I am stood chatting with Derek on the drive and wondering why it is he has just happened to drop by for the umpteenth time in the last few weeks, hanging around like a bloody bad smell.

 It is not that I don’t like the bloke don’t get me wrong, truth be told I find him rather cute with his boyish facial features. He is 37 and stands 6ft 2 with mousy coloured hair average build and the most alluring big blue eyes I have ever seen, but he is not even a friend of mine but a friend of a friend.

 He pulls his hands free of his pocket and some loose change falls on the ground and he turns his back to me and bends over to pick it up. Man he has a seriously nice rump and I can make out the line of his underwear through his jeans. I remind myself he is married but still I can’t help but check out his rear end, fuck I could do some damage to that I swear.

 He stands upright and finally I get the impression he is about to leave which is good as I need to get on with some work, and he is a serious distraction.

 “Well be good” I say as he says his goodbyes

“Maybe I would rather be bad” he remarks

“Well you know what happens to bad boys” I reply without really thinking.

He gives me a cheeky mischievous grin as he looks me in the eyes with those baby blues and asks

“What is that then?” 

OK I should stop this conversation right here but the way he looks at me triggers an automated response

“A good spanking over my knee that is what”

As soon as I hear myself say it I regret it but once the words are passed my lips it is too late to take them back.

“Oh really” he responds still grinning

I figure I have said too much and decide to excuse myself

“Well I better get on and get some work done”

“Yeah sure, sure” Derek says backing away slowly towards his car his gaze fixed on me until he finally turns around.

 I adjust myself in my jeans as he reverses the car and waves before driving away and I look at my watch wondering if I have time for a quick one off the wrist.

 A few days pass and I am stacking some small hay bales in the barn when I hear a car pulling in the drive. I stick my head out the door to see who it is.

 Bollocks, not again, what the fuck does he want this late in the day.

 “Hey” Derek says cheerfully as he approaches the door to the barn

 “Hey, what can I do for you?” I ask keen to keep this short and sweet

“I err... Shit it is gone, hang on I was going to ask you about something”

I hear myself huffing loudly as I begin to lose my patients and I step back into the barn and lift another hay bale

“Nice set up in here” Derek says looking up at the tall telegraph poles that hold up the tin cladding

“Does the job” I reply shortly

“I was going to ask you something about vegetable seeds but it has completely gone” Derek comments looking a little sheepish

“aha” I respond shooting him a disapproving look as I lift another bale

“Guess I am a bad boy for wasting your time right” Derek adds all doe eyed.

I heave the heavy bale up into position and then take a seat on another lower stack of bales and pat my lap
“Remember what happens to bad boys Derek” I say kind of mucking around and trying to make light of his stupidity.

 “Well I have been very very bad” Derek announces as he takes a step forward

“Really now”

“Yeah really”

OK, now I can’t help myself, looking at the sorrowful look on this grown man’s face as he stands hands deep in his pockets and takes another step closer

 “So what the fuck are you waiting for? Get yourself over my knee” I say in a loud authoritative tone that makes him look a little stunned.

 To my surprise Derek navigates himself over my knee, his groin pressed against my thigh as his hands reach down and touch the dirt ground and his arse is right there, perfectly presented.

 My hand instinctively grabs his cheek through the thick denim and I feel the firmness of his arse before I loosen my grip and raise my hand high and come down with a loud resounding whack.

 I repeat the action four times but the coarse fabric is causing more hurt to my palm than my palm to his backside and he has not even let out so much of a whimper.

 “Stand the fuck up” I order making Derek fall to his knees before he clambers to his feet.

I grab at his belt and pull the end through the buckle before forcefully undoing the belt followed by undoing the button and yanking down the zipper, and all the while he stands hands down by his sides just watching motionless, not once objecting.

 “There is no way I am wasting my time slapping over your damn jeans, you can’t even feel it” and with that said I tug down his jeans exposing his crisp white cotton Y fronts

“Now get back over my knee” I demand as he stands, his jeans now around his ankles.

