Chapter 1: The prick tease

So there I am sat in a meeting that has been going on for the last hour and I just know we are only half way through, and to make it worse I feel as horny as fuck. I fidget in my chair as I feel my aching prick nudging its way up beneath my fitted jeans and I try and discreetly adjust myself.

I look around and see nobody has noticed. In fact it is only the guy next to me who is likely to notice from where I am sat and he looks like he is snoozing away bored out of his fucking brains, listening to the same old shit.

My hand goes down to my lap and I adjust myself again but this time I have a sneaky rub too. 

 Fuck it feels good and I can all ready feel dribbles of pre cum being absorbed into my underpants creating a damp patch.

My balls are aching and they have no clue as to why I am not beating off at this very moment. It seems my testicles have a mind of their own and as usual their chosen timing for a release of a build up sucks.

Jeez I love that word. Sucks! So American to my British mind and yet as I think of it another kind of sucking comes to mind and my fingers gently caress the line of my bulging shaft, following the raised contour that reaches up and beneath the right side pocket.

Fuck if I had a hole in that pocket I could play a round of pocket billiards right night. Slip my hand inside and slowly beat off my meat and shoot discreetly into a paper hanky and nobody would know.

 Yeah right, who the fuck am I kidding. A silent ejaculation has never been my thing, just not wired that way. I have to groan and let loose with the animal sounding growls as I get close and finally shoot my wad.

My hand is having a good grope and fondle now and I am gagging to have a full on wank. Just whip it out under the table and spunk a load like I used to do under the desk in my school days.

Blimey those were the days, rubbing one out in class and the English teacher only to aware of my dirty deed, not that he ever said anything, I suspect he got off on a sneaky peak of me tossing off.

Sat in the meeting room I pretend to make some notes with my free hand to give the impression I give a shit right now about what the fuck is being talked about. Same old problems, same old solutions, we would get more accomplished if the meeting started off with a circle jerk.

The idea appeals to me and I find myself inanely smirking as I look around the table at each male individual sat around it until my glance goes to Don sat next to me.


I have been busted and I see him looking at me with a knowing grin.
 I look straight ahead as I quickly move my hand away from my groin but nothing is going to conceal the tent I am pitching right now and I am sure out of the corner of my eye I see him looking down at my crutch.

A movement catches my eye and I instinctively look down to where his hand is rubbing up and down against his own bulge that protrudes in his beige cargo trousers. My gaze goes up to his face and he gives me a knowing wink whilst still grinning and he begins to write something down with his other hand while still sat thighs spread wide and having a good grope.

Don is in his early 50’s. He is a real masculine mans man from the mid west and today is wearing what he calls his shit kickers, some cowboy boots that are dark brown. He has grey hair that is cropped very short at the sides and back and perfectly flat on top, military style. He has a lean build and a bit of extra size at the shoulders and chest giving him a nice v shape to his upper torso. Guess some might call him a redneck but I won’t comment.

His trousers or jeans always cling tightly around his small waist and well shaped buns as well as to his groin, not that I have ever looked. Yeah OK maybe a passing glance. Thing is I never get jeans that fit so perfectly around my butt.

Don pushes his notepad in my direction and I read in my head what he has written down
 “Damn this is all bullshit. I need to jerk off a mother load, urgently... Seriously man”
 I smile to myself as I read it and quickly look around to make sure nobody has noticed before I add my own note beneath
 “If it isn’t over soon I am going to have a spunk load in my pants”.

Don reads it and nods and he adds a third line
 “Yeah, not wearing any underwear either today”

I take another look down to where the clear shape of his mushroom shaped head can be observed pressing against the light coloured fabric and I realise my error in my American grammar.
 Us Brits say pants to mean underwear and the American guys use pants to mean trousers.

No point trying to explain my error now. I just sit back and move my hand back to my crutch and begin to stroke again as I watch Don rub and fondle at his manhood.

 Thing is I know he is married, second or third wife I think, and three sons one of which is 28, a year younger than myself, but he is always been full of innuendos jokes and comments about whacking off sucking and anal.

