This is a story about incest and domination between brothers and their parents. If you don't like stories about a boy dominating and controlling and having sex with his various family members, you definitely won't like this, so don't read it. If you're not of legal age you shouldn't be here anyway, so please go somewhere else.

This story is total fantasy, and under no circumstances does it relate to any form of reality. This is for entertainment purposes only.

Mommy and Daddy and Me

Chapter 6

I'd been thinking a lot about Brett, my quarterback. He is such a gorgeous guy. It wasn't as if the sex was the greatest I'd ever had, or even above average, but it was looking down at that gorgeous face with my dick jammed into his mouth. It was truly beautiful.

But what was really amazing about him was the kiss we had when he was leaving. I've never been kissed like that before, ever. I'm the aggressor, I'm the dominant, but Brett came on to me like a wild man, jerking on my hair and forcefully cramming his lips against mine while almost crushing my body against him. Hell, that's what I do, that's what I was doing to him, but I'd never had anyone come back on me like that.

That kiss really intrigued me. My gaydar is generally right-on and I thought he was straight, but he's thinking he's bi. He says he is. I know very well he'd fucked his way through the cheerleaders, and a good number of the other pretty girls in our school as well. Yeah, only the pretty ones. He could do it.

In fact, he had a reputation ever better than mine, and he was known for being a hard-ass, very rough and sometimes even mean. But he could get away with that because he was dazzxling with a spectacular body, and while not as big and muscular as me, he had a god-like face. The girls not only wanted to fuck him, they'd get in line for the chance to worship him. From what I hear, that's what he wanted too.

I've heard the stories. He evidently slaps them around and makes them suck him before he fucks them. I hear he's also partial to getting his ass licked. The story I heard was that he liked to sit on a girls face, pull her legs up, and beat her ass while she'd eating him out. I know for a fact he's rough, because I've seen it. I've seen some girls that had bruises the next day. He is rough and makes them work to get his prick.

Now, this is off the cuff, and to be honest I don't know if I believe it, but I gotta mention the wildest story I've heard about him. He had three girls one night, and made them lick every inch of his body for over two hours, having them taking turns eating his ass the whole time, while he slapped them around and worked them over. Supposedly they greased up that hot body of his with some kind of edible oil and

then they squirmed around like eels on a plastic sheet and licked it off before he fucked them. And he did fuck them, all three of them; bang, bang, bang, one after the other. I heard this from a girl who said she was one of the three, and she had a bruise on her cheek to prove it. She said she had bruises other places as well but she wouldn't show me. And she said it was the most exciting experience in her life and she was in love with him. Go figure? Somehow he must have convinced each one of them that they were the most important girl in his life. He must be a magician.

There's one other thing I have to say about Brett. I respect him as a leader and a quarterback. Brett is a tyrant on the field, and he rules our team with an iron fist. Even after I fucked him he'd give me a kick in the butt if I didn't perform up to his expectations. He demanded perfection from his teammates and the guys idolized him for it.

I'm a top. Is Brett a top? Hard to say since I was the first guy he'd ever had gay sex with. He said he wanted to experience it. Evidently he let me dominate him and force him to blow me just to see what it was like. That's what he said.

Note that I said: 'he let me'. Now that I think about it, I didn't control him, he let me control him. I know now that he could have stopped me in a second if he'd wanted to. Even when I had him in the arm lock he probably could have broken loose if he'd really wanted to. In fact, he might have been playing hard-to-get just to see what I'd do. But he let me stay in control until that final kiss, when he pretty much took over. I was giving as much back on that kiss as he was giving me, but I admit, he was the power behind it. He was clearly showing me that he was no cocksucking wimp.

I been thinking about Brett a lot. I admit he scared me a little but I wanted him again. Of course I'm bigger and stronger than him, but that's not the point. It's the attitude that counts. Could he top me? Did he want to top me? I wanted to find out. It made me hot just thinking about it.

