This is a story about incest and domination between siblings and their parents, so if this is not your thing don't read it. If you're not of legal age you shouldn't be here anyway, so go somewhere else. Please keep in mind that this is fantasy. There is no intent whatsoever by the author to present this story as any sort of reality. (Duane/aka: Gladiatorkid)

Mommy and Daddy and Me

Chapter Three

So, under Uncle Rick's tutelage, I was openly gay even before I was fourteen, and since I was gorgeous; yeah, I was; I was gorgeous. Since I was young and gorgeous and a real hunk, I found it easy to get regular sex. Of course I had Tommy who would do anything for me, and Hank, who worked out with me every afternoon.

They were my regulars, but I also found out where the best trolling place was in the park, and checked it out regularly. Even though I was a hunk, with the physique of a teenage Mr. America, I couldn't get into the only gay bar in town because of my baby face. Even fake ID's didn't work because they said I looked like I was ten years old. So I hung around across the street from the bar once in a while. Anyway, I could get my cock sucked just about any time I wanted.

You don't have to wonder why I could get pretty much anybody I wanted, because when has anybody seen a baby faced kid that looks to be ten or twelve years old but has the body of a Hercules?


So, here I was at fifteen. If I was a hunk before, you can only imagine what I look like now. My muscles are huge. I'm only 5'11" but I weigh in at 211 pounds. And all of those pounds are muscle. Can you imagine a kid my age with almost 17" biceps, 48 inch chest, and 31 inch waist? I was simply amazing. So that's me.

Now, my dad is a wimp. And so is my brother, Jeremy. My mom and dad were only fifteen when he knocked her up and had Jeremy, and nine months later she popped me out. So, they are only in their early thirty's, barely sixteen years older than me.

Even at only thirty-two my dad has let himself go to pot. He's only about 5'8" and he was skinny to begin with, but now he's developing a pot belly, and in another ten years he's going to be a slob. My mom was holding up a little better, but with those hips of hers, she probably weighs almost as much as he does.

Jeremy was their first born, and always got the attention from my folks. I was obviously an afterthought and a mistake so they barely noticed that I was around. That's why I hit it off so well with Uncle Rick. I mean, they didn't give a shit about me so I didn't give a shit about them.

But I did notice one thing about my Daddy. It took a long time for me to catch on, but I noticed early on, after my muscles started to show, that my Daddy seemed to be somewhat intimidated. He showed zero interest in my workouts; never talking about it or even mentioning it. He never once watched my workouts and if I'd mention something about it, he'd change the subject. He refused to get my extra equipment when I needed it, so Uncle Rick got it for me, or I had to buy the stuff myself out of my measly allowance. Basically he and Mommy just ignored me and we didn't talk.

He wasn't overt or anything about being cowed or overawed by me, but Daddy just seemed to be more hesitant about telling me what to do than he was with Jeremy. Of course I was taller than him and by the time I was fifteen I outweighed him my forty or fifty pounds. I was a real hunk.

Not that he'd ever talked to me anyway, but I now noticed when he did talk, he wouldn't look me in the eye. Never. And he wouldn't look at my body either. He'd kind of look off to the side or up over my head when he was talking to me. It slowly became obvious to me that he had some kind of problem with me and my muscles. If I dared to come up from the basement without a shirt he'd raise holy hell and insist that I put one on, even if I was drenched with sweat from my workout. I was absolutely not allowed to be in the house without a shirt; I couldn't even wear a tank top.

I admit I wasn't easy to deal with and I could be damn right stubborn sometimes. Along with my strength and my muscles I was on an ego trip that put a chip on my shoulder so I thought that I didn't have to put up with shit from anybody. So I didn't take orders well, and my dad would sometimes just give up and let it go. He'd tell me to do something, and I'd make Jeremy do it, and he'd just look the other way.

It took a year or so for me to know for sure that he was intimidated and hesitant around me, and being young and conceited and stubborn as I was, I just decided to completely ignore him.

He seldom said anything to me anyway except to tell me what to do, so I started pretending he wasn't there. He'd get red in the face sometimes but I'd just walk away. And after a while he started to let me get away with it. He found it easier if he didn't have to deal with me at all.

In some ways it probably was a good idea that he let me get away with it, because sometimes I really wanted to smack him. I didn't love him; hell, I didn't even like him and I was actually beginning to hate him. It was best that I'd walk away and not confront him, and perhaps end up slugging him.

