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This is a story about Jerod, a dominant gay muscle boy who controls and screws those around him including his family members. If you don't like this type of story don't read it. If you're not of legal age please do not read this..

This story is total fantasy, and under no circumstances is it meant to relate to any form of reality. This is for entertainment purposes only.

Mommy and Daddy and Me

Chapter 8

I've been thinking. I've been doing a lot of thinking. Could I really believe my Mommy in the story she told about her and Uncle Rick? Was Uncle Rick really my Daddy? How could he have gone for a whole year and a half with me fucking him and never say a word? It seemed impossible.

And, why did Uncle Rick leave? I was told that it was because my Mommy caught us fucking. But was that it, or was there another reason? Although Mommy didn't say it, it was clear to me that she loved him at one time, but the question was, did she still love him? And, an even more important question, was he fucking her during the year and a half he was living here?

Maybe he was fucking Mommy, and Daddy found out about it. That might explain why he left, but I was totally confused. My Mommy was a petite women and I guess still beautiful, in her early thirties, while Uncle Rick was a hunk; one enormous chunk of muscle. If he were straight I could understand why he would be turned on to her, and I imagine she couldn't resist being wild about a stud like him. In his late twenties, he was gorgeous. But there ain't no way she was a dominatrix so he had to be in charge, or shall we say, he had to be on top. Was it possible for him to top her and bottom me?

Taking a look at the two brothers, the discrepancy between them could not have been greater. Stan, my Daddy, was three years older but Uncle Rick probably had sixty or seventy pounds on him, or maybe more. Uncle Rick was a perfect specimen of a competitive bodybuilder, while Stan was a skinny runt with the beginning of a belly. And if I understand Mommy, Rick was bigger than Stan when they were teenagers as well. And more dominant too. They were about the same height but while Stan had dark brown hair, Rick was almost blond.

I really needed to get to the bottom of all this. So I called Uncle Rick.

"Are you sometimes a top?" I asked him bluntly.

He hesitated for a moment. "That's a strange question, Jerod. But, yes, depending on the circumstances, I can act as a top."

"Are you bi-sexual?" I asked.

"What's going on, Jerod?" he asked. "What's this about?"

"I just asked you a question" I said. "Are you bi-sexual?"

"I don't know what you're leading up to, Jerod, and I don't know what that has to do with anything. What's your point?"

"You're not going to answer me then?" I asked.

"Yes, I've had sex with women, Jerod. You already knew that. We talked about it" he said. "But you need to tell me what you're getting at."

"I need to talk to you, Uncle Rick" I said "In person."

"That would be kind of awkward, Jerod. I'm working and I can't take time off. What is it you want to talk about?"

"Are you living with your buddy from prison, Uncle Rick?" I asked.

"Yes, as a matter of fact, I am. He got out about four months ago and moved in with me."

"And?" I asked. But there was silence. "And?" I repeated.

"Okay, yes" he laughed. "Yes, just as I told you. I'm his submissive."

"His submissive? You're his submissive? That's it?"

"Well, okay" he laughed again, "I'm his toy, his plaything. I serve him, at his pleasure. And I assure you we have some wild times. OUCH." I heard a slap in the background, and a voice murmur 'are you?'.

"What?" I asked

"Okay, okay" Uncle Carl said and laughed, evidently talking to someone else. "I'm your most obedient servant. I am, I am. Jerod, my Master just slapped me on the ass. Yes, my Master. And I'm most definitely his slave."

"Wow. That is something else" I said, laughing along with him. "He must really be special."

"He's a god, Jerod. Definitely a god. You should meet him." Then I heard some soft moaning sounds and what sounded like kisses.

"What's going on, Uncle Rick?" I asked. There was a long pause as the sounds continued. "Uncle Rick, you still there?"

Then, finally he spoke with a chuckle. "My Master was trying to stick his fingers down my throat, Jerod. I think he might have some duties in mind for me." Of course I started laughing up a storm.

"Please, Uncle Rick, listen to me" I said. "I need to see you. I need to talk to you." There were murmuring sounds for a moment while I waited for him to say something.

"Jerod," he said, "my Master says he will drive over and pick you up. But you have school?"

"School doesn't matter" I said. "When can he come? Tomorrow?"

So we worked it out. Uncle Rick lived in Wilton which was sixty or eighty miles away from us. I think he picked that town deliberately so as to be within reach of his job, but far enough away so he doesn't have to see us regularly. Actually we'd only seen him once in the past year.