 If his arse looked good in jeans it looks damn amazing clad in thin white cotton. I let my hands follow the perfect curvature of his buttocks a few times before one hand breaks contact and lands with an almighty strike.

“Ouch!” Derek yells as he bucks on my lap

But I don’t let that stop me, I repeat the action several times landing on each cheek with a satisfying sound as he whimpers and wriggles about.

“Stay the fuck still” I say as the palm of my hand rubs over his cheeks in a groping fashion

“Sorry Uncle” Derek responds.

I can’t help but wonder where the Uncle bit came from but it arouses me further and I go with it

“What has your Uncle told you about being naughty?”

“Sorry, really I am Uncle”

Fuck is it wrong that his words are getting me so turned on right now, a grown man calling me uncle as he perches over my knees with his jeans at his ankles and me spanking his bottom through his tighty whites.

 I let loose withanother barrage of spanks, alternating between each cheek and feeling them getting nice and warm as he snivels in response.

 If I did not know better I would say I was not the only one with a bone on right now, I feel something hard rubbing and pressing into my thigh.

 I rest one hand low on his hip as I strike again and then let my hand slowly wonder until it is slips beneath where he is rested, my palm up and now in contact with his rigged bulge.

 I slap his arse again and feel it pulsate as his body shakes and Derek sobs his apologies

“I am so sorry Uncle”

I give his stiff rod a fondle through the thin cotton as I rub my other palm against his backside and I feel my own erection throbbing away at this fun adult game.

“Are you sorry enough lad, or does Uncle need to ensure you remember not be naughty in the future?”

“I am sorry, I won’t be bad again Uncle, honest” Derek replies sniffling

But I suspect he does not want me to stop just yet, and besides, I don’t want to stop yet either when there is still a single layer of fabric separating my hand from his bare arse.

 I press my fingers along between his cheeks pushing the fabric between his crevice and creating a sexy looking crease. The fabric is warm and moist at the crack and even more so close to his hole and I can’t resist raising my fingers to my nose to take a sneaky sniff of his musky aroma.

 What a fucking waste, a perfect arse on a married bloke.

 Mother Nature’s twisted humour no doubt, sure women like a nice arse on a bloke but what do they do with it other than look?

 But this married man wants his backside explored and punished, some deep routed history has been unearthed in our previous meetings and he must have wanted this all along. He saw me as an openly gay man who would willingly play out his fantasy, and let me tell you he is not bloody wrong.

 The trouble is when you open Pandora’s Box you release all manner of things hidden within.

 As my mind ponders on the twisted origins of his fantasy I allow two fingers to slip under the waistband and hook them as I begin to slowly drag them down and expose his arse crack and cheeks.

 I feel my breathing change as I focus on the flesh as it is revealed to me bit by bit, the perfect rounded mounds that are already a pink rosy hue against the pale white of the rest of his skin, the mousy coloured hair that runs between the ravine and the dimples in his cheeks that I witness as I pull the underwear passed the midway section. 

 As I hold the waistband in place my knuckle nestles against his moist hairy hole and I feel his cock pulsating against my palm as his own breathing becomes excited. There they are. Two perfect domes of meaty flesh that are just calling out to be struck and beaten. 

 I pull my hand away from his bulge and feel the warm bare flesh of his cheeks. Fuck I need this bad, and he needs it too. He desires further punishment and the feel of his Uncle’s firm hand against that wonderful looking exposed arse.

 “You’re a bad boy” I mutter as my hand caresses his butt building up the tension to the moment when I will strike again.

 He knows it is inevitable, he feels my passion for it pressing against him from beneath, my rock hard erection that prods into him with excitement at this act of role play.

 “I am a bad boy” Derek whispers, eager for me to continue and feel the sensation of my hand against that of his bare exposed skin.