 Now I am wondering if he plays both teams. Back there at home on his Dads ranch maybe that was common practice amongst the guys growing up, or maybe that is just my wishful thinking from watching one too many cowboy porn films.

The meeting drags on and we are both sat observing each other as we gently rub and tug our erections and lucky enough we are sat so nobody else can see our hands beneath the table.

 My eyes widen as his finger and thumb lift the tab of his zipper and gently and carefully he pulls at it, lowering it all the way down. I can’t believe what he is doing, right here in a meeting, opening his zipper in front of me.

He pulls at the fabric and I get a flash of firm flesh at the opening. A glimpse of a small portion of his rigid pulsating shaft and the sight of part of a pronounced vein that is no doubt pumping away at this very moment, fuelling his erect cock with fresh blood and keeping it rock hard, and fuck it looks so hard.

I swear I am salivating as I look at his display of cock flesh and I am wondering why he is doing this. Is this just some hetro male joke thing that is going to lead nowhere apart from me tossing off frustrated with this image burned in my head, or does he want more?

After a few more moments he zips back up and puts both hands on the desk but still his cock is rock hard and rigid beneath the fabric creating a clear silhouette and keeping my own pecker stiff.

It is my aching bladder that aids in the eventual softening of my cock as I yearn to take a piss. Finally the meeting finishes and I can’t get out quick enough.

I dash to the toilets and have only just begun to release my stream at the white porcelain bowl when Don enters. There are four other bowls to choose from but he stands right next to me as he unzips and pulls free his soft dick.

I want to look, I am desperate to look, but instead I stare at the blank white tiled wall in front of me.

“Fucking hell I was so damn horny in there man”
 “Yeah me too” I reply looking over at his face and then a quick sneaky glance down to his flaccid cock as he releases his own stream of golden piss.

“Thought I was going to have to whack it off right there under the table, my balls are busting” Don adds
 I look back at the wall and respond with a deep resounding hmmm before adding
 “Yeah I hear that mate”
 “Thought you did not have underwear on” Don comments making me look over to see him looking down
 “Miscommunication, a British term for underwear is pants”

He is still looking down and even though I am pissing I feel some growth happening

“Your uncut right” he comments
 “Wow, never seen one intact before, does that make it more sensitive?”

“I err don’t know” I say getting a bit anxious aware that my cock is expanding

“Does it pull back?” Don asks before looking up in to my eyes and adding
 “Just curious you know dude”

I am wondering how far his curiosity goes and I demonstrate how my skin easily pulls back as he watches intrigued.

“Cool, very cool” Don comments

I look down and notice he has stopped pissing and that he is getting a chubby that he is giving a discreet rub back and forth with his thumb and finger behind the large head.

“You got a fair sized helmet there” I comment feeling more comfortable about looking
 “Some ladies struggle with it” Don responds as he holds it out for a clear examination

 I consider asking if blokes struggle with it too but the circumstances still have me a little on edge, usually I would not fanny about, this would be a green light and I would go for it. But here at work, well fuck it could be a disaster if I have misread the situation.

The sound of the first door to the restroom disturbs us and we both put ourselves away before the secondary inner door opens.

 About four months had passed and apart from the usual innuendos and banter we said nothing about the comparing of cocks in the toilets. I began to wonder if that and the episode in the meeting was some form of straight male bonding ritual that I was unfamiliar with, and as I originally suspected nothing more than a prick tease.

I was asked to go to the new office at the facility in California and was told a few others from different departments would be attending. It was not till I arrived at the airport that I realised one of the other five team members was Don.

I figured I would not see much of him during the week as I would be based at the office and he would be in the factory.

We arrived at the hotel reception in California and the pretty young blonde lady behind the desk looked at her computer screen and announced in her annoying whiney accent
 “OK we have four singles and one double room sirs”

We all looked at each other as we wondered who was getting the short straw. The question was answered as I felt a hand slap me firmly on the back and heard Don’s loud voice
 “We can share mam”.

