep his eyes off of me. I gave him a smile a couple times and he'd instantly look away, but his eyes were always drawn back. Jerod, I swear, he was leering at me. He was lusting for me. He wanted it again.

"Then Lois walked in. 'We need to have a talk' she snapped.

'No we don't' I snapped back at her.

'Rick ...' she started to say but I interrupted her.

'We won't talk now' I said firmly. 'Not a word. We'll give it in a couple days until after we've had a chance to really think it over.'

'But, Rick. We ....' Lois said.

'No, not now' I snapped decisively. 'Later.' Lois hesitated for a moment and then went back into the kitchen. You and Jeremy must have wondered why it was so quiet at the dinner table that night.

"It was almost always quiet when you weren't there" I groused. "They'd sometimes talk to Jeremy, but they never talked to me. You knew that."

"Well, yeah, I did" Stan said. "I'm not blind. I know they treated you like shit."

"So, anyway" I said, "you're telling me that Lois had always loved you, and now Stan was falling for you. Is that what you're saying?"

"Pretty much" he answered. "Yes, that's what I'm telling you. But let me tell you how it went.

"That very next night after we'd all supposedly gone to bed, I walked naked from my basement room into their bedroom and just stood there next to the bed. My wanger was hard and sticking out and they both looked at me totally bug-eyed. Without a word I jerked the blanket down and climbed in.

"Lois, with her big mouth tried to talk, but I threaten to put a sock in it, so she shut up. I fucked her first, planning to make Stan watch me, but I didn't have to make him do anything. He watched avidly. He was totally fascinated and was playing with his prick as he watched me fuck her. That's when I realized how really hung-up he was for my body, because it was obvious he was paying more attention to me than he was to her. I said he was in love, and that's what I meant. He was in love with me.

"After I fucked Lois, I fucked him, and that's the way it went from then on. I made the rules. If I wanted to fuck I'd go climb into their bed and put them to work. Lois was already a good cocksucker and Stan learned to be one.

"What?" I said in a startled voice. "What? You made him suck you?"

"I made them do everything, Jerod" he said. "I was in charge and I made the rules. Since I'd gotten into bdsm while in prison, I was into some kinky stuff, but they were there for me to use and I used them. I'd take them one at time or as a threesome, but they always followed my direction. They loved it. And since they were both enthralled with my muscles anyway it wasn't hard for me to teach them what body worship was all about. And let me tell you, Jerod, there ain't nothing quite like having two dedicated worshipers tonging your body and competing for your attention.

"I know this is going to sound crazy, but they became jealous of each other, particularly Stan. Lois was aggressive and demanding in her own way and tended to get the lion's share if my attention and Stan didn't like it. For the first month or so they fought over me like cats and dogs until I laid down the law and put a stop to it.

"But you were submissive" I said. "You were submissive to me. You were having me fuck you every day after our workout."

"Yeah, that was pretty crazy, Jerod" he chuckled. "I'd been completely submissive to muscular tops for several years, guys more muscular than me. But with Lois and Stan I became an all-powerful dominant. That was mostly because they were both rather wimpy and clinging, and they were completely enthralled by my muscled physique. They wanted to worship me and my body, so it was logical that I would dominant them, and the more they idolized me, the more dominant I became."

"But you were submissive to me and I was skinny back them, Rick" I said. "I was only thirteen and had never lifted a dumbbell in my life."

"Yeah, that's true" he chuckled again. "But no matter what I did with Lois and Stan, I was still a submissive at heart. I needed my regular 'submissive' fix. And although you were just a little tyke at first, you had a big dick, a really big dick, and I loved having you fuck me. And once I showed you how to really use that monster of yours, it was even better. You were hot. You also filled out in no time, if you remember.

"Oh, I remember" I said. "You said I built muscle faster than anyone you'd ever seen."

"True, Jerod" he said. "Within six months you were already beginning to be a hunk." Then he laughed: "You became a tiger after those workouts, and sometimes left me with bruises."

"Yeah, I remember that too" I laughed along with him. "Yeah, I do remember that." Those were great memories. "But, Rick. I don't understand about Mommy and Daddy, I mean Lois and Stan. They were married then, and they still are. But you say they loved you, and even fought over you?"

