This is a story about Jerod, a dominant gay muscle boy who controls and screws those around him including his family members. If you don't like this type of story don't read it. If you're not of legal age you shouldn't be here and I recommend you go elsewhere.

This story is total fantasy, and under no circumstances is it meant to relate to any form of reality. This is for entertainment purposes only. 'Do not try this in your own home.'

Mommy and Daddy and Me

Chapter Five

I was openly gay, but I can assure you there were no worries about bullying. As you can imagine, the opposite was likely to be true. Oh, there were a couple times when some stupid prick whispered 'fag' as they went by, but I never let them get away with it. Never. The big guys never said anything; it was the little skinny guys who were too stupid to realize what I could do to them. Three times when I was a Freshman I heard somebody whisper 'fag' behind my back. One kid lost a tooth, another got a bloody nose, and the girl had to get stiches on the side of her head where I threw her against the lockers. They expelled me for a couple days each time, but that was the end of the 'fag' comments.

I also was a bit of a predator in my school, and kept on the lookout for guys who couldn't keep their eyes off of me. You know the kind. Totally overwhelmed by a muscle guy, me, and not able to keep from looking at me but trying not to be too obvious. But subconsciously they were waiting and hoping that I'll notice them. So I made it my commitment to work my way through the really cute, hunky boys in my classes and feed my dick to as many of them as possible.

There were also other gay kids in my school, most of them still in the closet, but my gaydar was pretty good and I could pick them out in a minute. And I was generous. I let every gay kid that I knew about give me head at one time or another, even the skinny ones and the homely ones.

Without belaboring the subject let me say that I was gay; openly homosexual. When I had somebody attached to the end of my dick, I wanted it to be a male animal with a dick of his own. But it wasn't the dick that was important because I didn't intend to do anything with it anyway, it was the idea of the dick. It was the masculinity that counted.

I guess it was mostly about control. I mean, when was the last time a girl asked a guy, who's going to fuck who? I loved controlling guys. Dominating them and fucking them. And the bigger and more muscular they were, the better.

Any human animal with a dick has the potential to use that dick to dominate somebody, male or female, but I was the one. I was the one dominating, I was the one doing the fucking, I was the one in command.

But there's one thing called getting a blowjob, and there's another called making a guy give you a blowjob. They were both good, but I was definitely partial to the latter.

You gotta understand that everybody is fascinated by a big dick, guys and girls alike, and that includes straight guys. And, under the right circumstances a straight guy will give one hell of a blowjob; that is if you can get him over his 'macho' image of himself. I learned that the best way to get a straight guy over that 'macho' image is, first: be obviously bigger and more powerful than him; second: have a big impressive dick like mine to work with; third: have a very aggressive and commanding attitude and let them know they're your bitch; and fourth: know what you want and be determined to get it. You can bet I have all of those things in spades.

I gotta tell you about our quarterback, Brett. He was built and handsome, and yes, he'd probably fucked his way through most of the cheerleaders. I was his right guard. We weren't particularly close friends, but being on the same team, we were cordial to each other and talked occasionally. He knew I was gay, and like everybody else, he knew I had a big schlong in my pants. He was a good quarterback and I respected him and accepted his leadership on the field. But my hormones sometimes got the best of me, and I thought Brett was hot. Really hot.

I'd caught him eyeing me in the showers a few times, but then again I'd caught every member of the team eyeing me at one time or another. I mean, how could they not look with my enormous dong hanging out there for all to see? So he was no different from the rest of them. The difference was that I'd already had some of the hunky ones, but I hadn't had Brett yet and he was the one I wanted.

He was the one I wanted on his knees in front of me. His mouth was the one I wanted to feel swallowing my prick. It was him that I wanted to hear choking on my donkey dick as I pushed into his throat. It was my spunk that I wanted to see covering his pretty face. It's not as if I can't get a blowjob whenever I want it, but I wanted him. I wanted Brett.

You know how it is. You get fixated on a pretty face and get an itch, and you won't be satisfied until you scratch that itch. I had one hell of an itch.

Brett acted butch and was probably straight, but that didn't make any difference to me. I knew from experience that, given the right circumstances, straight guys could give decent blowjobs.