The double room was best described as compact. A small sitting area with one double sofa and a coffee table, a small shelf with a microwave perched on and a fridge beneath, and a partition wall about waist height behind which were two double beds less than a foot apart.

The bathroom, if you can call it that had a door that only just cleared the toilet as you opened it and the shower was so close that you could have probably shit and showered at the same time.

“Cosy” I comment as I wander what I would do if I needed a J Arthur.
 Who am I kidding, it was more a case of when I needed a wank and not if, and how the hell was I going to sneak one off the wrist without disturbing Don in the process I did not know.

“Nice, got porn too” Don said as he made his own priorities more than clear as a group of four lesbians appeared on the large television.

 Perfect, no privacy and forced to watch lesbian porn. This was not going to be my idea of fun.

 Don changed the channel and this time it was one bird with huge knockers getting banged by a group of guys of various ages and sizes, all average Joes. OK if I was going to have to watch straight porn that would be more like it, plenty of cock to focus on.

“What time we meeting the others for dinner?” Don asked as he turned up the volume
 “About 30 minutes” I replied looking at my watch and then catching Don grabbing at his crutch
 “Not enough time for a jerk off then, will have to wait till we get back” Don responded bluntly as he turned off the television and began to unpack.

Maybe this was not going to be so bad.

 Trouble was though I was sure this came under the category of shitting on your own door step, messing with a work colleague, especially a married one.

Chapter 2: The union

The group of us had dinner as well as a few drinks. As we sat talking my mind was wondering. I could not help but think about previous experiences with married guys and straight porn, scenarios that have ended with me jerking or sucking them off while they watched some bird getting hammered on the screen and with no reciprocation, just me being left to my own devises after they had been finished off, you get my drift.

Still such encounters had a certain thrill about them, even if I was left with me myself and my right hand to toss myself off after they were spent.

Finally back in the room I had gone to have a piss and left the bathroom door open, it was easier than trying to navigate in the tiny space. I heard the television come on and before I had even finished I could hear the sound of grunting and groans from porn.

Don must have been feeling like a right horn dog I figured as I put myself away and did not even bother zipping up.

There he was slouched back on the two seated couch grabbing at his groin as he watched the action on the screen
 “Just thought I would put something interesting on” Don said grinning away
 “Fine” I replied before announcing, “it is a bit hot actually, I am going to grab a quick shower”
 “Yeah good idea”.

I grabbed a towel and was going to strip off in the bathroom but there really was not enough room. I figured he has seen the goods before, so what is the big deal, and so I strip off and chuck my clothes on the bed before walking to the bathroom stark bollock naked.

After the cool refreshing shower I wrap the towel around my waist and still dripping wet leave the bathroom. There is not enough room to swing a cat in there let alone dry off.

I stop in my tracks as I leave the bathroom and see Don still slouched on the couch but now not wearing a single stitch of clothing as he man handles his glossy lubricant coated stiff prick. My own show of relaxed nudity must have set off the green light for a clothes free policy and I can’t help but stare at his smooth naked torso as he masturbates openly watching porn.

I look over at the screen where two guys are double penetrating some woman, their stiff pricks pressed firmly together as they share the same hole, two pairs of sweaty balls dangling about and slapping against each other making a satisfying rhythmic sound.
 As far as straight porn goes this is as good as it gets for me.

“You want to come and sit over here and get relaxed” Don says slapping the palm of his hand hard on the narrow space next to him on the couch where his is sat thighs spread wide, not once missing a stroke with his greased up hand.

Now I know I said I did not want to shit on my own door step but fuck, it was there being handed on a silver platter. I am a red blooded gay male with needs and this masculine bloke is showing of all his junk, jerking his stiff pecker as his testicles bounce around in their loose sack like two rubber balls.

I can smell his manly arousal from where I am stood, the heady testosterone filling my nose and making my nostrils flare with excitement.

I chuck my towel on the couch and my cock is already jutting out in response. He looks like he has between six or seven inches fully erect. The same as mine but mine is a little thicker in girth.

