(This story is about two consenting adults aged 37 and 44 engaged in a role play scenario)

Introduction: Role play opens up doors and possibilities between consenting adults, opportunities to act out our deepest desires, whatever they may be, or however strange they may seem.

I am old enough to have played my fare share of scenarios, from a visiting plumber to the Doctors physical exam, Priests confessions and horny soldiers in the Army Barracks. The list is endless and only limited by imagination, and Derek’s imagination had taken him to place of youth for his choice of erotic escapism and stimulation, a place to put the worries of the adult world behind him.

Part 2

I hear Derek’s car pull in the drive at 6pm punctual yet the door bell does not ring until twenty minutes past, I suspect that is just a ploy so he gets the firm handed punishment he so longs for.

I open the door dressed in my white Y fronts with a white vest tucked in and black sheer socks.

I notice Derek has had his hair cut with a side parting and the back of his neck has been freshly shaven by the barber. I look at him thinking how incredibly sexy and cute he really is.

“What time do you call this?” I ask abruptly as he scurries in through the front door

“Sorry Uncle” Derek responds his big sorrowful eyes looking at me

“Well I think punishment is in order young man” I respond before he follows me to the living room and I order him to remove his shoes and trousers.

Derek is wearing a crisp white shirt black trousers and shoes and a striped tie that resembles a school tie.

I watch as he unbuckles his belt, his gaze fixed to the ground, and then he unbuttons and unzips. He kicks of his polished black shoes before his trousers slip down to his ankles and as he pulls each foot free I notice his brightly coloured Y fronts that have super heroes emblazoned all over them. There is something juvenile and whimsical about his choice of underpants, and yet they suit the scene we have planned.

“Over my lap young man” I say gruffly as I sit down on a chair and notice he is already sporting his little woody in anticipation.

He straddles over my lap and I feel his prick pressing through the thin layer of fabric as the palm of my hand begins to rub in circles over his arse cheeks, rubbing over the bright coloured cotton and following the contours of his firm rounded buttocks.

“I think twenty is in order, one for each minute you were late. Count them out and think about being punctual next time young man” I say sternly

“Yes Uncle” Derek replies as I feel his dick throbbing rapidly against me

My hand lands with the first distinct blow across his buttocks and I feel it quiver beneath my palm as I let it linger in place. I hear his whimper followed by his soft spoken words

 “One Uncle”

 My second blow strikes hard across the exact same place along with the third and the fourth

 “Two Uncle... three Uncle... Four Uncle...” Derek continues with whimpers and whines in between as his body trembles.

My fifth blow lands on the other cheek along with my sixth, and just when he is expecting the seventh to land there I change tack and return to the first cheek making his body buck

“Five Uncle... Six Uncle... ouch Seven Uncle”

Eight nine and ten come down in quick succession leaving Derek struggling to keep up his count in between gasps and breaths.

“Eight Uncle nine ten Uncle”

I pause, my palm gently caressing the now warm cheeks that radiate warmth through the thin layer of fabric.

My index finger runs between his cheeks, pressing at the fabric and pushing with firmness when I get close to where I know his hole is. I feel his hole twitch through the cotton as my finger remains in place and I can tell he likes being touched there from the way his stiff rod is pulsating.

“Ten more young man” I announce, my finger still pressed against his hoop

 “Yes Uncle” Derek responds.

My fingers slip under the elastic waistband and slowly slide back his briefs exposing the already nicely reddened bottom cheeks.

As I hold back the elastic waistband with one hand I allow my other hand to stroke and caress his bare cheeks, my forefinger pushing between his buttocks and pressing against his butthole. He must be able to feel my own erect cock throbbing against him as I curiously rotate my finger around his hairy opening.

“Eleven Uncle” Derek says as I quickly land another blow and grope at the tenderised bare rump

“Twelve Uncle” Derek whines as I strike his other cheek and use the forefinger of my hand that is still holding back his briefs now pressing against his hole

“Thirteen Uncle” Derek whimpers as I feel his hole spasm as I apply pressure against it

“Fourteen Uncle” Derek snivels as I hit him again and the tip of my forefinger manages to pry his bum hole open

“Fifteen Uncle” Derek sobs with anther spank, and half of my forefinger now penetrating him

“Sixteen Uncle... Seventeen Uncle eighteen Uncle nineteen Uncle”

My finger now fully inserted in his tightly clamped slot as my other hand strokes his bright red cheeks, purposefully holding off on the last strike, enjoying the feel of his glowing buttocks and gripping sphincter.