Brett did not have a regular girlfriend, at least not one that lasted over a week or two. So he was always surrounded by a gang of girls who were hoping to be next on his list. Brett was so popular that I suspected his pecker might be getting more action than mine was. And that's damn near every day action.

But one day after practice I saw him hurrying out to his car.

"Hey, Brett" I yelled at him. He looked over and saw it was me, and was surprised. Not that we didn't talk, but we had never palled around together.

"Hey, Jerod" he said as he stopped and waited for me to catch up.

"I see you've really been working out" I said with one of my spectacular grins. "You're really beginning to bulge in the right places."

"Thanks, Jerod" he laughed. "You should know."

"Flex for me" I said as I reached forward and grabbed his bicep. He spontaneously flexed for me, showing a nice bulge. "Yeah, you're really coming along" I said.

"Thanks, Jerod. I appreciate it." I held on to his bicep for a few seconds longer that was comfortable for him, rubbing my fingers over the bulge.

"Yeah, you're looking good." At this point Brett may or may not have suspected something, but that was the idea. I wanted him to wonder. I mean, he knew I was gay. Did he thing I was coming on to him?

There was a hesitation and he had to wonder what I was up to, but he finally spoke. "Thanks, Jerod" he said again. "What's up?"

"Remember that video that coach was talking about; that one with the University of Wyoming? The guy named Brett?"

"Yeah" he laughed. "How could I forget, a quarterback with my name."

"Well, I've got the video of that game Coach was telling us about. Why don't you come over and we'll watch it together."

"You've got the video?" he asked in surprise. "How did that happen? Where did you get it?"

"Let's just say I have connections" I said giving him a big grin. "You want to see it?"

"Well, yeah, I'd love it" he said. "But tonight? Ahhh, I don't know, Jerod."

"Yeah, tonight" I said as I put my hand on his shoulder and squeezed gently. "Come over after dinner, about seven." Was that squeeze a sign? You bet it was. I don't know if he got a surge in his pants, but I sure did. One thing I did notice was that he seemed to be blushing. There was nothing to be embarrassed about, so maybe he was just excited.

Remember that although he may have been a couple inches taller than me, I probably outweighed him by at least forty pounds; I was his right guard. I'm pretty sure he was excited, but he also knew what a hunk I was, and my reputation for aggressiveness.

"I don't know, Jerod ...." he started to say.

"I'll see you around seven, Brett" I said as I let go of his shoulder and gave him a pat on the back. I turned away.

I smiled to myself as I walked away because I knew I was going to get my prick into that pretty face tonight. That squeeze on his shoulder was a dead giveaway, so he knew; he definitely knew that something was going to happen. I suppose just the idea of being with a muscle hunk like me was exciting for him, and being quite a hunk himself, the danger aspect was probably mind-blowing. He knew my rep as a wrestler, so he had to know that I could easily take him, and since I'd never invited him to my house before, sub-consciously he must have known that I had special plans for him.

In fact I think, consciously or subconsciously, he knew he was going to blow me tonight, and wanted to experience being dominated by a real muscle stud. He, and everybody else as well, knew of my reputation so I imagine he was excited about experiencing it for himself. See how my mind works? I had myself convinced that he wanted me, so now I only had to convince him.

Daddy called up to me at 7:15 and told me I had a guest, so I went down to greet him.

I was wearing a tight wife-beater which was molded to my perfectly sculpted chest, and a pair of white spandex boxers that were beyond obscene. They were white to begin with and since I'd rinsed them out and left them wet before putting them on they were damn near invisible, and being a size too small and tight spandex they were glued to my prick and hugged the crack of my ass.

Daddy's eyes damn near bugged right out of his head as he saw me coming down the stairs but he didn't dare say anything, and I didn't give a shit what he thought. He was standing by the door with Brett waiting for me. "Thank you, Daddy for letting Brett in" I said, giving him a big smile. "You can go back to your TV now."

"Thank you, Jerod" he said. Just like clockwork. You think I don't know how to train my Daddy?