I sit down on the towel and feel our bare thighs rub given the limited space and I am just about to grab the lube when his hand reaches out and starts stroking me.
 OK that was unplanned for
 “Feels different with the skin hood slipping back and forth” Don says looking down as he continues to stroke himself and me simultaneously.

“Feels different alright” I respond taking in a deep breath in surprised by his somewhat forward nature.
 I put my arms over the back of the chair and relax into the stroking motion as his pre lubricated hand smoothly glides up and down my erect shaft, his eyes occasionally moving from the screen and fixating on my cock as if fascinated by a new toy.

Don continues stroking us both, his motion perfectly synchronised as the movie continues, and I wonder how many other times Don has performed this act of mutual masturbation. It is certainly not new to him.

“You fancy getting blown?” Don asks as casual as you might ask someone if they want cuppa tea or coffee
 “Sorry, you what?” I ask with a somewhat confused look on my face
 “No need to return the favour man. Just thought it might help you unwind a bit”

My jaw feels like it has hit the floor as I try and figure out if I understand what he is offering or if this is a serious case of bad translation.

My question is answered as he gives up waiting for my response and his head drops to my lap
 “Oh fucking hell” I gasp feeling his open moist mouth engulf my cock right down to my nuts without so much as a gag. Guzzling and suckling like a hungry calf as his head bobs up and down.

“Oh my god” I say out loud wondering if he learnt this technique back on the ranch. His saliva soaked lips making my cock pulsate and throb as his suction continues.

A good 15 minutes into his relentless sucking I can feel his mouth taking its toll and my body begins to shudder
 Don suddenly sits bolt upright, a string of drawl hanging from his lips and connecting to my cock head as he gasps for air
 “Don’t cum yet will you man, unless you want to cum more than once?” he asks with a cheeky grin

I nod my head as I catch my own breath and speak
 “Yeah I can bust more than one load”

It is clearly music to his ears and with eagerness he is back with his head on my lap, his mouth working to eagerly drain me of my first load of the day, fuck correction, two days. Just hope he is ready, this is going to be a gusher.

My hands grasp the back of his head feeling the bristles of his short cropped hair and forcing him to stay down as I push my hips upwards feeling as the sensation arises, the build up of nut juice about to spew free right down his throat.

True to my nature I begin to growl and snarl as I curse and encourage him
 “Fuck yeah suck my dick, drain my nuts, grrr... Oh yeah... Yeah yeah”

Don continues as I fire my load with the force of a water cannon. I see his eyes open wide as I hear gulping, fighting to swallow my forceful outbursts of fresh spunk as I keep his head pinned in place.

He does not fight against the pressure I am placing on the back of his head as I spear my ejaculating length down his throat, if anything he seems to relish the rough action.

The sudden surge becomes a dribble as I sink back into the chair with full body convulsions like I am having a seizure
 “You’re fucking good” I gasp releasing my grip and allowing his head to raise up for a few good breaths
 “Yeah I am” he winks confidently as he begins to lick and lap at my cock as it begins to subside and soften.

There is no give up from Don who begins to lick my nut sack before taking both balls in his mouth like two gobstoppers that he sucks on eagerly, his hands grasping my thighs as the flat of his tongue travels up and down my cock before lapping at my nuts.

His hands are grasping under my thighs now as his tongue lingers on my nuts and he dares to travel to my perineum.
 I am telling myself he won’t go further, surely not beyond my taint, he wouldn’t, would he?

I feel the underside of my thighs grasped pulled and lifted simultaneously as I slide down the couch and my arse is raised up, and just as sudden as a viper striking his tongue is pushed in my hole in one single strike

 “Oh Jesus fucking Christ!” I shout out feeling the full extent of his lengthy tongue.

I am gasping for air and in a state of disbelief at what he is doing right now, my hands gripping at the couch at the feel of his wet hungry mouth eating me out. I glance down and see Don’s achingly stiff prick bobbing up and down and leaking a thick thread of pre cum. He is clearly enjoying himself as much as I am right now and part of me is close to begging the bastard to fuck me.

