Man Next Door # 4

By : A. Williams

    They slowly walked the hall holding hands no need for words to the master bedroom. Travis turned to Sam, Sam to Travis again they embraced softly tenderly and places small kisses on each other face while both whispered "I love you" over and over again. Sam was the first to speak as he reached for Travis boxer band, "I want to see your body love, all of it." He gradually lowered them and allowed himself to move down as they did. Finally they were both on the floor at Travis's feet. Sam lifted one foot then the other and tosses the boxers aside.

    Sam stood, backed up a few feet and allowed his eyes to drink in the sight of the man he loved more than he had ever believed possible. Sam started at his toes, long groomed, feet wide flat and long, ankle's large, calves tightly defined hairy, thighs large strong muscled hairy. Balls low heavy extra-large hairy, cock cut hard dripping.... Long, 10 inches thick heavily veined with a slight curve up, bush large thick brown, abs cut strong ripped smooth, pecs defined hairy, areolas large light brown, nipples large hard, shoulders wide strong, arms hairy muscled, hand large groomed, neck large not to long clean shaven, face handsome friendly clean shaven, dreamy brown eyes, full kissable lips that now held a huge smile. "You are magnificent Travis my Love... I am so not worthy of you."

    Travis said "I can say the same thing.....I have waited so long for you I am so scared I will not be able to hold back and give you the pleasure you deserve Babe." Travis walked forward and pulled Sam to him tenderly and placed his lips over his softly. He pulled back "My turn Babe." Travis went to his knees and looked up at Sam "I love you with all I am or will ever be." He reached up and began to remove his boxers slowly. Running his hands over Sam's smooth hairless tan legs. "God ...I love you Travis ...please hurry." Sam begged. Travis removed Sam's boxers, swept him up in his arms and laid him down caringly on the bed. His eyes roamed over the smooth hairless body splayed before him.

    "Babe you are one enticing man...look at those long lean legs ... God u were made for me. Only me... can I make you mine Sam? Can I enter you?" Travis asked. Sam raised his legs and Travis let out a deep moan seeing his red hole twitch. "Please Love take me, all of me, for all time. I am only yours Love for a thousand years." Travis buried his face on Sam's man pussy and began to lap and suck. The taste and smell was so divine he dined there for almost an hour till Sam screamed. "Stop Love ...please or I will cum...push inside me with that long thick cock..." Travis rose off and placed his cock at Sam's wet hole. "Babe you want lube or a rubber?" Sam said "Both love till we know we are safe." Travis obliged and got back in position.

    "I love you Sam, you ready?" Travis said. "For years it Love!!!" Travis pushed and popped in they both moaned. Soon Travis was all the way in, deep inside of a hot wet tunnel of Sam's pussy. His legs on his shoulders, Travis rubbed them, kissed and licked them as he pulled out slow. Back in slow, out slow, still kissing and licking those long tan hairless legs he loved so much. "I pray this will last forever Babe. You feel marvelous." Travis said between licks and strokes. He position Sam on his side and went deeper with faster strokes. Travis bent over and they began a long sensual deep man kiss. Travis had his hand in Sam's long hair, gently feeling his soft silky strands, he reached Sam's other hand and laced their fingers together never losing speed or pace.

    They reached another level of existence where all that matter was the feel of their bodies and the feeling of their love. Travis picked up speed, panting, he released the kiss and Sam whispered as he gripped Travis's hand tighter. "I love you Travis, please harder now, take me over the edge Love." Travis rose up twisted to get a better angle and grazed Sam's hot spot "YES...RIGHT THERE....YEEEESSS..." Sam moaned out. Travis could feel his prostate swell and pulse along his shaft, Sam was there and Travis was pleased. "Yes Babe together now, I love you Sam." Over and over Travis cock rubbed his hotspot. "YES...RIGHT THERE....YEEEESSS...III AAMM CCUUMMIIINNGGG." Sam screamed. Sam shot out loads of hot creamy cum, over his chest, abs and groin. As his ass quivered Travis went off deep inside "YYEESS...UUUMMM." Travis collapsed over Sam in his cum and their sweat.

    They very slowly came back to the real world. "Love you are the best lover I have ever had." Sam said giggling. Travis said "Babe you are my lifelong passion... You are all mine now." They were still breathing hard, hearts still racing. They lay in silence in the afterglow so content and satisfied but exhausted. They rested and Travis was the next to speak "Babe we will move you in to my place and into my bed tomorrow but now we need a shower and lunch." Neither moved they held each other tighter. Sam said "Lets sleep Love, I will follow you to the end of the earth Travis, I love you so much but now stay and sleep with me." Travis giggled "Babe I love you and you fill me so much with your love, I am not hungry at all." They slept in each other arms, so in love and so satisfied  all of us should be envious.

The End.....


A. Williams

[email protected]


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