Uncle Rick's (partner?, master?, lover?) didn't want to meet my parents so he picked me up at Hank's house. Hank and I were sitting on his front stoop when an old mustang drove up.

Hank and I both stood up and actually gasped in shock. I know Uncle Rick told me he was a giant, but hearing it and seeing it are two different things. He wasn't terribly tall, maybe just over six feet, but he was incredibly wide. The first thing I noticed was that his arms were like tree trunks, they had to be well over twenty inches.

The second thing I noticed was that he was black. Yeah, muscles first, skin color second. Uncle Rick hadn't mentioned that he was black. Not light brown like so many American's but black, Really black-black. He was wearing a light green t-shirt that must have been XXXL and made out of spandex or something because it fit him like a glove.

As he walked around the car, I was just astounded as Hank who actually moaned in shock or amazement or something. This guy could have lifted up the rear end of the Mustang with one hand; he was enormous. A huge bodybuilder, like an extra big professional wrestler, he probably weighed over three hundred pounds. That tight shirt went from those gigantic shoulders and massive chest down to what looked to be a tiny waist. He couldn't have had an ounce of body fat on that enormous physique.

Hank and I must have been a sight, standing there with our mouths hanging open as he walked up.

"Close your mouths" he said and laughed. That's when I was able to pull my eyes away from his titanic body and look at his face. And I gasped again. He had that type of black skin that simply glowed, and had features so perfect it was to die for. Kind of like that incredibly handsome singer Sam Cooke only black, really black. "Okay, so, who's Jerod?" he asked.

It took me a moment to get my wits together before I could say anything.

"Ahhh ..." I gasped. "I ahhh .... I'm Jerod." I shook his hand. He didn't try to crush mine or anything, it was just a normal handshake. "Ahhh ... this is my friend Hank." He shook Hanks hand.

"You can call me Master" he said in a soft voice. I gasped again. Uncle Rick had always said that the guy was his Master and he was his boytoy. He had never mentioned a name.

"Yes, ahhh .... Sir" I said. "Ahhh .... Master. Master sir!" I was dumbfounded, but it seemed perfectly right to call him Master. A spectacularly gorgeous giant like this, how could you call him anything else. I think I was instantly jealous of my Uncle Rick. How was it that he ended up with the most perfect man on the planet? Hey, I'm a top so how could I be thinking this way? Yes, I'm a top, but I'm also a number one admirer of muscular perfection and I'm a sucker for a perfectly gorgeous face. This guy was nothing less than ravishing. I'd drop to my knees and kiss his feet in a second if he'd let me. I knew it.

"You ready?" he asked with a devastating smile. I almost melted. I think I was in love.

"Yes, sir. Ahhh .... Master" I stuttered. "See you later, Hank" I said as I grabbed my backpack. As we got into the car he looked over at me.

"So you're my boy's top man?" he said.

"Ahhh .... ahhh ...." I was tongue tied.

"I can see why" he said. "You're a cute little devil. You could give somebody a lot of pleasure." And he gave me that devastating smile, again. I melted, again. Then he spread his arms out, as a 'look at me' effect. "What do you want? Huh?"

"I-i-I-I-I-I-I" I stuttered. What did he mean a 'lot of pleasure'? I'd pleasure him in a second. I'd do anything for him.

"I think .... I .... I .... can I touch you?" And that was it. I was so overwhelmed that I didn't know what I wanted. But I wanted to somehow get into those unreal muscles. Idolize them, touch them, kiss them, worship them, anything. He raised him massive arm and put his hand in front of my face.

"Kiss" he said. I kissed his hand. He laughed while I started to sweat. I was in shock, but I was incredibly turned on. Unbelievably, extremely, incredibly turned on. I wanted anything I could get from him. "What do you say?" he said.

My mind was in a whirl so it took me a moment to comprehend what he meant. "Thank you? Ahhh .... thank you, sir?"

"Say it right" he snapped at me. Yeah, snapped. No way, did I want this guy mad at me, but I was having trouble focusing on anything except him and his body.

"Ahhh .... thank you, Master?" I said, like asking a question. But that felt right. "Ahhh .... Thank you, Master" I said positively.

"Good boy" he said giving me that devastating smile. "Good boy" he repeated and fluffed my hair with his hand, actually petting it like I was a puppy. Yeah, petted it. I got chills up my spine. "Now do it again" he said softly, holding his hand in front of my face.