Even a blind man would have known that I was damn near naked, and Brett was not blind. If he didn't know before, he knew now that I was expecting action with my prick

Brett was wearing a skin tight black sleeveless t-shirt, black shorts, and black reeboks. He looked sexy as hell in that tight sleeveless shirt showing his big rounded shoulders and the tight definition leading to his bulging biceps/triceps. I had to wonder if he had specifically dressed to look sexy for me.

He did a double take when he saw how I was dressed. Let's call that a triple take because for a moment he couldn't pull his eyes away.

"Jesus, Jerod" he gasped. "What are you wearing?"

I just laughed. "We ain't in school now, so I'll dress the way I want. Sexy, heh?"

"Jesus, yes." He kind of chuckled along with me. "You might as well be naked." I laughed again. Shit, this was going to be so easy. He knew already that I was going to have him, so all I had to do was make the moves. I checked to see if he was getting a boner, but his shorts were too baggy to show anything. But I had my suspicions.

"Shit, you look sexy as hell in that shirt" I said as we entered my bedroom. "You have beautiful arms. You should always show them off like this."

He laughed. "They make me wear shirts with sleeves in school, so, just like you, I can dress anyway I want in the afternoon" he said.

"Just like me?" I asked with a leer.

"Well, not quite" he said, laughing hesitantly.

"Well, it's very sexy." I gave him a big grin. "Flex for me, Brett" I said. "Show me those beautiful arms of yours." We'd only been in my room for twenty seconds or so, and I was already going after him. But that's me. I don't fuck around. He knew and I knew that something was going to happen, so why waste time?

"Come on, flex 'em" I said, standing right in front of him. "Show me what you've got."

"Well, okay, ahhh..., okay" he stuttered. Then he gave me a double bicep.

"Looking good" I said as I reached up and grabbed both biceps. "You're coming along great. How big are they now?"

"Just over fifteen and a half" he said proudly. "I'm working them all the time."

"It really shows" I said as I squeezed both biceps. He held the pose for a minute and then finally dropped his arms, forcing me to let go. I stepped back and looked him up and down.

Then I said: "Take your shirt off, Brett. Let me see that upper body."

"Don't, Jerod, don't" he said. "You know I can't compare with you."

"I ain't comparing us. Don't worry about it. I'm not trying to show you up. We both know I'm in a different league altogether" I said. "Hey, I'm your linesman, remember. These muscles protect you."

I reached forward and pulled his shirttails out of his shorts. "Come-on, take it off. Let me see what you've got. Here, I'll help" I said as I pulled the shirt up, forcing his arms up, and peeled it off and over his head.

I tossed it aside. "Now give me a most muscular" I said.

"Come-on, Jerod."

"Hey, Brett, don't worry about me; don't worry about how I look. This is about you. Now give me a most muscular." So Brett gave me a most muscular, pushing out his big round shoulders and his nicely defined chest, and forcing his abs into tight ridges of muscle. "That's it, Brett. You look great. You're pecs are kinda flat and not rounded like they should be, but that will come with time. You gotta do more benches."

"Yeah, I know. I've got to spend more time on my chest, and less on my arms" he said. "That's what Coach says too."

I reached in and rubbed my fingers over his rippling abdominals. "Nice abs, Brett. Real nice" I said.

"Yeah, ahhh... Thanks" he stammered. "I'm doing the high protein thing that Coach gave us."

"I can tell" I said. "I'm doing it too."

"Yeah, I know you are" he said.

"Now me" I said with a grin. "Take a look at these babies." Brett guessed right away that there was no way I was not going to show him my muscles. He didn't want to be compared with me, but that was part of my game plan. I had to point out how much bigger I was than him. I was a natural born showoff anyway, and I had a physique that was definitely worth bragging about.

To emphasize my strength for him and to show off even more, I grabbed my wife beater and ripped it down the front, leaving it dangling in shreds from my shoulders and bringing my massive pectoral muscles into the open. "Now here is what you want your chest to look like" I said with a chuckle.

