Man Next Door # 3

By : A. Williams

    Travis Swung around on his piano stool and grabbed Sam around the waist roughly and pushed him back hard. Sam landed on his ass and Travis knocked over the stool hard when he abruptly stood up. He towered over Sam and yelled "Fuck Sam... you have no fucking clue how hard it was to hold myself back last night. I wanted to rape you as you were passed out. Fuck man." Sam sat there mouth agape, trying to think of what to say. "I've been waiting months for you to be single... Fuck never mind." Travis stomped of to his bedroom. Sam came back to his senses and was quick to catch up to Travis he roughly grabbed his arm nails digging in and swung him around. "No damn it tell me now, finish what you were saying." He looked at his arm and saw the blood from Sam's nails and punched him square on the jaw. Sam again landed on his ass as Travis stormed to his bedroom and slammed the door. Now both men where seething with rage.

    Sam busted through the door and slammed into Travis's back knocking them both to the bed. They began to struggle together for dominance, Travis was on top... no Sam was... now Sam and Travis raised his fist, he swung at Sam and he grabbed his fist in mid-air. "Not again Mister, that was the first and last time you will EVER hit me." he screamed in Travis's face spit flying. Sam released his hand and the both lay there huffing, chest heaving for breath and staring into each other's eyes with raging hard cocks. As they calmed, the stare changed to longing and desire.

    Travis was the first to speak "You don't understand." He said defeated. "Well explain it to me now...Please." Sam said. Travis just sighed and rolled his head to one side. "Get off of me Sam then we can talk." He said. Sam obliged and sat at the foot of the bed, Travis set up as well. "We need coffee or vodka your choice." Sam said "Screw Drivers it is." and stood up. Travis followed and they went to the kitchen together. Travis mixed the vodka and orange juice, heavy on the vodka. He set the drinks on the kitchen table and they both sat down.

    They drank and eyed each other, neither wanting to speak first. When the drinks were half gone and they were both buzzed Sam spoke. "Ready for that explanation now." He said. Travis was afraid to tell him the truth but knew he had to. He took a deep breath "Sam I have wanted you since the first time I laid eyes on you but we were friends, neighbors and I did not want to screw that up... You understand?" Sam was smiling as he said "I have too, my hot friend, I have been waiting for you to make a move on me for years now. That long hug and the feel of you got me ready to jump your bones. I meant what I said ... I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you...only you Travis. Please believe me." Sam begged. Travis stared at Sam, long and hard. He was hesitating what if this was just some rebound reaction? An easy lay next door... But those honest sincere blue eyes Of Sam's staring back at him broke all the resistance he had.

    Travis started to cry and silent streams ran down his face and fell on his bare chest. Sam stood up and pulled him in his arms. He kissed all over his wet face and then lips, all he wanted was Travis... all of him, every inch of him. He pulled him away from the table and down on the floor. "Please my love... please give yourself to me. Please I need to feel you inside me making us one for all time." Sam said as he placed his lips on Travis' softly and tenderly. With lips still together Travis lay down with Sam on the plush Oriental rug that was under the table and begins to slip his tongue into Sam's wet mouth. When their tongues touched they both moaned with deep pleasure and both their bodies shivered all over.

    They had waited years for this, neither was in a hurry and they lazily enjoyed that first sweet taste of each other's mouths and tongues. Slowly their hands glided over each other's hot bodies, Sam so smooth and Travis hairy and they love the feel of each other... the differences only intensifies the pleasure for each of them.

    Travis can smell the scent of apples and strawberries coming from Sam's soft blonde long hair as it covers his face as they continue to kiss slowly. He loves that smell and moans with contentment of being in Sam's sweet arms at last. "Love I have waited so long for that kiss, you taste better than I dreamed you would. Please let me see all of your gorgeous body naked, I know it will surpass my dreams too." Sam said softly and tenderly as he pulled away from their kiss. Travis stood and held out his hand for Sam's, they joined hands and Travis pulled him gently to his feet. "Babe I too have waited, I want to see all of you as well but let's do this the right way and come with me to our bed. Let's make slow sweet love to each other for hours in the bright sunlight of our bedroom where I can really see every single spec of you Babe." Sam smiled and replied "I am all yours love, every single spec."......

Part #4 soon.......Thanks for posting and reading ...A.


A. Williams

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