Love at First Sight #4

By : A. Williams

    From part #3......... Franco stared to chuckle, "Damn Sweetie that was glorious... now I am really spoiled for anyone else. I never want to leave this bed, well maybe to go to the bathroom."

    Guy rose up, his hard cock still in Franco's sloppy cum filled ass. "Darling are you ready for another round? God I need that sweet ass of yours again now. I am spoiled too, I love you Franco... so much."........ we all know what happened fucking good.

    They had another steamy second round and both men fell asleep wrapped in each other's loving arms. Guy woke first and tighten his grip on Franco his Darling man.

    He thought, somethings gotta go wrong cause I'm feeling way too damn good. Now that my Franco is here... snuggled next to me after our earth shattering love making I feel like I'm constantly dreaming.

    It was late and he was hungry from the work out that love making gives you. Guy untangled himself from Franco and went to the kitchen naked as the day he was born.

    He rummaged rumbled around in the fridge and came up with a large pack of steaks and stuff for salad and then he got to work fixing a late supper for both of them. He found some potatoes for the microwave along with butter and sour cream.

    He hummed to himself so happy he had a sweet man in his bed that he loved and enjoyed cooking for his Franco. Soon the small salad of lettuce, tomatoes and grated cheese was done with vinaigrette dressing on top. The potatoes were done and wrapped in tinfoil as Guy hummed along so happy. The aroma of cooking steaks filled the whole house as Franco came stubbing down the steps naked as well.

"Hello Darling, hungry?" Guy asked

"Starving Sweet Man, what cha' cooking smells wonderful," Franco said.

"Our dinner, sit please it will be ready soon."

    Franco sat rubbing his sleepy eyes as Guy placed the salad and baked potatoes on the table. He kissed Franco's lips and returned to the steaks in the kitchen. He grabbed the red wine and poured two glasses taking them and the bottle to the table.

    "Drink up Darling." Guy said going back to flip the steaks. Franco down the glass and poured another suddenly scared deep in his bones. He thought somethings gotta go wrong cause I'm feeling way too damn good. This man, his Sweetie, his man Guy, was too good to be true. His perfect lover, his perfect match in every way it seemed.

    Guy sat the steak down in front of Franco and kissed the top of his head saying, "Love you Darling, I hope it's good to you. It will fill the belly up but I hope it taste good."

    Guy filled Franco's salad bowl and place a potato on his plate for him. "Eat up Darling," he said digging in himself. Franco downed his second glass of wine and poured another.

    Franco sort of picked at his food only taking a few bites but refilling his glass for the fourth time. He was getting buzzed and thinking too much, too many doubts flowing through his mind.

    Guy sat and watched the man he loved deeply fighting his doubts about him. He knew it, somethings gotta go wrong cause I'm feeling way too damn good. Guy was saddened Franco was doubting there love. It felt so strong to him so perfect and wonderful.

    Suddenly Franco stood his chair hitting the floor as he downed his wine and rushed to the door. Guy rushed over and grabbed him and pushed him to the wall, screaming in his face, "What the fuck is going on, where are you rushing off to?"

    "Home, let me go, I need to leave now damn it," he screamed back in Guy's face inches from his own.

"Why?" Guy screamed back, holding onto him for dear life.

    "This is too perfect... it will never work out. Better to leave now than get hurt later." Franco said calming down some.

    Guy loosened his grip but did not let go of the love of his life. "Fuck I love you... I know it ... you know it. Don't lie and tell me you did not feel my love for you when I make love to you earlier," he said.

    "No it was glorious... the best I've ever had but it scares me. I love you Sweetie so much and your love for me is so deep... fuck this whole thing is so fast is so strong... SCARES ME TO DEATH," he said in all honestly.

    "Oooohhh, Darling we can walk this scary road together, hand in hand. Let's not stop before we even start Darling. Give me a chance, give us a chance. I love you...that's all that matters." Guy said tears rolling down his cheeks.

    Guy pleaded, "I can't lose you Darling, fuck I just found you. Please calm down and let me love you... or if you decide you are free to leave," he said releasing Franco's arms and turning and walking back to the table to pour himself a fresh glass of wine. Guy downed it and poured another hearing the door open and close.

    Guy melted to the floor with his glass and the bottle. He snickered thinking of Franco running across the yard naked to his house next door.

Yep knew it, he thought somethings gotta go wrong cause I'm feeling way too damn good. 

The End.......Thanks for reading and posting......................A...............


A. Williams

[email protected]


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