Brett just stood there staring, like a deer in the headlights, mesmerized by my spectacular chest. "Now this is a chest" I said, continuing to chuckle at his astonishment. I shrugged my shoulders, allowing the tatters of my wife beater to fall to the floor, and then took his hands. "Here, feel them. Feel these big mothers" I said as I pulled his hands up to my chest. He tried to pull his hands away but I held them there making him feel the big slabs of muscle.

"Go ahead, Brett. Feel them" I said softly, changing my tone to one of seduction. "You know you want to. This is the chest that you dream about."

Just as I hoped, he started rubbing his hands over my pecs on his own.

"You're amazing, Jerod" he whispered.

"Yes, I am" I whispered back. Flexing my right arm I moved one of his hands up to my bulging bicep. I took a step closed so our chests were almost touching. "This is real muscle, Brett. This is the real thing" I murmured into his ear.

Decision time! Was he ready, or was I about to scare him off?

I grabbed his other arm and pulled it around behind him, not really twisting it, but letting him know that I could. I was also letting him know that I was in charge. I moved in, pushing my crotch with my growing prick against his hip.

"You want arms like this, Brett?" I purred into his ear. "Is this the kind of bicep you want?"

"Je-sus, Jerod" he gasped and I felt his whole body shudder. "Je-sus."

Pressing my growing dick against him, I now put some pressure on his arm, twisting it and pulling up, and letting him feel it.

"Easy, Jerod" he gasped. "Take it easy."

"Kiss my bicep, Brett" I said. "Kiss that big beautiful muscle."

"Oh, shit, Jerod" he gasped. Oh, yeah, he was excited. He was getting into it.

"Go ahead, Brett" I purred into his ear. Then I gave his arm a little jerk, forcing it up towards his shoulder blades.

"Ouch" he cried. "Please, Jerod" he moaned. "Easy. Take it easy." It was hurting him now.

"Do what you're told, Brett" I ordered him. "Kiss it. Kiss my bicep." And he did. He kissed it. "Big beautiful muscle" I crooned. "Do it again. Kiss it." He kissed it again, and again. It was interesting that he was not surprised that I was twisting his arm and forcing to do my bidding. He must have been expecting it.

"That's it, baby. That's it" I said. "Worship Jerod's big bicep. Worship that big muscle with your mouth." I held his arm there keeping the pressure going as he kept kissing. "Now lick, baby. Lick Jerod's big muscle."

I just let him go at it for two or three minutes, watching him as he licked and kissed my bulging bicep. Then I let go of his arm.

"Shit, Jerod" he said. "That hurt." He reached up and started rubbing his sore shoulder. I didn't reply but I grabbed his hair and pulled his head back, so we were nose to nose. "You know what my favorite body part is, Brett?" I asked softly. "My favorite muscle?"

"Huh" he muttered.

"My quads" I said. "I have spectacular quads. Don't I?"

"Ahhh... Ahhh..." he stuttered.

"Yeah, you know I do" I said, giving him a huge grin, as I moved my hand from his hair to his shoulder and pushed, encouraging him to get down on his knees. He slowly sank down and ended up with my fully hard nine incher bulging right in his face.

"Feel 'em, Brett. Feel those massive quads." I gave my right leg a good shake, and bent my knee slightly to give my quads a good crunch. "Feel those babies, Brett. Feel those monsters." Brett tried to avoid looking at the enormous bulge in my shorts, and attempted to focus on my legs, as he started rubbing his hands over the bulging muscles. "Yeah, big quads" I murmured. "Big bulging man muscles."

Brett seemed to be really getting into it now. "You're legs are amazing, Jerod" he murmured. Most serious bodybuilders are into quads and Brett was obviously impressed with mine.

"Pull those boxers up, Brett, so you can get to my quads. Go ahead. Get into those muscles." My boxer shorts reached half way to my knees and covered most of my quadriceps but they were a size too small, so they were super tight. As Brett tried to peel them up over my thighs, they didn't want to peel.

He glanced up at me. "They're too tight, Jerod" he said.

"Yeah, I know they are" I laughed. "Let me help." I grabbed the shorts at my waistline and peeled them down over my quads, and on down and off. My fully hard pecker popped out, damn near hitting Brett in the face as it flopped up against my belly. "Now, Brett. Now. Feel those massive quadriceps."