Hell, I know this ain't me. I'm the guy who's always on the prowl and looking for somebody new to stick my dick into. I'm the guy who can pick up a trick with the snap of my fingers. I'm the guy who seldom ever fucks anybody twice. I'm the guy who is always, always in the driver's seat. But, deep down inside, somewhere deep in my gut, I think I wanted Brett to dominate me. I wanted to experience it.

I'd definitely have to see if I could get him again.


There was a knock on my bedroom door late Saturday morning, two or three days after I'd spanked my Daddy. And let me tell you this was unusual. Mommy and Daddy knew they were not allowed in my room, and Jeremy was allowed in twice a day only to clean.

"What?" I said.

"Jerod, it's your mother" the voice said. What the fuck did she want? I had finished my workout and had my shower and was just lying on my bed in the nude reading a body building magazine. But I'd be damned if I'd get dressed for her. She'd never knocked on my door before and shouldn't be doing it now. And besides, I had never heard her say 'it's your mother' to me before. Never. Never in my entire life that I could remember.

I made her wait for a bit before I finally spoke. "Okay, come in" I said. She opened the door and came in but stopped in the doorway when she saw I was naked.

"Shouldn't you put something on?" she asked.

"No" I answered simply and just looked at her, still holding my magazine.

She hesitated for a moment and then came in and closed the door. I could tell she was nervous about something as she stood there actually wringing her hands.

I gave her a minute before I spoke. "Well, what do you want?" I asked.

"Shouldn't you cover up, Jerod?" she asked.

"No" I repeated. Then I sat up on the side of the bed facing her, with my soft but still impressive prick hanging out in all its glory. Yeah, I was showing my prick to my mother, my own mother, even though it was still soft. But in fact I didn't respect her, I didn't like her, and I didn't gave a damn if it embarrassed her to see me naked. "What did you say you wanted?"

Just because I was naked didn't stop her from looking. I mean, well, it was probably difficult not to stare. After all, I'm a hunk, loaded with muscle, and I'd just finished working out so I was pumped to the max, and I was nude. And I had the biggest wanger in town. Her eyes moved up and down my body a couple times before stopping on my face. "We need to talk about you and your father" she said.

"Do you mean Stan?" I asked.

She hesitated for a moment before continuing. "Of course I mean Stan, your father."

"He's never been a father to me, just like you've never been a mother. You're just a couple people who happen to live in the same house." Rather than looking me in the eye, her eyes seemed to keep moving up and down, from my face to my chest, to my abs, to my crotch and then back up. She was admiring my body. I know she was.

"Jerod. Please...." she started to say.

"So, what do you want?" I asked again.

"Jerod, we are your parents."

"Biologically I suppose," I said. "But you know what? I don't give a shit anymore. And from now on I'll do whatever the hell I want, and the two of you had better keep out of my way.

"Jerod, you know... I mean..." She just stood there looking at me for a minute, obviously mulling something over in her mind. But I swear to God, her eyes kept drifting down to my big schlong which was now beginning to stir. "There can be reasons for things happening, Jerod. Sometimes you don't know what those reasons are."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" I growled at her. "There's a reason for you treating me like shit all these years? Is that what you're saying?"

"You need to accept the fact that you may not have all the answers, Jerod. You don't know everything."

"I have all the answers I need" I said as I put my magazine aside and stood up at the side of the bed. I was well aware she'd been admiring my body and my prick was aware of it as well, so now it was beginning to wake up. "Was there anything else you wanted, Mommy?" I asked as I just stood there stark naked in front of her and then looked down at my crotch. My prick was rising up like a dowsing rod as it started to get hard.

"You n-n-need to t-t-talk to your father" she stuttered as she watched my prick rise up. She wasn't looking at my face anymore. Her eyes seemed to be focused on my growing pecker.