"Yes, Master. Thank you, Master" I murmured as I gave his hand another kiss.

"You'll do just find, Jerod. You'll do just fine" he said as he started up the car and we drove off.

I tried to start a conversation a couple times but he didn't respond, so we spent the whole time in silence. I tried to look out the window and not look at him, but I wasn't particularly successful. My eyes were drawn back to his incredible physique and his virile elegant face about every thirty seconds or so. I just couldn't get over those arms of his; huge, huge, huge. They must have been 22 inches or more. I was so hard I was almost in pain, and I had to readjust myself every couple minutes.

It was about dinner time when we arrived at their apartment in Wilton. When we entered the apartment Uncle Rick was standing there wearing only an apron. Yeah, an apron. That big muscular hunk of muscle wearing only an apron.

He ignored me entirely but as 'Master' entered he dropped to his knees with his head bowed. "Good evening, Master" he said. 'Master' held out his hand, and Uncle Rick took hold of it with both hands and gave it several kisses. "Thank you, Master" he said. 'Master' didn't say anything but just accepted the kiss and then walked into the apartment and down a hallway. Then Uncle Rick stood up and acknowledged me.

"Hello, Jerod boy" he said, grabbing me in a bear hug. "It's so great to see you."

"Hi, Uncle Rick" I said as I hugged him back. "It's great to see you too." Letting go and stepping back slightly, he grabbed my head with both hands and gave me a big smacking kiss on the lips.

"I'm so glad you could come. I'm happy that you can finally meet Master. He has been wanting to meet you."

"He has?" I gasped. "He wanted to meet ME?" I couldn't imagine why a God like Uncle Rick's 'Master' would want to meet a nobody like me. "He's gorgeous Uncle Rick. Just .... just .... just .... well, beyond belief gorgeous."

"I showed him your pictures, and he was interested" he said. "Master doesn't go for kids, in fact, he can't stand kids and won't have them around, but he said he'd make an exception in your case. He liked your pictures. You should be proud."

"Oh, I am, I am" I said ecstatically. "I can't believe he'd be interested in me."

"Yeah, he is" he laughed. "Now, let's get you stripped." He grabbed my t-shirt and pulled it out from my shorts.

"What? Stripped?"

"Yeah" he said. "Master doesn't allow clothes in the apartment. He insists on his minions always being nude."

"Minions?" I questioned.

"Yeah, minions, lackeys, fawners, whatever you want to call it. Everybody serves Master." He pulled my shirt up so I had to raise my arms and let him pull it off. "My God, you look good" he said, admiring my chest and upper body. "You've really been working out."

"Busting my butt damn near everyday" I said. "But, Uncle Rick. I came here to see you. I didn't .... I don't know about, ahhh .... you-know .... ahhh .... serving .... ahhh...."

"You're here, and Master will tell you what he wants from you" he said, looking me in the eye. "Master is always in charge. But don't worry about it. You're an oversexed kid, and a muscle hound, so I know you'll be willing to give him whatever he wants. Being allowed to serve Master is a distinct honor and I know you'll be happy to be allowed to serve him. I know this will be new to you, but it will be a wonderful experience. Just be careful."

"Huh? Careful?"

"Well, yes" he said. "Master doesn't always have a lot a patience, and he doesn't abide any back talk, so you have to tune into what he says, and do exactly what he wants and nothing else. I'm sure you'll catch on quick, but just pay attention and do what you're told and you'll be okay."

"What is he going to want?" I asked.

"Jerod" he said. "You're gay, he's gay, I'm gay. He's got an almost inhuman physique that needs to be served and worshiped and you're a gorgeous boy. He's also very well indowed, so what do you think he's going to want?"

"Uncle Rick, you didn't tell me. I didn't .... I didn't sign up for this."

"Master thought it would be more fun for him if you experienced it first hand, without preparation. I told him you were my Dom, and he loved your pictures, so he wants to see how you'll deal with your first experience with a real Master." Uncle Rick had me sweating now. Yes, his 'Master was gorgeous, almost overwhelmingly so, but what was he going to want from me? What was he going to do to me?

"What? He's going to try to break me, or something? Is that it? Uncle Rick, is that it? You planned this? Are you just giving me to him?"

"I didn't plan anything, Jerod. Master does the planning, and I obey him. Don't take it as if I'm giving you to him. But what Master wants, Master gets. And he told me he wanted you. End of story. Now, let's get you out of those clothes."