I usually top but I like a stiff dick in me now and again, especially if I sense someone knows what they are doing. I really don’t get these blokes that claim they are exclusive Tops and that they never take it in the arse, I mean there is a lot of pleasure to be had by a nice cock rammed up your jacksie.

Don seems oblivious to my needs as he is still tonguing me and slobbering like a rabid dog and I want him inside me so fucking bad, so bad.
 “Fuck me!” I cry out causing Don to pull away with his own drawl covering his chin as he looks at me grinning.

Bastard, he knew only too well the result of what he was doing down there, I can see it written all over his smug looking face.

“Stay there man” Don says as he stands up and hurries away
 I watch his perfectly rounded white arse that stands out against the darker tan lines and when he returns he has a rubber covering his erect cock and is smearing himself with more lube.

Don pulls me back a little more on the couch before pushing down on my thighs so that I am folded with my ankles by my ears and my rear end perfectly presented. I feel the tip of his cock nudging against my hole as he looks into my eyes and with a slow precise motion he slides his way inside inch by inch.

“Oh fuck” I say as I feel my sphincter muscles contract and initially try and expel the intrusion.
 I take deep breaths in through my mouth and relax into the feeling of his erect prick filling my cavity.

He reaches the full expanse of his member and holds the position all the while keeping eye contact as if looking for visual clues and facial expressions, the way my eyes go from tightly closed to relaxed and then open and the way my breathing settles as I let out a satisfying gasp.

Don begins a slow steady pace, easing himself in and out as he keeps his gaze fixed on my face, analysing every expression I make. Damn the fucker knows what he is doing, certainly not a spit on it and whack it in kind of bloke with no clue of internal anatomy or workings. Don knows, like an internal instinct that drives each motion, the tempo increasing bit by bit as I groan and whimper my appreciation.

He is like a craftsman with his tool as he works his well learnt technique, honing his skills with each movement, attentive to my needs as he grinds deeper and harder into me.
 “Oh fucking hell yes” I whimper at his now increased steady pace, his intense gaze still fixed on my face monitoring any changes as he hammers down into me.

Don slows and adjusts his position and instinctively my legs come down and wrap around his waist and his hands grab under my arms. I feel my body being raised from the chair effortlessly and all the while his stiff prick is pierced deep within me.

He holds my body weight and grinds his hips and I tilt my head back as I moan with passion feeling the deeper insertion of his rigid cock in this new position and am surprised as he begins to move across the room towards the beds.

I feel like a conjoined twin as he reaches the bed and he lowers me on to the mattress with ease and begins to fuck me again on my back as my legs release their grip and rise upwards.

 Don rotates me and fucks me on my side, than my stomach, and even manages to get me on top and all the while rooted at the groin. There I am riding his erect cock, pounding and thrashing on top of him as I take my fill of his manhood for almost an hour.

Don sits upwards and my legs adjust to again wrap around his waist and I can see in his eyes he is close, and he is not alone. His strong arms wrap around me and my cock slaps up and down against his sweaty stomach. I know I am going to cum hands free as his large head presses against my prostate.

Our manic groans growls and cries create a chorus which signals we are both going to ejaculate and it is my load that shoots first, splattering up over his smooth stomach.
 I don’t have to wait long before Don spunks his own load, I feel the pulsating of his cock and watch his cum face, that look of blissful deep pleasure that I longed to see.

We collapse on to the bed, exhausted and satisfied and as I find my breath I state
 “So your bisexual”
 “Isn’t everyone” Don responds
 I am not sure everyone would agree but I just nod to shattered to get into the debate
 “All about circumstances and degrees, some guys will just want to beat off together, others will get more experimental” Don adds
 “Sounds like you have had your share of experimenting” I comment giving him a curious look.

 Truth is I want to know more, I want to hear every graphic detail of his sexual adventures and as he looks at me bathing in his own afterglow I know he is about to spill the beans...



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