Man Next Door # 1

By : A. Williams

    Hello, my name is Travis Hill. I need to tell you my story before I die. I am 95 now... but my story begins when I was 30 years old. A love story between 2 young men... wanting love and scared to let anyone know. (Back then,) The man next door is Sam... Sam delicious I call him. 6 foot 5 inches tall, thin but toned, 170-175 pounds, sparkling bright blue eyes, straight blonde hair down to his shoulders, full red lips and long toned smooth tan legs that go on forever.

    I, (Back then,) on the other hand am 6 foot 2 inches tall, large frame but toned, 190 pounds, brown eyes, medium length brown hair, nice lips, medium skin tone and sort of hairy. Some guys say I am good looking but I think I am average. Well you probably guessed, I am gay and Sam is Bi. We are neighbors' you see and we help each other out. Borrow tools back and forth...a cup of milk...lawn mower, his is a piece of ride when his car won't start... stuff like that. He's a great guy and I long to ravish his body.

    But right now he's got a girlfriend. She's sweet and all but I am so jealous of her. I see them hug, kiss and laugh and I long for Sam to do that with me. To want me the way I want him. To kiss me the way he kisses her, to hug me the way he hugs her. Fuck... I will not be a homewrecker. I never go after guys that are involved with someone else, not my style.

    One warm sunny Saturday morning, around 10-ish... the front door bell rings. There stands Sam, wearing an old beat up loose white tank top, with a nice view of his hairless chest and sweet red big nipples and a pair of old cut off blue jean shorts, so tight and short you could almost see his cock and balls. God help me...! "Morning Man, wake you up?" he asked. "Yes you did, matter of fact. Come on in just getting coffee." He follows me in the kitchen, "You know I can never pass up your coffee Travis. It always tastes better than mine." Sam says as I pass him a cup.     

    He sits and throws a long leg over the arm of the chair. I can make out the shape of his soft dick and his balls in those shorts and I let out a heavy sigh and he asked "Something troubling you friend?" he takes a long sip of his coffee and looks at me for an answer with a concerned look of his handsome face. "Just tired I guess hard time falling asleep last night is all." Coffee is very good this morning, I stand, go get the pot for refills and fill both our cups as Sam says "Shit Man, all I do is sleep anymore. Gina has stopped putting out. So meet my new best friend." He waves his right hand around laughing.

    I sit back down thinking, trouble in paradise ... well... well. A small smile forms on my lips. "How long she been holding out Sam?" I asked more interested in talking now. "Let's see... bout' a month now I reckon." He answers with no shame at all. "That's one thing I miss about being with a guy, even if your pissed off as hell with each other, one good feel and you are both ready to jump in bed and fuck the shit out of each other." he says laughing and adds "So to speak." laughing harder.

    This is one of the things I find attractive about Sam, his contagious free rolling laughter. I bust out laughing myself. I watch him as he tries to gain control. His eyes sparkle, his face lights up and his whole body is laughing it seems. Man he is so sexy right now and my cock begins to grow. He raises his shirt to wipe his leaking eyes and I get a stunning view of his toned tanned hairless abs. That does it... full hard now.

Sam gains control, drinks more of his coffee and get serious but still smiling. "Travis, I reason for my visit is to ask to barrow your mower. Really I should pay for half of it much as you lend it to me." My turn to bust out laughing and Sam joins in. It makes me laugh harder because Sam doesn't know what's funny to me yet. We calm down both wiping our eyes this time and I say standing "Come with me to the garage dear friend, I have something for you."

    He follows me, I turn on the light and there sits my old mower. Freshly painted, totally rebuilt engine, new tires, blade, dressed with a big red bow. I pull him in to my side with my arm around his shoulder "She's all yours dear friend, "Happy Birthday"." I say. His genuine smile is worth a thousand words. He says softly "Travis, you are the only one that remembered." He pulls me into a tight hug and I wrap my arms around him. I bury my face in his soft hair and breathe deep, apples and strawberries... uuummm I moan softly. I press my body into his and I know he feels my boner on his leg. I feel him squeeze me tighter and I feel his dick start to grow. Sam pulls his head back and stares me in the eyes.

     "OOO Travis, thank you so much for the birthday present, you are a great friend. I should get to cutting that grass now." He gives me a quick peck on the lips and pulls away. He jumps on the mower and powers her up and I open the garage door and he drives off. I stand watching him drive to his yard and remember the feel of him, the smell of him and adjust my hard big cock.

Part #2 soon.... Thanks for reading and posting ...A.


A. Williams

[email protected]


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