"Uncle Rick. I don't believe this." Holy shit! What did I get myself into? Uncle Rick wasn't there to support me, he was supporting his Master and giving me to him, like a present or something. "Uncle Rick, how could you?" I said.

"Shut up, Jerod" he said in exasperation. "Just get out of those clothes." That's when 'Master' came back into the room.

"Get him naked, Rick" he boomed. "Now."

"Sorry, Master" Uncle Rick said. He had already unbuckled my belt, so now he jerked my shorts and underwear down to my ankles. Then tripping me and giving me a shove so I fell back on my butt, he jerked them and my sandals off with one tug. "Sorry, Master" he repeated. I was now sitting on my ass in the nude.

"Now wait just a minute" I said bravely.

"Do we need to gag him?" Master asked.

"Maybe, but I think he'll calm down after a bit."

"Get a collar" Master said. Uncle Rick went over to a cabinet which seemed to have lots of black leather things in it. He pulled out what looked like a dog collar except it was wider, maybe two inches, and it was black leather.

I was still sitting on my butt on the floor, completely shocked and overwhelmed. Overwhelmed, and leaving me breathless by the astonishingly perfect black giant standing in front of me. He had changed into very shiny black leather boots with a black studded belt around his waist, attached to a single black leather strap reaching over his right shoulder. Below the belt he had some sort of black leather bikini with a zipper in front. And he was showing an enormous bulge behind that zipper. My mouth dropped open an awe and I was actually gasping in amazement. How could anyone be so perfect?

"Jerod, you need to wear this" Uncle Rick said coming back over to me.

I didn't respond, still kept speechless by the breathtaking giant superman in front of me. Actually, I moaned. I had never imagined there could be such perfection in the male animal.

"You either let me put it on now, or I'll tie you up and then put it on." That brought me out of my trance.

"Ahhh .... what? What, Uncle Rick?" Now, you have to understand that there is a difference between strength and dominance. I'd dominated Uncle Rick for over a year, but I wasn't stronger than him. He wanted to be dominated; he let me dominate him. I was packing on muscle every day and was catching up, but Uncle Rick was still bigger than me. And although I was a champion wrestler in my high school, Uncle Rick knew holds that I'd never even heard of before. I knew I couldn't beat him.

"Uncle Rick, are you my father?" I blurted out, shouted actually. And the room went silent. Uncle Rick was looking me in the eye but although he froze, he showed no emotion whatsoever. Nothing. Just nothing. Just a blank stare. After a long pause, he fastened the collar around my neck. "Are you?" I shouted.

"We'll talk about this later, Jerod" he said softly. "Let's get you settled in first." I was aching to force the issue and get answer from him, but so much was happening that I was bewildered. Taking me by the hand, Uncle Rick pulled me to my feet and we followed 'Master' into the dining room. I'd definitely confront Uncle Rick later on this. For now, the table was already set for dinner.

The table was big enough for eight, but Master sat at the end, and Uncle Rick sat me at the side on his left. Uncle Rick did not set down but got on his knees next to Master and took his hand. Then they recited softly together:

Corn and grain, meat and milk,
upon my table before me.
Gifts of life, bringing sustenance and strength,
I am grateful for all I have

Obviously they were not Christian.

Then, Uncle Rick got up and brought the food, already on the plates from the kitchen. Uccle Rick did not eat, but just stood next to Master without saying a word as we began.

"Will that be all, Master?" he asked after a moment.

"Yes" Master answered. Uncle Rick went back to the kitchen and came back with a plate for himself. But instead of putting his plate on the table, he pulled out the chair across from me, put it on the chair and got on his knees. And waited.

"Go ahead" Master said as he reached over and fluffed Uncle Rick's hair.

"Thank you, Master" Uncle Rick said as he started to eat. So Uncle Rick was allowed to prepare the meal, but he couldn't sit at the table with his Master, but had to stay on his knees next to him. I sat there in total amazement, completely dumbfounded. Is this what it meant when Uncle Rick said he was his Master's boytoy? I realized that I was going to learn a lot about Masters and Slaves on this visit.

Now I have to tell you how I horribly embarrassed myself. First of all, it was excruciating to try to eat with that incredibly perfect muscled giant sitting next to me, that black skin absolutely gleaming on his perfectly defined musculature. I was sweating and my prick was standing up like a post and aching like a son-of-a-bitch. I found it damn near impossible to keep my eyes off of him and my prick was taking notice. I must have gotten as much food down my front as I did in my mouth, but Master didn't seem to notice. I simply couldn't stop looking at those titanic muscles of his.