Then there's Jeremy. He's a taller, skinnier version of my dad; about six feet tall but a wimp, just like Dad. He was not even a year older than me, and long before I ever started working out, when I was only ten, I kicked his ass for the first time. Of course I was naturally aggressive and he was pathetically wimpish so it's no surprise that I took him. By the time I started putting on a little muscle, I'd play with him; slapping him around and getting him in wrestling holds and stuff, sometimes with one hand behind my back. Yeah, he was that easy, and it was fun humiliating him.

But once I built some muscle and got tired of the game of degrading him, I worked him over enough until he understood that he was going to be my lackey, my gofer. So I assigned him a number of duties, like keeping both of our bedrooms and our shared bathroom clean, and lots of other stuff.

It didn't take too long before he realized that I meant business and he had to follow my instructions exactly. A couple times he didn't promptly pick up my dirty clothes from our bathroom floor, so I kicked his butt and jammed his head in the toilet. He soon discovered that he definitely didn't want to piss me off. So dad would tell me to mow the lawn or something, and I'd give Jeremy a smile and a nod and he'd be off like a shot to take care of it without me saying a word.

Dad should have called me on things like that but he never did, and that was part of his undoing.

So, anyway, I was still only fifteen the first time I fucked Jeremy. I had gone out to the local park to the best cruising area in town late Friday night, but ended up with nothing. This doesn't happen to me very often so I was really pissed and horny. Not that there wasn't anybody there; there just wasn't anybody that I'd let suck on my dick.

You may think a blowjob is a blowjob, but no way do I want to look down and see some bald headed geezer with his mouth latched onto my prick. Hey, I was gorgeous and no way was I going to settle for anything less than prime beef.

So I got home about 1:00 AM and was so horny I couldn't stand it, and worst of all, I knew Tommy had gone away for the weekend with his parents so I couldn't call him. But I was damned if I was going to jerk off. I just threw myself on the bed, but my hand automatically went to my crotch, which was l almost throbbing. I couldn't help it I was so hot. And the truth is, I get crazy when I get hot, and I desperately needed release.

That's when I thought of Jeremy, in the bedroom next door. He wasn't really my type because I don't much care for the tall, skinny, wimpy guys, but he still had a hole that would probably accommodate my prick. As I lay there trying not to fondle my hard-on, Jeremy seemed more and more of a possibility. It's not as if I hadn't thought of him lots of times before, for God's sake he's right in the next room and couldn't be handier, but as long as he behaved himself and took care of my stuff I generally just ignored him. For some reason I just hadn't seriously considered using him to get my rocks off.

Over the years I'd pounded Jeremy enough that he knew what I expected of him, and followed my orders. But just like most everybody does at some time or another, he'd been getting lax again, and it had been months since I'd given him a refresher course in obedience. Just yesterday he left my dirty clothes on the bathroom floor, and they were still there this morning. And that wasn't the first time. A couple times recently I'd come home in the afternoon to find that some of my stuff was still strewn around my bedroom. I didn't allow Mommy in my room so these were things that Jeremy had to take care of. Obviously it was time for me to remind him what obedience meant. And right now, when I desperately needed a hole to stick my dick into; this might be the right time to remind him and to get my rocks off as well.

I grabbed a tube of fucking cream and a piece of rope that I used to use with Uncle Rick and went through the bathroom and into his bedroom. Jeremy always wore pj's but I always slept nude. But, hell, if I was as skinny as he was, I'd hid it too. I grabbed his blanket and jerked it off of him onto the floor. He didn't move for a couple seconds and then slowly opened his eyes. I just stood there in my jockey's with my hard-on sticking out, smiling down at him as he started to wake up.

"Ahhh... Jar? Jared?" he mumbled. I didn't say anything, but kept a big smile on my face as I took hold of my underwear and very slowly pulled them down and off, allowing my super hard dick to pop out in his face. His eyes got big as he saw my big schlong bobbing up and down just inches away. Grabbing his hair and pulling him up off of the pillow, I took my shorts and stuffed a good portion of them into his mouth. Then I rolled him over on his belly and lay down on top of him with my hard prick fitting comfortably into his ass crack.

"You been fuckin up lately, Jeremy" I whispered into his ear. "You know I don't like that." I nipped his ear with my teeth. "It seems like you don't care what I think anymore, Jeremy. Maybe it's about time that I remind you of your place."