Of course I remembered the way she had looked at me in the kitchen just the other day. And now I was pretty sure I knew what she was doing in my bedroom. Consciously or subconsciously she wanted me. She knew how dominant I was and I think she wanted me to take her. Of course she'd never show it, and maybe it was a completely unconscious desire, but she wanted me.

"What do you want, Mommy" I whispered as I leered at her and reached down and gave my growing prick a tug. "What do you really want?" He eyes definitely weren't moving now, but were glued to my growing prick. I took a step closer to her.

I didn't say anything and she didn't say anything, but her eyes were glued to my prick. Maybe like it was a cobra or something, she seemed to be totally hypnotized by it. I gave it a shot and made it bob up and then back down. She couldn't take her eyes off of it.

I reached over and put my hand on the top of her head, and pushed down gently. Very slowly, extremely slowly, as in slow-motion, she sank down to her knees. I didn't move or say a word but just watched her as she stared at my big schlong.

"Go ahead. Do it" I whispered softly, barely audible. She reached up and took it in her hand, seemingly overwhelmed with amazement at its length and girth. She was mesmerized. I didn't move. I just let her admire it for a bit.

Then I moved my hand behind her head, not pushing or pulling, but just gently touching her hair.

She got the idea, and holding on to my dick with her right hand, gave the tip of it a kiss. It was dripping with pre-cum which got on her lips. As I watched she licked her lips and then licked the pre-cum off my prick.

Need I remind you that this is my Mommy? I said that spanking my father had made me super hard, like never before, but now, with my mother ready to take my dick, I was instantly that hard again. I felt a hot surge shoot through my body right out to the end of my dick causing it to bounce up tight against my belly. I was so hot I wanted to just jam it in, but I didn't want to break the spell and ruin the moment. This had to be an earthshattering event and I didn't want to bungle it by being too aggressive.

As I watched, she had to pry it down to reach it, but she did, so she could kiss it and lick it, mostly just the head, and she kept massaging it with her right hand. Is 'mesmerized' the word? Maybe 'totally enthralled' or even 'bewitched' might be better. My prick was the whole universe for her at the moment.

But I was enthralled too and although my cock was not quite throbbing, it was pretty damn close to it. It was so hard it was almost hurting. I still had my hand barely touching the back of her head, so now, very slowly, I moved forward making her mouth open wide and take in the head of my enormous prong. She took it without objection and started swirling her tongue around it.

I pushed forward gently again, pushing a couple inches into her mouth. Her eyes had been tightly closed but now they shot open in amazement. Just like everybody who takes my dick, she was amazed at how wide she had to open, and how really enormous it was.

"Suck it" I hissed, more to myself than to her, and she probably didn't even hear me. But she did start sucking, perhaps just an automatic reaction to having a dick in her mouth. I didn't move, in fact, I was hardly breathing, trying not to interfere with her obsession.

It was obvious that she was oblivious to me even being there, but was totally mesmerized by the big dick in her mouth. I just let her go at it.

She was sucking and licking and seemed to know what she was doing, which I found interesting. Who had she been sucking besides her husband, my Daddy? Somehow I just couldn't picture her sucking off my wimpy Daddy, and I imagined he had a tiny dick anyway.

As I watched, she finally opened her eyes, and seemed to be shocked when she looked up at me, her son. She suddenly reverted to reality and realized what she was doing to her own son. Her whole body jerked and she tried to pull her head back, but that was what my hand was there for, so I held her there on my dick. When she tried harder to pull back, I got a grip on her hair to hold her. We struggled for a moment but there was no way she could compete with my strength, so she finally relented. She stopped fighting me, closed her eyes, and went back to sucking, obviously giving in to her most basic instincts and ignoring the fact that I was her son. She kept her eyes closed and kept sucking for the longest time, several minutes, and then started gently moving her head back and forth. Gently jacking my dick.

As I watched, she finally opened her eyes and looked up at me. Her eyes were glassy from tears and at first she seemed to be focused on my chest. Then she looked me in the eye. I hid my elation, avoiding a smile, and just kept a stoic look on my face as we looked at each other.