But I was so fuckin turned on that I couldn't stand it. I mean, the most gorgeous man I'd ever seen with only a leather strap across his chest, was sitting next to me. Even watching the movement of his muscles while he moved his arm to lift his fork was driving me crazy with lust. So halfway through the meal was when it happened.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh" I moaned uncontrollably as my cock exploded. Yes, exploded. I was so keyed up and so turned on that my cock blew all by itself. My first shot reached all the way to my left nipple before I was able to get my napkin in the way and catch the rest of it.

Master and Uncle Rick were looking at me in amazement, and then both of them chuckled as I moaned and groaned and shot my load.

"Oh, yeah" Master said with a big grin. "You'll do just fine." My face must have been red as a beet as I tried to pretend that nothing had happened. Of course it didn't work and my embarrassment was beyond belief. They just sat there grinning at me.

"Sorry" I gasped as I finished my ejaculation. "Sorry. I .... I .... I couldn't help it. I'm .... I'm .... ahhh .... sorry." They ignored me and went back to finishing their meal.

Uncle Rick had to get up and get Master a second glass of water during the meal, so we finished before him, but Master just sat and waited, and so I did too.

When Uncle Rick was finally finished, Master pushed his chair back. Rick was on his knees next to him, but now leaned down and kissed one of his feet.

"Thank you, Master, for letting me serve you" he said. Master reached down and grabbed Uncle Rick's hair and gently pulled his head up and kissed him. A nice long sweet kiss.

"That was an excellent meal, Rick. Sheer perfection" he said. "Don't you agree, Jerod?"

"Ahhh ...." I said in surprise. Actually I had no idea because I hadn't tasted a thing. "Ahhh .... yes, sir. Yes, Master. It was excellent."

I followed Master into the living room where he sat in a large leather chair, kinda like a throne, and I sat on the sofa. And I admit I just sat there drooling over him. I was totally intimidated by his immense physique.

Up until this day, I hadn't realized what a muscle hound I was. Of course I loved muscles, I loved working my body and loved looking at my muscles in the mirror, but Master's body just freaked me out.

I was a top and had only been fucked twice, both times by Uncle Rick before he became my submissive. But, any macho image I had of myself went right out the window every time I looked at Master. I wanted him to dominate me. I wanted him to do anything he wanted to me. I wanted to do anything for him, just to be able to touch him. Just looking at him changed my whole perspective on life, and I now had a clear image of what it meant to be a slave, to be a worshiper, to be allowed to worship. I wanted to worship Master. I'd do anything to be allowed to worship him.

But at the same time, I was curious about their relationship. Was this really how they acted on a day to day basis? Was this a regular routine? It seemed to be so scripted that I had to wonder.

I stood up when Uncle Rick came into the room, evidently having finished cleaning up. He went over to Master and sat on the floor between his legs.

"Are you my father?" I asked belligerently. "Are you?"

"Jerod, behave" Master said calmly. "You are our guest and we expect you to control your emotions. Now ask again, and ask nicely."

"Yes, Master" I said contritely. "Thank you, Master. Uncle Rick:" I said calmly "are you my father?"

"Yes, he is" Master said. "Yes, he is your father." There was a long silence. I wanted to be angry, but with that God looking me in the eye, I was too flustered about what to do. "Come over here, Jerod" Master said. "Move Rick." Uncle Rick got up and stepped aside.

"Right here, Jerod" Master said, patting one of his enormous thighs. "Right here." I was mesmerized. Like a robot I walked over to him and climbed on his lap. I actually touched his thigh as I climbed on and felt something like a shot of lightning shoot through my body.

Then I leaned back against his chest, and almost whimpered in pleasure. An inhumanly perfect body and I was being allowed to touch him. Believe it or not, the thought of Uncle Rick being my father dropped completely off the radar and I was focused on touching this massive god.

"I want to kiss you, Master" I whispered. "May I .... may I?"

"Yes" he said as he chuckled. "Yes, you may." I was sitting sideways on his lap, so I turned my head and gently kissed his massive left pectoral.

I kissed it and kept kissing it and started licking. When I raised my hand, he pulled it behind me and held it. So it was mouth only. He had a hold of me with my arm behind my back, so I couldn't really move, so I only had access to his left pectoral. So I just licked and kissed as much of it as I could reach.