"Mmmggg. Mmmggg" he mumbled as he reached to pull my shorts out of his mouth. I grabbed his wrists and pulled his arms above his head and held them there with one hand. He was now totally awake with a look of terror on his face.

"I don't like having to remind you of your job, Jeremy. It really pisses me off to have to tell you to do something that you already know you have to do." I was speaking very calmly, just murmuring into his ear. "Did you pick up my dirty clothes last night? Did you put a fresh towel out for my shower? Did you clean up my room every day last week? And you haven't cleaned the dirt off of my bike for ages. You're really fucking up, Jeremy, and it's not a good idea to make me angry."

He kept trying to say something to me, probably trying to say he's sorry, and he had tears streaming down his cheeks. My smile turned to a big grin and I felt a surge shoot through my prick. He was terrified and it was really turning me on.

"I've been patient, Jeremy, but my patience has run out. You had your chance, but you screwed it up, so now I'm going to remind you of what I expect from you."

Now the tears were really dripping, and he kept trying to talk. "Mmgghh, mmgghh, mmgghh." Very slowly I started sliding my prick up and down his crack.

Still grinning as I humped his ass, I nipped his ear again. "And right now I want your ass." He started jerking violently, trying to get away, and I was struggling to hold him, but I also had to chuckle, because we both knew he couldn't possibly get away from me. I'm an award winning wrestler and I always enjoyed this, having guys squirming under me trying to get away while I laughed and controlled them with barely any effort at all.

Picking up the rope from where I'd put it on the side table, I got up on my knees and sat on his back. As I started to tie his wrists, he jerked them away, and tried again to get away. I jerked on his hair and twisted his ear, and then pulled his hands above his head again.

"Keep your hands together for me, Jeremy" I said as I bent down and whispered in his ear. I gave his ear a lick. "I'm going to tie you up."

He was now crying; whimpering through the underwear in his mouth. I pulled his hands back above his head again. "Don't make me hurt you, Jeremy" I whispered and I admit I actually chuckled as I said it. Let me tell you, I was fuckin turned on. So yes, I laughed. I laughed in excitement.

"Don't make me hurt you, Jeremy" I repeated, still chuckling. "Not too much anyway." Holding his hands together again, I carefully tied his wrists and then tied them to the head of his bed.

I was sitting on his back with my enormous hard-on sticking up in the air with a big grin on my face. "I'm going to fuck you, Jeremy. Oh, yeah. I'm going to stick this big dick up your bung hole." I had to giggle as I slid up slightly and started rubbing my dick against the back of his head. I was so hot.

I knew Jeremy was a virgin, at least I thought so, so I knew I couldn't just jam it in. Grabbing the tube of cream, I slid down his body until I was sitting on his thighs with his butt right below my dripping prick. Squeezing some cream on my hand I grabbed my cock and smeared it up and down the length. I was so hot, however, that I had to let go because just touching it let me know how close I was.

Getting a gob of the cream, I pressed it into his crack and then pushed a finger into his hole. Jeremy was crying softly, but grunted as I jammed my finger into him. I stretched his hole a little, and after getting some more cream, jammed two fingers in. I slid them in and out a few times and tried to spread them apart, stretching his hole a little more.

And that was going to do it. Getting on my knees between his legs, I forced them apart opening up his ass to my assault. Forcing my very hard dick to bend down, I lined it up with his ass and pushed. He screamed through the gag as I pushed harder, forcing his little pucker to open up. You know my dick is nine inches, but you also need to know that it was almost seven inches around; not quite beer can size, but damn near.

I pushed harder, and finally the head of my dick got past his sphincter muscle, popping into his butt. Jeremy was yelling, although it was muffled so I didn't care, but I had to stop anyway. I was almost over the edge. If I pushed another inch I was going to shoot.

So I just held on, not moving as Jeremy's screaming changed to soft whimpering. But I felt good. I felt great. I had a smile on my face that wouldn't quit. I was fucking my big/little brother and it was going to be fabulous.

I waited a good two minutes before I had calmed down enough to continue. The, to give him a little respite, I pulled out completely. Waiting just a few seconds I started in again. Giving a good push, I forced a couple inches into him. It was hard going for now but I knew it would get easier once I got in and got him loosened up a little.

Putting my hands under him and grabbing his shoulders, I rested on my elbows, almost lying on top of him as I pushed some more.

I was about four inches into him now, and stopped for a moment to give him and me both a break. But then I pushed, all the way, sinking my big pecker deep into his ass. Then I just lay on top of him for a couple minutes.