I waited until she closed her eyes again before I said anything. "Use your hands" I murmured softly as I realized that she wasn't going to be able to do much with her mouth. Hell, she only had about three inches in there, and I didn't want this to go on forever. The fact is I'm gay; one hundred percent homo; always have been, and always will be, so I wasn't into females, even for blowjobs. I wanted a man with a dick of his own sucking my dick, and the more masculine he was the better.

I could make an exception for my mother, but I actually wasn't thrilled with the idea. I know, I know, it was really hot and I should have been euphoric since I was actually getting blown by my own mother, but since I disliked her to begin with, it really wasn't the turn-on that it might have been.

She grabbed my big dong with both hands and started working it as she sucked up a storm. I gave her four or five minutes and then gently pushed her hands away and took hold of it myself. She didn't object but kept sucking on it as I started stroking it gently with my right hand. All this time she had her eyes tightly closed and was living in some fantasy world that included nothing but a big prick. Whether she was imagining it attached to some unknown muscle boy, or attached to her own son, was unknown.

It didn't take me long as I jerked it myself; I was there in about two minutes.

As I started to shoot, I let go of my prick and put a hand back behind her head so she couldn't pull back. Her eyes flew open in surprise as my first shot fired into her mouth. Again, she seemed to know what she was doing because she started swallowing like crazy. My hand was there but she didn't try to pull back but kept swallowing as my dick jerked over and over and I kept firing into her mouth. Generally I overwhelm my cocksuckers with the volume of my semen, but Mommy handled it like a pro, having no difficulty swallowing every bit of it.

After I fired my final blast, I didn't make a sound or react in any way. All I did was leave my dick in her mouth and let her lick up the last of my jizz. Then I stepped back, allowing my softening dick to slip out of her mouth.

Then, finally, she opened her eyes and looked up at me, her son. The fantasy of the big dick was over. It still seemed to me she was focusing more on my massive physique rather than on me as a person. I had no doubt she had been picturing some anonymous hot young stud she was sucking and not her own son.

I knew damn well what was coming next: remorse. She was going to be embarrassed and was going to come up with some ridiculous excuse for why this happened, and I didn't want to hear it, so as she stood up I opened the door.

"Jerod, I...." she started to say.

"Don't worry about it Mommy. it's okay" I said as I pushed her out the door and closed it in her face. Then I leaned back against the door.

Then the realization really sank in. That was my mother, my Mommy, who just blew me. My own biological mother. The women who gave birth to me. I looked down at my prick and saw it was still wet from her mouth, and it was still fully hard.

My own Mommy. On her knees and sucking my dick. I started jerking my big bludgeon as I leaned back against the door and closed my eyes. I was seeing her, all over again, on her knees in front of me with my dick in her mouth and I started getting hot all over again. Really hot.

My mother! My own Mommy! On her knees. He mouth stretched wide taking my big prick! Holding her there by her hair as I fired my spooge into her mouth! SSSSHHHHIIIITTTT!

I shot; launching my sperm up in the air and then onto the floor. This was a bigger and hotter orgasm even than the one I'd just shot into my Mommy's mouth. Two orgasms within five minutes; one of them a pretty damn good one, and the other one absolutely fabulous.


There were a couple knocks at the door but I didn't pay any attention. I went back and lay down on my bed and grabbed my magazine, but I couldn't read it. I was too keyed up. I was euphoric. Within only three days I'd spanked my Daddy and got a blowjob from my Mommy. The two people I hated most in the world were now subjugated. You cannot imagine how many thousands of times I'd thought of doing something like this. How many thousands of times I'd gone to bed burning with rage and wanting to humiliate them and hurt them like they hurt me.