Then, letting go of my arm he pushed my head back.

"What do you want, little boy?" he asked. "You want to suck Master's cock or do you want him to fuck you? Which would you like the most?"

"Ahhh .... ahhh ...." I mumbled as I looked up into his eyes. "Ahhh .... I .... I want to worship you, Master."

"Good answer" he laughed. The he lifted me and turned me to face him. As he lowered me back down onto his lap, I spread my legs to straddle him. Then, as he raised his left arm and flexed his bicep, I gasped and moaned. That arm was not only inhumanly huge, it had definition almost beyond description. I'd never seen an arm with a peak like that, even in pictures. "Go to it" he said to me.

I leaned forward and squashed my nose against the massive muscle and moved my head back and forth against it. God, it felt good, as I rubbed my face against it. Then, of course, I stuck out my tongue and really got at it. He allowed me to work his bicep for the longest time, and then I moved to his boulder sized shoulder and back again. He kept it partially flexed the whole time, but occasionally crunched it against my face to give me an even greater thrill.

When he raised his entire arm, I knew what he wanted, and I knew what I wanted too as I dove into his armpit. I wanted to give my all to this glorious creature so I was thrilled to be able to worship his pit. This was a God allowing me to serve, and I was a nobody, totally undeserving of even being noticed by him. I knew that.

This massive man, this dazzling muscle god, was more than deserving of my total devotion and I just wallowed in the incredible pleasure and excitement of being able to serve and revere him. My whole mind and soul were completely focused and dedicated to any and all possible pleasure that I could provide him.


So, I had the time of my life. You can fill in the blanks for yourself, but be assured that I worshiped damn near every inch of his body, came close to strangling myself on his enormous tool, and got screwed like I never knew a person could get screwed. Of course it hurt, but less than I thought, and anyway, that pain was nothing less than exquisite as I watched in total awe as he fucked me. Uncle Rick is what I call an aggressive bottom, and I acted with Master exactly the way Rick acted with me. Master seemed to enjoy that because he basically had to use his power and strength to whip my ass while getting his rocks off. Obviously, he had an endless amount of strength available. I was going to have bruises for days, but those bruises felt damn good.

Can you believe it? Me, a top? Me, the sixteen year old muscle stud who dominates everybody? I felt like a wet noodle when he was done with me, but all I could think about was that I wanted more. Yes, more. I wanted him to use me and use me up. I wanted to lick him and suck him and worship him 'forever-and-ever-Amen'.

During the whole time, my father (Uncle? - I still couldn't get my mind around it) my father just sat there watching calmly. Yes, calmly, while he watched me, his son, being used by his lover/master. Well, maybe not completely calmly, because he did get his dick out and play with it. I mean, how could he not? His gorgeous muscle son being worked over by his gorgeous muscle Master. I suppose he shot his load but I didn't notice since I was most certainly preoccupied.

When we were finally done, almost two hours later and I was damn near comatose, Master thanked him, and in return he thanked Master for giving me the time of my life. Even in my stupor, I thanked Master endlessly for allowing me to service him, and I thanked my father for making it happen.


Afterwards, as we were lounging around in the living room, I asked them bluntly: "You guys are putting on a show for me aren't you? Master and Slave?" As I had thought before, their relationship seemed too scripted; too perfect. I had to wonder.

Master and Rick (not Uncle Rick nor Daddy anymore) looked at each other trying to keep straight faces, but were unsuccessful and started smiling. Then they both broke into laughter.

"You were" I shouted. "You were. You were putting me on. I knew it."

"Well, yeah" Rick said. "We knew you read a lot about m/s on the internet, so we thought we'd show you what it could be like." They both continued laughing.

"You don't kiss Master's feet, and beg him, and stuff like that?"

"Oh, we play our games with collars and spanking and begging and stuff" Rick said, "but in fact, we're normal human beings most of the time. Except in bed. There's nothing ordinary about Ghalen in bed as you just found out. He's a Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde, and his Mr. Hyde knows what it is to be a Master and can get pretty violent while getting his rocks off. I'm as submissive as they come when I'm in bed with Ghalen.

"Ghalen?" I asked. "Who is .... Ghalen! Master!"

"Yeah, meet Ghalen" Rick said. "My Master."

"You guys are really fucking with me" I said, now laughing along with them. "I believed all the stuff you were doing. Do you eat at the table, Rick?"