My dick was right at eye level but he tried not to look at it as he started rubbing his hands over my bulging quads.

"You wanna kiss them, Brett?" I asked. "You wanna lick my massive quads?"

"Jerod, I think we .... I think we should ...."

"You don't have to, Brett" I said. "I just thought you'd like to." Then I moved my hips slightly making my big slong swing back and forth in his face.

"Ahhh... Jerod" he said, pulling his head back trying not to look at my dick. "Don't. Please don't."

"That's alright, babe. You knew this was coming" I said as I got a handful of his hair and pulled him back so he had to look up at me. "You know what I want" I said emphatically looking down at him. "And I know you want to give me what I want."

Holding his hair tightly, I pulled him in very slowly and his eyes nearly crossed as he saw monster dick coming at him. It hit the side of his nose and slid along his cheek, leaving a smeared line of pre-cum.

"No, Jerod. No" he said

"You know what I want" I repeated softly as I continued pulling him in until his face was almost buried in my crotch. "And you're going to give me what I want."

"Please, Jerod" he whispered, muffled by my crotch. "Please don't do this." As he was telling me to stop verbally, he was making no attempt physically stop me, but was keeping his hands on my thighs.

"Stick out your tongue, Brett" I whispered. "Stick it out. I want to feel it on my balls. Do it, Brett. Do it." I was holding him there so he couldn't go anywhere, so he eventually had to do something. Either pull back and try to get away, or listen to me and do what I told him.

He put his hands on my thighs and pushed himself back from me and then stood up.

"No, Jerod. No. I can't do this."

"Oh, I think you can" and I actually laughed. "Yeah, I think you can." Quickly grabbing his right arm and jerking him around, I twisted it behind his back. I put my left arm around his throat and then allowed myself to fall back on the bed with him on top of me.

He let out a yelp as I increased the pressure on his arm and tightened my grip on his throat. "Yeah, Brett," I chuckled "I really think you can do this."

"Ugh, ugh, ugh" he choked as I strangled him. I just held him there for a couple minutes on top of me, keeping up the pressure on his arm and his throat and gradually increasing it.

"Had enough, Brett?" I finally said. He didn't do anything so I increased the pressure.

"You gonna do what I want now, Brett? Huh?" I gave him another few seconds. "I'm through playing Brett" I warned. "Show me you've had enough."

'Ugh, ugh, ugh' was all I was getting from him. So now, tired of waiting, and using my enormous strength, I really put on the pressure.

He didn't scream, he couldn't since I was strangling him, but he started frantically slapping his hand on my leg. Felt like surrender to me. I relaxed my holds.

"You make me so hot, Brett" I murmured into his ear. "My dick is like a steel beam." I blew into his ear and then gave it a lick. "You ready, Brett? You ready to do me?"

"Okay, Jerod. Okay" he croaked through his sore throat. "Whatever you want."

"Whatever I want" I chuckled as I let go of him and allowed him to sink to the floor on his butt. Getting up and stepping over him, I turned, reached down, and grabbed his shorts and underwear and dragged them down and off. Now we were both nude.

Reaching down I grabbed him in my arms and lifted him up. He was a hefty load at 180 pounds, but I lay him on the bed. Then I climbed on, sitting on his chest in the 'schoolboy pin' position.

"Hey, man" I said, giving him a smile. "I didn't hurt you did I?"

"You sure as hell did" he groused. "Let me rub my neck." I was on his chest with my knees pinning his arms so he couldn't move. "Please, Jerod."

"As long as you said please" I laughed, and slid my ass down to his belly releasing his arms. He rubbed his right shoulder first and then his neck.

"Jesus, Jerod. Why did you do that? That hurt"

"You were not being cooperative, were you, Brett? If you'd cooperated I wouldn't of done it. But you're going to cooperate now" I said emphatically. Grabbing his arms, I slid my butt up on his chest again pinning them, and putting my very, very hard dick in his face. "You're going to definitely cooperate now."

This wasn't the best position for getting a blowjob because my hard as steel dick was standing up flat against my belly. But it was the best position for showing my superiority.