"Oh, Jeremy, this is so good" I whispered in his ear. "Your ass was made for my big prick." He didn't react but just kept whimpering, but I was gloating. This was my brother, my older brother. Shit, what could be better than taking your own brother's ass.

Then, spreading my legs, forcing his legs even further apart and coaxing his ass to rise up some more, I gripped his shoulders and started fucking. Pulling out slowly, very slowly, almost to the tip, and then sinking back in all the way. I kept it slow for the first half a dozen thrusts, and by then it was smooth going. The cream was just enough to make my prick slide fairly easily, but also to keep the feeling of a really tight fuck.

It was heaven.

I kept it slow for quite a while because the feeling was so great I just didn't want it to end. I'd pull damn near all the way out, and then sink all nine inches back in, over and over and over. But all good things must come to an end, and I was heated up to begin with. I knew it couldn't last.

I pushed my knees against his thighs some more, pushing his legs even further apart and opening up his ass completely to me so I could start slamming it in. I pulled out and rammed it in as hard as I could. Jeremy was squealing and the bed was squeaking but I didn't give a damn; I was too far gone. I just banged it into him five or six times.

And then I was there. Ramming it to him one final time and holding it, I started to shoot. "FFFUUUCCCKKK" I groaned as I blasted into him. "Fuck, fuck, fuck." What a glorious feeling. A great fuck; a tight virgin ass; my very own brother. What more could I ask for? I was delirious with pleasure.

I was dripping with sweat and panting wildly as my ejaculation finally finished, so I just flopped down on top of Jeremy. I just lay there for a couple minutes, listening to him sniffling softly.

"So fuckin hot, Jeremy" I whispered in his ear. "So hot. What an ass." He seemed to be completely silent, but when I pulled my underwear out of his mouth, he was crying softly. Very slowly, I raised up and let my big schlong slide out of his butt.

I reached up and untied his hands. "See you tomorrow, baby. You can keep my underwear as a souvenir" I said into his ear as I got up off of him and left the room. I didn't know how much he was hurting and whether he got any enjoyment out of it at all, but I didn't much care, because it had been great for me. That's what mattered. And I'll tell you this, he was going to get used to it because this was definitely not going to be a onetime event.

I had been so horny when I got home that I couldn't stand it, but now I was completely sated, so I knew I'd sleep like a baby. And I did. The best night's sleep in days.


So I'd fucked my older brother, Jeremy.

Jeremy had been under my thumb for several years now, so I didn't expect any repercussions. I'd taught Jeremy long ago the penalties for tattling to our parents about what I was doing to him. I'd beat it into him enough times, so there was simply no way he'd dare say anything to them.

So, it was a bit of a surprise when my Daddy barged into my room the next afternoon. He hadn't been in my room for at least two years, and he damn well knew he wasn't allowed to come in. I was lying on the bed in my bikini with my earphones on listening to music as he came in. He stood there for just a second, evidently waiting for me to take off the earphones. I didn't really give a shit what he had to say so I just closed my eyes and ignored him and continued listening to my music. Besides, it was immediately obvious that he was going to bellyache about me taking Jeremy's ass. He must have found out, because he wouldn't have dared barge into my room like this otherwise. Evidently he started saying something but I couldn't hear him with my earphones on, so I just pretended he wasn't there.

It took a minute or so before I finally heard him yelling my name over the top of the music. I was pretty sure he wouldn't dare touch me but there was nothing to keep him from yelling at me.

"Stop yelling at me" I yelled back at him as I yanked off the earphones. He shut up but I could see he was steaming, but I didn't care. I leaped to my feet, standing almost nose to nose with him in about two seconds. "What the fuck do you want?" I growled at him as he stepped back in surprise.

Remember that my Daddy's a skinny wimp and I'm quite a muscle boy. I had him by about two inches and a good fifty pounds or more, and those pounds were all muscle. Besides, I knew I looked damned intimidating standing there in only my white bikini with all my pumped muscles showing.

"Jared. You..., you..." he sputtered as I took a step towards him, forcing him to step back. "You can't .... What you d-did...." I took another step, and now he was backed up against the wall.

"I said, what the fuck do you want?" I snarled. "Spit it out."

"Jared, you can't do this. You..." he blubbered. I think he suddenly realized that he was in over his head, and was probably wishing he was anywhere but here, nose to nose with me. But that wasn't enough to overcome his anger. He was so angry he was red in the face.