I jumped out of bed and went through the bathroom into Jeremy's room, but he was out somewhere. I was so antsy that I couldn't stay still. I headed for the basement and my workout room. Maybe I could work off some of this excess energy by lifting weights. But I also wanted to see myself in the mirrors. I wanted to admire this big gorgeous body of mine in the mirrors; the body that had controlled my Daddy and the body that had seduced my Mommy. I was incredibly agitated but I was also wildly euphoric. I desperately needed to throw some heavy weights around, and try to calm down and get beyond this dizzying frenzy that I was going through.

As I headed down the stairs I flexed my biceps and could almost feel the burn from my coming workout.

It's hard to explain what I was going through. I'm not sure if euphoric is the word for it. Perhaps ecstatic or elated or simply 'floating on cloud nine' would be more adequate. As I turned to head for the basement stairs, Mommy stepped out of the kitchen. She did a double-take as her eyes were drawn to my dangling prick, but then she recovered.

I desperately needed to lift some weights to work off this excess energy so I didn't want to have a confrontation with her right now. I tried to ignore her but she stepped in my way.

"Jerod" she sniffled and I could see she had been crying. "Jerod, please talk to me."

"Oh fuck, Mommy. I gotta go workout" I grumbled. "We'll talk later."

"No, Jerod. Now" she said. "We'll talk now."

"No we won't" I said. "We won't talk now. Get out of the way." She didn't move.

And that made me angry. All my delightful, almost hysterical euphoria instantly turned to anger. Getting a blowjob from her had not changed anything. She was still one of the people that I hated most in the world, and if there was anything that made me really lose my temper it was Mommy or Daddy telling me what to do. I saw instant red. All that excess energy that I had built up went to my head.

I grabbed her by the blouse and slammed her against the wall. "EEEEkkkk" she screamed because I wasn't gentle. But that was fine with me; I wanted to hurt her. As I tried to go on by her she grabbed me by the arm. "We'll talk now, Jerod. Right now" she shouted at me.

And that pretty much did it for me.

I grabbed her blouse and tore it down the front popping most of the buttons and pulled it over her shoulders, basically tying her arms to her sides. Grabbing her bra I gave it a hard jerk and snapped it in two. It fell to the floor as her tits flopped out. I didn't particularly want to see her tits but I wanted to humiliate her and it was working.

"Jerod" she screamed. "What are you doing? Stop. Stop."

"You want this, bitch" I growled at her. "I know you want this, and I'm gonna give it to you." I reached down, grabbed her slacks and gave a jerk. I was really angry, so with my temper and my muscle I ripped the zipper right out of her slacks. With a quick jerk I ripped her panties in two and tossed them aside.

My pecker wasn't fully hard and my Mommy didn't turn me on, but my anger was helping and it was beginning to perk up. I reached into her crotch and found her cunt, stuck my thumb in and finger fucked her a few times. Then lining up my prick, I pushed. Luckily, it was just hard enough that I was able to push it in.

Mommy was still screaming at me as I jammed my prick into her as hard as I could. I wasn't fully hard so she wasn't getting it from my real monster dick, but it was enough for her to get a charge, and let her know what was coming. Not that I pretend to know anything about sex with females, but she wailed and I think she came at that very moment.

Grabbing her arms and pushing her against the wall, I started plowing into her. I'm young and virile and always horny so my prick took no time at all getting up to full size, so I started ramming up into her, almost lifting her off her feet with each thrust.

As I expected, she stopped screaming at me, but started screaming in ecstasy. I know damn well she'd never had a dick this big in her before, and she was going crazy with lust. I could have given a shit what she was feeling because all I wanted to do was hurt her and humiliate her. I wanted to make up for all the years of neglect and degradation. I really did hate her.

For a few minutes as I was banging her she was saying: 'ugh, ugh, ugh' with each thrust, but then that changed to: 'yesss, yesss, yesss'. She was loving it. She'd obviously never been dominated like this, raped actually, and she was going crazy with excitement. She certainly had never gotten this big of a prick and this kind of action from Stan, my Daddy.

