Man Next Door # 2

By : A. Williams

    Travis walked back into the house and grabs another cup of coffee, sits down at his piano and starts to play and sing : Al Green ... "How can you mend a broken heart."

How can you mend a broken heart

How can you stop the rain from fallen down

How can you stop the sun from shining

What makes the world go round

How can you mend a broken man

How can a loser ever win

Somebody please......Help me mend my broken heart

And let me live again

    Travis played on.... No singing, just the piano. He poured his heart and soul into those white and black keys. Travis loved to play and sing, it was a fantastic stress reliever. All he wanted was Sam to mend his broken heart and let him live again. The phone rang ... a business call so Travis got to work.

    Sam was mowing but thinking about Travis. That long hug, that big hard cock on his leg, the sweet smell of him and that Travis is the only person that remembered his birthday. He raised a hand to his lips, Travis's lips were so soft and wet. No... No I have Gina and even though she is being a bitch holding out on me, I am no cheater Sam thought to himself.

A couple a week's go by then on a week night around 11PM, Travis hears his front door bell ring. He opens it to find a drunk crying Sam. Travis helps him in the house and to the couch, walks to the kitchen to put on coffee. When he enters the living room, Sam has his crying face buried in his hands. "Gina left me man... packed all her stuff and left a fucking note!" he hollers. "A note... for Christ sake... bitch couldn't even tell me to my face!" Sam says louder, raising his tear streaked face. "Let me get us some coffee Sam, try and calm down man. Screaming is not going to help, you can do better anyway. How much have you had to drink?" I walk into the kitchen Sam stumbling behind me.

    "Sit down before you fall down and hurt yourself." I say turning toward the coffee pot. I hear Sam sit down heavily and hear his head thumb the counter top "Not enough." he says. I reach for the cups and hear Sam snoring loudly. I turn and he is passed out cold. I laugh, put the cups back and turn off the pot. Lock the front door, turn out the lights, heave Sam up and drag him to the guest bedroom. "I love you Travis... make love too me." He says in a drunken stupor and I chuckle, boy he is going to be hurting in the morning.

    I let him collapse on the bed, remove his shoes, socks and start to unbuckle his belt and he says. "Yes get me naked and fuck me with that big cock of yours." I laugh and say "You need some sleep first, maybe later." Sam smiles "Promise me Travis, did you hear me tell you I loved you... say you love me too and promise me you will fuck me later... promise me." He says on the verge of passing out again, I undo his jeans, pull them off and cover him with a blanket. He is snoring now, I place a soft kiss on his forehead and rub his hair out of his handsome face. I walk to the door, turn and look at his sleeping form "I do love you sweet Sam." I say in a soft voice as my confession sinks in.

    I go to my room and undress down to my boxers, fold back the covers, climb in the bed and stare up at the spinning ceiling fan. Hopefully he will not remember a word he said in the morning but I sure will and dream of those words. I fall into a restless sleep only to wake at 5AM with a headache and morning wood. I pat to the bathroom and find some medicine for my head. Relive myself and grab two for Sam along with a glass of water. As I head towards the kitchen, I stop and place the pills along with the water next to Sam on the table. He has not moved an inch, he looks so peaceful sleeping and so sexy with a small smile.

    In the kitchen, I down my pills and heat up some coffee. I sat at the piano and played softly for a while. I was surprised when I felt a hand on my shoulder and heard "You play beautifully Travis, mind if I get some coffee?" Sam said. "Surprised you're up so early. Make yourself at home, heat me up another cup too." Sam when to the kitchen and I continued to stroke the keys, playing one of my favorite love songs, louder with more passion. Sam returned with coffee and placed mine on the piano with his hand back on my shoulder. I reached for my cup and toke a long drink.

    "Please don't stop playing." Sam said in a sexy voice as he squeezed my shoulder. I set my cup down and played the song from the beginning, the notes to "At Last" rang out and bounced off the walls at full tone. Sam surprised me further when he started singing in a bluesy sexy deeper voice. I played my heart out and Sam sang his heart out. When the song ended he whispered in my hear hand rubbing my bear shoulder "Travis, I remember everything I said last night and meant every word of it. I heard you say you love me too and I want to collect on your promise. Please make love to me Travis.".....

Part #3 coming soon...Thanks for reading and posting ...A.


A. Williams


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