But I was angry too. "I told you not to come into my room" I said glaring into his face.

"Jerod. You... you... you..." he sputtered. I grabbed him by the shirt collar, pushing him against the wall and actually pulled him up on his tiptoes.

"Didn't I tell you not to come into my room? Didn't I?" I repeated. His face was red and he was still angry but I think he was now afraid as well, as I shouted in his face. "Answer me" I said.

"Jerod, stop this" he screamed at me.

"You don't come into my room. Got it?" I shouted giving him a good shake, rattling his teeth.

"Jerod, stop" he shouted in my face. Hell yes I'd fucked Jeremy and it was no surprise that Daddy was upset about his little darling. But... But I had so much anger built up over the years of being ignored, that it had almost turned to hate. And there was no way I was going to let him come on to me like this. I didn't care how angry he was, I'd show him what real anger was. Anger built up into rage over years of indifference and humiliation. I didn't care what the problem was, I simply wasn't going put up with anymore shit from him.

"You'll never come into my room again without my permission" I snapped as I gave him another shake. "Never."

"Jerod" he sputtered as he glared at me from only inches away. "Jerod, stop. I'm your father." Even through my anger I had to laugh.

"My father? Bullshit" I roared in anger. "You son of a bitch, you've never been a father to me. You don't know how to be a father." He reached forward, putting his hands on my chest, and tried to push me away. I think we were both surprised that I didn't budge. I had to put a foot back to brace myself, so when he tried pushing harder, much harder, I still didn't budge.

He finally exploded. "Let go of me, you worthless piece of shit" he screamed. "Lois should never have had you in the first place. I told her to have an abortion. You should never have been born." He just blurted this out in uncontrollable fury. I was shocked and he was too. That just came out. He certainly didn't intend to say any of that.

He immediately realized what he had said, just blurting it out without thinking, revealing his true feelings. I'm not sure he was sorry he said it, but I think he was afraid of how I would react. "Jerod" he said. "I didn't... I didn't..."

"You son of a bitch" I yelled at him. "I should never have been born?" Grabbing him by the collar and dragging him behind me, I walked over to my bed and sat down.

"But I was born, Daddy. I was born. Let me show you what kind of son I am" I said as I forced him down over my lap. Holding his head down with one hand on his neck and with his butt on my knees, I grabbed his pants, and with a quick yank, jerked them down over his ass.

"This is payback for all the years you've been a shit to me" I snarled at him as I let him have it on the right cheek. 'Wham!' I didn't hold back and he let out a scream.

"Yeeeaaoooh, Jerod. Stop this." I let him have it again on the other cheek. 'Wham!' "Yeeeaaaoooh. Jerod, stop, stop" he screamed. He tried to get his hands in the way, but I grabbed his wrists and held them.

Then, in quick succession I slammed him hard eight or ten more times, very hard, alternating between his right and left cheeks. He screamed after each swat.

"Jerod, Jerod" I heard another scream, a different scream, and when I looked up I saw my mother standing in the doorway. "Jerod, stop" she shrieked.

That's when I realized that I was completely out of control. Hearing Mommy's scream brought me back and I stopped hitting him. Daddy was sobbing, and Mommy simply looked horrified. I sat there with him over my lap and took a couple deep breaths. Then I dumped him off my lap onto the floor.

"Get him the hell out of my room" I said. I lay back on my bed, put my earphones back on, and closed my eyes. My heart was pumping a mile a minute and I was breathing hard but I was trying hard to calm down. A few minutes later I heard the door close, and opening my eyes, I saw that they were gone. I was taking deep breaths, and just now my heart beat was beginning to slow. I was amazed at how I had totally lost it; how completely out of control I was. That had never happened to me before.

Then I realized something else. I was hard. Really, really, really hard. I think I was just about as hot as I had ever been. Oh, I'd slapped Uncle Rick around dozens of times, but doing it to my own Daddy; that was a whole different ball game. And, I quickly realized, I loved doing it and it made me super horny. Uncle Rick wanted me to slap him around and he loved having me do it, but spanking somebody against their will, and that somebody being my very own father, well, that was almost beyond description. It was the most fulfilling and exciting thing I'd ever done.

I actually giggled to myself as I reached down, pulled my dick out of my undies and started stroking it, reliving the sweet memories of slamming my Daddy's ass. My hand stung from hitting him, but it was such a sweet sting that I reveled in it.

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