I kept at it, plowing into her, for a good ten minutes or so, and as far as I could tell, she came at least three times. At some point she actually lifted her legs off the floor and tried to wrap them around me. At other times I was slamming into her so hard I was lifting her up off the floor.

I was holding her arms for a bit, and then had my hands in her hair yanking on it. And at one point I had my hands around her neck. She may have been a female and she may have been my Mom, but I was going crazy with passion.

I may be gay but fucking my Mom was pretty damn exciting. I was hard as a rock but my ejaculation was slow in coming, probably because it was a cunt I was fucking, and not an ass. But maybe because this was my third ejaculation in less than half an hour.

But an oversexed sex fiend like me will fuck anything, a doorknob if nothing else is available, and I finally felt my prick heating up.

"SHHHIIITTT" I bellowed as I finally fired my first shot. "Shit, shit, shhhiiittt" I screamed as I fired again and again and again.

She screamed something right in my ear but I was so out of it that I didn't even hear her. It was just background noise. But now, in the middle of my ejaculation, I was finally coming out of my trance and could hear her.

"Jerod, Jerod, Jerod, ohhh Jeeerrroood" she was moaning, actually screeching.

She was really turned on. She was turned on to me. No fantasy this time; no illusion of an unknown muscle boy; she knew she'd just got screwed by her very own son.

I was sweating and gasping for breath as my ejaculation finally finished and I let go of her hair. She was puffing and gasping as well. As I pulled out and stepped back, still panting, she slowly slid down onto the floor. As I stepped away I heard the garage door open; Daddy must have been coming home from his bowling league.

I got a smile on my face as I walked down the hall to the basement door. Mommy was still sitting there on the floor with the tatters of her clothes around her as I went into the basement, locked the door, and started loading up the barbell. I still had a lot of energy that I had to work off.


And you know what? Nobody said anything. Jeremy was the one that called me to dinner. Mommy and Daddy were stone faced and silent and Jeremy knew something was going on and was kind of looking around wondering what it was. I was trying my damndest not to grin and I think I mostly managed it, but they were not looking at me anyway. So we ate in silence, which was not all that uncommon anyway.

"Mommy, that was very good" I said as I finished eating. "Thank you." She glanced up at me for a second, and for the first time I noticed she had a bruise on her left cheek. That hadn't been there when I fucked her. I think I mentioned that when Daddy used to punish me, I'd not only have a sore ass, but I'd have bruises on my face, and on two occasions, a black eye. Daddy liked using his fists.

"Jeremy, leave the room" I said and Jeremy looked up at me in surprise.

"Huh?" he said, since he wasn't quite finished with his meal.

"Out" I snapped, slashing my thumb in the air pointing towards the door. Jeremy's no fool; he knew that tone of voice. He dropped his fork and jumped up, almost knocking his chair over, and scurried out of the room. Neither Mommy nor Daddy said anything but they both had their hands at their sides and were looking down at their plates. I got up and stepped over behind Daddy and put my hands on his shoulders.

"Daddy?" I said, questioning. He didn't say anything. "Speak up, Daddy."

"Yes... ahhh... yes, Jerod?" Mommy glanced up at me for a second but didn't say anything.

"You know that Mommy and I had an encounter in the hallway this afternoon" I said, speaking very calmly. "I admit I got angry and some of her clothes got torn, but that is understandable since you and Mommy have been so thoroughly unpleasant to me over the years. It's no surprise that I have a lot of anger built up. Do you understand?" He didn't respond but I could feel his body shaking. I doubted that she'd actually told him that I'd fucked her and I certainly wasn't going to mention it myself. I gave his shoulders a squeeze.

"Now, do I have to ask where Mommy got that bruise on her cheek? Huh?"

"Jerod" Daddy actually shouted at me as he stood up and turned to me. "You cannot do...." The little shit was evidently developing some backbone, but I was going to put the kibosh on this in a hurry. I jammed him back into his chair, grabbed his hair and jerked his head back, actually bringing his chair up on its back legs. I put my other hand around his throat and squeezed.