"Jerod, you've only experienced my submissive side" he said softly. "But I have another side. I can be a real tyrant and a stickler for discipline, so I took control of them completely. I did not put up with any shit from either one of them, and I was tough on them for the first couple months until they learned to be obedient. They barely talked to each other without my permission."

"But they seem to get along" I said.

"They get along because I forced them to get along" Rick answered. "And they still do."

"They still do what?" I asked.

"They still get along because I make them get along" he said simply. "I told them they had to stay together until you and Jeremy are eighteen. I told them forcefully that there was no other option but to learn to get along, and I mean forcefully. Any time there is a potential argument, they get on the phone to me and I resolve it."

"They call you?" I asked. "Really?"

"Yes. Whether you know it or not, Jerod, I'm still in charge of your household."

"Did they tell you about me? What I've done with them?"

"They told me you have become very difficult and hard to deal with" he said. "Is there more?"

"No, that's about it" I laughed. Obviously Lois hadn't told him that I'd fucked her, and Stan didn't tell him he got spanked. "I've been difficult. I simply made it clear that I wouldn't put up with their shit anymore."

"It's probably okay for you to take control of your life" he said. "But if there is a problem be sure to call me and I'll fix it. They do what I tell them."

"Okay, sure. I can call you" I lied. I was supposed to call him? Like hell I'd call him. He may think he's in charge of my household, but in truth I was now in charge. And I was going to remain in charge. "If they don't behave themselves, I'll call you" I laughed, making a joke out of it.

"Yeah, you do that" he laughed. "We'll make sure they behave."


My mind was going a million miles a minute, trying to absorb all this information Rick had given me. But the one thing I knew for a fact; I was going to be totally in charge of that house and they were going to do my bidding. I was going to be Boss. In fact I was going to be Master. I'd see to it.


Ghalen drove me back home on Sunday, late morning but nobody was home. I wasn't sorry about that because I really wasn't ready to confront Stan or Lois, or even Jeremy for that matter.

I had turned my cell phone off the whole time I was at Rick and Ghalen's so I had quite a backlog of calls. Nine of them were from seven girls. And, yes, they know I'm gay, so no, I haven't screwed any of them. But I'm such a hunk that their pussies get all in a-twitter just thinking of me, so I think they call just to swoon over my voice on my voice mail. I'm friendly to them and I admit I even encourage them, because I'm a sucker for their adoration and having them climbing all over me fighting for my attention. Hell, I've seen them fight over who will be the one that gets to carry my gym bag.

I got a couple calls from Tommy, one from Hank, and surprisingly, one from Brett.

Tommy was still basically my best friend, although he had become more like my lackey. He'd blow me whenever I wanted and he was good at it, and he'd come on the run if I called. We'd been friends since we were tykes and he wanted to hang around me and luxuriate in my popularity, but that was okay with me. He was like a loyal puppy so I didn't mind him hanging around.

Hank was, of course, my workout partner, and a real hunk. He worshiped me just like Jeff did, but since he was such a stud and had actually turned out to be a nice guy, he had a following of his own. Even though he was now on the wrestling team and the football team and we were buddies, we didn't generally hang out together. But we worked out together every afternoon.

Hank was a terrific bodybuilder and I respected him for it, so once I found out he didn't like getting fucked, I quit fucking him. It was just a power trip with him anyway. There were plenty of other fish in the sea, so we were just good friends. And even though I didn't make him blow me anymore, he clearly understood that I was the guy in charge.

What I was really interested in was that call from Brett. I liked Brett. I liked him a lot. And, yes, I liked 69ing with him. So I called him,

"So, you get everything straightened out with your Uncle?" he asked.

"Not my Uncle" I answered. "My Daddy."

"What? Your Daddy?"

"It's a long story, Brett" I laughed. "Why don't you come over?"

"I'm on my way" he said and hung up.

Brett is devilishly handsome, and when he showed up wearing some kind of shiny silvery muscle shirt and skimpy white shorts, he looked gorgeous. But the real surprise was him grabbing me in a bear hug when I opened the door and giving me a big kiss on the lips.

"Mmmmm" I murmured as he hugged me and tried to push his tongue down my throat. When he finally pulled back I said: "Woah. What is this?"

