Please note this is a role playing scenario between consenting adults.

Shaving and spanking

 I knew when Derek read our correspondence on his phone he was often at the office, but also I knew that beneath that smart work suit he was wearing his superhero underpants. There he was, working in his respectable grownups job, his secret boy’s underpants beneath, his world of fantasy and reality merging discretely.

Derek told me that when his wife went away for weekends to her sisters he would wear just his boy briefs and socks around the house. He would sit reading comics and regress into his alter ego, his stressful working and married life seeming a lifetime away. It was then his mind would also turn to thoughts of his Uncle fantasies and my inbox would go crazy.

He had tried to get his wife to spank him back when there sex life was active, but when she did indulge his fantasy and fetish she always held back, finding it difficult to deliver the blows that would bring about the sensation that Derek longed for. That harsh sting he desired followed by a burning like sensation over the skin that would last well beyond the spanking itself.

His dreams had brought him memories of the spankings he had received when younger. Those painful moments that he looked back upon with an erotic overtone, even though they had never been sexual, purely harsh punishment that left its long lasting impression and now he craved for.

Derek admitted that on occasion he would masturbate after the beatings, when his arse cheeks were hot to the touch and tender. The discomfort added to his arousal and to his orgasm, and somewhere along the line his mind began to merge the two things together, spanking and arousal.

And then by chance we had met, and he had seen the opportunity to maybe act out the long held fantasy, and we had, twice, and now he wanted more. He wanted to immerse himself into the role of naughty nephew further, and I was only too willing to give this married man a helping hand, so to speak.

It was Friday at 6pm sharp and the doorbell rung.

Derek may have been punctual but he was far from punishment free, in his e mails he had stated he had been a naughty boy, very naughty.

“Get to the bathroom young man” I said the moment I opened the front door, dressed in a white shirt black trousers and red tie.

Derek scurried in to the bathroom

“Strip down to your undies young man” I ordered in a raised firm voice

Derek quickly began to remove his work clothes, stripping off the reminder of his adult self until he stood in just his underpants and socks, a different pair from before but with the similar themed cartoon heroes.

Derek stood looking down at the floor, his hands dropped limp at his sides as I run some hot water in the sink and reached for a clean shaving head for my razor.

It was time to remove the remnants of his manhood before he faced the rest of our planned scene this evening. I wanted him to feel more exposed than ever, without the layer of hair that crowned his cock and run between his bottom cheeks.

I pulled down his underpants to his ankles, and for the first time witnessed him totally flaccid, the shrivelled soft winkle of a prick with his two small testicles hugging so close to his body.

I rubbed white foam over the bush of hair before I cut a clean smooth swathe through it with the sharp razor head. I followed with a few more strokes, leaving a large area of bare fresh exposed skin that had not been so devoid of hair in many a year.

I caught him looking down and admiring the new look, his pecker growing in my grip as I held it out of the way of the cutting edges of the razor. I removed the last stray hairs on his ball sack. I wanted to ensure not a single stand was left behind.

I shaved behind his balls and ordered Derek to turn and spread his bum cheeks as he bent forward.

That track of hair which I had found so alluring and attractive now was being shaved away too in order to complete the transformation, a necessary requirement so that Derek could immerse himself in his role, especially today, he had to look the part today for me, and my guest.

I used a soft warm towel to wipe and dab the freshly shaved areas, double and triple checking that nothing had been missed or left behind. It was perfectly smooth there between his buttocks and all around his pink puckered hole. Sweet smelling and silky smooth back and front, the crimped join at his small ball sack nicely visible, his prick stiff and hard with pride at the new look which his Uncle had provided.

I pulled his underpants up and stuck my hand inside to adjust his stiff penis within them before planting a tender kiss against the fabric.

“There, that is good young man, now I think you are ready don’t you?”

“Yes Uncle” Derek responded with a big broad smile.

Since I had mentioned the scenario of another Uncle being present as he received a spanking his mind had been working over time. I could sense the growing excitement in his e mail correspondence, the prospect of being spanked bare bottomed with an audience, and I had no doubt he had masturbated thinking about it too.

Brian was sat dressed in his grey suit and electric blue tie, his grey and silver hair neatly parted, his long quiff slicked back with Brylcreem cream in a fifties like fashion. His eyes twinkled with eager anticipation as I ushered Derek into the room, his lips curving up at one side as he gave Derek a wink.

We had acted role play scenes before, and he had been more than intrigued as I told him about my role as Uncle with Derek. He had been the one to ask if I needed a hand, and of course that had got my dirty mind working with possibilities. Another Uncle being involved, well that would certainly add another dimension.

“Well young lad, I hear you have been extremely naughty” Brian said in a low deep voice with a now sly somewhat sinister grin, his rectangular silver glasses perched at the end of his nose as he peered over the frame

“Yes sir” Derek responded looking at Brian and then at me.