I wanted Brett to want me, and I wanted him to suck me willingly, but I also wanted him to know he had no choice. You had to do this with straight guys because of their macho attitude. Hell, I think Brett wouldn't mind sucking me, but his macho image would not allow him to do it willingly. But he could do it if he was forced, or if we pretended that he was being forced.

I grabbed a handful of hair and pulled his head up while I pried my very hard prick down towards his mouth. "Suck me, Brett" I said. "Take that big beautiful prick in your mouth and suck it."

Because of the angle it was not easy, but holding his head up by his hair, I was able to push a couple inches into his mouth.

"Mgghh, mgghh" he grunted as his eyes almost bugged out. Just like all my first time cocksuckers, he was shocked at how big it was.

"That's it, babe" I gloated. "You got it. You got it. Now suck on it." I didn't do anything but just waited as he began to accept how big it was. "Suck on it" I repeated.

So he started tonging it and slurping on it. He knew what to do. I let him go for a good five minutes with just the two inches or so in his mouth. Then I started moving his head. With my grip on his hair, I pulled him back to the tip and then pushed him in, forcing a good four inches into him. He didn't choke but his eyes kinda bugged out in surprise.

I assumed he was a beginner and four inches was probably all he was going to be able to handle for now. But he was such a hunk, and he looked so gorgeous down there with my prick in his mouth I just wanted it to go on and on. My prick stayed hard but I wasn't getting any hotter, but because I just enjoyed forcing him back and forth on my prick, and he was so damn good looking I just kept at it for at least ten minutes. Hell, I think I could have stayed there watching him all night. But by then I figured his mouth was getting tired.

Getting off of him and standing up, I pulled him around to the side of the bed so he was just hanging down. This was a much better angle for a blowjob. Sticking my thumb into his mouth and prying it open, I pushed my dick in. He grunted and tried to reach up to push me away, but I grabbed his wrists and held them.

Then I started to fuck his face. I still only went in about four inches although it may have been five, so he did choke, but only occasionally. His arms were pinned and he couldn't move his head, and it was the perfect angle for my dick so I started to speed up my fucking.

"Suck on it, damn it" I grunted at him as I started going faster. I have amazing control, and now was the time, so I told my dick to get to it, and I started getting hot almost immediately. I was careful not to choke him because I didn't want to ruin the suck, but I did start barely touching the back of his throat. Maybe five inches going in now.

Then, right on schedule, and right on demand, I fired my first shot into him. He made a croaking sound and started choking but he couldn't go anywhere so some of the jizz shot out of his mouth around my prick and dripped down his face.

"Swallow it, damn it. Swallow it" I hollered at him. I stopped jacking into him and held still as my prick kept firing. I let go of his arms but grabbed his head so he could not turn it and try to get away. "Swallow it, you stupid shit" I yelled again. "Swallow it." Some of it was still coming out of his mouth around my dick, but he finally started swallowing.

He seemed to get control then and was able to swallow the rest. Even after my final shot I kept my dick in him and he kept swallowing. Then, very slowly, I slipped my dick out of his mouth. He was panting like mad and still swallowing as I stepped back.

"That was beautiful, Brett" I said with a big smile. "You were beautiful, babe. You are beautiful." I grabbed his hair and pulled his head up and kissed him, an upside-down kiss.

"Get up, babe. Turn around." Without saying a word he sat up and pulled his legs around and sat on the edge of the bed. He was staring into my face, which surprised me. He didn't seem to be embarrassed at all. He didn't seem to be thrilled either, just .... stoic. I sat next to him, our legs touching.

I reached up and fluffed his hair with my right hand as he turned his head towards me, from three inches away. We just stared into each other's eyes for a couple moments as I continued fluffing his hair.

"You were beautiful, baby" I whispered as I pulled his head in and latched onto his lips. He closed his eyes and turned his head slightly to meet my lips, and stuck out his tongue to meet mine. I put my left arm around him pulling him in even closer and moved my right hand down to his crotch.

He shuttered as I grabbed on to his very hard prick. Oh yeah, he was hard. I started stroking it gently.