"Did I ever tell you how gorgeous you look" he said as he stepped back and looked me up and down. I had stripped and showered when I got home so I was wearing only a pair of jockey shorts.

"I think I remember you saying something like that" I laughed. "But, what about you. I love that silvery shirt. It really shows off your terrific body."

"Yeah, it's really something isn't it" he said. "I put it on especially for you."

"Oh, yeah?" I said.

"Yeah" he answered. "I wanted to look sexy for you. I wanted you to think I looked sexy." What? This gorgeous quarterback was insecure?

"Shit, Brett" I said in surprise. "You'd look sexy in a paper bag. You're the sexiest guy I know, by far." Then he grabbed me again, hugging me tight and latched his lips onto mine once more. This time we both murmured: 'mmmmm' as we dueled each other with our tongues. As Brett pushed me back against the wall, rubbing his hands up and down my muscled back, I felt his hard-on. Oh yeah he was hard, and my own prick was now starting to stir.

"You're the most gorgeous hunk of muscle I've ever seen" he said as he pulled back a few inches and grinned into my face. I was thrilled of course. This kid, unquestionably the most popular and most attractive kid I'd ever known, was coming on to me like gangbusters. This was the kid that I thought was straight. This was the kid that had a reputation of fucking only the most beautiful girls in school and sometimes two or three at a time. This was a superstar who was jamming his very hard prick into my crotch and trying to crush me in his muscular embrace.

With that beautiful grin still on his face, Brett gave me a quick peck on the lips and then dropped to his knees. As I looked down at him with a startled expression on my face, he glanced up for a second and then pushed his face into my crotch.

He rubbed his nose and face back and forth as my prick most definitely continued to grow.

"Let's go to my room" I whispered to him.

"No. Right here. Right now" he answered. "I can't wait." Then he started nibbling up and down my prick. It didn't take more than a minute or two for me to get fully hard, while he worked his mouth over it, getting my jockeys wet with his spit.

Then looking up at me and giving me a sly grin, he grabbed the elastic of my underwear in his teeth and pulled them down a few inches, looking me in the eye as he did it.

"Ohhh fuck" I said uncontrollably. This was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen, him trying to pull my underwear off with his teeth. After he pulled them down a few inches, he moved to the other side and did the same, still looking up at me with a smirk on his face. He knew he was driving me crazy. He moved back and forth, pulling them down little by little until my prick finally slipped out and slapped up against my belly. Then grabbing the jockeys in the front with his teeth, he dragged them all the way down to my ankles. Rising back up, he looked at my very hard prick for a moment, and then gave it a soft kiss.

"You have the biggest and most beautiful dick in the world" he said as he admired it. How do you deal with a remark like that? I just gave him a shit-eating grin and kept watching him and enjoying it. He had to use has hands now to pry my prick off of my belly, So he pulled it down and took it into his mouth.

Brett had sucked me twice before but both times I got so hot that I blew prematurely, but not this time. Yes I was hot, but I was going to enjoy him sucking me this time. I know Brett didn't have any experience sucking cock, but I also bet he'd been thinking about it. I mean, why was he here and on his knees in front of me? I know he'd been thinking about how to give a great blowjob and he was now putting himself to the test.

I'm pretty damn big and he was new to this, but he was good. He stopped looking up at me, closed his eyes, and concentrated on giving me one hell of a blowjob. Oh yeah, he'd been thinking about how to make it great. He'd been thinking about it: the blowjob, and it: my big dick.

"God, I love your dick, Jerod" he said at one point as he took it out of his mouth to just admire it. Then he licked it up and down, slobbered over my balls for a bit, and then went back to sucking.

I was all smiles. I mean, this kid was gorgeous. Let me put that another way: he was exquisitely handsome, dazzling and stunning, and it almost took my breath away to watch him down there sucking on my dick. The most beautiful guy I'd ever known was worshiping my dick.

"Jesus, your dick is beautiful" he murmured and I had to laugh. I couldn't help it, he was just so enamored with my big prick. And, you'd never know he was a beginning cocksucker because he was doing one hell of a job on my dick. I said I was going to try to hold back and really enjoy it, but that wasn't going to happen. Hell yes, I was enjoying it; I was enjoying the hell out of it, but I was also getting really, really hot.