Derek’s little prick was already prodding hard against the fabric of his underpants, being seen by a stranger in his boyish super hero briefs, and knowing how smooth he was beneath them and aware of the scenario ahead. There was no doubt Derek approved at my choice of friend for this fantasy scene.

I sat and ordered Derek to get over my lap and as he positioned himself I circled my hands over his buttocks, feeling the thin cotton beneath my palm as I followed the curvature of his backside.

“So you have been very naughty young man” I announce loudly as my hand pauses and grabs firmly at one of his butt cheeks

“Yes Uncle” Derek replies

“Did I tell you what our nephew done Brian?” I ask

“Yes you did, I must say I am surprised at what a bad lad he is” Brian responded with a tone of disapproval

The bar had been set purposefully high, that had been Derek’s choice. He wanted full on crying and balling in front of his two Uncles. He wanted his bottom cheeks red raw and glowing so much from a good spanking that he would feel the reminder for days when sat down at his desk at work.

I was cautious about leaving marks, but Derek had assured me his wife had not seen him naked for years and that their relationship was now platonic.

“I think given the severity young man fifty strikes are in order”

“Yes Uncle” Derek responded as I gripped his arse cheek harder

“Twenty by me, twenty by your Uncle Brian and then...” I paused

“Then the last ten will be administered with my belt”

“Yes Uncle”.

I had known men before who liked to be punished hard with no visible remorse. The discomfort and the tears were part of their journey, one they did not want to be deprived of, the barrier they needed to cross to feel the scene was complete. I remember once I took on the fantasy role of a guard at a young offenders unit and the punishment and humiliation the man had wanted to be dished out would have seemed brutal and severe too many.

The strip search, the anal probing, the shower scene and the beating he submitted to from me in uniform with black leather gloved hands and a truncheon, they were all his fantasy. He had consented and requested every blow and bruise, and after the scene he had looked so happy, so blissfully satisfied, and so at ease.

There were safe words available and the same was for Derek.
There as a safety precaution against the act turning into true abuse, and there just in case he hit any mental hurdles that could not be navigated along the way. Such scenes could unlock demons, memories and feeling previously not dealt with, and these could be more painful than any discipline dished out.

The first ten strikes landed, evenly distributed, five firm spanks upon each cheek, left, right, left right... Warming and preparing the area for what was to come, landing with precision and building in severity, Derek’s dick twitching with each strike, his body quivering and shaking as he called out each blow.

“One Uncle, two Uncle, three Uncle...”

The tenth blow landed and my hand paused, rubbing and stroking under Brian’s watchful gaze.

“Say thank you” I order softly

“Thank you Uncle” Derek responds obediently.

The fingers of my right hand slipped under his waistband and slowly and teasingly pulling, dragging down the back of his briefs and gradually exposing his smooth bare rosy bottom, the freshly shaved crack between those fleshy mounds.

I feel Derek wriggle a little as his underpants tug against his stiff willy that presses hard against my lap.

“Eleven Uncle” Derek says loudly as a firm blow lands against his bare exposed skin, flesh against flesh giving a satisfying sound.

“Twelve Uncle” Derek cries with a whimper as my strikes build in harshness.

“Thirteen Uncle, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen Uncle”

My palm lands with a whack as my other hand slides underneath and into his briefs, giving Derek a fondle as I continue, feeling his stiff pecker pulsate against my palm as I spank his bum in front of Brian who I am sure is keen to have his turn.

“Nineteen Uncle, twenty Uncle” Derek cries out as his eyes begin welling up.

I give Derek another grope before pulling my hand free of his underpants and getting him to stand up.

Brian pats his lap with his hand and Derek positions himself, clambering over Brian’s lap.

“You know the drill lad, twenty, count them out nice and loud!”

I watched Brian’s hand grasp at Derek’s fleshy buttocks, gripping the mass of muscle before stroking and caressing the skin, his finger tips slipping down between Derek’s thighs out of sight.

Just watching Brian is enough to keep my dick hard and dripping, hearing him tell Derek what a naughty boy he is adding to my arousal. I can tell Brian is having a good ole fumble about between his thighs and watch as he begins to spank Derek’s already glowing bottom.

“Twenty one Uncle” Derek responds at the first loud crack across his bottom cheeks that makes the rounded muscle mass quiver as his whole body jolts.

Uncle is Derek’s trigger word, the word he needs to use to fulfil his fantasy, the word he whispers and whimpers when he masturbates alone, groaning loudly as he ejaculates, the word that has some deep down significant meaning and unlocks memories.

“Twenty two Uncle” Derek cries out as another firm blow lands and Brian continues to fondle with his other hand at the freshly shaven smooth genitals.

Fuck I am so hard watching, my mind imagining that I am truly witnessing an Uncle Nephew moment of discipline, where his Uncles roaming hand cannot resist but cop a good feel of his vulnerably positioned nephew. There over his Uncles lap in just his super hero underpants that are pulled back to expose the fleshy firm cheeks that wobble like a blancmange with each strike, each blow leaving a handprint impression that fades away leaving a warmer overall glow, his other hand no doubt rubbing against his nephew stiff little pecker that is probably leaking a sticky honey like trail over his fingers.