Our kiss when on and on, which was quite a surprise to me. A big surprise, because from my experience, straight guys didn't like kissing guys, but Brett was really getting into it.

What was the deal with him?

I pulled back from the kiss. "Are you gay?" I asked bluntly.

He looked at me from inches away, with a what? An embarrassed look? There was a long pause. He didn't seemed embarrassed by my question. It was more like he was being introspective.

"I .... I .... I don't know, Jerod" he said. "I don't know, but I've been thinking about it. Maybe I'm bi."

"You been thinking about it?" I asked in surprise. "You been thinking about it?"

"Well, yeah. Why do you think I came over here tonight?"

That kind of burst my bubble. All the time I thought it was my persuasive personality and my clever method of seduction.

"I wanted to see what you would do" he said. "I wanted to try it."

"And" I asked?

"Oh yeah, you're good" he laughed. "It was good."

"You son of a bitch" I said, giving him a big grin. I'd been massaging his prick all this time, but I now grabbed his hand pulled it down. "Jerk off for me, Brett. I want to watch you do it."

I stood up, stepped away, and turned to face him. I performed a double bicep pose, crunching my massive biceps. "What do you think, Brett" I grunted from the effort. "Superman?"

"Hell yes, Jerod" he said as he started jerking his prick. He didn't start slow but started wrenching it back and forth like gangbusters. He was really hot.

"Superman?" I asked again as I switched to the 'most muscular' pose.

"Hell yes, Jerod" he repeated. "You are superman."

"Muscleman" I laughed. "I'm your muscleman." I went back to the bicep pose. "Here for your pleasure."

"Ohhhh Shhhiiittt" he howled as he started to shoot. His eyes were glued to my upper body, my chest, arms and shoulders. His first shot was a dud but the second must have gone three feet into the air. "Shit, shit, shit" he yelled as his ejaculation went on and on and on. He was obviously super hot because I couldn't remember seeing anybody shoot like that.

"Oh, shit. Jerod" he finally said as he let go of his prick. "That was wild."

"It sure was" I said, dropping my pose and giving him a big grin. "You were really wild."


Brett got dressed and I slipped into a pair of jockey's.

"So, are you gay?" I asked giving him a grin.

"I don't know, Jerod" he said. "I suppose I need more practice in order to find out." Talk about being surprised, I was shocked. I howled with laughter.

"Yeah, you need more practice" I laughed, "and I know where you can get it." Brett was laughing as hard as I was as I opened the bedroom door.

As he started out of the room I grabbed his arm and pushed him up against the door casing and latched onto his lips. We both put our arms around each other, hugging tightly and kissed. Intensely and aggressively, probably bruising out lips, and neither one of us wanted to quit. I was jerking his hair and he was jerking mine just as hard and we were ramming out crotches together, and hugging so tight I thought we were going to crush each other. This went on, like, forever. We just couldn't stop.

But we finally had to breathe. We stood there for the longest time after breaking the kiss, our noses touching and staring into each other's eyes from inches away. We were both panting but neither of us said anything.

Finally, I took his hand and led him down the stairs.

I stuck my head into the living room.

"Daddy" I said. "Brett is leaving now." I smiled as Daddy literally leaped out of his chair and came out into the hall.

"Thank you for stopping by, Brett" Daddy said as he shook Brett's hand. "I hope you.... I hope you and Jerod had a good visit."

"Yes, we did" Brett answered looking over at me. "Yes we did. Thank you Mr. #####."

It's ... It's always .... It's...." Daddy tried to say, but evidently forgetting his lines. Then he tried again. "It's always nice having Jerod's friends stop by." Daddy opened the door and let Brett out.

I just stood there for a moment, not saying a word after he closed the door. I was standing in his way so he couldn't go anywhere, so he just looked at me nervously and waited. Then he looked down at the floor and might have been visibly shaking. I deliberately made him wait just to put him on edge, but then I finally spoke.

"Well done, Daddy" I said. "You did very well." The look of relief showing on his face was clearly obvious as I turned away.

"Thank you, Jerod" he said as I headed up the stairs.

Good manners, and well trained. Just the way a Daddy should be.

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