"You'll not speak to me in that tone of voice" I said rather calmly. "Never" I said. "Never again." He couldn't say anything since I was strangling him, but his arms were thrashing around trying to remove my hands.

Letting go of his hair, and with only my one hand on his throat I actually lifted him up off the chair, knocking it over, and then pulled him up against my chest completely off his feet as I leaned back. His back was against my chest, but I was holding him up there with one hand, my massive bicep bulging magnificently. He was making choking sounds and was desperately trying to remove my hand from his throat as I held him there against me with my right hand. And I smiled! Manhandling him felt damn good.

I was trying to remain calm as I just held him there for a few seconds. Taking a deep breath, I slowly lowered him back down to his feet and let up slightly on my grip.

"You will apologize to me, Daddy" I said softly. "Right now! You will apologize for shouting at me."

His face was bright red and he was still gasping for breath as he wheezed: "Jerod, please."

"Apologize. Now" I said, shouting into his ear.

"Jerod" he choked. "Jerod. Okay. I'm sorry." I picked his chair up where it had fallen and pushed him back into it, and then went on like nothing had happened.

"You will not hit Mommy again, Daddy" I said. "Of course you won't hit me, and you won't hit Jeremy either. Understood?"

His face was still red and he was rubbing his neck and still gasping for breath, but he was paying attention. "Okay, Jerod. Okay."

"Good" I said as I stepped around to the other side of the table. "Look at me, both of you" I ordered them.

"I'm going to make the rules around here from now on, but I'm not going to be impossible about it" I said, trying to sound reasonable. "If you behave and let me do my thing, we'll get along fine. Okay, Daddy?"

"Okay, Jerod" Daddy said as he continued rubbing his neck.


"Yes, Jerod" she murmured softly. Right now I couldn't figure her out. I'm sure she hadn't told Daddy that I fucked her or that she blew me. I was sure of it, because he would have made a bigger deal about it. So where did that leave her? She was looking down at her plate, not looking at me, and she was not showing any emotion at all.

Did she like being raped? From her reactions and her screams it sure seemed like she did at the time. Did she like getting it from her own son? I couldn't tell from the way she was acting now, but in my own mind, I was sure she liked it. She liked getting it from her own son. I suppose sex with my Daddy was rather insipid, and getting your clothes ripped off and raped must have been very exciting. But getting raped is one thing, and getting raped by your son is another. I wanted to get some kind of reaction from her.

But, the next question now was: if she did like it, did she want it again? There was no doubt she was enthralled by my prick, because it hadn't taken much to get her to blow me. And although I don't actually know, I imagine Daddy doesn't have much of a dick. Not compared to mine anyway.

As you know I'm not into females, but I could make an exception for my Mommy. At sixteen I'm way oversexed and I could get it up at the drop of a hat, so there was no question I could fuck her if I wanted to. I could fuck her if she wanted me to.

"I'm not going to make your lives impossible" I continued rationally. "In fact they shouldn't be much different than they are now. I'm just going to have my freedom. Okay?" That may have been a lie. In fact I know it was a lie, but it sounded like the right thing to say at the moment.

"Yes, Jerod. Yes, Jerod" they both answered.

I turned and walked out of the room. As I entered the hall, there was Jeremy, who had obviously heard every word. I gave him a big smile and a pat on the butt as I walked by. He simply looked amazed.


But one thing was still bothering me. What did Mommy mean when she said: 'there are reasons for things happening?' And she said: 'you may not have all the answers.' What did she mean by that? Did she mean there was some reason they didn't love me and treated me like dirt? Were there some kind of secrets she was keeping that I didn't know about?

I could tell her all about the reasons for things happening. They had been shitty to me all my life and now I was getting even. That was the reason and that's why this was happening. If she had any other 'reasons' or 'answers', they had nothing to do with what was happening now.

But she sure made me curious. What did she mean? The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to find out.

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