“Twenty three Uncle, twenty four Uncle...”

Brian gets to thirty and pauses, his palm rubbing and groping at the hot glowing cheeks

“Stand up for me lad” Brian orders abruptly

Derek stands up and with his fingers begins to wipe away the tears that have flowed from his bloodshot puffy eyes. A married man stood 6’2”, his totally smooth lean body, his face looking more boyish than ever.

Brian leans forward and tugs his underpants down to his ankles and looks up to see the stiff little dicklet devoid of hair. Pointing directly up at the ceiling and looking out of proportion on such a tall grown adult man, yet at the same time so perfect.

With his underpants off and now naked Derek resumes the position over Brian’s lap, and after a few gentle caresses and strokes of the well rounded tender buttocks Brian resumes.

“Thirty one Uncle... Thirty two Uncle... Thirty three Uncle... Thirty four Uncle...”

Brian grips hard with his hands and spreads the cheeks apart so as he can inspect the smooth crack and the pink puckered hole that clamps tightly closed. His gaze lingers there at his nephews hole for a moment before one of his hands breaks contact and comes down with an almighty spank.

“Ouch” Derek cries out before catching his breath and adding with a broken voice “Thirty five Uncle”

“Thirty six Uncle... Thirty seven Uncle... Thirty eight Uncle...”

My cock is synchronised and throbs hard with each strike that lands with force over the reddened buttocks, each throb releasing a copious amount of pre cum into my boxer shorts creating a saturated soggy patch.

“Thirty nine Uncle...”

I can imagine Derek can feel Brian’s own thick manhood pulsating against him through the trousers as he presses down over his lap

“Forty Uncle...”

Brian stops, his hands stroking the inflamed flesh and enjoying the sensation of his nephews burning blushing bottom as I get to my feet.

“Get up lad” Brian orders as he gives Derek’s buttock another firm grip.

Derek stands, his dicklet still semi aroused as he stands hands by his side not attempting to hide it from his two uncles.

“Remove my belt” I say and watch as Derek dutifully kneels before me, pulling the loop of my belt through the buckle before undoing it fully and beginning to pull it from my trousers, his gaze fixing on my groin as my stiff prick throbs to be released.

Derek offers the belt to me lay out over his palms that he raises upwards, offering up the item that he knows will be striking against his already sore bottom.

I take the belt from him as I look into his sorrowful puffy eyes, tracing the tracks of the tears with my finger down over his cheeks.

With Derek stood and bent over, his hand resting on the back of the chair and his thigh slightly spread I circle the flat of the folded belt across his backside, allowing him to feel the leather stoke against his sensitive flesh. I see him trembling in anticipation, awaiting the first unforgiving blow, his dick now clearly soft to the point of almost being inverted, just a small spout of wrinkled foreskin poking out above his small smooth nuts.

“Ouch!” Derek cries out loudly as his body jerks forward and shudders, a long narrow elongated red welt appears showing clearly the point of impact across both cheeks.

Derek catches his breath snivelling the words “41 Uncle” as he shakes.

There is another loud crack and another red mark appears an inch lower down from the first one that is still visible.

“42 Uncle” Derek moans with a sound of agony in his voice before he adds a soft sincere sounding “thank you Uncle”

He is letting me know in his own way that this is what he wants and that he does not wish me to let up or stop. He knows the safe word and whilst his cock maybe flaccid he is verbally indicating me to continue the punishment.

“43 Uncle... 44 Uncle... 45 Uncle” Derek says, his words almost unrecognisable as he sobs, shedding large tears that drip from his eyes down on to the chair which he grips too, his knuckles now white.

“46 Uncle... 47 Uncle” Derek whines. There is no softening of the blows that strike, each one leaving its mark that will no doubt linger and bruise as reddened hues turn to deep shades of purple.

“48 Uncle... 49 Uncle...” Derek’s whole body trembles and shakes as I hold back the last blow, biding my time and making him wait.

Brian edges forward on his chair as he awaits, his gaze taking in the beauty of the colourful buttocks.

“50 Uncle” Derek says with a sound of relief mixed with satisfaction.

50 was no random number, it was a goal he had set in our correspondence, this had been what he had strived for and there was a look of achievement on his face as he stood and looked at me, his eyes blood shot and swollen with tears.

I open my arms he steps towards me and I embrace him tenderly. The comforting hug is required now after such a severe thrashing. I pull his naked body into me as I hear him whisper thank you over and over again through floods of tears. I understand this is his release, I have seen it all before and except it, and as I hold him tight I feel his cock begin to slowly awaken, pressing against the fabric of my trousers as it stiffens.

Chapter 4 Bath time with Uncles
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