All this time I'd just been standing there against the wall with my hands on my hips just watching and really reveling in it. I like to be in control of my cocksuckers, but Brett was a marvel and definitely didn't need me to direct him. He sucked slowly, he sucked fast, he took it deep, really deep, and he tickled it with his tongue. He was amazing.

And so, just like that, I started to shoot. Brett had mostly had his eyes closed, concentrating on what he was doing, but now they flew open and he looked up to see my reaction. And he heard and saw me scream. "Ahhhh SHIT" I yelled as I fired into his throat. This was definitely a blowjob to remember. I don't know how many shots I fired, but Brett had his eyes glued to mine the whole time to see my contortions of delight.

I forced myself to keep my hands on my hips, but I couldn't help but jack my hips forward a couple times, pushing my dick against his throat. But Brett took it. He took it like a pro and swallowed every bit of cum and looked like he wanted more.

When he finally pulled back and let my prick slip out of his mouth, it flopped up and slapped against my belly again. My dick sometimes seemed to have a mind of its own, and right now it didn't want to go soft. It wanted more of Brett's mouth.

"Oh, shit, Brett" I groaned. "You are a miracle worker. That was the most incredible blowjob I've ever had." That may not have been totally true, but it was pretty damn close to it. "It was terrific."

"Yeah, it was" he said giving me a big smile. That's when I noticed that he had pulled his dick out of his shorts at some point and had shot his own load onto the floor by my feet. "I loved it. You've got a dick to die for." He laughed and I joined him.

I reached down and grabbed him by his muscular biceps, pulled him to his feet, and put my arms around him. I banged my nose lovingly against his, gave him a quick peck on the lips, and then went for the real kiss. He hugged me back and we nearly crushed each other as the kiss went on and on and on and on. At that moment I knew I loved this kid, this hunk, this incredibly awesome stud.

After at least ten, maybe fifteen minutes we came up for air and just looked into each other's eyes. Then we laughed and hugged and laughed some more.

"Jerod, you're a gift to mankind" he whispered in my ear as we hugged. "And I'm the luckiest guy on the planet."

"Brett .... you .... how ....?" I stuttered. "When you came in ...."

"Yeah," he interrupted me. "I was kinda overwhelming, wasn't I? But, Jerod, I been thinking about you a lot. In fact I've been thinking of nothing else but you. And I've got two things to tell you: first, I think I love you, and second, I think I'm gay."

I just stood there for a moment, stupefied. "Brett ...."

"Don't say anything" he said interrupting me again. "You don't have to say anything. I just wanted you to know. You've changed my life."

"Brett" I stammered. "I really don't know what to say."

"The first time I sucked your cock you called me 'baby'" he said. "I loved it. You probably don't remember, but I sure do. I want you to do it again."

"Huh" I said in surprise.

"I want you to call me baby, like you did then" he said and waited expectantly. I put both hands up and gripped his head pulling him in so our noses were just touching and our eyes were not two inches apart. I just stared into his eyes for a moment.

Then I spoke softly: "Baby, I love you too."


I took Brett by the hand and led him upstairs to my bedroom.

"What would you have done if my parents had come back?" I asked, giving him a big grin. We were both squatting on my bed facing each other, both with big grins on our faces. In fact we couldn't stop grinning at each other.

"I don't know" Brett answered, "but I think you probably would have liked it."

"Yeah, I think you're right" I laughed and he joined me. "That would have been awesome, them walking in on us."

"But, Jerod?" he asked. "What about your Uncle Rick? He's your Daddy? Is that what you said?"

"This is the craziest, mixed up family in the universe, Brett" I said, "and you're not going to believe the shit that I'm going to tell you. But here goes." So I told Brett the whole story. About my Mommy Lois, and my Daddy Stan, and my Daddy Rick, and Master Ghalen, and masters and slaves, and dominants and submissives, and tops and bottoms, and fucking and sucking, and all kinds of lunacy.

It took a long time and Brett couldn't keep his hands off of me, so we had to take a break at one point and 69. Brett said I didn't have to suck him to return the favor, but I told him I wanted to. So I sucked a cock for the second time in my life. I loved doing it. I loved doing it for Brett.

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