“Twenty Uncle” comes the loud cry that echoes around the room as his body shudders.

 My palm remains groping his buttock as my finger slowly withdraws from his warm grip.

“Get up young man” I order causing Derek to clamber to his feet as he looks at me teary eyed.

I stand up and watch as he pulls the back of his underpants up and then rubs against the sore smarting area.

“Take your shirt and tie off and meet me in the bathroom” I say before I turn and make my way to the bathroom.

I begin to run the bath and add plenty of bubble bath that quickly begins to foam up covering the water.

 Derek enters wearing just his bright underpants and socks clearly having obeyed my request of shirt and tie to be removed. He stands 6’2” hands by his side, his smooth lean body and his boyish good looks, his eyes looking red and swollen from shedding a few tears.

My gaze is drawn back to those boyish underpants and I can’t help but smile.

As the bath water reaches just above the half way mark and the thick layer of bubbles and white foam froth to the top edges I turn off the hot tap and check the temperature before turning off the cold tap.

“Right young man, let’s get those underpants off shall we” I say as I kneel down in front of him and my hands rise up and take hold of either side of the waistband.

His prick is still clearly stiff and a patch of clear pre cum can be seen oozing right through the face of one of the super heroes that adorn his tightly clinging briefs.

I yank them down and his stiff pecker bounces upright, standing proud and pointing directly at the ceiling as he lifts each foot free.

“OK now your socks” I say as I pull down each sock in turn and he raises his foot to allow me to take them off. I had not noticed before but notice now the matching cartoon heroes on the socks too.

“Right get in the bath and we will get you all scrubbed clean”

As Derek lowers himself in the hot water I see him looking at my bulging Y fronts, my own stiff cock making a man sized impression beneath the white cotton and stretching over towards my hip. I look down and notice my own dew drops glistening as they filter through the fabric creating a damp sticky patch at my piss slit.

I grab the soap and begin to soap Derek’s shoulders back and chest. As I begin to soap his upper arm and armpit the back of his hand discretely brushes against my groin. I lean in towards his hand as I extend his arm towards me and purposefully rub up against his palm making my cock pulsate. I can’t help but wonder if his pecker is throbbing beneath the mass of bubbles.

There were some parts of the fantasy that had been very specific in the e mail as if Derek was trying to recreate a moment in time. I step back and Derek stands up and begins to soap himself. His hands lingering on his thighs close to his stiff aching prick and then his soapy fingers slipping between his butt crack as I watch.

For this part of his fantasy he wants me to be strictly the voyeur, his Uncle stood witnessing him soap his most private and intimate body parts. Just watching his soapy hands soap his dick and balls again and again, a thick lather of suds building up and dripping down as he strokes his hardness in front of me, and for me.

 His finger slips right in his bottom hole as he spreads one cheek and bends forward, ensuring I can see his actions, clearly he is getting turned on by his exposure and putting on a show for his Uncle.

His hands go back to his stiff little pecker and I tell him what a good job he is doing.

Fuck I am hard and want to be in the bath with him, with Derek stroking my penis and making it soapy before rubbing our stiff rods together. Trouble is it is not in the script, not yet anyway. For now this is strictly me watching, and occasionally encouraging.

“A bit more soap on your willy, get it all nice and clean” I say seeing the look of excitement over his face as he stands there, 6’2” smooth and lean, his cute boyish handsome face glowing with a high degree of erotic pleasure and arousal.

Fuck I want to feel my dick up against his butt crack rubbing against him, stood behind him sliding my stiff cock between his clamped thighs as he soaps his pecker. I want to feel his body shudder against mine as he whimpers and releases his load with soapy palms.

I see him looking down at the crutch of my white Y fronts that is tenting dramatically and wetter than a monsoon at the thoughts that go through my head.

“How does that feel?” I enquire as I hear his short bursts of gasps
 “Feels really nice Uncle” he replies
 “Yeah that is right, get yourself all nice and sparkling clean for Uncle” I say as his hand motion jerks and his buttocks thrust making the dimples in his cheek more noticeable.

“I like it when you and I are in the bathroom together Uncle” Derek whimpers
 “When I am soaping myself as you watch. Soaping my stiff penis in front of you, oh yeah Uncle, are you watching me Uncle?”

“I am watching you young man” I say as he gasps and sprays his load...

 I rinse Derek's lathered body down with a sponge and then dry him off with a soft towel. As I dry him I feel his hand brushing against my crutch,  his fingers rubbing against the cotton covered erection that pounds to be released.

 I sense he is curious to explore this fantasy further and will await his next e mail...



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