 Another round of slaps follows as I spank and explore his buttocks, turning the rosy pink to a crimson red.

 “Stand up” I order abruptly 

 Derek stands up and I yank down his underpants and his cock pops up like it is spring loaded, a small boy sized stiff pecker on a fully grown man, not even 5 inches in it fully erect state yet utterly perfect in its shape and form.

 Two small nuts in a smoothly shaved scrotal sack are pulled up tight beneath with the crimped seam clearly defined and a neatly trimmed crown of brown hair above the base of his member.

 I usually prefer the natural hairy look but I get the sudden urge to remove that perfectly manicured patch that crowns his cock. I suspect the rest of his body is naturally smooth with the exception of that glorious path between the crack of his arse, but it seems fitting to remove the last vestiges of his manliness.
 A symbolic gesture of our new found role as Uncle and nephew. 

 I point my finger and Derek resumes the position, his stiff little pecker pressing against my thigh as my hands grab hold of his now tender rear end. Fuck I feel so horny right now and my hand strikes hard upon the mass of muscle demonstrating my excitement.

“Ouch” Derek cries out as he whimpers against the discomfort and yet his dick is still pulsates.

I allow my hand to reach underneath him so that his wet leaking prick is pressed against the palm of my one hand as my other hand continues a mix of caressing and spanking until I feel his body quivering uncontrollably. The unmistakable sign of his state of his arousal as strands of sticky pre cum continue to cover my hand like a network of cobwebs. 

 “Ah, ah, ah” Derek cries as another slap lands with force against his glowing red arse cheeks.

 His body tenses and I feel his willy pulsating rapidly and suddenly my palm is filled with a sticky warm pool of fluid.

 His body collapses and I use my hand to stroke his cheeks tenderly
“Good lad” I say in a calm voice.

 Derek stumbles to hisfeet and is about to pull up his underwear when I stop him

“Hold on just a minute”

 He looks at me bewildered and I stand up

 “Turn around”

Derek shuffles around with his jeans and underpants at his ankles and I crouch down to examine my handy work as I rub my crutch.

 I am sure Derek hears the sound of my zipper being released but he does not look around, instead he stands facing the wall of hay bales in front of him.

 “Spread those cheeks for me”

Derek reaches his hands around and places them on his buttocks and pulls them apart exposing his fragrant musky hairy hole.

 I begin to wank with my cum covered hand as I examine closely the puckered ring of flesh surrounded by hair, blowing against it and watching it twitch as I beat my meat, watching his fingers gripping his sensitive cheeks as he exposes his hole and listens to my groans of passion and squelching spunk lubricated hand.

“Good lad, show Uncle that sweet hole” I say almost growling as my fist clamps around my swollen shaft and moves faster.

 I sniff the air and stoke furiously as my mind thinks of all the things I could do with that piece of sweet man arse.

 My eruption quickly follows as I grunt and groan my approval at his exposure and as the last dribbles are released I stand and smear my load down my work overalls

“OK you can get dressed now” I say having already pushed my cock away.

 Derek seems a little flustered as he pulls his underpants and jeans up and I wonder if the sound of my own self pleasure was more than he bargained for.

 “Can we maybe do this again” Derek asks looking a little coy

“Sure we can. But I want you to e mail me one of your Uncle experiences”

 I want to understand where his head is at and an e mail would give me an insight as well as wank fodder, even if it is purely  fantasy.

 Derek nods his head
“Sure, sure yeah I can do that”.

I figure that will be that and I probably won’t hear from him again, but I am wrong.

The e mail is very detailed in its content and a real indicationto the depths of his Uncle fantasies that would be best described as age play, consensual adult escapism where you act out erotic scenarios or story lines, a means of diversion from the real world if you will.

 I read his e mail a few times before responding with a brief reply
 “Looks like I better get a bubble bath running for your next visit”

But you will have to wait to hear all about how that went...

 Votes feed back as always welcome...



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