"Hell yes, I eat at the table" he answered, "except when Master makes me eat from my doggy dish."

I looked at him in shock. "What?"

"I'm kidding, Jerod. I'm kidding" he laughed. "About the only thing that was real, Jerod, was being nude in the house. I love being nude and Ghalen has several incredibly sexy leather harness outfits, so this is the way we always dress, or undress you might say, in the apartment."

"Okay, okay, okay. Enough of this" I said. "Rick, or should I say Daddy? We need to have a serious talk. That's what I came here for."

"Okay, yes" Rick said. "But please, don't call me Daddy. Just call me Rick, just like always. Let's go into the dining room." Ghalen turned on the TV while Rick and I sat at the dining room table.

"Okay, shoot. What do you want to know?" he said.

"Does Mommy love you?" I asked bluntly. There was a long pause. "Does she?" I repeated.

"Yes" he said softly. "Yes, I believe she does."

"Oh, shit" I groaned. "I knew it. I thought she did."

"That was years ago, Jerod, when you were born."

"No it wasn't" I chided him. "It was three years ago when you were living with us. When I was fucking you." He looked startled but didn't say anything. "Wasn't it?"

"Jerod ...." he started to say.

"You were fucking her, weren't you? You were fucking her the same time I was fucking you?"

"Jerod, please, listen" he said. "This is really complicated."

"Were you fucking her, or weren't you? Just answer the question."

"Yes" he said quietly.

"So you're bi-sexual" I said. "But I don't understand how you could be my submissive and screw her at the same time."

"Jerod" he said. "I'm gay. I'm gay and I'm submissive. I love big powerful dominant men, just like you were, ah, are, and like Ghalen is. But your mother was a special case."

"How's that?"

"I did love her, back when we were kids, before I found out I was gay. It wasn't until I moved back in with you three years ago, that I found out she still loved me. I mean, I'd barely seen her for ten years so I was surprised she still had those feelings."

"So you jumped into bed with her?"

"It wasn't quite like that, Jerod. She came to me the first night I was there, and I have to say she was damnably insistent. She;s a beautiful women, Jerod, so, I just gave her what she wanted."

"How could you? When you and I were fucking like monkeys?"

"I found out it wasn't really that hard" he said. "I found out I could swing either way. But I was still gay and submissive, so I showed you how to be a dominant.

There was no jealousy involved because you and I were not having an affair. You were just using me for sex, the same way I was using you for sex. There was no conflict there. Admit it."

"Well, okay" I admitted. "Yeah, it was just sex. But ...."

"It was the same way with your mother. It was just sex, for me anyway. Rick never really satisfied her I guess, and he had a tiny pecker anyway. But she was wild in bed with me, and I enjoyed it."

"A gay guy who enjoyed fucking a women. How's that?"

"Hey, I loved sex and I was young, in my twenties, and she absolutely adored me and would do anything. We had great sex."

"She suck your cock?" I asked coolly.

"Of course she did. I said she'd do anything. I was wicked and she was in love, so we had great times in bed." I considered momentarily comparing notes on her cocksucking abilities, but thought better of it. Even my gay, liberal, father, Rick, would probably not understand that.

"Yeah, I'll bet she'd do anything, the bitch" I groused.

"Don't Jerod. Don't" he said. "She's your mother. She's wonderful and she's beautiful. I did love her at one time, and still would if I wasn't gay."

"She's a bitch, and a whore" I said angrily. "You were there, you saw it. You saw how they treated me. And now you say she was screwing you. She's a whore."

"It's all very complicated, Jerod" he said in exasperation. "But it's over. This was a long time ago."

"It's over for you" I said. "But I still have to live there. They still treat me like shit. Or at least they did."

"What? They did? What's changed?"

"Nothing, nothing" I lied. "Let's just say we have come to an understanding." Now that's an understatement if there ever was one.

"Well, good" Rick said.

"But my D.... I mean Stan. When you were fucking my Mommy, how did you keep him from finding out?"

"We didn't" he said simply. "He did find out."

"What?" I stammered in surprise. "But ....but .... but, you didn't leave. You .... how .... I don't understand."

"Jerod, I think we've covered enough territory for tonight" he said as he stood up from the table. "Let's call it quits for now."

"No way" I said angrily. "Sit back down. We ain't stopping now." He slowly sank back into his chair, and put his hands in his face.

"Jerod" he said softly through his fingers. "I was fucking Stan, too."

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